Way Of The Devil Chapter 343

341 The Art And The Slave 2

"True Essence Tower?" Lu Sheng squinted. "What's that?"

"The True Essence Tower is a huge tower under a constant rotation. If your physical body is strong enough, you can go inside and cultivate. It doesn't supply you with a high density of spiritual essence, but it slows down time." Chen Jing's tone was slightly envious and admiring.

"Slow time?" Lu Sheng was actually shocked this time.

"Correct. One day outside can equal two days, three days, or even a month inside the True Essence Tower. As long as your body can sustain the spinning speed, you can cultivate and catch up to others inside. You can surpass people in a very short amount of time. Many prodigies used this to improve their success. But even the lowest level True Essence Towers can only be found in the main sects," Chen Jing sighed. "I used the lowest level True Essence Tower, Nine Pines, to break through to Earth level."

"Spinning speed?" Lu Sheng was taken aback again.

"This was based on the Time Change Theory the True Essence Weapon Master came up with. It's something saying that speed and time are opposites. If you have time, you can go to the library to look this up in the main sect." Chen Jing truly was a strong Earth level person that had been to the main sect. His knowledge was vaster than that of anyone Lu Sheng knew.

Lu Sheng didn't expect for this world to already touch on the concept of time and speed. But after thinking about it, it made sense. All the strong people in this world were way stronger than any human on earth, and could go up the sky or into the ground. So, coming up with such a theory and being able to test it out personally made it easier here than on earth.

After all, on earth, people were just making guesses based on aliens.

All these thoughts flashed through Lu Sheng's head in a second, and he hurriedly nodded.

"When are we leaving?"

"When we get the transfer notice from the main sect. Someone will come pick us up. It shouldn't be longer than two months, so get ready." Chen Jing estimated the time. "Also, you're not from the Great Yin, are you?"

Lu Sheng fell silent. He didn't confirm nor deny it.

Chen Jing smiled. "Don't think too lowly of our Thousand Sun Sect. Do you know why our name is called Thousand Sun?"

"No…" Lu Sheng answered honestly.

"The meaning behind it is that this sect takes a thousand suns. We accept all and everything. We have even taken in disciples from Other Worlds. As long as you're not a Devil or from the World of Pain, there's nothing to worry about. As long as you have potential and strength, nothing will be the problem," Chen Jing chuckled.

But Lu Sheng fell silent again. The rules and acceptance of the Thousand Sun Sect were out of his expectation. Now, in comparison he seemed to be stingy by hiding his true abilities and joining.

If he really thought about it, in big sects like the Thousand Sun Sect, a top Devil King level person would just be an average elder. Here, there were multiple Divine Lords and Crazy Divine Weapons for each Devil Lord, not to mention Weapon Masters who reigned over all.

'Come to think of it, the Hundred Lineages copied the format here.'

Thinking up to here, Lu Sheng slightly relaxed his resolve to hide his abilities. He'd just pretend he was a disciple who had a previous master. And once he got to the Main Sect and had the True Essence Tower, he could hide the fact of his abilities improving so quickly. He'd be fine as long as he displayed a strong enough physical body that could take on the time-slowing function of the True Essence Tower.

"Do you understand now?" Chen Jing smiled at Lu Sheng.

"I understand." Lu Sheng nodded.

"So, no matter what your previous background is, as long as you're human, our Thousand Sun Sect will accept you. Right now, you have the backing of Master Qian Du, so there's nothing for you to worry about. As long as the sect master himself doesn't say anything, with Master Qian Du behind your back, you don't have to hide anything. You can show your true self." Chen Jing had obviously found out some things from his previous investigation.

"I understand. All I did was hide some of my abilities, nothing else." Lu Sheng also smiled.

"Then what are you worrying about?" Chen Jing laughed. "Don't forget to make a visit to the secret area and talk with your master. Everyone had thought she wouldn't take on disciples anymore after all these years, so you really got their attention."

"Okay." Lu Sheng nodded solemnly.

The manuscript was fast. It only took them a few minutes to arrive at a pretty, pink grassland.

There was a triangular buddhist temple in the center.

From above, the temple was white and had black, glazed tiles on the three ends. In the center was a golden pattern of a sun, and there was a huge shell pattern inside the sun.

Chen Jing guided the manuscript into the right side of the temple and landed on a flat, white area.

There were already over ten white-robed men waiting for him there. Seeing Chen Jing walk off, they bowed slightly.

"Sect Master, Spirit Bind Sect responded," the silver-haired elder in the front spoke.

"I will go to the Conference Room in a minute. Go and report to Sect Master Xu and Sect Master Yang," Chen Jing ordered. The Sect Masters Xu and Yang he mentioned were the two vice-Sect Masters of this branch.

"Yes." The elder backed down.

Chen Jing turned around, and explained about the supplementary art and their location to Lu Sheng. "A lot of carpenters, formation masters, and medicine masters live here all-year-round in this branch in Autumn Moon City. If you have any needs, you can come back here. Of course, these are only for you. We don't accept orders from outsiders."

Lu Sheng nodded. "I understand. Thank you, Sect Master, for sending me here."

"Go. Follow the white stone path and you will come to the square inside the sect. I have other business to attend to, so I'll be taking my leave." After hurriedly giving him directions, Chen Jing left with a few other people.

The rest walked toward Lu Sheng after welcoming and sending off their sect master.

"Direct Disciple Lu, I've heard about your fame. Do you need a guide?" a woman with long, red hair offered quietly.

"No need, I'll just look around myself." Lu Sheng declined with a smile.

"That's okay. I'm the head here, so if you have any questions about the landing spots and flying routes, you can ask me," the red-haired woman continued introducing herself calmly.

"Okay." Lu Sheng nodded.

Everyone else left, leaving him alone. Apart from a few guards, there was no one else.

Lu Sheng looked around.

Except for the large, white buddhist temple in front of him, in the rest of the three directions was a pink grassland that he couldn't see the end of.

A cold wind blew, making the flag flap in the wind with clanking noises.

Lu Sheng looked down. The white stone tiles on the floor seemed to be unordinary. They were harder than normal stone tiles, and when one stepped on them, there was a sturdy, bouncy feel—just as if one were stepping on rubber.

He followed the white stone path forward. Each step took him twenty meters forward, and he came to the entrance to the buddhist temples in a few steps.

There were two guards dressed in black armor and holding long spears. Glancing at the direct disciple insignia on Lu Sheng, they bowed slightly, but remained silent.

Lu Sheng walked through the arched gate and a tunnel of a few tens of meters before arriving at the square in the Thousand Sun Sect in Autumn Moon City.

The square was empty and cold. Apart from its guards, the only signs of life were a few figures talking under the huge stone pillars in the distance. The stone pillars were over ten meters tall, so the humans seemed insignificant compared to them.

There were six doors leading out from the triangular square. All of them were over ten meters high and five meters wide, while the doors were wide open and showing white lanterns that lit up the way.

In the center of the square was a huge statue of a black hand. The palm of the hand was open, and a white lotus-like flower was suspended above it. It gave off a soft, white light.

Following Sect Master Chen Jing's instructions, Lu Sheng looked at the signs above the six doors and quickly found the one that represented the library. He pushed off on his feet and floated across hundreds of meters at once, shooting through the second door to the right.

Passing through the long, empty tunnel, Lu Sheng occasionally ran into other disciples leaving or entering. Everyone was using arts for walking, and sped by.

The passage led to a ten meter tall tunnel, which was empty most of the time. If there was a figure, it disappeared quickly, making it seem even more lonely.

After going through the tunnel, Lu Sheng finally saw the library that Sect Master Chen Jing had mentioned.

It was a huge bookshelf at the end of the tunnel.

A huge black bookshelf over thirty meters tall.

Every row was taller than a person, and each book was about as big as a fully grown adult.

When Lu Sheng arrived, there were a few disciples on the bookshelf, picking out books.

Lu Sheng exclaimed in his heart that he would never see such a big bookshelf on earth.

Back to reality, he looked toward the signs to the left of the bookshelf. He soon found where the True Arts were.

They were at the very top of the bookshelf.

Lu Sheng jumped lightly and shot into the sky. With the help of True Qi pushing him up, he changed directions mid-air and easily made it to the sixth, and topmost, row.

There weren't many people on the bookshelf in the first place. This was a place only direct disciples and very few inner disciples were allowed to enter. Plus, given the fact that this was a huge area, and a huge bookshelf, there were even less people on each level.

After Lu Sheng jumped up. There was only one other person on this row.

"Lu Sheng, Junior Apprentice Brother Lu?" It was a girl with a black ponytail. Hearing the sound, she turned around to look, and then exclaimed in surprise.

"You are…" Lu Sheng looked at her, puzzled. He didn't recognize her.

"Yun Wanfei. You may call me Senior Apprentice Sister Yun." The woman had delicate features and a beauty mole next to the outer corner of her right eye. She looked soft and sexy.

"So it is Elder Yun." Lu Sheng had heard Elder Zhang Shilong mention her before. At the time, Elder Zhang wanted to take him to visit Elder Yun and purchase some high-quality slaves and servants.

In the entire Autumn Moon City, the Yun Family was the largest family dealing in slavery. They usually sold people found by the Black Seal Temple in Other Worlds or people kidnapped from neighboring countries. As for Yun Wanfei, she was one of the main pillars of the Yun Family.

"Don't be so formal. Junior Apprentice Brother Lu has much potential. You're a prodigy about to go into the main sect. I happen to have a few slaves in my hands that would suit you. I don't know if you are interested?" Yun Wanfei smiled.

"Oh?" Now that she brought this up, Lu Sheng was a little tempted. Currently, he had no one to order around, and had to do everything himself. His servants hadn't arrived yet.

Inside one of the sects in the Great Yin, if he happened to be cultivating elsewhere, the Prime Devil Sect wouldn't be able to find him after arriving. That would be a problem.

So, he did need a few people of his own that could keep an eye on the outside world for him.

"If so, if Senior Apprentice Sister Yun isn't too busy, could you take this Lu to check out some appropriate servants? I need some that will be absolutely loyal," Lu Sheng responded in a low voice.

"No problem! I promise, Junior Apprentice Brother, that you will be happy," Yun Wanfei said with certainty.