Way Of The Devil Chapter 468

466 Scheming 1

Lu Sheng strolled around the abode and read the various Wicked Skills tomes which Taoist Mu Yun had collected. There were also some books about the Wicked Path and Devil Path. However, due to the difference in systems, there were only odd chunks of information, and he could not make anything out of them. He could only use them as reference.

Lu Sheng did not care about other matters, for he only valued all knowledge that could increase his experience and understanding of martial arts. After all, his Deep Blue could only carry out derivations based on the accumulation of knowledge in his mind.

He had a fortnight before the Fated Child's arrival. He spent an entire day inside the abode going through the books. He roughly understood the power system of this world.

This world was actually utilizing Spirit Qi as well. However, the Spirit Qi here was different from the Spiritual Power World. The Spirit Qi here was broader. It did not merely refer to the Spiritual World's Spirit Qi, but it also referred to the various kinds of pure energy that could be utilized by men.

Lu Sheng carefully went through the most complete skill formula he had, the Triad Brilliant Nether Collection.

This cultivation method purely cultivated Qi, and the highest level it could reach was grade-one Inner Core. Although this cultivation method was the most precious thing for others, to Lu Sheng, it contained many flaws. He compared his own knowledge with this collection. Although the Laws of the Worlds were different, he could still make out the similarities in some basic rules and patterns.

On top of that, Lu Sheng had a powerful spirit at the level of a Divine Lord. He quickly found the shortcomings of this Triad Brilliant Nether Collection.

'This collection cultivates a poison called Nether Water. This Nether Water can be found near the Nine Hells. It has extremely cold Yin properties and a special toxicity that erodes all living organisms. It's very difficult to collect. The reason why Mu Yun was able to form his Inner Core was because he obtained an orb that contained a few drops of Nether Water through sheer luck. That's how he managed to accomplish it in one go.' Lu Sheng sat on the bed in the abode, lost in thought.

'Maybe this Nether Water is something mysterious and powerful to ordinary people, but for high-ranking cultivators, it's a rejected and defective product near the Nine Hells. It cannot compare with the preciousness of heaven and earth treasures such as the water from the River Styx or the Nine Springs. So, the Nether Water's quality is not high to begin with. That's why the might of this collection which was based on Nether Water was mediocre and the Inner Core cultivated was of grade-one… If Nether Water can't cut it, what should I look for to use as the collection's base?'

It was a rare sight to see Lu Sheng lost deep in thought.


Outside the abode.

A young girl in a white dress and a bear demon with a bear's head and human body stood at the entrance. They frowned as they awaited the abode master Taoist Mu Yun's summons.

Young boys and girls who served the abode master were standing around them as well.

"What's wrong? Has the abode master gone into secluded cultivation for this long? Before this, he'd summon us every seven days… However, ever since that mysterious person left the other day, the abode master has…" The young girl had charming features. Her looks were as pure as those of a girl next door. She looked to be in her mid-teens, but the sharp, short spear she carried on her back glittered faintly. Nobody dared to look down on her with that on her back.

The White Bear Demon shook his head as well. He was Wood Martial Abode's master's senior apprentice brother, Iron Hammer. The young girl beside him was his junior apprentice sister, Yun Huan. Both of them were Taoist Mu Yun's direct disciples who were accepted by him many years ago.

Although Taoist Mu Yun had violent mood swings, nobody could find any fault in the way he treated his disciples. Also, he constantly sided with them even when they were in the wrong. Otherwise, he would not be able to maintain his position in the overseas Cultivator World in such a short amount of time and earn the support of many cultivators and demons.

"Did something happen to him?" asked a worried Yun Huan.

The Wood Martial Abode had many disciples. In truth, she and Senior Apprentice Brother Iron Hammer were the ones in charge of passing down their skills and cultivating. One of them was in charge of human disciples, whereas the other was in charge of demon disciples.

All the disciples cultivated a Foundation Building skill formula which Taoist Mu Yun had obtained many years ago. It was known as Flag-shaped Poisonous Shadow Formula. If a person cultivated this skill to its extreme, the person would be able to poison a great area in the shape of a flag. With one single wave, one's enemies could be completely destroyed. It was well-suited for group attacks.

As for the Triad Brilliant Nether Collection, it was Taoist Mu Yun's treasure. Naturally, he would not expose it easily. Even these two direct disciples of his were not taught it.

"I don't think so. The esteemed teacher is a Taoist Master with an Inner Core, there's no way that something can happen to him this easily. Let's wait for a while longer, maybe he's just temporarily in his meditating mode," said the White Bear Demon Iron Hammer.

The two of them stood there and waited for a while longer. When Yun Huan felt extremely bored with the wait, she started asking the White Bear Demon again.

"Senior Apprentice Brother, have you come here for the slaughter of the Rabbit Demon Clan on the Third Island?"

"I heard that ships from the central plains have been getting close to this place recently. I did order the little demons to behave themselves and not suck other people's Spiritual Essence. However, they were still slaughtered by those sanctimonious hypocrites." Iron Hammer sighed helplessly. "We're not Devil Cultivators, we're merely sucking the humans' Spiritual Essence. An ordinary person will have recuperated on the second day. The worst they'll feel is a slight lethargy. Can't they even let us do this?"

"Haven't they always acted this way?" Yun Huan heaved a long sigh.

Iron Hammer wore a dark expression and looked at Yun Huan. "Junior Apprentice Sister, why have you come this time?"

"The esteemed teacher asked me to collect Cloud Water Pearls for him. I've bought them and brought them here. The Mist Clam Clan is raising prices. The production of the Cloud Water Pearls was being reduced. If this goes on, I'm afraid that there won't be enough for us to use in our cultivation. That's why I came here to ask for the esteemed teacher's advice." The Cloud Water Pearls mentioned by Yun Huan were one of the essential resources for the cultivation of Taoist Mu Yun and his disciples.

Many years ago, it was precisely due to this island's proximity to the Mist Clam Clan, which meant ready access to the supply of Cloud Water Pearls, that Mu Yun had decided to establish a sect here.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

However, the Mist Clam Clan had to have gotten some news from somewhere, and started raising the prices. This was hard on the Wood Martial Abode's line.

"Cloud Water Pearls…" Iron Hammer was helpless as well. If the other forces dared to do this, he would brandish his hammer and beat them up. However, the Mist Clam Clan's Clam King was also a Taoist Master with an Inner Core. Even their esteemed teacher would not have the confidence to defeat him, let alone them.

After the two of them conversed for a while, a young girl quickly walked out of the abode's entrance and summoned the two of them softly.

"Senior Apprentice Brother and Sister, please enter the abode. The master is already out of his seclusion and is currently resting."

"Thank you, Junior Apprentice Sister." The two of them quickly nodded and saluted the young girl. Then, they followed her into the abode. After walking for a few minutes in the dark abode, they saw a calm Lu Sheng standing with his hands behind his back in the stone hall at the end of the passage.

"Disciple Iron Hammer (Yun Huan) pays respects to the esteemed teacher. May he enjoy perpetual immortality and live as long as the heavens!" they said at the same time.

Lu Sheng raised his hand as a signal for them to stand up.

"What's the matter? Iron Hammer, you go first," as he spoke, he sized up the two disciples' qualities. He could see that although Taoist Mu Yun's cultivation base was not impressive, he had a good eye for talent. These two had tremendous potential.

Perhaps it would be more fitting to say that there were many with great natural endowments in this world, but those who could have the opportunity to start cultivating were few and far between.

Among this group of cultivators, the number of those who would have the opportunity to cultivate the skill formulas of the great paths was even lower. In the end, it would be akin to selecting one in a million to actually meet a cultivator who could persevere and not die until the end.

Natural endowments were unimportant. What counted were the skill formula, Taoist skills, and resources. These factors had resulted in the norm of this world where teachers and their teachings were extremely revered. 

Iron Hammer started reporting about the problems he faced.

Lu Sheng's expression remain unchanged as he nodded. He knew that the Fated Child had arrived. According to the script, those people would experience some troubles and eventually rest in a small mountain village. Coincidentally, the villagers would be harassed by the demons and monsters in the mountains, and their lives were endangered. Having a strong sense of justice and desire to help the weak, the Fated Child would take this up on himself and go into the mountains to eradicate the demons. In the end, he would kill the monster and provoke a great demon, eventually spreading the disturbance all the way to Wood Martial Abode, and he would fight him, the abode's master.

That was the script given by the people from the Vital Energy Sect before this. However, the monster that harassed the mountain village was not even from the Wood Martial Abode. He had to actively cooperate with the act.

The Fated Child had other reasons for wanting the Nether Orb on the head of Taoist Mu Yun. The forces of the Righteous Path had always needed some respected and dignified reason for their endeavors. In addition to that, the Fated Child could also be trained throughout the process.

Hence, under the arrangement of several men behind the scenes, a script that allowed for a large margin for error was easily produced.

"The demon killer... is the leader someone with the surname Du?" Lu Sheng posed the question casually. The Fated Child on the script had the surname Du.

The White Bear Demon was slightly astonished. Then, he answered honestly, "The esteemed teacher is filled with wisdom. Indeed, that is his surname." 

'So, they've come.' Lu Sheng understood in his heart. He looked at Yun Huan at the side. "What's the matter on your side?"

Yun Huan explained the issue regarding the Cloud Water Pearls to Lu Sheng in detail.

"Cloud Water Pearl, the Mist Clam Clan? Put this matter on hold, I'll deal with it personally later. Go and gather the disciples, and don't enter into conflict with any of the forces. I have some troublesome matters to see to for now, and I won't be able to leave this place for some time," said Lu Sheng calmly.

Yun Huan and Iron Hammer bowed and expressed their understanding. However, the two of them felt, for the first time, that the esteemed teacher seemed more scheming than before. His bearing was steadier now, and he did not wear his emotions on his face. He made them feel a sense of steady security.

After the two disciples left, Lu Sheng sat up straight for a moment. His eyes revealed that he was planning something.

He recalled the Triad Brilliant Nether Collection which he held within his memories.

'Forget it, I should try deducing and see if I can improve myself. The only issue is with this Nether Water… The approach is too low and restricts the development of my own cultivation base. However, I'm not familiar enough with this world's system that I can rashly switch to another path.'

Lu Sheng hesitated, and finally decided to complete the Triad Brilliant Nether Collection first. Then, he would use his cultivation base and collect enough records from different places and deepen his accumulation so that he could achieve greater breakthroughs.

'A fortnight is not a long time, I'll have to hurry.' Lu Sheng quieted his heart and immediately focused while calming his Qi. The spirit within him was also Divine Awareness. It swiftly started to vibrate in a mysterious way while stimulating the various important meridian points in his body which governed Yin Chill. This was the basic Qi-cultivating method of the Triad Brilliant Nether Collection.

Under the urging of Lu Sheng's immense spirit, he managed to condense and collect some Yin Chill Qi in the air and converted it to inner Qi which circulated within him in a few minutes.

"Deep Blue," Lu Sheng called out to his modifier without hesitation.

Then, he scanned the interface's frames. He instantly locked onto the newly appeared Triad Brilliant Nether Collection's frame.

'This body has cultivated with this method for many years, and the meridian points that needed to be connected have been connected. The parts that needed fusing and modifying have been taken care of as well. It's extremely easy for me to restore my cultivation base, but I'll have to perfect this method. Then, I'll have to deduce it one step at a time.' Because he did not know which level of power in the Great Yin was the Core Path equivalent to, Lu Sheng was extremely careful in using his Mental Energy.

"The Triad Brilliant Nether Collection contained nine stages of Qi Cultivating, six stages of Foundation Building, and then it was the first stages of Inner Core. I've just begun Qi Cultivating, so I'm at Qi Cultivating stage one." Lu Sheng recalled Mu Yun's memories of cultivation. A familiar feeling filled him. His main body within the heart started to slowly release the Core Qi which he had absorbed before this. Then, under Lu Sheng's powerful spirit's control, it was broken down again and converted into the most basic Pure Qi.

Only a sliver of Core Qi had been converted into Pure Qi, yet it instantly filled this body's meridians to the point of breaking.