Way Of The Devil Chapter 350

348 Task 3


Lu Sheng's dagger vanished back into his sleeve.

He dropped his arm and looked toward the servant closest to him.

"Bring White Wind over."

"Yes, Young Master." A servant hurried to grab his personal horse from the stables.

As he surveyed the dark sky, Lu Sheng jumped onto his horse.

"Young Master, are you going to Treasure Hotel? I've just told the Li Family hey, Young Master, wait for me!" The servant who was about to get on his horse didn't even finish his sentence before Lu Sheng gripped the reins and raced off into the night.

The servants shouted and chased after him, but it was to no avail.

Lu Sheng's gaze was calm as he focused on the road before him. Galloping through the night market, his white horse didn't run into any people or stalls under his guidance.

Soon, they passed through the city's busy parts, and things started quieting down. But there was a hint of sharpness and fierceness in the air, just as if something dangerous was hiding in the shadows.

In front of one of the stalls, on open ground, a person dressed in white was fighting someone else dressed in red. Both were going in for the kill, not letting any chances pass by.

Lu Sheng sped past them and grabbed a sword from one of the bodies on the ground before racing between the fighters and toward the Violet Snow Garden.

Before the two could realize it, Lu Sheng had already disappeared.

At the gate of the Violet Snow Garden.

A group of people was separated into multiple camps, each guarding a corner. Everyone watched everyone else warily. Tonight, no one was to be trusted. If they didn't get the Divine Weapon, anyone could become an enemy.

Lu Sheng soon came to the gate. Before anyone could react, he raced in.

"Where did this kid come from!!" A bulky guy with gold earrings leapt toward Lu Sheng, his hands reaching for his neck.

But the horse was faster. Leaping forward, the horse slid under the bulky man's hands. Before he could attack again, the white horse had already vanished. The bulky guy grabbed his hands in pain and fell to the ground.

"After him!!" Everyone outside immediately burst into chaos and ran into the Violet Snow Garden.

After they rushed in, a few more people arrived to the Violet Snow Garden on their horses.

Zhao Chengye followed behind her older brother. With a sword strapped to her back and a black helmet on her head, she was dressed in tight, dark clothes and had a mask over her face. She looked valiant and powerful.

In front of the siblings was a middle-aged man with puffy hair and bell-like eyes. He was wearing a black armor and had a long, heavy spear on his back. It was as thick as a man's arm.

This person had a nickname: Earth-Shattering Spear. He was Zhong Yuangui, the second uncle of the Zhao Siblings.

"Here? Violet Snow Graden?" Zhong Yuangui was a man of heavy muscles. He slid off his horse with his heavy spear.

"Yes, Sir." Zhao Chengfeng nodded. "This is the spot where the legendary Maroon Dragon Spear will be reborn. To prevent the city from being affected by the fighting, Elder Shen and the Divine Dragon Sect have already set up three lines behind."

"That's enough. Let's go inside and check it out. I'm afraid the truly strong people have probably already gone in. Those people just now were just coming to watch the show." He strode into the garden.

Zhao Chengfeng and Zhao Chengye followed behind him. With their powerful uncle taking the lead, even though this might be dangerous, they had a leader. Additionally, the siblings weren't here to fight for the Divine Weapon, so they didn't need to worry that much about their safety.

Zhao Chengye was the last. She looked at her brother.

"I heard from the servants that Third Brother went out again," she whispered.

"That kid. We've told him not to go out, but he doesn't listen!" Zhao Chengfeng frowned. "We don't have time for him now. We need to focus on this first."

"But" Zhao Chengye was still thinking about their brother. If they didn't care, then Third Mother

"No buts. If Third Mother asks, tell her to come find me and that I said so," Zhao Chengfeng replied impatiently.

"Okay." Zhao Chengye could only nod. Third Mother had very powerful connections with the underground forces, and she didn't want unnecessary trouble.

With handpicked fighters, the three walked into the Violet Snow Garden, heading toward the sounds of battle.


Lu Sheng trotted along the lake. Duckweed covered almost the entire surface of the Violet Snow Garden lake.

Silver moonlight shone down, reflected in the bits of water between the duckweed.

On the black dirt, the horse's hooves made quiet but deep sounds. It was much quieter than the roaring fights going on nearby.

When he'd almost passed by the lake, Lu Sheng finally stopped his horse and got off. He stuck his sword into the soil, waiting for the time to come.

Divine Weapons didn't appear randomly. He needed to wait for the right time.

Time passed by slowly. Lu Sheng stood there like a statue, unmoving. The horse also stood there creepily without moving.


Suddenly, the faint sound of twigs being stepped on sounded in the dark.

"There's someone here already?" A familiar voice sounded.

"Wang Yunlong?" Lu Sheng turned around, surprised. He watched as a dark figure walked out of the shadows.

"So it's Senior Apprentice Brother Lu." Wang Yunlong had a fake smile on his face as he walked out slowly. His hands were in his sleeves, making him appear completely defenseless.

"I didn't expect for you to be in the same Other World as me for your task." Lu Sheng smiled. He could sense a different aura from him. He was obviously also hiding his strength.

"Isn't it the same for Senior Apprentice Brother Lu? I didn't expect to be in the same world as you, either." Wang Yunlong smiled.

"You want the Maroon Dragon Spear?" Lu Sheng asked directly.

"You too?" Wang Yunlong stared at Lu Sheng as if he was trying to see why he was so confident.

"Are you going to fight me?" Lu Sheng raised one eyebrow.

Wang Yunlong's smile slowly froze. He looked at the sword beside Lu Sheng, then smiled again.

"It seems like Senior Apprentice Brother Lu is very confident."

"I'm glad you know." Lu Sheng didn't bother with manners.

"But I'm also very confident." Instead of backing away, Wang Yunlong took another step forward.

Lu Sheng squinted as killing intent flashed through his eyes. "It's good to be confident, but overconfidence is disastrous."

"Senior Apprentice Brother Lu is wise. If you understand this then why aren't you leaving?" From some time ago, Wang Yunlong had been holding a black talisman in his hand. The paper fluttered without wind as if it was alive. It squirmed around like a worm.

Lu Sheng was silent for a bit. "It seems like I need to let you understand the gap between us"

"Ping, ping, ping!!"

With three crisp noises, three black spikes appeared behind Lu Sheng, shooting straight at his three most important organs.

As soon as that happened, a black battle axe over two meters long spun and dropped from the air, slashing at Lu Sheng's head.


Pieces of black membrane exploded.

Wang Yunlong shook his right hand. The paper talisman flew apart, forming three huge snakes that completely bound Lu Sheng.

"Ink Spirit, it's your turn." Wang Yunlong took a step back as he spoke calmly.

"Yes, Master," an evil and sharp female voice answered.

Large amounts of smoke appeared in front of him, quickly forming a pure-black woman standing on top of clouds of smoke.

Looking at Lu Sheng, who was tied up completely, Ink Spirit snickered before rushing forward. White talismans appeared above her back. Each time one lit up, her speed and strength increased.

Soon, the fifth talisman shone, and her speed was multiple times that of her original.

"Die!" Ink Spirit focused her whole body's strength in her palms. She clasped her hands together and slammed down on Lu Sheng's skull.



Lu Sheng's black membrane finally shattered. The thin layer of black membrane dissipated under this attack.

"It's over!"

Glee flashed through Ink Spirit's eyes, and she slashed toward Lu Sheng's forehead fiercely.


But this fearsome attack slowly changed Ink Spirit's cruel expression.

"Oh?" Lu Sheng slowly reached out and grabbed Ink Spirit's hand, ignoring the black serpents around him or the black spikes on his back.

"Was this all your confidence amounted to?"

Wang Yunlong's confident expression finally changed.



The sound of bones cracking came from Ink Spirit's palms, which were in Lu Sheng's hand. The pure-black palms were like tofu as Lu Sheng squeezed them into bloody pulp.


Ink Spirit's chest exploded, revealing a hole as big as a man's head. Lu Sheng had punched straight through her.


Screaming, Ink Spirit started trembling fiercely. She fell down on her knees in front of Lu Sheng with a drop.

"Earth level strength. You did have a reason to be confident." Picking up Ink Spirit by her neck, Lu Sheng held her with a single hand as he walked toward Wang Yunlong.

"Ink Spirit!!" Wang Yunlong's expression finally completely changed. Ink Spirit was his Born-with Devil, and was much stronger than him. If even Ink Spirit couldn't injure Lu Sheng, then he had no chance at all!

As Lu Sheng got closer, he couldn't help but back away as sweat beaded on his forehead.

"Who are you!?" Wang Yunlong did not expect a Thousand Sun Sect disciple at this level to be this strong.

"Me?" Lu Sheng smiled. "I don't see a point in asking that question right now."

"Of course not" Wang Yunlong seemed to be experiencing the same great pain Ink Spirit was experiencing. Biting down his lip, he shouted, "We... we will meet again!"


A black light shot toward Wang Yunlong at a speed that even Lu Sheng couldn't react to in time. When it reached Wang Yunlong, the black light enveloped him and shot away again.

Only nanoseconds later, Lu Sheng's arm slammed into the position where Wang Yunlong had just been at.


The ground exploded. Large amounts of dirt and rocks flew up before raining down.

Lu Sheng looked at the distant sky. The black light had already vanished. Even he couldn't catch up to that speed.

"Just a dude at the Earth level, yet I can't catch up to his speed interesting." He suddenly found the Thousand Sun Sect a lot more interesting again.

He turned around, but Ink Spirit, who was gravely wounded, had also disappeared.