Way Of The Devil Chapter 451

449 The Four Guardian Families 4

Lu Sheng stared at the dense fog in front of him. After four tries, he still could not get through. He felt he was walking on a straight path, but he always ended up at the same spot.

"Are any of you good at formations?" he asked his ten-something Protectors. 

No one answered. Obviously, none of them were good; otherwise, based on the contract, they would have volunteered immediately. After signing the contract with Lu Sheng, he became their only source of Spiritual Power unless the contract expired. They could not obtain Spiritual Power from any other source even if they died.

So, maintaining a good relationship with Lu Sheng was crucial.

"Just give up. Even if you let us all out, it still wouldn't matter for a formation this big." San Bu tried to talk to Lu Sheng. 

"According to you humans, having more than ten Protectors already sets you at the clan leader level. Although we are all low-level Protectors from the mountains, we are large in number. This is as strong as you can get.

"But this formation in front of us can trick ten Protectors at the clan leader level. If the elder of your clan came himself and let the Supreme-level Protector try, maybe it would work. But we can't do it." San Bu's consciousness sounded in Lu Sheng's head.

"Give up?" Lu Sheng licked his lips, his gaze becoming dangerous. "It's just a formation. A dead object."

He concentrated, pulling out his Divine Lord soul, and once again walked into the white fog.

This time, he walked very slowly. After every step, his Divine Lord soul would carefully analyze all the signals around him.

It was to prevent himself from being accidentally tricked.

It was actually useful. Lu Sheng could quickly fix a lot of light and sounds that were meant to pull him off track.

It seemed like he was walking in an arc, sometimes even retreating. But according to the senses from his Divine Lord soul, he was definitely walking in a straight line. 

After continuing for a period of time, Lu Sheng experienced less and less attacks. Now, he was even more sure he was walking in the right direction.

He increased his speed. 


He finally made it out of the dense fog.

"I succeeded!"

But in front of him was still Bie Feihei, sitting puzzledly on the ground.


Lu Sheng's smile froze on his face.

"There isn't just sensory misleading, but also space control… space control…" Lu Sheng's expression was blank as he turned around to the white fog again.

"Space control… space control… space control… space control your mom! F*ck!! I'm done. Go die!!!"

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In that instant, a golden light flooded out from Lu Sheng. Terrifying and brutal Spiritual Power transformed into a Spiritual Power storm, spiraling toward all sides!

With Lu Sheng as its center, a huge golden mushroom cloud with a diameter of about a few hundred meters exploded.

The entire white fog formation was instantly split open. Numerous spells and runes shattered. The entire formation was destroyed in the blink of an eye.


Zhao Ling Mystical Land.

Zhang Zhao exploded in laughter when he saw the scene where Lu Sheng thought he made it. 

"This fellow is so interesting! Hahahaha!!" He bent over laughing. 

"What? He still hasn't given up?" Zhang Mu was in the middle of his game. Hearing the commotion, he looked over.

"Not yet, but almost. I can see him getting impatient." Zhang Zhao shook his head as he tried to hold in his laughter. "He got stuck on a simple similar-different formation. The Protectors in this generation of the Lu family are not that good. Way worse than that guy from the Qiu family, who only knew how to use his strength." Seeing Lu Sheng walking back into the formation, he turned around to watch Zhang Mu and Zhang Chenshan's game. He didn't want to watch Lu Sheng's useless struggles anymore. 

"Daring to try to get into our Zhang family's secret land. This can just be a lesson for him. Hm? Try moving here, Grandfather."

"Don't talk when watching a game!" Zhang Mu yelled.

"It's completely normal for a grandson to help his grandfather!" Zhang Chenshan retorted indignantly. 

"Well, I already said it. Even if I didn't, with my grandfather's IQ, he would still come to this conclusion. Elder Mu, don't take it to heart." Zhang Zhao smiled. 

"Is that so? If I take it to heart, you won't say anything anymore? By the way, what's that golden thing?" Zhang Mu pointed at the sky behind Zhang Zhao wordlessly.

"Golden?" Zhang Zhao turned around in surprise. "It looks like a stick. I don't know." He turned back around stiffly. 

"Stick? Since when did our Mystical Land have such a tall golden stick?" Zhang Chenshan asked incredulously. 

"Yeah, when?" Zhang Zhao's expression finally fell. 


Finally, a faint golden tornado from far away shot through, forming an invisible wave over ten meters tall behind him. It slammed into the three. 


Fierce Spiritual Power tugged on their robes. Zhang Zhao's hair was completely messed up.

Along with Zhang Hong, the four of them felt their minds go blank.

It was because they all knew what happened. For such an exaggerated situation to happen in the Mystical Land, a place under the protection of the great formation, there was only one possibility. 

A possibility none of them wanted to believe.

The great formation had been destroyed. 

Brutal golden Spiritual Power kept pounding at the area where the four were. The two elders were Supreme-level personages. Even at the Four Guardian Families, an Supreme-level fighter was still the strongest among the strong. This was a level where one cultivated the One For All Spiritual Power to the max. 

Although the One For All spiritual power was much weaker than pure Spiritual Power, it was a mutation of Spiritual Power that allowed humans to control them. There was not much difference between the original Spiritual Power and One For All Spiritual Power cultivated to the Supreme level. 

Zhang Mu lifted his hand, and pressed down. 

A faint golden light suddenly appeared and surrounded the four, separating them from the tornado of Spiritual Power outside. 

"How did the formation get destroyed!?" He glared at Zhang Zhao. "Wasn't it good a few moments ago?"

Zhang Zhao was carefully analyzing the traces left. The more he analyzed, the more confused he got. 

"I don't know… don't know… give me some time, I must go through all the sub-formations one by one. Maybe something caused a chain reaction. That must be it!" Zhang Zhao said in a frenzy. He kept tugging on his hair and closing his eyes, trying to sense the spiritual power left from the formation. 

"Could it be... that person who tried to come through…" Zhang Hong suggested in a small voice. 

"I'll look at it immediately!" Zhang Zhao immediately connected himself with the remaining spells of the formation, trying to reconstruct its original image and see what had happened. 

But Zhang Chenshan, who had good eyesight, saw that the golden tornado had quieted down. Two ordinary young people, one guy and one girl, were walking toward them slowly.

"Is it them? The people trying to come through?" Zhang Chenshan asked dazedly.

Zhang Zhao looked over. His expression instantly faltered, his body frozen.

"I guess we don't have to find out how the formation was destroyed…"

Zhang Mu followed his grandson's gaze. He saw the tall and strong man with a ponytail look their way. 

Just one glance at those pure black eyes with golden flecks made Zhang Mu's eyes hurt.

But this wasn't the main point. Most importantly, the Spiritual Power rolling off that person seemed like unending waves. The golden Spiritual Power sent off huge Spiritual Pressure to everything around. 

This person's Spiritual Power was too strong. The huge difference between him and the life around him caused this natural overbearing pressure to descend on lower life forms. 

The Spiritual Power as broad and heavy as the sea tugged at the souls of every living creature, possessing the power to pull them out at will. 

The good thing was that the Spiritual Power on the man quickly lessened, and then completely disappeared, presenting him as a normal person again. He and a hot girl with bandages on her face quickly came near. 

"What a fancy welcome." Lu Sheng walked to a spot twenty meters from the four and stopped, smiling. 

Zhang Zhao was the true mastermind and controller behind the entire Mystical Land, so he spoke first. "Sir… what brings you to the mystical land of the Zhang Family?" 

He focused on Lu Sheng's eyes. Although Lu Sheng had already put away his overbearing Spiritual Power, Zhang Zhao still felt an uncontrollable fear. It was the most primitive fear originating from his soul.

Behind him, Zhang Mu and Zhang Chenshan both gathered their One For All Spiritual Power, ready to attack at any moment. Although Lu Sheng's Spiritual Power was very strong, they could also forcefully destroy the great formation if they wanted to. So, they didn't think too much. 

At their level, the fighting experience and techniques they possessed were already at the top of the human world. Another level higher, and they would be understanding the true essence of all things and become gods. 

But what shocked the two elders was that every single one of Lu Sheng's movements had almost no weaknesses. This seemed to be a habit. The two couldn't find a break point.

Lu Sheng had just exploded, and was in a pretty good mood. Hence, hearing the question, he casually answered, "I'm here to look for a white and gold pillar. If any of you saw it, tell me."

"White and gold pillar?" Zhang Zhao and the rest blanked out. They'd thought Lu Sheng would be here for revenge or something. 

But he was actually here to look for an item. 

Zhang Zhao wanted to die. If he'd asked nicely at the beginning and didn't use the formation, this entire thing would long have been over. 

But now, the formation made him upset and explode. Their losses were paramount.

"Since you're a guardian from the Lu Family and you're here at the Mystical Land of my Zhang Family, we should give you a warm welcome. But that golden light…" Zhang Chenshan couldn't stop himself from talking. 

Lu Sheng gave them a brilliant smile. 

"I just wanted to pay a visit, but there was a trap at the front, and I couldn't get past it after many tries. So, I could only destroy it. You don't mind, right?"

"This is our fault. But as the secret land guarded by our families, if you want to enter and search for your object, you must pass two tests first." Zhang Mu changed the topic, his eyes glinting slyly.