Way Of The Devil Chapter 351

349 Task 4

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!!!"

Covered in black light, a large silver plate was flying at top speed. Wang Yunlong braced himself on the plate, sweating profusely. His pupils were dilated and he was breathing heavily.

"Your Majesty, your servant was late I thought you wouldn't run into any danger there" On the silver disk was also a solemn elderly man, his hair and beard curled.

He was skinny as a stick, and he had a dark green robe draped over him. He seemed to be very respectful toward Wang Yunlong.

"No it's not your fault" Wang Yunlong wiped his sweat, pushing himself to sit upright. "That person that aura on him was so frightening. How could he have such an overbearing, terrifying aura? I feel like in front of him, my whole body and soul were frozen and unable to move."

"Your Majesty is right. When I arrived, that person only displayed Earth level strength, but there was a very dangerous aura about him, so I didn't dare wait, and activated the Royal Divine Impaling Cable to take Your Majesty away." The old man nodded solemnly.

"And you were proven right." Wang Yunlong nodded. Thinking back to that huge boom, he couldn't help but shiver. He missed it by mere moments. If the elder was just a split second slower, he would probably have died under that fist. That terrifying art of concentrating all of one's strength into a tiny area could have burst open his whole body with just a graze.

"Your Majesty, let's return to the devil world. After that encounter, your identity was probably revealed. Staying here wouldn't be safe," the elderly man said worriedly.

"No that person wouldn't expose me. Also, I didn't give off any devil aura in front of him. The only thing that I exposed was Ink Spirit, but there are quite a few tag-along spirits in the human world as well." Wang Yunlong ground his teeth, continuing, "Additionally, that person is also hiding his identity. As long as I reveal who he is, we'll probably both just end up concealing each other."

"But that's very dangerous," the old man responded. Even at his level, he felt threatened by that fist, not to mention Wang Yunlong's level.

"Don't worry. I will mess with him a bit. Elder Wang, don't be anxious. I will be careful," Wang Yunlong said seriously.

"I hope so" Elder Wang thought back to Lu Sheng's behavior, his gaze becoming serious again. "If possible, Your Majesty, don't approach that person again"

"Oh? Why?" Although Wang Yunlong didn't want to approach that person, either, he was curious as to why Elder Wang thought so too.

"Because when I was observing from the side, I noticed that before and after you revealed your strength, that person's gaze didn't change at all" Elder Wang shook his head, looking at Wang Yunlong solemnly. "He always looked at you as if you were already dead"

"..." Wang Yunlong felt a shiver run through his body. "That means he doesn't care at all. He doesn't care if I'm suspicious and if we're in the same sect if he wants to kill me, he'll kill me is that right? Elder Wang, is that what you want to say?"

Elder Wang didn't respond.

But this type of silent acknowledgement only made Wang Yunlong's heart colder.

"In the future, don't approach that person," Elder Wang spoke solemnly.

"I understand" Wang Yunlong grudgingly nodded.


Red light shot into the sky, flashing like a comet before disappearing. However, not a single person inside the Violet Snow Garden missed it.

Everyone ran crazily toward the spot the red light came from.

Lu Sheng pulled out his sword and sauntered in that direction.

After crossing the stone bridge and walking through a deserted herb patch, Lu Sheng came across two people fighting to the death.

One wielded a knife and the other a spear. They were locked in a deadly battle, destroying all the plants and statues nearby.

Lu Sheng watched with interest for a bit before continuing.

Ahead of the herb patch was a yellow camp of more than ten people. Everyone there was wearing matching yellow robes, with two short daggers strapped onto their waists. They were obviously from the same sect.

They looked at Lu Sheng, who had just walked out of the dark. They then looked at his sword. The dried blood on it was glaring under the fire's light.

Someone stood up as if to come over, but the leading middle-aged man with a beard stopped them.

He waved to Lu Sheng, then sat back down.

Lu Sheng smiled back. When passing through the camp, he glanced at the person who almost stood up. It was a young man not even fully mature. Excitement flashed in his eyes.

"Where did this kid come from? Even he dares to compete for the greatest Divine Weapon?!" A snide voice sounded above their heads as a cold gaze was fixed on Lu Sheng. Someone was onto him.

"You can't run out of the garden anyways. Instead of dying in aimless battle, you should let me drink your blood!" Before the voice had finished, a large figure leapt out from the side, with thunder and wind noises coming from his palms.

"Young man, be careful!" the middle-aged man with a beard shouted.


...But his warning came too late. The large figure landed both his palms onto Lu Sheng's chest, and large amounts of icy force flowed out from his hands.

Lu Sheng looked down at his chest, then reached out and slapped his palm against the man's face.


The man's head exploded. His headless body flipped backwards and landed on the ground.

"Can't even tell the difference between himself and other people. I keep running into these dumbasses. Boring." Lu Sheng retracted his palm, smiled gratefully at the middle-aged man from the camp, and then continued forward.

The middle-aged man and the young men beside him were all shivering. That was the Bloodlust Wolf King. Even if he'd fought against him himself, the most he could do was not lose. But this young man killed him without a second thought.

"The greatest Divine Weapon in the world it indeed brought out so many monsters" The middle-aged man sighed and stood up. "Let's go, it's time to go home. This is not the place for us."


Silver sword light glinted before vanishing.

Pairs of hands and feet fell to the ground, blood spilling everywhere. People were strewn everywhere in the garden. Some were dead and others were barely alive, clearly trying to crawl away.

Lu Sheng stood in front of a stone plaque by himself. A few empty pavilions surrounded him, and were in turn surrounded by pink flowers.

The strongest people here were at most around Divine Prime level, not even at the Realm of Snake. There was no way they could contend against Lu Sheng, who was at the top of the seventh vein.

But, currently, his black membrane was shattered and hadn't been repaired yet, so he had to rely on just his body and hands.

The stone plaque beside Lu Sheng was taller than a man and covered in some sort of symbols or characters. A red light flashed underneath.

"The three legendary flashes of sword light, sword sound without making a noise, and sky of red light really do exist." Inside the blood covered garden, an elderly voice sounded from faraway.

"Sword King Elder Wang has heard of this legend?" Another deep voice sounded from a different direction. This time, it sounded like a slightly younger middle-aged man.

"Of course. I didn't expect people from the Heavenly Lake to be here. The legend of this being the greatest Divine Weapon must have been correct." The old voice seemed to get closer, and soon, its owner was revealed. He was an old man covered in white hair. However, his back was straight, his body tall and slim, his shoulders wide, and his arms long. He must have been very handsome when he was younger.

"Sword King Wang, long time no see."

In the dark, a young man with a pale face slowly walked out. He was holding five pure black darts, his gaze as sharp as an eagle's.

"Flying Mantis Tang Fei, are all the people of the younger generation this disrespectful?" A third person also walked out. He was the sect master of the Divine Dragon Sect. Large and bulky, Zhu Side [ED/N: Contrary to what it looks like, it's pronounced See-deh, btw. Well, it's not quite ee, but close enough. Think "i" in "city", that's the sound] was carrying two large knives. His skin was tan and his face red.

"Where's the Qing emperor? Not here?" Tang Fei completely ignored Divine Dragon Sect Master Zhu Side, but glanced around as if he was looking for someone.

"Stop looking. I'll be representing the Gemini Court." A soft, sexy voice sounded.

A group of pretty girls in white dresses walked out and stood in formation, carrying over a white palanquin slowly.

They set the palanquin down. The beaded curtain was swept aside, revealing an unfamiliar yet beautiful face.

"Mister Lu? I haven't seen you in awhile. Do you still remember the little girl, Bai Luying?" The girl was wearing a golden phoenix hairclip and dressed in a tight, pink dress. It showed off her figure perfectly, and one could even tell that she wasn't wearing a bra.

This was out of everyone's expectations. The second largest force, the Gemini Court, welcomed the stranger with a sword before anyone else.

Lu Sheng was resting with his eyes closed. Hearing someone say his name, he looked up. It was the little girl from the Spirit Bind Sect who had tested him in the past.

He didn't expect to meet people from other sects here. This meant that this world was most likely picked by the three sects together.

"You're very unlucky," he said calmly.

But Bai Luying started giggling.

"You don't know that. There are so many strong people here. Are you planning to ignore everyone and fight for the Divine Weapon?"

She put Lu Sheng in a very tight spot. Who knew how many strong people were present? With one sentence, she had pushed Lu Sheng to the very front and against everyone else.

Lu Sheng glanced at her, drawing an arc with his sword before letting it drop down and point toward the ground.

"You still have a chance to escape."

Bai Luying was just about to say something else, but her expression suddenly froze, and she gripped the sword handle behind her back tightly. Only when she came face-to-face with Lu Sheng did she fully experience what the other three people had experienced the other day.

It felt as if she was walking on a tightrope, but the rope was cutting into her feet and causing her to bleed. There was no way to describe it without experiencing it first-hand.

"I" Bai Luying started to regret... regret agreeing to that plan.


A gust of wind blew past, sounding like swords being pulled out of their sheathes. For a minute, Bai Luying bit her lower lip tightly, frozen in place.