Way Of The Devil Chapter 460

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"What did you do to him? You should understand that we've shown you the greatest mercy by not ganging up on you and tearing you to pieces. Do not try to push us." The other dark shadow floated out of the corner slowly. It was a man in black with a white mask; he was hovering in the air.

Lu Sheng lifted Black Rope up, and asked in puzzlement, "You're worried about this good-for-nothing? I can sense that you're strong." 

He then pointed a finger at himself. "Come, beat me, and I'll let him go." This was a great opportunity to test out a real Spiritual Power expert's strength.

The white-masked man fell silent for a while. He glanced at Black Rope, who was already unconscious in Lu Sheng's hands.

A long time passed…

He slowly undid his black clothes and exposed an arm that was covered in silver armor. "As you wish!"


In that instant, a surge of powerful Spiritual Power that was as black as ink sprayed forth in all directions with him as the center. A large mass of black ink Spiritual Power formed a black eagle's pattern behind him. The black eagle's eyes and chest shone with dazzling golden spots.

"Eagle Strike." The white-masked man pointed at Lu Sheng.

The black eagle behind him charged forward. It extended its wings and instantly covered an area of a few dozen meters. Its wings seemed half-hollow like shadows, and its eyes shone with faint golden gleam. When it came at him, there seemed to be masses of black air lingering on its sharp talons.


'Is this a high-tier utilization method of Spiritual Power?' Lu Sheng was curious. He raised a hand and covered it with a large amount of Spiritual Power, which he hurled at the black eagle.


The Spiritual Power on his hand seemingly disintegrated the instant it came into contact with the eagle. There seemed to be some special force cutting at and blowing away his Spiritual Power.

The black Spirit Qi on the black shadow was like a sharp knife cutting into a cake. It was only met with minimal resistance when it cut open Lu Sheng's Spiritual Power, and directly came into contact with the skin on his palm.


Lu Sheng retracted his hand with lightning speed. A golden dragon pattern appeared behind him. A giant platinum-colored Spirit Qi dragon flew out from behind him, and went toward the black eagle.

'Am I doing this right?' Lu Sheng experimented with a frown. He raised his palm and looked at the spot which came into contact with the black eagle. His palm was a bloodied mess as if neat rows of blades had sliced off his flesh. With his current body's endurance, if his opponent was able to cut him without him noticing, it meant his opponent's might was definitely extraordinary.

The giant white dragon was currently engaged with the black eagle in a head-on confrontation. However, like before, the giant dragon's body was dissipating at a visible rate. It was clear that it would be completely killed in ten seconds.

"So you've secretly cultivated to such a high level in a human body… Dragon Level… However, that's only a pure dragon pattern. It's laughable that you want to use that to go against my Natal Spirit Beast," said the white-masked man coldly. "Hei Shun, tear him to pieces!"

The black eagle shrieked. Golden beams of light shot out from its eyes and hit the giant platinum dragon's head.

The giant dragon reacted as if it had been rammed. Its body that was more than a dozen meters long shrunk swiftly and disintegrated. In a few seconds, it completely scattered in the air.

Lu Sheng grunted softly. He felt as if his head had just been hit by an iron hammer; he could even see stars. He wanted to activate more of his Spiritual Power, but he felt powerless. His remaining Spiritual Power was only a tenth of his usual volume.

"So this is what a high-level Spiritual Power utilization technique looks like?" Lu Sheng looked at the black eagle that was swooping toward him. His heart was filled with dense anticipation.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

He stretched out a hand. A faint purplish orb-shaped seed slowly took shape on his palm. This was the secret seed he'd obtained after he surpassed the limit and obtained Dragon Level Spiritual Power.

"Let's see what you can do." Lu Sheng gripped the heart-like purple seed, and thrust it toward the charging black eagle.

"Sense Spirit Seed?!" The instant the white-masked man saw the seed, his eyes widened. "Are you out of your mind?! Are you planning to block an attack with a Sense Spirit Seed that hasn't hatched?"

A Sense Spirit Seed was an embryo which nurtured the life of a Natal Spirit Beast. It was equivalent to a Natal Spirit Beast's egg before it hatched. For the white-masked man's clan, individuals who could actually form the Sense Spirit Seed were few and far between. Hence, these things were extremely rare. They would not spare any effort in protecting these, and would never use one as a shield during a battle.

However, at this moment…

Although the white-masked man felt that it was a waste, he could not stop the black eagle in time now. He could only look on as it scratched the Sense Spirit Seed with its talons.



The Sense Spirit Seed shattered and exploded into countless purplish fragments which scattered everywhere.

Blood sprayed forth from Lu Sheng's body as well. He was cut all over by the shooting fragments. His robes and skin split open and a huge amount of blood seeped through the openings. He was quickly dyed in the color of blood.

Even so, Lu Sheng still stood there steadily; not even his stance changed. His gaze gleamed brighter instead.

The black eagle soared in a circle. It did not follow up with another attack. It returned to the white-masked man's back. Its sharp golden eyes were slowly lowered. It resumed its unmoving stance, like a statue.

"Is that enough?" He squinted at Lu Sheng before him. "We're not afraid of that person, you must understand that. You should continue undoing your seals, and we have our own arrangements. Isn't it good if we don't interfere with each other?"

"Also, if you don't tend to your wounds soon, you'll die in a hundred breaths."

Lu Sheng displayed a strange smile.

"In other words, you guys won't interfere with me destroying the Universal Ward Columns?"

"Let me put it this way, Black Rope only wanted to play a game with you. His goal was never you to begin with. Isn't that so?" said the white-masked man drily.

"Is this how you do it?" Lu Sheng stretched out his bloodied right arm. If this body of his had not had the hard body skill, he would have been torn to shreds by the fragments just now.

"Spirit Beast… The way you used it just now, so that's how a high level usage of Spiritual Power looks like…"

"Isn't the nature of Spiritual Power infusing life into some substance that's powerful enough? What I gave it is Yin Shadow, which is also the most common application. Didn't that monster teach you anything?" said the white-masked man drily.

"Give life…" Lu Sheng seemed to have found the best way to apply his Spiritual Power. He merely had a huge amount of Spiritual Power—he had no idea how to use it before.

"The most powerful substance…"

Lu Sheng closed his eyes. Deep within the darkness of his heart, at the core of his heart, his devilish main body was curled up. He slowly opened his eyes and stretched his limbs.

He raised a hand and the interface of the Deep Blue Modifier surfaced before him. He seemed to have tapped "modify" with the greatest speed, and he started expending Mental Energy to deduce Spiritual Power.

The Mental Energy was instantly converted into a huge amount of Spiritual Power which surged into his body. Lu Sheng's palm quickly lit up with a platinum-colored radiance. The radiance grew in brightness and became more and more dazzling.

"Naturally, the most powerful substance is... myself!"


He slammed his palm onto his chest.

Countless Spiritual Power surged wildly with an ocean's might into his actual body within his heart.

Like a bottomless pit, a huge amount of his Mental Energy was madly converted into Spiritual Power, which surged into Lu Sheng's actual body. His actual body's form was changing swiftly. Its originally fierce appearance was now laced with a hint of majesty. Platinum-colored patterns even surfaced on it surface. They resembled the metallic glint of an armor.


His actual body slowly crawled out of the Yin Shadow behind Lu Sheng. The Spiritual Power of all living beings in an area of a few hundred meters was converted into wind and sucked away by him.

His fierce pitch-black six-meter-tall, slender actual body hovered behind Lu Sheng like a mecha. Its outer appearance alone resembled the legendary Devil whose body burned and emitted smoke.

Ram's horns, long tail, spines, and a fang-laced mouth that spread from ear to ear.

"Rarrghhh!" Lu Sheng suddenly released a roar from his mouth. More Mental Energy surged into his body with a greater speed.

Beams of dark red light erupted with a loud boom with him as the center. It spread in all directions up to an area of a hundred meters.

A wild gale buffeted their surroundings. An airflow vortex with a diameter of more than three hundred meters quickly formed under the guiding force.

Amid the din of his roar, the ground shook, boulders cracked, trees withered, and the grass immediately crumbled to ashes. The temperature rose quickly. From twenty-something degrees, it quickly rocketed to more than fifty degrees. It continued to climb without showing signs of stopping.

"This is…! What is this?!"

The white-masked man was forced to arch his back. The black eagle behind him shielded his entire body with its wings. However, the air flow and Spiritual Pressure was too powerful. His felt as if his eyes were about to spring out of their sockets. It practically took everything he had to prevent himself from being sucked in by the Spiritual Pressure vortex. However, the Yin Shadow around the black eagle was inevitably stripped away from it, and flew toward Lu Sheng's actual body. They were absorbed by Lu Sheng's skin.

"I like this place." Lu Sheng's actual body opened its big mouth. Three rows of saw-like teeth were visible.

"Wonderful air, splendid sunlight. There's no Devil Disaster, no pain, no Anomaly. Such a wonderful world this is, but its occupied by vermin…"

Ever since he came to this world, Lu Sheng's actual body had been curled up within the physical body. At this current moment, he finally found a way to completely restore his actual body.

A sea of Spiritual Power surged continuously into his body. It became the fuel to maintain his body in this world.

"Spiritual Power… So, it can nourish my spirit as well. This is great." Lu Sheng stretched out his arms and embraced Lu Chong's body.

It only lasted for an instant. When he released his embrace, Lu Chong had completely merged as one with him.

"A shame… Just a little more… Lu Chong's wish couldn't be completely fulfilled. But I don't have the patience anymore. Ju Yan and his opponents aren't at a level I can attain in such a brief period of time in this world. This is the best I can do for now."

Lu Sheng had some regrets within him. In truth, from the moment Ju Yan stated the conditions, he had already felt that it was too much to take on and that this place was not suitable for his improvement.

Lu Chong's wishes were partly fulfilled. The Evil Spirits weren't showing up as frequently under Ju Yan's suppression.

He had also destroyed a Universal Ward Column as repayment. As for the remaining Universal Ward Columns…

Lu Sheng glanced at the nearby Black Rope. The white-masked man had rescued him, and was now standing before him to shield him.

He raised his hand. He did not use his Yang Essence. He merely used his Spiritual Power.

A few rocks levitated and spun slowly at the center of his palm.

He relaxed his palm and the rocks disappeared with a whoosh. Shortly after, the white-masked man and Black Rope far away grunted at the same time. The two of them felt as if they were struck by a train. They reeled and spat blood as they flew for more than a dozen meters. They eventually fell onto the ground and made no more movements.

"Don't kill them, Little Heavenly Devil." Lu Sheng suddenly heard Ju Yan's voice.

"They're the representation of this planet's strongest will. They're the Star Spirit Clan's—"


Lu Sheng casually broke the headband which still flickered with fluorescent light. Then, he slowly made his way toward the white-masked man and Black Rope who were both on the ground.

"At this moment, I don't need to hear any other voice than mine.

"I don't have much time, I can feel the repulsion of this planet toward me." He walked up to the duo.

"My skills are too rusty this time. Next time, it'll be different." He bent down and grabbed the white-masked man's face. He lifted the person whose head was bloodied.