Way Of The Devil Chapter 420

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The bloodline power of the Yuanguang Family manifested itself in the form of a phoenix, but it was really representing the Divine Weapon that stood guard over the entire family. 

 Weapon Grandmasters at that level were no longer limited to human form, but possessed all kinds of powerful abilities. 

 Their bodies were as strong as the peak level Divine Weapon, while their spirits also far surpassed Divine Weapons and Devil Blades. They had basically achieved the human limit, the biological limit. 

 Hence, the symbol of the Yuanguang Family became the phoenix. 

 All Burning Heirs' bloodlines would manifest themselves in the shape of a powerful phoenix when certain special conditions were fulfilled. 

 Because its power came from the blood of Weapon Grandmasters, no one had ever been able to resist it, nor had there anyone who attempted to suppress the bloodline by force. 

 Hence, Lu Sheng's action not only shocked everyone from the Yuanguang Family, but even their companions, as well as Jing Hong, who was standing to the side. 

 "Alright, let's finish our talk." Lu Sheng looked at Jing Hong again after suppressing the Burning Bloodline. "I don't agree with your morals. Only the strong have the right to have morals. Do you think you do?" 

 Jing Hong's face was solemn. He didn't talk, but knew a fight couldn't be avoided. He bent his back, while his hands formed a strange boxing stance. 

 "Spirit Slaughter!" Lu Sheng raised his hand, and Qi jetted out of his hand, the golden light from it forming a long knife. He instantly covered the ten or so meters of distance, and slammed his knife into Jing Hong, who wasn't able to dodge fast enough. 

 "Rush Seal!" Jing Hong firmly struck out with his fist. 


 The golden knife made out of light clashed violently with Jing Hong's simple fist. A layer of thick, half-clear membrane formed between the two, separating the golden light and the clear black membrane on the fist. 

 "Not bad, you blocked it." Lu Sheng nodded slightly, and raised his hand again. "How about this?" Spirit Slaughter was only an ordinary move he came up with long ago. Though it was powerful, it couldn't unleash his full power, as it was limited by his body in his Extreme Yin Mode. 

 But, it was still terrifying enough. 

 "If you have nothing else up your sleeve, prepare to die." Lu Sheng spread his arms, and made a grabbing motion at Jing Hong. 

 Jing Hong's eyes were blood-red after his fist was beaten back. Pitch-black symbols that seemed like spells started to appear around his neck, then started to spin rapidly. 

 A dark purple two-headed toad slowly materialized behind him, its body burning with an ominous black flame. 

 "I have to trouble you again, Heaven Burning Ruler," Jing Hong said in a low voice, and spat out a mouthful of blood. His opponent was terrifyingly strong. Even though he himself was infinitely approaching the Divine Lord level, he was hit to the point where his organs had almost shifted. The body that was his pride seemed no different from a fragile doll in front of Lu Sheng. 

 "You could have called me earlier," the two-headed toad said impatiently, then immediately opened his mouth and shot a pillar of black flame toward Lu Sheng. 


 The pillar of flame, accompanied by a dull roar, streaked through the air toward Lu Sheng at amazing speed as if it was the toad's tongue.

 "Infinite Spirit Slaughter!"

 Lu Sheng again punched casually. 

 His powerful body, stimulated by Spirit Slaughter, exploded with horrifying speed and power. Originally, this move was supposed to instantly increase his strength and speed by several times, but with Lu Sheng's current body, which had reached a limit, there wasn't much room for improvement. Spirit Slaughter was at most able to increase his power by half. 

 But even so, it wasn't something Jing Hong could block. Plus, Lu Sheng was using Yang Essence to unleash his full power in his Extreme Yin Mode. 


 The black pillar of flame was directly scattered, yet Lu Sheng's fist continued on its path, and connected with the two-headed toad's chest like a bolt of lightning. 

 After a booming sound, both the toad and Jing Hong flew back, blood exploding around them. 

 "How…!?" Heaven Burning Ruler, the two-headed toad, exclaimed in disbelief. Its chubby body as tall as a man now had a dent in it because of the hit. 

 Jing Hong spat out another mouthful of blood. Hugging the toad with his arms, the human and beast duo instantly submerged into a ball of purple light, which started to spin rapidly. 

 "Wind Fire Wheel Cut!"

 The two turned into a dark purple wheel of flame several meters in diameter, and violently charged toward Lu Sheng. 

 Before the fire wheel even touched anything, everything in a ten-meter radius was surrounded by a strange, twisted force. One man dressed in white who stood close cried out in surprise—the Black Membrane on his body had somehow melted without his knowledge. He hurriedly retreated in horror. 

 The two girls from the Yuanguang Family finally realized how dangerous the fight between Lu Sheng and Jing Hong was. Before, it didn't look any different from a fight between two Bind level masters, since they were far away and the power of both parties was highly concentrated. 

 That little amount of power was nothing, both to the outer family disciple of the Yuanguang Family and the member of the top Liluo Sect of the Great Yin. Everyone was part of an immense power, and had their own powerful cards up their sleeves. 

 But now that everything drew near, everyone finally understood the battle wasn't as simple as it appeared. 

 The man dressed in white, who ranked third in terms of power, lost a majority of his Black Membrane, and was nearly severely wounded after merely standing near the attack of the weaker side of the battle. 

 Damage to Black Membrane meant that the body would lose a major portion of its regenerative and defensive power. The Black Membrane itself was also the manifestation of one's life force, which meant that any damage it suffered would reduce its owner to a half-crippled condition, and would even drain their energy. 

 "That black flame… It's Heaven Burning Ruler! The legendary traitor of the Jing Family from the capital!?" The soft-looking woman leading the team recognized the two-headed toad, and her face immediately paled. 

 "Are you sure? Sister Yuan?!" The middle-aged man among the six immediately turned livid after hearing the name 'Heaven Burning Ruler'. 

 "Absolutely! I have a good friend in the Jing Family, his father died in the insurgency all those years ago!" the soft woman said solemnly. 

 "Heaven Burning Ruler… Isn't that… isn't that Divine Weapon? And a Divine Intellect grade at that…. Is this a joke?" the youngest girl of the group exclaimed. Her venomous tone had long since disappeared, replaced with worry and horror. 

 "Are these two… at least peak level Weapon Masters?" the youth who'd tried to woo the little girl before also exclaimed with a trembling voice. 

 No one answered. They all thought they had enough preparation and hidden powers, and would encounter no problems on this trip, yet an impossible situation presented itself at only their second destination. 

 "Retreat! Retreat first!" The soft girl Yuanguang Yuan decided immediately as she watched the two battle. 

 No one objected. All six moved quickly, and went back the way they had come. 

 They could deal with ordinary Earth Prime Weapon Masters if they worked together, but a peak level Weapon Master was not something they could handle—especially the one with the Divine Intellect Divine Weapon, Heaven Burning Ruler, who was the prodigy Jing Hong from a branch of the Jing Family. 

 If he was being beaten so badly, then his opponent…

 Yuanguang Yuan's mind was in a mess. Returning the Burning Heirs of the family was her and her younger sister Yuanguang Qin's job. Everyone else was only her apprentice brothers and sisters who had came to help. No one had expected to encounter such a difficult situation. 

 If that man was truly a Burning Heir, the family needed to be immediately notified of his immense power!

 She immediately thought of that, and glanced at the fight while rapidly retreating in the lead. 




 Jing Hong climbed up with difficulty again and again, and used the powerful flame of Heaven Burning Ruler. The black flame that could burn anything had its own special kind of toxicity, and could even turn steel into liquid. It was also especially effective against True Qi and Devil Essence. 

 Combined with the bloodline power of the Jing Family, that strange force field that could negate everything, he had almost reached an unbeatable level. 

 But against Lu Sheng, the black flame didn't burn so much as a single hair, while the Jing Family bloodline power was completely useless against him as well, at most slowing Lu Sheng's explosive True Qi a bit. 

 Yuanguang Yuan gazed at them from afar. Even she could see how painful it was for Jing Hong to be punched into a tree over and over again. 

 "He's too powerful…" the older man to the side, who was the son of Prince Jun of the Great Yin Capital, murmured. 

 "We should worry about ourselves first. Do you all think he doesn't know where the bloodline of Burning Heir comes from? He must have known for a long time, but didn't care at all about the fact that he's the Burning Heir of the Yuanguang Family," a young man in the group said calmly. He was the one the little junior apprentice sister Yuanguang Qin insulted. 

 The youth's face was determined, and showed no emotion even though he was watching Jing Hong, who was being beaten savagely. He only analyzed their situation, trying to find a way to escape. 

 "I don't think we could get out of this so easily. That man didn't attack in the restaurant, and waited until his target was here, which means he wants to finish this in secret. But we stumbled on them… and might not walk out of this easily." The youth was named Yuanguang Sun, but he wasn't a direct member of the Yuanguang Family, only part of an outer branch of the outer family. 

 The so-called outer branch of the outer family consisted of Yuanguang Family heirs with diluted bloodline. When female heirs married someone from outside, they sometimes gave birth to a baby that didn't have any awakened bloodline; if such a descendant of theirs then married someone from outside again and produced another baby without any bloodline power, the latter would be such an outer family outer branch member. 

 The bloodline within them was so diluted it might as well have been nonexistent. Maybe because the three major family's main branch was too powerful, their outer branches' bloodline was weaker then even the normal families'. 

 That was why Yuanguang Sun had no power within the family at all. 

 "Then what do you suggest?" Yuanguang Yuan asked quickly. She was trusting of her younger brother. Even though he was weaker in terms of power, he was at least smarter than her spoiled little sister, Yuanguang Qin. 

 "Pull our connections!" Yuanguang Sun said solemnly. "And we can't leave! That's too much of a risk we can't take! All we can hope for is that he doesn't plan on killing and at least has some respect for our family." 

 "Spirit Slaughter." 


 Lu Sheng punched again, and easily made Jing Hong go flying and slam into the hard rocks behind them again.