Way Of The Devil Chapter 425

423 Tracking 2

"Why can't girls show themselves in public?" Mu Jueqing asked in an annoyed tone. 

 "That's the rule," Lu Sheng replied casually. 

 "Who made the rule?!" 

 "Everyone." Lu Sheng suddenly thought of something, and shook his head. He stood, up and said mildly, "That's enough. Little Wan, we should leave now." 

 "Yes, Brother." Duanmu Wan nodded. They were disguised as siblings in public. 

 Mu Jueqing was obviously flustered. She followed him, and asked, "Where are you going?" 

 "I need to find someone."

 "I could help. There's nothing the Mu Family can't do inside of Nanli City," Mu Jueqing hurriedly promised confidently. 

 "No need. I know where he is." Lu Sheng walked out of the door, and no one dared to stop him. Amid the strange stares of everyone in the restaurant, the two walked leisurely in a certain direction within the city. 

 Before they walked far, though, Lu Sheng slowly stopped, and glanced to both sides. 

 "You actually tracked me all the way here?" A familiar voice came from the top of the building to the left. A robust shape with a spear in one hand had appeared there. 

 "Grandfather Qi?!" the girl—Mu Jueqing, who followed quietly, suddenly exclaimed, staring at Xu Qi on the roof in disbelief. 

 "Qinger???" Xu Qi blanked out, but his face soon sunk. 

 "Should we find another place?"

 "Of course!"

 Lu Sheng happily agreed. He waved his sleeve, and pushed Duanmu Wan to a safe distance, then jumped into the air, completely ignoring everyone else present. 

 The two of them, one behind another, flew out of the street and arrived at the edge of the city wall in the blink of an eye. 

 The city wall was as wide as two grown men walking shoulder to shoulder, but after taking the torches and spikes into account, there was actually not much space left. 

 "Didn't expect you to live quietly in a city like this. If I'm correct, you still have connections with the Jing Family, correct?" Lu Sheng asked casually. 

 "What do you think?" Xu Qi let out a cold humph. Suddenly, two powerful auras appeared behind Lu Sheng. 

 Both of them wore black cloaks that completely covered their looks. It would be detrimental to their family otherwise. 

 "Young men nowadays seem to have forgotten to respect their elders…" one of the two said in a low-pitched voice. 

 "You crossed a line trying to accomplish this by force while you are in our territory." The other was a woman; her voice was cold, and hinted at suppressed madness. 

 Though they were talking, all three surrounded Lu Sheng as if they were facing an enormous threat. They had heard of Lu Sheng's power from Xu Qi. 

 "Attack!" Xu Qi abruptly shouted, and dove toward Lu Sheng. 

 The other two were about to strike too, but the air suddenly shook. Lu Sheng was clearly surprised, and for some reason decided to retreat rapidly instead of fighting. 

 But the three people spent a lot of time trying to set up this ambush, and didn't want to give up at such a crucial moment. They immediately decided to follow. 

 The four of them followed in hot pursuit through the air, and left behind a white jet of air. 


 Inside of an abandoned villa outside of the city, Lu Sheng landed heavily on top of a rockery, and promptly shattered it to pieces. 


 Xu Qi flashed on top of him, his blue spear sweeping horizontally toward Lu Sheng's arms so fast that afterimages were formed. 

 Lu Sheng raised his hand, and blocked it steadily. 


 The immense force shattered the rocks beneath their feet again, creating a giant red crater. 

 A rapid series of clashes followed. Lu Sheng and Xu Qi exchanged hundreds of moves in a single breath, but there was no clear winner. 

 "Core Law, Spikes!" Suddenly, someone pointed at Xu Qi from afar. 

 Xu Qi's body was instantly filled with a dense swath of faint green spikes that were as if a perfect set of armor. 

 The other old man walked up, and took out a thick walking stick from his robe. 

 "Core Law, Return to Truth." He pointed at Lu Sheng from a distance. 

 Lu Sheng instantly felt a large amount of strange energy flowing around him. The Yin Devil's natural ability to influence minds was weakened sharply. 

 "Two Divine Weapons' core powers? Impressive!" Lu Sheng exclaimed as his arms blocked Xu Qi's hurricane of an attack. 

 "Not done yet! Reflect!" Xu Qi abruptly shouted in a low-pitched voice. The spear in his hand bent into a half circle, but promptly returned to normal as it spun toward Lu Sheng. 

 Lu Sheng blocked it with his palm, but felt that it carried the same power he struck with. The same power, combined with Xu Qi's own power, flowed into his arm. 


 Lu Sheng took a few steps back. His hand started to smoke again, and even the skin of his arm started to crack, receiving a slight wound. 

 "This again!" He frowned. 

 Among the Divine Lords, Core Law was the most commonly used as well as the most fundamental part of the bloodline power. 

 They were the extension of the bloodline every Divine Lord controlled. Core Law didn't require much to use, and could be used at any time. 

 According to Lu Sheng's understanding, they were basically super powers. But, a Divine Lord's "super power" was different from ordinary powers, and usually came with extremely powerful effects. 

 Like this Xu Qi. He was normally not as strong as Lu Sheng. Sure, he might have been faster, but it was useless if he couldn't even break through Lu Sheng's defenses. 

 But with the help of his other two friends, combined with his own Core Law Reflect, his overall power was instantly increased by several times. 


 Lu Sheng's plam clashed once again with Xu Qi's spear. 

 Beside the spear's tip, there was another enormous and sharp force that penetrated deep into his palm. Even with Lu Sheng's currently fully cultivated body, he wasn't able to stop the enormouse penetrative force. 


 Lu Sheng lowered his palm while he retreated rapidly. Drops of blood came out of the wound, but soon flowed back into his palm. His body's strong regenerative power had kicked in, but a sliver of blue lightning stopped the wound from fully closing. 

 The Jade Star level Xu Qi, supported by two Core Laws, was able to unleash a shocking and destructive attack. His two friends, on the other hand, didn't even come up, and instead watched from afar. 

 "Again!" A cold cruelty flashed across Lu Sheng's eyes. A long, golden blade formed in his palm, which he promptly slammed toward Xu Qi's head. 

 "Divine Might!"

 Divine Might, which increased Lu Sheng's power even more than Spirit Slaughter, unleashed an explosive force so terrifying even Xu Qi couldn't dodge. 

 The golden blade flashed in front of Xu Qi like a hurricane full of golden lightning. 


 He raised the spear with both hands as fast as possible, and finally barely blocked the knife. 

 A huge sound wave radiated outward like an explosion. The ruined walls were shattered and thrown everywhere. 

 Lu Sheng's body was surrounded by black smoke as he returned to his original form. His claws and long tail clashed rapidly with Xu Qi with immense force. 

 The battle between the two was completely even. 

 In the end, Divine Lords were basically men with power equal to a Divine Weapon. Most Divine Lords' physical bodies weren't strong at all. Lu Sheng was an exception to that, while Xu Qi was supported by two of his friends. 

 The green spike-shaped halo wound around Lu Sheng with its special Core Law Spike every time his palm connected with it. 

 Meanwhile, Xu Qi's own Core Law Reflect could reflect most of Lu Sheng's bodily strength. 

 Finally, the last person's Core Law Swamp suppressed Lu Sheng's special field to a minimum. 

 These were all three of their Core Laws. 

 A Divine Lord could use their Core Law at will, and in a large area at that. Their powerful spirit allowed them to not only control the power of Core Law, but also to use it as a weapon of mass destruction. 

 Core Laws were their own power, and could be used without the help of Divine Weapons. They were the true foundation of a Divine Lord's immense strength. 

 After all, even Divine Weapons had to be tampered with to their extreme to become Rogue Divine Weapons. Only then could they use Core Laws at will, and still might not achieve a similar level of power without the support of a Divine Lord's spirit. 

 Lu Sheng was obviously on the losing end. Xu Qi's power after being supported by three Core Laws was too shocking. He was basically an impenetrable porcupine. 

 With his extreme speed on top of all that, he was at a clear advantage. 

 "Nine Split Life-Ending Spear!!"

 After he ruthlessly pushed back Lu Sheng's attack, Xu Qi saw an opportunity. Aimed at the opening, his spear struck with all his power. 

 Instantly, the spear turned into a blue line, and buried itself into Lu Sheng's chest. 



 Lu Sheng's whole body slammed into the ground with a boom. 

 The ground of the villa was completely shattered, the cracks on the ground forming deep trenches. Dark blue lightning constantly erupted from the cracks—it was Divine Weapon's power manifesting itself in the form of highly pressurized lightning leaking from Lu Sheng's body. 

 Core Law, combined with his Divine Weapon Divine Thunder, formed an attack that even Lu Sheng's couldn't bear. It broke through his defense in an instant, before he could even come up with a plan. 

 "Heavenly Play, explode!" With a cold expression on his face, Xu Qi pressed his hand down. 


 Another explosion came from the ground, accompanied by blinding lightning. Lu Sheng's aura that lingered previously had completely disappeared. 

 "Finished." Xu Qi finally sighed in relief. He specially contacted two of his closest friends, and finally got them to help at a high price, just for this. 

 And now, he finally took care of this person. 

 "Jing Hong's situation is dire, we can't delay any longer. Without spirit power to extend his life, he won't last long!" Xu Qi hurriedly sent his voice to the two people. 

 "Ok." Neither of them wanted to be involved in this. The fact they even agreed to help in the first place was a clear indication they were good friends.

 It wouldn't be proper for Xu Qi to ask for more. 

 He looked down one last time, and flew into the distance. 

 "Watch out!


 Suddenly, his two friends exclaimed in the distance. 

 Before he could react, pain shot through Xu Qi's lower body. Immense power surged all around, which was the last thing he sensed before he blacked out. 

 Below, inside of the ruinous crater, Lu Sheng lay face up. Lightning jumped around in a bowl-sized hole in his chest. 

 "This is the power of the Core Law? Impressive…" His right arm had turned into a set of 30-meter long claws, with blood flowing down the gaps between its fingers. However, waves of rolling, dark purple thunder surged within as if something was trying to break out fanatically. 

 "Don't disappoint me…" Lu Sheng stroked his wound on his chest, with a mad killing intent in his eyes. 


 Lightning exploded from within the claws, and an enormous monster similar to a Qilin dove toward the ground. 

 "DIE!" Xu Qi roared in a frenzy. 

 "With just you!?" Lu Sheng's face was also filled with rage. His body changed rapidly into Yin Yang Integration Mode as black flame covered him. Then, he instantly swept his claws into the sky.