Way Of The Devil Chapter 464

462 Returning To One 1

The Jade Records were given to Lu Sheng by Ju Yan. However, due to specific reasons, Lu Sheng did not believe most of the Jade Records' contents. Of course, it was still dependable as a reference.

As for the Spiritual Power formula, he had attempted it a few times. He did not bring his dozen or so Guardian Spirits back with him this time. He did not notice any marks of the existence of Spiritual Power in the Great Yin anyways.

It seemed that this was not a space suitable for Spiritual Power's existence.

That was strange.

Within the Prime Devil Sect's Devil Palace, Lu Sheng sat within the Research Temple. Many Divine Weapon fragments were scattered all around him. An oval pool was even built on the right before him. The pool was tough and dark blue in color. The heads of a wolf and a serpent were even sculpted on one side using a black metal. This was the Saint Weapon Pool he'd built when he wanted to create Saint Weapons back then.

Naturally, his attempt ended in failure.

'There's nothing much to tend to in the Prime Devil Sect. With Elder Stone and King of Shadows here, I won't have to worry. Although they're from the Devil Tribe, the three tribes will tolerate it because of me. Also, as long as the Prime Devil Sect is around, there's no need to worry about the situation in the Great Yin. Lu Manor will also be fine with the protection from the sect's forces. Of course, all of this is because I'm powerful enough. If something were to happen to me, the outcome will be…' Lu Sheng thought as he meticulously drew a complicated formation on the ground.

'So, all is well if I'm powerful enough. About the Jade Star tier, I've already understood half of Obtaining the Law. The Death Blaze's origin is the Yin Flame. The Yin Flame's origin is the cold Yin aura accumulated in a living being, which caused the constant deterioration of its functions.'

He had only found that out recently. He was an expert of the Divine Lord level, after all. He could be regarded as a domineering character in this field. Obtaining such superficial information posed no difficulty for him.

Lu Sheng carefully put the finishing touches to the formation. Then, he fetched a special ink, which he melted dozens of rare materials into, and slowly dripped it into the grooves of the formation.

The faint blood-like reddish ink slowly flowed into the black formation lines. The ink spread out gradually along the formation, and quickly covered half of the Research Temple's floor.

'I can only do this for now. If I want to take it a step further, I can't do it alone. What I need is more special environmental support.' Lu Sheng stood further away. He waited for the ink and the formation to adapt to and merge with each other.

At the same time, he reached out and grabbed a stack of secondary statistics report from a notch in the nearby wall. He flipped and inspected them.

He liked to spend his time in the Research Temple. He would either cultivate, study formations, or carry out some tests about skill formulas and Divine Weapons. Hence, the Prime Devil Sect had gotten used to summarizing the data, trimming it, and sending it to him here.

Amid the flurry of flipping papers, Lu Sheng's finger suddenly stopped as he pressed on one of the many papers.

"The Nature Divine Weapon changed hands. Prince Qiong Shan's whereabouts are unknown. It is suspected that he was rescued by someone."

It was a single piece of information, but Lu Sheng could not help but think of Li Shunxi, who ventured far and wide as he tried his best to stop the spreading of the Devil Disaster.

"Nature Divine Weapon…" Lu Sheng hummed for a while. He would like to have a taste of a Divine Weapon which had surpassed the Divine Intellect level. However, such a Divine Weapon would have too huge an implication. He was sure that he would not be the only Divine Lord who would like to get his hands on it. The chances of him actually obtaining it was slim.

Lu Sheng shook his head slightly and thought no more about the matter. He would soon complete the stage of Obtain the Law. Obtain the Law was but remembering and familiarizing himself with the circulation and theory behind his power's nature. The actual difficult part was Combine with the Law.

A Divine Lord was a living being with a physical body, while energy was the void, ephemeral. How could the two combine? There had to be many conflicting areas between the two entities that could not be reconciled.

This feat required the Divine Lords to transform their own spirit, with their potent power to distort reality compensating for the conflicting properties and allowing the two to fuse together perfectly.

This was the process of Combine with the Law and Become the Law.

This step was absolutely a most difficult point for many Jade Star Divine Lords. There were no shortcuts other than spending a large amount of time to accumulate one's understanding.

Lu Sheng pondered for a moment. He switched on Deep Blue, which had more than eight thousand units of Mental Energy. He attempted to deduce it with the Modifier, but to no avail.

Obtaining the Law and Combine with the Law were not some cultivation methods, they were only descriptions of tiers. There was no way for him to research them. He could only improve himself with vague understanding through experience. There was not even a selection frame in the Deep Blue. Naturally, he could not deduce it.

'Deep Blue's deductions are based more on my own experience or martial arts. Hence, it won't exceed the boundaries of my understanding. It's just like high difficulty mathematics question in junior high school. Although it's difficult, it can still be solved using junior high mathematics.' Lu Sheng understood this in his heart. It was about time.

He put the reports in his hands down, and slowly walked to the center of the formation.

Lu Sheng closed his eyes and started sensing the minute fluctuations of this formation which he personally designed. This formation was a product of his tireless research—he designed it to develop the Jade Records for his second crossover and possession.

Before this, he had used the black crow figurine's power for his crossover. He had tried his luck once, and considered himself lucky for not barging into the personal space of some terrifying being.

However, nobody would be lucky forever. Hence, Lu Sheng carefully remembered his sensations during his previous crossover. At the same time, he used his rights to read up on the huge body of literature in the three sects regarding Transport Formations which transported people to and from the Other Worlds.

The Thousand Sun Sect had many records of this kind. After all, they had constructed their own formation to connect to the Other Worlds in Autumn Moon City. Hence, there was a large body of knowledge on this subject available.

After Lu Sheng read through it, he roughly understood the theory, and started to design his own formation.

He stood at the center of his formation and took out a fist-sized Divine Weapon fragment. He slotted it gently into a recess next to his feet.

There was a crisp click.

The formation on the floor suddenly shook. However, it quickly quieted down.

"Did I fail?" Lu Sheng frowned slightly.

However, he could faintly feel traces of exceptional energy flowing in the air. There seemed to be relatively chaotic energy flows which tried to gather above his formation. However, due to some powerful disturbance, this gathering did not succeed.

Lu Sheng inspected his formation in detail, and started immersing himself in his research again.

After lunch, he gave some pointers to Mu Jueqing regarding her martial arts. Lu Sheng was about to continue researching the formation in the Research Temple when Prime Devil Sect disciples came to give him a report. He was told that an envoy from the Yin Capital's Yuanguang Family had arrived and wanted to meet him.

Lu Sheng gave it some thought and decided to meet them.

Lu Sheng sat high on the throne in the Prime Devil Sect's Side Temple. He casually eyed the emissaries from the Yuanguang Family who were exceptionally reverent to him as they knelt with one knee on the ground.

"So, things aren't looking good for the Yuanguangs?" Lu Sheng's brows were tightly knitted together.

"Yes. The dispute between Lady Yuanguang Yuan and Young Master Zheng has become complicated. The lady wishes for you to send some elites, some real elites, to hold the line for her," the emissary said softly.

"Real elites? The Earth Prime elites we sent last time weren't enough?" Lu Sheng said with slight dissatisfaction.

"Uhh… Young Master Zheng has gained the support of the northern Green Water Sect. The Green Water Sect's patriarch has exceptional strength. Sixty years ago, he has defeated North Mountain Saber, who was the most powerful person in the two great provinces of the north. Currently, his cultivation base is beyond measure, and he has transcended worldliness and entered sainthood. The Green Water Sect has many grand-disciples. Ordinary elites are powerless to hold the lines. Now, the patriarch is in seclusion to tend to his wounds, and the Yuanguang Family's forces and businesses shrunk in scale greatly. Many important positions are vacant because of the Devil Disaster. This is the best timing for Lady Yuan to take over."

"That's your timing. I'm only interested in what I'll get," said Lu Sheng calmly.

The emissary immediately felt awkward. He was unsure how he should continue the conversation.

After a brief moment, he said with difficulty, "Currently, Lady Yuan is already the fifth steward of the family's internal and external affairs. She's also second to none among her peers. The only ones who can compete with her are Young Master Zheng and Young Master Ning. Lady Yuan has specifically told me before I came that although the Yuanguang Family's strength is on a decline, she has already obtained the right to enter the family's Secret Selection Court."

"Oh? The Yuanguang Family's Secret Selection Court?" Lu Sheng had heard of this place before. Naturally, he had reaped some benefits throughout the time he spent with Yuanguang Yuan. The Yuanguang Family was a super family that had stood tall and proud for a long time. Even though they were weakened, they were still more powerful than ordinary families.

Currently, Yuanguang Yuan's footing was greatly strengthened with his support. Although she did not succeed in the selection of the Holy Sword of Dusk's successor, the Holy Sword of Dusk was not the only Divine Weapon in the Yuanguang Family.

Yuanguang Yuan now had the inheritance rights to the fifth Divine Weapon of the Yuanguang Family, the Han Divine Spear. If there were no accidents, when her cultivation base broke through Earth Prime and reached a pinnacle, she could officially accept the Han Divine Spear and become a Weapon Master.

In theory, an aristocratic family was only allowed to have one Divine Weapon since Divine Weapons tended to reject others. However, the three great families were different, for they possessed the most powerful Divine Weapons of their respective families. A Divine Weapon and a Weapon Grandmaster formed the most powerful combination. They would be able to suppress anything.

The other Divine Weapons had actually submitted to the family's main Divine Weapon.

Naturally, these Divine Weapons that submitted were only at the Jade Star and Gold Leaf level. Divine Intellect Divine Weapons would not easily submit to another.

Lu Sheng pondered for a moment before he said, "Please tell Lady Yuan that I want the Yuanguang Family's Four Seasons Frozen Skies Tome. I don't need the whole thing, I just need the contents of the final volume."

"Uh…" The emissary's expression changed. The disciples of a great family were not people who did not have knowledge. The Four Seasons Frozen Skies Tome was a top secret tome which the Yuanguang Family seized after destroying another great family. It was a complete collection of records about passing on True Essence, from the basic Spiritual Essence tier to Earth Prime, Weapon Master, Divine Lord, and eventually a Weapon Grandmaster. The Four Seasons Frozen Skies Tome had extremely complete records of them.

Naturally, a tome such as that was of the utmost importance to the family and was highly protected, but there was an exception.

The Four Seasons Frozen Skies Tome was a special skill formula that could only be cultivated by a person with an Ice Flood Constitution. Even if it fell into the hands of an ordinary person, it was useless. The Ice Flood Constitution was extinct now. Nobody could cultivate this secret tome.

Even so, this secret tome was one of the most important arcane documents of the Yuanguang Family. Ordinary elders and council members could not dream of coming into contact with it.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"About this… I'm afraid…" The emissary bit his lip softly. Currently, Lady Yuan's life was on the line. At this stage, the internal feud was like spilled water that could not be gathered up as deep grudges were created. There was no turning back for Lady Yuan and the defectors who'd aligned themselves with her.

This Divine Lord Lu before him was not only an overlord of a powerful force in a remote place, but the blood of the Yuanguang Family coursed through his veins, although he did not admit it.

More importantly, the son of this person, Lu Ning, was a pureblood who possessed extremely pure and powerful Burning Blood.

When Lu Ning was born, the Yuanguang's main branch had seen the signs and hastily sent an envoy over. They attempted to retrieve Lu Ning and bring him back to the family to be nurtured.

However, they were forcibly sent back by Lu Sheng.