Way Of The Devil Chapter 405

403 Ace In The Hole 2

Qiong Shang's features were destroyed, so nobody could tell who he was. All they knew was that he was a normal guy who was okay at fighting. Also, he maybe had some sort of bloodline.

Making his way towards a hill, Qiong Shang could feel his body getting tired. He had been fighting at full strength for over six hours. Even if he had very high endurance, he wasn't highly skilled, so being exhausted was normal.

"You good?" A handsome blond boy made his way out of a group of devils. He grabbed Qiong Shang's shoulder and leapt.

The two tumbled over the heads of huge masses of devils, landing at the foot of the hill.

"I'm okay, just a little bit tired." Qiong Shang bent over and gasped, recovering his strength. This blond guy was An Jiu, someone he had met through fighting these devils.

"Be careful. We don't have many people left, but the devil army still has reinforcements…" An Jiu warned him.

"Yeah." Qiong Shang lifted his head, glancing backward at the valleys behind him. Among the red valleys, groups of people wearing yellow and black were trying to block the devils attempting to enter.

All they were fighting were the devils that made their way through the people in front. The actually strong high-level devils were blocked by the three sects in front.

"Those are the strong fighters from the three sects. I just heard Elder Liu say that they killed a few Devil commanders, but some strong people also died. It's very tragic," An Jiu sighed.

Qiong Shang looked there. He could see that yellow and black people were like a dam at the valley entrance, blocking the black waves outside of the valley. Dead bodies and broken limbs piled into mountains in front of the entrance.

Beams of white and golden light shot and burst, dissipating along the black smoke and flames.

"Commander Zhou from the Yinfu army just gave an order. We only need to guard this area for one more hour. After one hour, we will get reinforcements," An Jiu whispered.

"One hour?" As a prince, Qiong Shang had gone through basic training. He looked around at the men around him, smiling bitterly. Including him, there were only twelve people. For twelve people to guard this flat ground, it would be a miracle if they could even last fifteen minutes.

There were at least hundreds of devils trying to clamber up to this plateau and kill all of them one by one.

Screams like dogs barking and cows mooing filled the area. It made it impossible to calm down.

Qiong Shang smiled bitterly, and felt the bump between his chest and stomach.

That was where the legendary Ten-Thousand Transformation Divine Weapon was. It was also the reason he was chased out of the royal family and put to blame for everything.

Right before he left, monastery master Tian He had explained the current situation to him. Qiong Shang also understood who his actual friends were, and who would try to kill him at any given opportunity.

"Why are you hesitating… Are you afraid that Li Shunxi tricked you?" A calm, young man's voice appeared in his head. "Or do you think that the person he pointed to you is fishy?"

"Neither. I'm just thinking that if I just died here… maybe it would be a good thing. Everything will be over. My sister's death, my mother's death, those who wronged me… I won't have to worry about anything anymore." Qiong Shang closed his eyes. "I'm so tired…"

"Since you still don't believe me... then do you remember what Li Shunxi told you?" the voice continued. "Before becoming strong and having the power to protect yourself, you must find every possible way to borrow power and strength. Having me is both unfortunate and fortunate. Everyone has the right to be tired except for you."

"I know… I'm just worried… will that person really help us?" Qiong Shang laughed bitterly.

"Who knows. But Li Shunxi already said so, so this is your only hope. He was friends with your mother—he should help someone on the brink of death," the man said calmly.

"Uncle Ten-Thousand Transformation… If he became greedy…"

"Then we can both die," the man responded as if he didn't care about his own death. He was precisely the Ten-Thousand Transformation Divine Weapon, the legendary top-notch Divine Weapon that supposedly surpassed the Divine Intellect level. To a Weapon Master, he had frightening strength, almost comparable with the Divine Lord level. To a Divine Lord, his strength was great enough that there was experimental value in it. 

He was worth something even to a Weapon Grandmaster.

But the person he picked was Qiong Shang, an ordinary, extremely weak prince.

"Okay, send the signal. Stop wasting our time," Ten-Thousand Transformation urged him.

Resigned, Qiong Shang found an excuse, left An Jiu, and went back into the brawl. But while killing the devils, a small black jade appeared in his hand.

A black glow lit faintly on it. There seemed to be a crow on it, with its beak at its chests, its red irises glowing creepily.

Qiong Shang made a path through the devils, getting further and further from the little hill. At the end of the devil-infested area, he slipped into a dark little forest.

He quickly took out the jade, bit his finger, and let a drop of blood fall onto it.


The blood turned into black smoke instantly and rose up, disappearing into the air.

Not long after, a faint black shadow flew toward them at great speed.


The black shadow stopped right in front of Qiong Shang, transforming into a delicate, pretty little girl.

The girl was wearing a black silk dress tied at her waist, with pearls and shells hung all over it. Her long hair was loose, her eyes bright like stars, and her pale skin seemed to be even more glowing and pure under the contrast of her black dress.

"What the heck? It's a pig!" The girl's expectant gaze turned to disappointment after she saw the person in front of her.

"I thought Father wanted me to come pick up some important person, but it's just a human pig. Ugh!"

Qiong Shang finally noticed the two curvy horns growing out of the young girl's head, shaped like those of a ram. Obviously, she wasn't human, but a demon.

"I… I…" He tried to talk in embarrassment, but he wasn't fluent in the Demon language, and under the disdainful look of the girl, he got even more nervous, and couldn't even get a sentence out.

"He also stutters! Is this funny? For a stuttering pig, Father made me come myself despite knowing this could destroy Grandfather's grand plan?!" The girl gave Qiong Shang a furious slap across his face.


Qiong Shang's pale cheek immediately rose up in a bump. He stumbled back a few steps, feeling greatly wronged.

"So annoying, annoying, annoying! So annoying!! Come on!" The girl turned around and walked away. She waved her hand, and a cloud of black smoke quickly wrapped around Qiong Shang as they both flew into the distance.

But not long later.


A resonating, huge heartbeat sounded right beside the two.

The Ten-Thousand Transformation Divine Weapon's expression changed instantly as he yelled, "Shoot! The top people are fighting. Use the Golden Thread Lock Spell!"

Qiong Shang didn't dare wait. He immediately closed his eyes, and went into a blank state, shutting off his soul, five senses, and spirit sense. He just sat there cross-legged as if he was dead.

The girl in the black dress also knew what this was. Her face went pale, and she also sat down quickly and went into a blank state as huge clouds of black smoke started surrounding her.


Another huge heartbeat. This one spread through the tens of hills around them, over a radius of ten miles of battlefield.

"I am here. Xiao Zizhu, f*cking show yourself!" A loud, low male voice sounded. The voice vibrated, and spread over hundreds of miles like booming thunder.

The night sky seemed as if it were on fire, with more than half the sky lit up by a golden red light.

The temperature started rising, becoming warm, then hot. It also got much wetter.

Even though Qiong Shang and the black dress girl both shut off all their senses, they could still feel that enormous, terrifying pressure from the depths of their bloodlines trying to push through. Both were drenched in a cold sweat.

But the difference was, this pressure was more targeted against Demons. Among the perspiration glistening on the black dress girl, one could even smell the faint scent of blood.

"See, this will be the future you. This is a level you will most definitely reach…" Ten-Thousand Transformation's deep voice sounded in Qiong Shang's mind.

Although Qiong Shang shut off all his senses, Ten-Thousand Transformation sent in pictures and sounds such that he could see the outside world.

"If you can reach such a level, there will be no place you cannot go in the Great Yin. Even getting ahold of my true form would be just a slight inconvenience. It'll only take you a minute…" Ten-Thousand Transformation sighed. This was the ultra transformation brought about by raw power. 

The pressure from the red sky only got stronger. All the devils hiding in the hills got burned to the point where blisters covered their skins, and they rolled around the ground, howling. Humans got off better—as long as they sat and didn't move, most were fine.

After realizing this, Qiong Shang slowly got rid of the seals, and used his own senses to watch.

He looked toward the red sky. In the air, a huge cloud of golden and red fog was swirling. It formed a winged serpent of over a hundred meters long as it roared into the distance.

A tiny figure was standing on the head of the winged serpent, also looking into the distance.

Wind blew everywhere. From some time on, tiny black flower petals littered the air and ground.

The petals flew over Qiong Shang and the girl, through the forest, over valleys, over large masses of reinforcements of the Devils, and landed in the hands of a long-haired man.

The man looked up toward the golden red winged serpent in the distance. He was dressed in a black robe with a huge white scorpion embedded on the back.

"Aren't I here?" The shadow on the man's face was slowly lit up by the red light, revealing a handsome, pale, yet slightly delicate face.

Although his face was different from the clone's Lu Sheng saw last time, both could see through the hundreds of miles that the other person was the one they were looking for.

"Bring me my knife!" he shouted.

A Devil commander walked up and offered up a huge blade over four meters long.

Two devil beauties gently peeled off the black robe he was wearing. Underneath, he was dressed in a neat, grisly black armor and a thick, long cape.

Holding the blade, Xiao Zizhu stomped on the ground.


Bits of rock and dirt flew everywhere. Through the black smoke, a huge, black scorpion also clothed in solid lava armor broke open the ground and carried him toward the sky to the spot where Lu Sheng was.


Xiao Zizhu lashed out. Terrifying, brutal devil wind shot out, forming a huge knife of the same shape, but hundreds of meters long. It slashed down toward Lu Sheng.

"You're the one who's going to die!!" Lu Sheng cackled, his body suddenly expanding. Large amounts of golden and red flames exploded from his skin, and all the golden fire concentrated, forming a huge fire man over a hundred meters tall.

The four arms of the giant grabbed at the huge knife at the same time.


The instant the two clashed, a huge half-transparent lotus flower exploded in the air, slowly blooming beside the two.

The air and the earth shook. The explosion created all sorts of different-sized holes.

"Sky, Earth, Blood rain, howl! Weep, weep, weep!!!" Lu Sheng's four arms clenched the huge knife. Although he already sustained many wounds, he didn't care. He just cackled and kept on chanting some sort of spell.


Suddenly, a tiny cracking noise sounded.

Xiao Zizhu's expression changed instantly. He finally felt that something was off. To his horror, he saw that in each of the giant's four hands was a piece of a broken mirror.

"You dare to!!"


Another cracking noise.


A very bright gray cloud suddenly expanded, engulfed the two, and vanished.