Way Of The Devil Chapter 432

430 Achievement 1

Autumn Moon County Capital, Lu Family Mansion. 

 Chen Yunxi held a short sword in her hand and moved around in her own courtyard, continuously practicing the Sun Chasing Sword Technique she just learned. 

 'From a pure swordsmanship point of view, the Sun Chasing Sword Technique is something that depends on rapid attack to force the opponent to retreat and finish them off with one last stab through the heart. But my movements are simply too slow to achieve that goal…' 

 After a while of practice, Chen Yunxi finally stopped, and sheathed her sword. Her brows were tightly locked, not knowing how to continue.

 "Dong, dong, dong."

 Someone knocked on the courtyard gate. "Lady Yunxi, the head of the family is back, and asked me to bring you to the Vast Ocean Loft."

 Chen Yunxi raised her brows. She put down her sword, went back to wash her hair, and put on a delicate yellow dress before leaving. 

 Xin Mei stood outside with her head lowered, not daring to look at her. 

 "Lady Yunxi…"

 "Lead the way, maybe it's finally time for this to end," Chen Yunxi said flatly. 

 She remembered loving Lu Sheng, even to the point where she couldn't live without him. 

 But then, after a long period of separation, that love faded. Maybe because of time, maybe because love had its limits. The only thing left in her was a sense of duty and responsibility. 

 Maybe love still existed, but it was very, very faint. 

 Xin Mei raised her head to glance at Chen Yunxi, and felt that Lady Chenxi nowadays looked at everything so calmly and apathetically like she had stopped caring. 

 She led Chen Yunxi toward the Vast Ocean Loft. 

 Oftentimes, servants and maids of the mansion bowed and courtseyed toward Chen Yunxi. 

 She was the spouse of the family head, so even though she wasn't his principal wife, she enjoyed a position simply because she could talk to the family head. No one would dare anger her needlessly. 

 Chen Yunxi didn't respond, and continued on her way. After crossing through multiple gardens and several bridges over ponds, they finally arrived at a three story loft.

 The Vast Ocean Loft was the Lu Family Mansion's place for storing all kind of rare items. The place was usually under heavy guard, and aside from Lu Sheng and some other high-ranking members of the family, no one was allowed to enter. 

 Chen Yunxi was one of those not allowed to enter. 

 She immediately saw Lu Sheng sitting on the chair to the right as she entered. No one else was present. 

 "Long time no see." Lu Sheng was wearing a moon-white robe with a black belt, his muscular shape showed clear through the slightly tight cloth. His shoulder length black hair was unbound, and a natural fierceness appeared on his brow. 

 Looking from afar, he had a savage air about him.

 Chen Yunxi was a little shocked by the air as her heart skipped a beat. Her mind, which had been calm for so long, started to ripple again. 

 She could feel Lu Sheng's eyes moving across her body as if she was a deer that was tightly held under a lion's paw. 

 The feeling was strong to the point where breathing was becoming hard for her. 

 Lu Sheng sighed. He was trying his best to suppress his aura, but because he had consumed too many Divine Weapons, the strange evil aura lingering around him also became stronger. Even in his Extreme Yin Form, he somehow couldn't hide it completely. 

 While Chen Yunxi was only an ordinary mortal at best, she was someone who was well-trained in martial arts. The two of them were almost like two separate species at this point, and it was impressive of him to even achieve this. 

 He thought back to the journey with Divine Lord Tong Sheng that lasted several months. Under the cover of Divine Lord Tong Sheng, the powerful aura around the two was somehow disguised to appear like that of ordinary mortals, without a single flaw. In their everyday lives, no one realized that the two were anything but mortal, and rather saw them as grandfather and grandson. 

 'I still have a long road ahead of me compared to Senior Tong Sheng…' Lu Sheng sighed again in his heart. The road between Jade Star and Divine Intellect was long and hard. It might only take a few decades for some, but for others it might take more than a century. Many Divine Lords might even spend their entire life stuck on the path, unable to progress any further. 

 Lu Sheng didn't think he could achieve a breakthrough to Divine Intellect in a few years. That wasn't realistic. According to the information given to him by Tong Sheng, to achieve Divine Intellect, he had to have a thorough understanding as well as complete control over all the changes and patterns of his Core Law Death Blaze. 

 None of that could be understood in a short period of time; besides, it required experimentation in different environments and conditions. He needed to go through countless trials to explore all the possibilities. 

 Achieving what he had in such a short period of time was unprecedented already. 

 When he finally came out of his thoughts, Lu Sheng stared at Chen Yunxi. 

 "How long has it been since we've had the time to chat quietly like this?" His eyes were filled with sympathy and regret as he stared at the girl whose life was held up because of him. 

 Even though Chen Yunxi was the one to chase after him, she gave the best years of her life to the Lu Family, to him. She even had to live estranged for so long. 

 Luckily, he finally had a solution to the problem now. 

 Chen Yunxi was silent. 

 "I can't remember. Is there something you want to tell me?"

 Lu Sheng fell silent as well, then sighed lightly. "We haven't done our duty as husband and wife yet since our marriage, have we?"

 Chen Yunxi blanked out. "Duty as husband and wife?!" 

 She learnt how much of a gap there was between her and Lu Sheng from King of Shadows. If he was the sky, she was the earth, and if she ever slept with him, she might die from a heavy breath from Lu Sheng by accident. 

 How could two people like that, even if they had each other in their heart, truly be husband and wife?

 "I…" Did Lu Sheng find a solution to that problem? Chen Yunxi felt like something just exploded in her brain as all sorts of emotions came out in a frenzy. 

 Her heart was a like a coil of tangled rope. Living with someone she loved was once her dream, but now that this dream suddenly came true, she suddenly felt a little afraid. 

 "In truth, I wouldn't let you go whether you love me or not. I think you understand that very well," Lu Sheng continued. "Your body, even with Inner Qi and the radiation of a Divine Weapon, would last 200 years at most… While I have more than several centuries of life span." 

 "I…" Chen Yunxi opened her mouth again, but didn't know what to say. 

 She lowered her head, closed her eyes, then reopened them and stared at the perfect legs showing under her dress. 

 The skin on her shin was so white and delicate it was almost shining, and seemed even more fit and light after her constant training, like the rarest of jade. 

 Chen Yunxi calmed her heart. 

 "I can't feel that you still love me. Like you said, even if we divorce, the Lu Family would never allow me to leave. But why does that matter? Just pretend I don't exist. The Autumn Moon County and even the whole Moling Prefecture has countless beautiful women, why would you care about a mortal girl like me?"

 "Do you still not understand?" Lu Sheng stood up. "This is what I owe you. You should have had a beautiful future, but I held you up. You deserve this." 

 "I don't need any compensation, you have given me enough riches. I don't want anything else apart from a peaceful life. It doesn't matter if you divorce me or not. All I want is a peaceful life." Chen Yunxi shook her head. Her eyes were as calm as a pond as she stared at Lu Sheng, who was approaching. 

 She paused as she pushed aside a strand of hair on her chin. 

 "In the Lu Family Mansion, next to you, I was able to see a beautiful world, places I would never had the chance to go to. I like this life.

 "In the North, back in the Great Song, if it weren't for you and the Lu Family, my dad and my family would have been devastated by the Devil Calamity. They would probably be dead by now. 

 "All of that, I have you to thank for. 

 "Besides, even if you divorce me, there is little chance people will bother me, at least around my level. 

 "Even one level higher, or two, or however many, very few would dare bother me. Rest assured. Even if we divorce, I wouldn't find another— AGH!! What are you doing!?" 


 Lu Sheng was tired of all this talk a long time ago, and so swooped Chen Yunxi on his shoulder with one stroke. 

 "Too much talk, give me a kid first!" 

 "Let me go! Aghh!! Release me!!" 

 Chen Yunxi was swooped up before she could realize what was going on, and when she finally reacted, her fist was useless on Lu Sheng. Amid her screaming, she was carried to an inner chamber. 


 Her dress was instantly ripped apart. Chen Yunxi was only wearing her undergarments, and tried to run out of the room. But Lu Sheng grabbed her legs and dragged her onto the big bed, while the door slammed shut with a heavy wind. 

 Soon, a painful moan came from the room, followed by that of pleasure.


 After the rain finished, Lu Sheng held Chen Yunxi's pale butt in one hand, carried her onto his chest, and stood up. 

 He changed slightly just then because of the excitement. His body was nearly three meters tall, and even though it still wasn't his true form, it was halfway through. 

 After using the Heavenly Demon's Blooming Channel Technique, Lu Sheng finally experienced something he never had before. Maybe after this, Chen Yunxi would be pregnant with his heir. 

 The shaky oil lamp in the wall reflected the strange shape of the two. 

 The nearly three meter tall Lu Sheng appeared like a powerful beast, the muscle on his body like steel. The usual shoulder-length hair looked only slightly longer than normal after the growth, looking somewhat wild. Unfortunately, returning to his original form caused certain parts like his knees, chest, and shoulders to grow a faint layer of protective scales, appearing savage and cruel. 

 Meanwhile, Chen Yunxi, who was only 1.7 meters tall, appeared like a delicate vase in Lu Sheng's hands. Her body was drenched in sweat, and her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she powerlessly leaned tightly against Lu Sheng. Obviously, she was past her limit. 

 Her snow white body formed a strange and beautiful balance with Lu Sheng's dark and powerful body in the dim light.