Way Of The Devil Chapter 455

453 Smooth Sailing 2

The sun was radiant and enchanting outside the window. Lu Sheng sat in the restaurant's first floor. He looked down at the streets from the open window and saw a vendor selling sweets. He seemed to be skilled in his trade. His customers lined up by his stall as they waited their turn for their children to make for visiting.

Meanwhile, the experiments he conducted on Bie Feihe's body were starting to produce results. He was especially interested in the cultivation of Spiritual Power. For the time being, he did not find any side effects.

It was clear that the Spiritual Power basic sutra which Ju Yan gave him was alright. Next, he planned on actually cultivating Spiritual Power. Ju Yan must have had some other motive for teaching him the Spiritual Power cultivation method. He must have wanted his Spiritual Power to grow.

He decided to do as Ju Yan wished. He intended to use Deep Blue to further deduce a deeper Spiritual Power sutra and strengthen Lu Zhong's physical body's strength.

However, at this current moment, the Mei Family of the town had sent someone to deliver an invitation to the place he was staying in. The invitation was sent by Mei Youjiang, but the contents of the invitation were slightly problematic. Mei Youjiang had been kidnapped. She was brought out of town, and her whereabouts were unknown.

The one who delivered the invitation was her personal maid Xing'er, who was as close to her as an actual sister. That was how she got the idea to send letters to inform the people who were friends with her eccentric lady.

It was clear that Lu Sheng was somehow included in those ranks because he had been drinking with Mei Youjiang recently.


The Mei Family.

"What shall we do? What can we do!?" Mei Family's eldest daughter, Mei Yanhong, walked anxiously in circles in the family's courtyard.

"Little Sister has been gone for 48 hours already, and she hasn't returned! She's born with a terrible sense of direction, and couldn't even tell her bearings in town. How can she follow an unfamiliar outsider so far away outside of town? There must be something wrong in this!" said her second sister, Mei Xiulan, calmly. However, she kept clenching and relaxing her fingers. It was clear that she was not as calm as she appeared.

"We've already made a report to the officials and sent our people to search for her. We still haven't got any results yet. We've searched all the places that she likes to go, but to no avail. Since the ransom letter was left behind by someone, we might be able to find her with that trail."

"I'm doing that already," Mei Yanhong said with a nod.

"Bam! Klang!"

Sounds of shattering pottery came from afar. Then, there were curses and shouts. It appeared as if some people were having a quarrel.

"What's up in little sister's Welcome Fragrance Court? Why's it so noisy!?" asked Mei Yanhong, her anger showing.

"I heard that they're little sister's friends from the pugilistic world. They're gathering there and discussing a way to save little sister," Mei Xiulan said with a frown.

"Making trouble, that's all they're doing!" Mei Yanhong was visibly angry right now, and she cursed in a low voice.

"It's better than nothing. Every extra bit of strength we have now is another ounce of hope." Mei Xiulan smiled bitterly.A kind of confectionery where the seller pulls the melted sugar (caramel) into different shapes. In this case, in the shape of humans.