Way Of The Devil Chapter 385

383 Tragedy 4

Lu Sheng immediately saw Master Yuan Zheng, Zhangsun Lan, and the others waiting outside of the gate.

 "Lu Sheng, seems we need to have a talk. There is no way you are a Devil considering how much your Master hates them, so rest assured in that aspect.

 "But you did keep too much of your power a secret, so we need to conduct an inspection and give the main sect leaders a report." Master Yuan Zheng stared at Lu Sheng with a complicated expression.

 Just because he wasn't present didn't mean he didn't know what happened. The whole Thousand Sun Sect was in an uproar when Lu Sheng stopped Prince Wu Yuan and his followers.

 He might be the number one ranked disciple within the Moling branch and possess immense power, but stopping three Earth Prime cultivators at the same time was too absurd.

 Any Earth Prime could qualify as an elder for any of the major sects, and as a prefectural level elder at that. Earth Prime upper three tiers would be considered powerful even among the entirety of Moling. 

 "Of course." Lu Sheng nodded with a smile. "Great timing too. My family should be here soon."

 Master Yuan Zheng was very confused, but still led Lu Sheng to a detainment jail under the inner Thousand Sun Sect.

 The jail under Thousand Sun Sect's Moling branch was built to hold Weapon Master level prisoners. It should be safe no matter how much chaos or trouble Lu Sheng might cause.

 The two left not long after they entered.

 The two of them immediately sent the news to the upper sect leaders and received a reply almost immediately. After reading it, Master Yuan Zheng wearily declared that Lu Sheng was appointed as a guest elder for the Thousand Sun Sect. He also personally invited him to serve as the honorary Thousand Sun Sect Master of the Moling branch.

 It was clear the main sect had known about Lu Sheng's background for a long time. 

 All three major sects were in an uproar when the news got out that night.

 Especially the Spirit Bind Sect and Youyin Sect. Both were in a gloomy mood after hearing that Lu Sheng was even planning on staying in Moling for the long term.

 It was obvious from his appointment that Lu Sheng was definitely at the Weapon Master level. Probably at the peak of Weapon Master level at that.

 The other two major sects had always been more powerful than the Thousand Sun Sect in Moling, but with a peak level Weapon Master like Lu Sheng, and his master, the legendary Holy Master of Eternal Slumber, they might have to live in the Thousand Sun Sect's shadow from now on.

 Lu Sheng also finally received an urgent message from the Autumn Moon County. The people from the Prime Devil Sect as well as the Lu Family had finally arrived.

 They first arrived in the area controlled by Spring Sun Sect, then were immediately escorted to Duanmu Wan, who was stationed at the Autumn Moon County.

 Duanmu Wan immediately made arrangements and settled this huge group of people in the Autumn Moon County. They were all waiting for Lu Sheng to visit.

 Lu Sheng waited a long time for this too. After his identity was exposed, he was naturally disqualified from the main sect contest anyway. With nothing else to do, he informed Master Yuan Zheng of his intentions and left that night.


 Autumn Moon County. 

 Inside a small residential complex at the center of the county capital.

 Lu Quanan was overseeing the children of Lu Family moving the newly purchased furniture into the mansion. The whole courtyard was extremely festive. Lu Qingqing innocently jumped around, touching everything like a child.

 "Yiyi, look after your sister. Don't let her jump everywhere," Lu Quanan said wearily.

 Lu Yiyi didn't know what else she should do, either. She was not a strong woman in the first place, and didn't have any chance of catching Lu Qingqing, who was trained in martial arts.

 "Let me." A woman walked out of a building to the side. Her white dress was paired with a black belt, and a strand of a white ribbon appeared vaguely among her hair.

 She wasn't exceptionally pretty, but had a clean face and a slim waist. Combined with her fresh demeanor and the short black knife on her waist, she appeared even more heroic. The most attractive part of her were her long, round legs covered by her dress. Without a single trace of excessive fat, they were white, delicate, and perfectly smooth.

 "Glad you are here, Yunxi." Lu Anquan let out a sigh of relief upon seeing Chen Yunxi.

 She nodded, and lightly leapt beside Lu Qingqing, who was jumping next to some shaky furniture. She lightly grabbed her arm and pulled her aside.

 "No… No.." Lu Qingqing shouted as she tried to break free, but Chen Yunxi didn't let go.

 After being taught by all the masters of the Crimson Whale Sect, she had mastered some very intricate movement techniques. Combined with her overall martial arts, she could stand toe-to-toe with any third rate fighter.

 "Be good. We will go visit Old Sect Master Hong after lunch. Someone will play hide and seek with you then~" Chen Yunxi comforted Lu Qingqing in a soft voice. "Soon, your brother will be back too, he…" Speaking of him, Chen Yunxi's eyes turned soft.

 She was only an ordinary woman, but spent all her effort trying to catch up to him. But the limitation of talent and time had made her hopeless. She couldn't even see his shadow anymore, let alone catch up. 

 The Crimson Whale Sect, the increasingly powerful Crimson Sun Sect, the Prime Devil Sect under his leadership, and even the horrifyingly powerful beings that occasionally passed their caravan were all forces under his control.

 Chen Yunxi had tried to ask around and step into that world, but the result made her even more hopeless. She had completely given up on the idea of catching up.

 "Yunxi! Yunxi!" Someone hurriedly ran out of the room as she was feeling dejected. It was a young man with a muscular frame and dark skin.

 He was the son of Lu Sheng's uncle, Lu Hongxi. He was ecstatically shaking a piece of paper in his hand.

 "Eldest Brother is on his way from the Moling Prefecture Capital. He will be here for three days!"

 Chen Yunxi's whole body trembled as she snatched the letter out of Lu Hongying's hand, and saw the obvious feminine handwriting. Tears streamed uncontrollably out of her eyes.

 She had waited for too long… Her husband left immediately after marriage. Even to this day, she was still a virgin.

 It was a suffering no one could know. To her, it was as if the sky had fallen on her heart, forcing her to hold back all her emotions. She felt like she was going mad all those years, and very well might have if she didn't distract herself with martial arts training.

 But now it was all going to be alright, he was finally coming back.

 She needed to find out why they didn't consummate the marriage that night!


 A black shape rapidly flew above the verdant forest like a shooting star.

 He stood straight in the air, unhindered by air resistance as the strong wind flew past his side

 His black robe was embroidered with some purple flower patterns. If one looked closely, they might even notice that those patterns were somehow moving slowly.

 A huge, white "Thousand" symbol was embroidered on his back and emitted a faint flow.

 It was indeed Lu Sheng, who had just left Moling.

 To increase his speed, he refused the so-called "proper ceremony" for an honorary sect master and instead left alone.

 "Who's there!" Lu Sheng suddenly paused in mid-air. 


 An immense dark green mouse shot up from the forest underneath and snapped its jaws shut in the empty space ahead of him.

 It would have bit him if he continued on his path.

 The mouse chewed something crunchy for a few bites, and made a splashing sound like moving liquid. It then slowly retracted again.

 Lu Sheng finally saw clearly—that mouse was a huge plant. The mouth was the top of the flower. After closing the pedals covered in thorn on both sides, it looked like a giant, ten-meter tall mouth.

 "Show yourself, coward." Lu Sheng watched the mouth slowly retract. That was only a distraction. The real enemy wasn't here.

 "Fast reaction." A similar black shape appeared in the branches below. It was Shangyang Fei in her black armor.

 She lightly came to a stop on the branches. Instantly, a mass of leaves and vines tangled together and lifted her up to the same level as Lu Sheng.

 "Lu Sheng?" Shangyang Fei asked softly with a smile on her face.

 "You are...? Shangyang Fei!?" Lu Sheng was a little surprised. Though he had seen Shangyang Fei many times before, he still didn't have a solid memory of that woman.

 She was rumored to be the hidden prodigy of the Shangyang Family, famous even among the most elitist central plain in the Great Song. But then she mysteriously disappeared after the Devil Calamity.

 "Are you… Shangyang Fei?" Lu Sheng wasn't sure.

 "What do you think?" Shangyang Fei's voice instantly changed to the official language of the Great Song. "My team of reinforcements was betrayed during the Devil Calamity, but I didn't want to die so quietly. I am the most powerful prodigy of the Shangyang Family!

 "Fifth vein at age 10, broke through to seventh vein and entered the Earth Prime level at 15, and only 20 when I reached middle three tiers! No luck, no chance encounters, not even secret treasures. Just the simplest of cultivation. Yet was there anyone that could surpass me in the Central Plains!? Who could surpass me!?" Shangyang Fei was getting a little emotional. "I was so close… The Mountain Shepherding Brush was in my grasp…" Her voice suddenly calmed down. 

 "That's your own problem. Why did you attack me? Is this a fancy way to commit suicide?" He stood in mid-air and talked down to Shangyang Fei.

 Shangyang Fei calmed her emotions and returned to the soft, delicate girl she used to be. Her face was pretty and her body was hot. If not for the strange spikes and armor growing out of her legs, she would have easily ranked among the top three prettiest woman on Lu Sheng's list. 

 After she calmed down, Shangyang Fei smoothed her hair. "You are the one that broke the seal on the Devil's Abyss, right?"

 Lu Sheng's pupil dilated.

 "No point denying it." Shangyang Fei smiled. "His Imperial Majesty Vera was very angry when he found out; hence, he sent me to capture you. I guess His Imperial Majesty wanted to see how you managed to break the seal and release that thing."

 "Capture me?" Lu Sheng blanked out. His mouth twisted into a cruel smile. "No one else dared to talk to me like that."

 "This is his Imperial Majesty's decree. Feel free to resist, but it's not up to you." Shangyang Fei smiled. She spread her right hand, exposing a shining green light.

 "In the name of I, Vera Ansai Siviskadi, ROAR, ANCIENT FOREST! RELEASE YOUR FURY, SEA OF THE EARTH!!!" The booming, low-pitched roar of a male came out of her mouth.


 The ground shook and forest started to tremble.

 Even the sky started to shake. Everything in the world seemed to be trembling as endless dots of green light rose from below them.


 Two giant hands reached out of the ground immediately and ruthlessly clapped where Lu Sheng stood.

 The hands were several hundred meters long and at least ten or so meters wide. They were an inky green color, and ground up Lu Sheng in the middle like a stone mill.