Way Of The Devil Chapter 446

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 Chen Qun's face flushed red as his veins expanded. He climbed up from the ground; he thought he finally had the time to breath when a wall of wind slammed into him. 

 A muscular two-meter-tall brute with a dark face laughed loudly as he walked downstairs with his double-bladed axe. 

 Chen Qun's eyes widened even more when he saw that the brute held his cousin Chen Youjin in one hand!

 She was the prettiest among his cousins, but also the youngest. At the moment, her face lost all color as she tried her best to break away, but she was too weak to do anything. The brute casually walked downstairs with her in his hands. 

 "Pretty woman. It happens that I'm quite annoyed lately; what a great way to release all my stress!" Bie Feihe laughed coldly as he threw Chen Youjin on the ground, then grabbed the girl's collar and gave it a violent rip. 


 Chen Youjin's dress was instantly ripped apart, exposing her white undergarments and pretty body. 

 She started to scream as she frantically tried to escape through the door. 

 "Ahahaha! Very nice!" Bei Feihe laughed, and gave her butt a firm rub. 

 Lu Sheng was bored watching. He didn't expect this to be a typical bully, and was about to continue drinking. 

 Suddenly, he noticed a strange thing. 


 His eyes suddenly moved from Bie Feihe to Chen Youjin's body, especially her smooth butt. 


 The palm print on it looked off. 

 Lu Sheng then moved his gaze back to Bie Feihe, and looked him up and down in detail. 

 'Such potential! Such nice material! A peak level body that's seldom seen even in centuries. I did not expect to find such a nice surprise here!' He was immediately overjoyed. 

 "No!!" Chen Qun suddenly charged at Bie Feihe like he was mad. He madly stabbed his broken sword at Bie Feihe with blood shot eyes. 

 "Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!"

 He lost all his form already, and was stabbing randomly at this point. During this frenzy, Bie Feihe kicked him in the stomach, and he flew back. It took a while before he climbed back up. 

 At that point, many had quietly left through the door already, clearly wanting nothing to do with this. 

 After Bie Feihe kicked Chen Qun off to the side, he walked back to Chen Youjin, and started to molest her. Many men on the righteous side couldn't watch anymore, and wanted to say something, but all were held down firmly by their companions. 

 "Black Vulture Gang of Cloud Creek, what a great use of power." Lu Sheng heard someone mutter faintly as if they were trying to hold down their anger. 

 People left the inn one by one, and only a few remained. Even people on the second floor started to leave. 

 Chen Qun was being beaten badly, while all his friends were held down by Bie Feihe's goons. Some desperately struggled to break out, others lowered their heads in silence, and the rest cried softly. 


 Chen Qun's arm flew off, and landed in a corner of the inn. Blood sprayed from his wound and splattered everywhere. 

 Bie Feihe clearly did that on purpose. He pointed at the server with a cold laugh. "You! Go to the Chen Family and tell them to trade the Blood Coral for their son. Bring this arm with you." 

 The server trembled as his face paled. He replied with a trembling voice before running off. 

 Chen Youjin hugged herself in a corner. She now only had three pieces of tattered cloth to cover her body. Her face was filled with desperation and hopelessness. 

 Chen Qun cried like a child as he held the stump where his arm used to be, then looked at all the men of Jianghu still present. 

 As Bie Feihe was distracted, he rushed beside a table. 

 "Please, I beg you, please save my sister!" He knocked his head heavily on the ground, leaving behind a bloody print. 

 The men sitting at the table closed their eyes. They didn't respond, nor did they dare to. 

 Chen Qun knocked his head on the ground for a while longer, his face turning even more desperate before switching to another table. 

 "Please… please! Save my sister!"

 That was the table of the hunchback and his companion. Neither of their expressions changed as they continued eating. 

 Chen Qun saw no hope there, and could only go from one table to another. 

 Bie Feihe seemed to be quite interested by the whole spectacle, and even stopped Chen Qun's bleeding by pressing his pressure points. He then sat on the side and watched the show. 

 But by the time he had reached the 9th table, still no one had responded. 

 Chen Qun was getting more and more desperate, while Bie Feihe looked increasingly bored. 

 Finally, Chen Qun made his way in front of Lu Sheng's table. 

 Lu Sheng didn't even look at him. He had seen so many tragic deaths already. Especially after the Devil Calamity, there were so many deaths that he couldn't even deal with all of them. Compared to the Great Song and Great Yin, this place was heaven. 

 The hope in Chen Qun's eyes faded. He had lost all his strength by kneeling for so long. Now that he saw that Lu Sheng didn't look at him, either, his last ray of hope had died. He abruptly slumped on the ground, and lost all his spirit. 

 "Ahahahaha! Interesting, interesting!" Bie Feihe laughed and laughed, but suddenly the beard on his chain dropped. 

 "Ummm… That was an accident!" He hurriedly glued the beard back on. 

 "What a happy day." He walked up to Chen Qun, grabbed his hair, and was about to drag him out. 

 "Stop." Suddenly, a low-pitched voice stopped him from behind. 

 "Hm???" Bie Feihe blanked out for a second, and looked at Lu Sheng. 

 "What? You wanna stand up for him?" His eyes turned savage and cruel. 

 The few others who wanted to do something but weren't powerful enough let out a sigh of relief. Finally, someone stood up first. 

 They looked at Lu Sheng with hope and anticipation, hoping he could stop Bie Feihe. 

 The hunched elder and the middle-aged woman also looked at him in shock. They didn't seem to understand why someone who didn't look meddlesome would make a move. 

 Lu Sheng slowly drained his cup of wine and put the cup down. 

 "No worry. I'm not interested in him." His tone was calm while his expression was apathetic. 

 Bie Feihe blanked out again, then roared in laughter. 

  'Another coward…'

 'Are you doing this for attention?!'

 The rest of the people of Jianghu shook their heads silently. Especially the hunchback and the middle-aged woman, whose anticipation was replaced by a smile. 

 "I guess it would be impossible for this Jianghu to be graced by another hero as just and determined as Tang Xing…" The middle-aged woman sighed. 

 Everyone else in the inn looked at Lu Sheng strangely too. 

 The moment he opened his mouth, everyone unconsciously raised their expectations, which were then promptly plunged into the abyss by his next sentence. 

 The hunchback raised his cup, glanced at the laughing Bie Feihe, then shook his head slightly. 

 "Nothing we can do about it. Bie Feihe is easy to deal with, but the Black Vulture Gang Master is not. The most notorious Divine Vulture Kick King didn't get his name by bragging. Plus, it was the Chen Family kid who provoked him first. We shouldn't stand up in this situation."

 "Master…" The middle-aged woman sighed slightly, and didn't say anything else. 

 Bie Feihe, with Chen Qun in hand, laughed, then pointed at Lu Sheng. "Glad you know your place. Your daddy here wouldn't mind a few more heads to chop off." 

 He held Chen Qun in one hand, then turned toward Chen Youjin, planning to go enjoy her somewhere else. A young and pretty girl was better when they came from a rich family, far better than those farm girls, and good things had to be enjoyed slowly. 

 "Bie Feihe, was it? I'm not interested in him, but you, on the other hand, are very intriguing." Before he could walk away Lu Sheng opened his mouth again.

 The whole floor was quiet. 


 Bie Feihe abruptly stopped, and stared at Lu Sheng with a shocked face. 

 Everyone else in the inn was likewise surprised.

 The hunchback and the middle-aged woman almost spat out their drinks. The old man coughed for a long time before he recovered, then glanced at Lu Sheng with a strange look. 

 Lu Sheng rubbed his wine cup calmly. 

 "You have the rarest of potential, and your foundation and bones are even more impressive, a perfect candidate to inherit my skills. So…"


 The wine cup was slammed onto the table. 

 "You can't leave." 

 He raised his head, and saw Bie Feihe's astonished face, while a sliver of hope appeared on Chen Qun and Chen Youjin's strange faces. 

 Weird looks landed on Lu Sheng from all directions, but he didn't care at all. 

 "F*ck your mom's balls!! Are you retarded? Your daddy Bie Feihe is the disciple of Black Vulture Gang Leader Zhao Peng, who in the Jianghu doesn't know this? Did you eat the heart of tiger or the liver of panther to have this courage? To ask me to be your disciple?" Even he himself felt strange making the statement. 

 He looked at Lu Sheng and his calm face again, and couldn't help but think, 'Is this guy actually mentally ill?'

 "Go! Go straight to the Chen Family. That old Chen can't abandon his son, can he? Why didn't he show up yet after all this time? Go, go, go!!" He felt like his brain was scrambled, and didn't know what to make of Lu Sheng. All he could think of was what taboo did he not watch out for to deserve this bad luck. At the moment, he just wanted to leave this damned inn. 

 His mind in a scramble, he held Chen Qun in one arm and Chen Youjin in the other as he strode toward the door. 

 "I said, you can't leave," Lu Sheng suddenly called out again. 

 Bie Feihe didn't know what to say. He chose to ignore him, and was about to step out of the door. 

 He just lifted his foot, and didn't even have the time to step out when he abruptly felt the light in front of his eyes dim, followed by an immense pain to the right of his face. An immense and irresistible force slammed into him like a stampede of raging bulls. 


 A huge bang rang out. 

 Bie Feihe spit out a mouthful of blood, while his whole body flew out. His face was grabbed by a giant hand and shoved into the thick wooden wall of the inn. 

 "One day a master, forever a father. Since you chose me as your master, than you shouldn't disobey me. Or else, this will be your punishment," Lu Sheng said calmly as he grabbed Bie Feihe's hair, and dragged him out. 

 When did he agree to be your disciple, though?

 Everyone in the inn didn't know whether to laugh or cry. They thought Bie Feihe met someone who was off in the head. No one expected things to turn in this direction...