Way Of The Devil Chapter 387

385 Miscalculation 2

 Countless green wires danced in the sky. They might have been strong, but unfortunately, they couldn't even catch Lu Sheng's shadow.


 Lu Sheng's knife strike left a black wound in the sky as it shot down like a comet.


 The mark persisted for a long time, and then somehow started to twist around like it was alive.

 It wasn't over yet. Lu Sheng swung his knife again.


 Lu Sheng's knife landed accurately into Shangyang Fei's chest.

 The two of them rapidly flew backward while facing each other. A faint red color started to appear around them because of their speed. The faint smell of something burning could even be detected.

 But neither of them cared.

 Shangyang Fei's face was feral as her mouth constantly let out the roar of a beast. At the same time, she also seemed to be laughing maniacally.

 "How dare you… How dare you!!"

 The power of the Devil Emperor's avatar gathered on her right arm and formed a black ball with countless centipedes crawling on it.

 The black ball expanded and retracted constantly like it was very unstable and could explode at any moment.

 "You think you have won?" Shangyang Fei laughed sharply. If she failed this mission, she could be reborn from her Devil Spawn that His Imperial Majesty kept. She would remember this failure. This lesson.

 The black ball started to undergo some very volatile changes. Immense pressure started to build up inside, and it could explode at any moment.

 "Die with me!!"

 "You're mad!" Lu Sheng's expression paled. This encounter with Shangyang Fei was the first time he misjudged something.

 He abruptly pulled back his knife and retreated in a frenzy, but the knife Immortal Radiance in his hand abruptly stopped and kept him from retreating. It still clung to Shangyang Fei's chest, like it was feasting on something. 

 "You!?" Lu Sheng didn't have time to think. The black ball had reached its critical mass and finally exploded.


 Countless particles like black cotton scraps flew outward, forming a giant disk in mid-air.

 And from the disk, a wretched shape flew out. 

 It was Lu Sheng. Holding Immortal Radiance in his right hand, he got out of the disk formed from the black cotton scrap particles and flew into the distance.

 His body had already expanded to five meters tall, and was in his peak form—Yin Yang Integration Mode.

 But even so, his whole body was covered in wounds. Countless rotting knife wounds densely filled his body.

 After he managed to fly for several thousand meters, Lu Sheng fell to the ground. 


 He violently slammed into the ground and stabbed Immortal Radiance into the ground.


 Instantly, Lu Sheng used his horrifying power to slam his foot into the side of the blade.

 "COME THE F*CK OUT!!" he roared furiously. 

 The blade started to tremble violently from the kick. A thin crack appeared in the middle of the blade and extended down.

 Lu Sheng didn't care. His eyes were filled with an icy rage. Immortal Radiance's betrayal almost killed him on the spot.

 Had it not been for the fact that he transformed into his Yin Yang Integration Mode in time and bore the brunt of the explosion with his body that could equal a Divine Weapon in toughness, he might have fallen.

 Not because of Shangyang Fei, but because of Immortal Radiance.


 He then slammed his fist into the side of the blade. The blade trembled again, and the crack expanded.

 But the knife showed no reaction, and even rapidly healed the crack.

 Lu Sheng was enraged. This was the first time he'd ever lost so hard. If he hadn't had plenty of back up plans, he probably would have…

 He could not understand why Immortal Radiance would want to betray him at such a crucial moment. 

 "Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!!!"

 Lu Sheng tirelessly slammed into Immortal Radiance time after time like a machine. Since his body had reached a level where it could withstand the power of a Devil Master, that meant it was basically a Divine Weapon in itself.

 For all intents and purposes, its power and durability were equivalent to those of a Divine Weapon or Devil Blade.

 Probably stronger, actually. His body was part of a living being, and as such possessed greater regenerative properties.

 Lu Sheng held Immortal Radiance by the hilt and hammered it with his fist. More and more cracks started to appear on the blade.

 It might have been the first time someone did this. A Golden Leaf grade Divine Weapon, even though it was an Evil Weapon, was something countless people would keep with great care.

 No one ever thought to hammer it like Lu Sheng was doing.

 A Divine Weapon or Devil Blade's largest source of power was its Weapon Master or Devil Master wielder.

 The wielder was the source of their ability to self-repair. As for the sacrifices, those were only for keeping enough power within the weapon.

 Both their inner and outer source of power were provided by the wielder.

 It was extremely rare for someone to crazily hammer their Divine Weapon like Lu Sheng. It was even rarer for someone to possess a strong enough body with toughness that could equal a Divine Weapon's.

 The booming noise constantly rang on the ground, and the tens of meters of earth nearby trembled with it.

 After Lu Sheng's fanatic smashing, and after he cut off the supply of True Qi for Immortal Radiance, there was finally some effect.

 The Immortal Radiance Knife started to tremble slightly, and more cracks appeared on its blade. A scent of blood emitted from the crack, so concentrated it made Lu Sheng's heart jump.

 "Do you not love me anymore…" Suddenly, a soft voice sounded from behind Lu Sheng. 

 His whole body trembled. He stopped, and turned around, but saw nothing. 

 "Do you not love me… anymore?" the voice of the girl said again. It was right beside him, yet Lu Sheng couldn't find any trace of it.

 A frantic rage flashed across Lu Sheng's eyes. He maximized his senses, yet still couldn't figure out where the voice came from.

 "Everything I did was for your own good. For you to get stronger… stronger… Do you not like me anymore?" the girl asked again.

 Lu Sheng licked his lips, the craziness in his eyes getting even worse.

 "Come out… be good… of course I will like you once I see you. I just want to see you."

 "Really?" the voice asked.

 Lu Sheng felt something itchy on his shoulder. He turned his head and realized that the head of a little girl with unbound hair was lying on his shoulder.

 The pretty and delicate face lacked any sign of blood, and lightly touched against Lu Sheng's face.

 "Do you… love me?" the girl asked softly. 

 "Of course…" Lu Sheng widened his eyes and reached behind his back, but only felt a handful of slippery hair and something like a layer of skin. 

 "Of course… I love you!!" Abruptly, his face turned hideous; he grabbed the girl's hair, and dragged it forward.


 The girl's head was ripped out with raw strength and slammed into the ground in front of him.


 After a huge boom, another crater a couple meters wide appeared on the ground.

 Lu Sheng grabbed the girl's shattered head. His whole body rapidly expanded and turned into his non-human form in a few breaths. His mouth cracked all the way to his ears, and the three rows of sharp teeth ground together like a chainsaw, while dark red black smoke and flames erupted out of his ears, mouth, and nose. It was as if his whole body was burning. The thick tail flailed around randomly behind his back, leaving only a slimy lava-like substance behind.

 "I love you, but do you love me?" Lu Sheng laughed maniacally, and slowly dragged the whole skin of the girl in front of him. He decided to mash it with the shattered head into a ball. 

 "I love you..." the girl's voice said again.

 "Really? If so, then let's see how much you love me."

 Lu Sheng stuffed the meatball into his mouth and chewed it. Then, he slowly pulled out the knife Immortal Radiance and put it in front of his face.

 'Deep blue!' he roared mentally. 

 The light blue window appeared, and Lu Sheng's gaze instantly locked onto one of the tabs.

 He was only a step away, anyway. The only thing he needed was the Devil Essence of an Ancient Devil. He finally gathered the required amount after Shangyang Fei self-destructed her Devil Essence.

 He looked at the Ultimate Eight-Headed Devil Way tab, and firmly pressed on the evolve button mentally.

 300 or so units of Mental Energy were rapidly depleted. A vast amount of Devil Emperor's Devil Essence was forced into him during the explosion, moments ago keeping his wound from closing, yet it was all instantly absorbed by the Cheating Device at the center of Lu Sheng's chest.

 The Ultimate Eight-Headed Devil started to evolve at a fundamental level too, toward a level that would surpass a Golden Leaf level Devil Master.

 "I have always wanted to see… if an Evil Weapon is tougher than my body!" Lu Sheng held Immortal Radiance and abruptly bit at the blade.


 The toughest and strongest part of his body was his teeth. Right now, those teeth clamped together with all their might.

 Without any True Qi to use for repair, a piece of Immortal Radiance Knife finally cracked with a snap. 

 In his rage, Lu Sheng repeatedly bit the blade of the knife. To him, be it Evil Weapon or Divine Weapon, as long as he could use it, he wouldn't care.

 But, a Divine Weapon that could stop working or even betray him at any crucial moment was useless no matter how powerful it might be.

 He didn't know how to destroy Divine Weapons or Devil Blades, either, but he did know his body was the strongest there was, while his teeth were the strongest part of it.

 "Why don't you die for me if you love me!?"