Way Of The Devil Chapter 386

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"DIE!!" With a crazed expression on her face, Shangyang Fei closed her palms in front of her and squeezed hard, like she was trying to crush something to pieces.

 The giant hands in the air followed her motion, and started to crush Lu Sheng in the middle.

 "Listening Sword." Shangyang Fei opened her delicate mouth, and a green light immediately shot out of it. After making a circle in the air, it went straight for the center of the giant hands.

 The ray of green light split into two, then three, and continued to split until the sky was filled with several tens of them.

 "Kill!" Shangyang Fei abruptly parted her palms. A strange triangular pattern flashed across her eye—the symbol of the Devil Emperor Vera.

 She didn't hold back at all, as she knew full well any sign of hesitation or uncertainty would result in a disaster against someone like Lu Sheng. From the information she'd collected on Lu Sheng, his rise was full of surprises and troubles, yet he managed to weather every one of them.

 Hence, she planned to completely cripple him first before thinking about anything else.

 Preferably, she would completely destroy Lu Sheng's True Qi cultivation!

 "Puff, puff, puff, puff!"

 The mess of green light danced across the sky and shot toward Lu Sheng from all directions.

 The giant hands controlled by Shangyang Fei also parted at the exact same time, allowing the green light to penetrate through the center. The noise of something ripping through fabric could be heard.

 "The power of His Imperial Majesty is not something you could imagine," Shangyang Fei said flatly. The two moves might have seemed simple, but both giant hands possessed power equivalent to a Divine Intellect grade Divine Weapon, while every ray of green light that followed was equal to a full-power attack from a Devil Master.

 Several tens of rays of green light were equivalent to ten Devil Masters striking at the same time. It might look simple, but they were so powerful it was hard even for Shangyang Fei herself to imagine.

 The green light quickly wrapped Lu Sheng into a green ball. There was no movement, no sign of life inside. Lu Sheng seemed to have died after being pierced by a mass of green light as he was no longer breathing.

 "Why couldn't you have just surrendered? What do you get out of it?" Shangyang Fei's expression was calm, but a hint of pity flashed across her eyes.

 She was the number one prodigy of the Shangyang Family, and knew full well how much effort an ordinary man like Lu Sheng had to put in to rise to where he was.

 But right here and now, all of that was wasted.

 "Devil Eye." She raised her hand as a charming green eye appeared on her right arm. "Destroy his cultivation and bring him back."

 "Seems this mission went well." The green eye looked happy.

 "Who could resist the avatar of His Imperial Majesty?" Shangyang Fei smiled and looked toward the green ball.

 "You are right." The green eye slowly closed again. Green tears started to drop out of its corner until they formed 99 orbs. All of them flew around the green ball that trapped Lu Sheng, then spun as if arranging some kind of formation.

 "Come back…" Shangyang Fei relaxed her hand and the green ball immediately dissipated. 

 Unfortunately, Shangyang Fei's confidence disappeared with the green ball of light. She stood in place, awestruck, as she stared at where Lu Sheng was supposed to be.

 There was nothing but empty air. 

 "How is that possible…" Shangyang Fei's face sunk. 

 "This is the power of a Devil Emperor…?" Suddenly, the low-pitched voice of a man came from right beside her.

 "You!!" Shangyang Fei was shocked and angry. She abruptly turned around.

 A strong, young man in a black robe had somehow appeared behind her without her realizing. It was Lu Sheng, who was wrapped inside of the green ball of light a moment ago.

 "How… How did you…!" Shangyang Fei's mind went blank. She didn't think she could fail.

 She'd never imagined she could fail with the absurdly strong avatar of His Imperial Majesty, Vera.

 Lu Sheng grasped a green ray of light in his hand as it frantically but uselessly tried to get out. His body was too powerful, and a mere ray of light was far from enough to outpower him. 

 "Such sinister force… If I didn't dodge in time…"

 "You are the one that surprised me." With a flash of green light, the shock on Shangyang Fei's face disappeared, instead replaced by complete calmness. Her voice turned into the low pitched voice of a male at the same time. "Why don't you work for me? With your scent, your power, instead of wasting time on useless politics, you could…"

 Lu Sheng was silent. He lightly rubbed his hand against the hilt of his knife.

 "You are His Imperial Majesty, Vera?" He frowned. 

 "I'm an avatar that represents him, you could treat me as if I were him." Vera smiled faintly. "What do you say? Made your decision yet? I am still very angry about the destruction of Devil Abyss, but if the story of a certain Ancient Devil is to be believed, I am very intrigued about you." Vera, now residing in Shangyang Fei's body, smiled. Countless green triangular symbols swirled inside of her eyes.

 "If you join us, I will immediately appoint you as the highest-ranking Devil General. Maybe even Devil Master. You could very easily rule over an entire tribe." Vera made a very tempting offer.

 Lu Sheng was intrigued. He didn't expect a Devil Emperor, one of the Four Pillars of the Devil World, to place such importance on him, even being willing to make such a substantial promise.

 He loosened his hand on the knife's hilt, appearing to be hesitating.

 "I… I…" He lowered his head and locked his brows.

 "What's the matter? Do you think I can't keep the promise, or do you think I'm only a fake—"


 Vera had never seen someone strike so fast with a knife.

 The smile was frozen on his face, and even his mind was still thinking about how to convince Lu Sheng to surrender. A moment later, however, the cold pain on his waist signaled that the man in front of him had struck already.

 The silver flash of light moved at a horrifying speed, like it was going to pierce through this dimension.

 Before Vera could react, Lu Sheng's hand buried his knife deeply within Shangyang Fei's stomach. A vast amount of strange True Qi, as well as Inner Qi and Devil Essence, surged into him in at a rapid rate.

 Or, more accurately, into Shangyang Fei. 

 "You… How are you a Devil Master.." Vera's smile disappeared as he felt the strength disappear from his temporary body. It was only at the Weapon Master level, and he couldn't have blocked the full force strike of a Devil Master even if he wanted to.

 Plus, he only possessed Shangyang Fei's body in the first place.

 Lu Sheng held his knife with two hands, then savagely stabbed it through Shangyang Fei's waist. The two of them floated in mid air, while blood streamed down Shangyang Fei's wound like a river.


 Lu Sheng pulled out the knife Immortal Radiance. A triangular token came out of Shangyang Fei's body with it.

 A monster with pitch-black horns and surrounded in golden flame was engraved in the middle of the token.

 The token happened to be at the tip of the knife. Although it wasn't completely pierced through, the sharp blade still did a lot of damage to it, almost cutting it in half.

 "How… is this possible…!" Vera shouted as he staggered backward, his hands placed over the wound on his waist.

 "Why is it not?" Lu Sheng smiled. "I don't need to be stronger than your avatar. It will be fine… as long as you can't release it."


 Shangyang Fei's body immediately exploded into a countless amount of black smoke made out of Devil Qi. It gathered in the distance, forming its original shape.

 "Get back!" Lu Sheng reached out with his hand and grabbed at Shangyang Fei. His hand somehow tightly gripped a swirl of black smoke floating in front of Shangyang Fei.

 A savage and ruthless strength pressed on Lu Sheng's arm through Shangyang Fei's hands.

 With a string of a cracking noise, both of their arms were shattered to some extent. Lu Sheng's expression changed. He didn't expect this Devil Master to be so ruthless and completely disregard Shangyang Fei's body.



 The two of them separated. Shangyang Fei gave up on escaping, and dove forward instead. Her whole person was wrapped in green lightning as she slammed heavily into Lu Sheng, who was about to strike.


 Something horrifying and evil surged into Lu Sheng's body through the green lightning, paralyzing and slowing his body.

 "You…" Lu Sheng frantically tried to distance himself, but to no avail. The powerful lightning trapped him perfectly, leaving no chance of escape.

 "This is your punishment for destroying the Devil Abyss and releasing that person!" Shangyang Fei laughed madly. Her hands had somehow turned into pitch-black claws, and she swiped them at Lu Sheng at a rapid rate.

 Lu Sheng's Immortal Radiance met her claws in mid-air like it had a mind of its own. All kinds of unbelievably sinister strikes were blocked at lightning speed, and sometimes it even struck back.

 The silver flash of the knife and the black claws clashed in rapid succession.

 "Verdant Sky!" After retreating a few steps, Lu Sheng brought down his knife. A black knife tens of meters long appeared with an explosion, then spun toward Shangyang Fei.

 That was the one ordinary move the Immortal Radiance gave him to unleash its power.

 "Nine Claws of Fine Sound!" Shangyang Fei roared. A horrifying power was gathering frantically within her body. It far exceeded Lu Sheng's imagination, and also Shangyang Fei's plan.

 She couldn't use this power for a long time in the first place. Immediately, signs of failure started to appear. Cracks started to fill her body like a repaired vase.

 Immense power, but she couldn't use it.

 Her claw shattered half of Verdant Sky, and was powerless to continue.

 "Supporting this kind of power with the mere body of a Weapon Master… You should be proud, Shangyang Fei." Lu Sheng laughed coldly.

 He dashed forward, his whole body turning into a huge black knife under the power of the knife Immortal Radiance, then slammed ruthlessly toward Shangyang Fei like a shooting star.

 If it hadn't been for his speed, he would have been hit by that. Luckily, he reacted fast enough and dodged.

 Who would have thought that someone like Shangyang Fei, with the aura of a mere Weapon Master, could harbor such a power inside of her.

 If it hadn't been for the fact that Lu Sheng never underestimated anyone, he would have been greeting all the people he killed in afterlife already. 

 "You are doing this to yourself!" Shangyang Fei screamed sharply, with a voice mixed between male and female. It wasn't clear whether she or Devil Emperor Vera was in control. Her limbs, at a frequency and angle that completely went against all human logic, waved in mid-air fanatically. Amid the crazed dance, countless small dark green claws started to appear.