Way Of The Devil Chapter 476

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Of the cultivators in the overseas cultivators realm, the only one who had the strength to carry a tripod was Nine Dragon True Lord. Unfortunately, Nine Dragon True Lord was also killed by the allied forces of the Vital Energy Sect and some other cultivators of the Righteous Path. The remaining cultivators were small fries who could not even make impressive waves.

The demon clansmen and cultivators such as Taoist Mu Yun were also few and far between.

The overseas region was too large. The nearshore area alone had tens of thousand of humans and demon clansmen. However, these tens of thousands of individuals were distributed on islands that were thousands of miles, even ten thousand miles, away from each other. There was no way to rule over them.

Lu Sheng and Die Shazi knew this. The overseas cultivators' realm had wide lands and rich resources, but it was not enough to rely on the land dwellers alone here. This was also the reason why the Vital Energy Sect wanted to recruit overseas cultivators as much as possible.

When Lu Sheng heard his words, his expression remained unchanged, but he snorted in his heart. If he wanted to settle his karma, one of the things he had to do was to settle the issue of him being hunted all those years ago by Die Shazi, who was now in front of him.

"Of course, I know. But, don't tell me that you've come all this way just because you're worried?" said Lu Sheng with a snicker.

"A little. I gather that it won't be a problem to carry out the plan as we've previously agreed upon?" asked Die Shazi with a solemn expression and tone.

"As long as there are no problems on your side, I won't have a problem with it," replied Lu Sheng calmly. Currently, he did not wish to completely fall out with the Vital Energy Sect yet.

"That's good to hear. The reason I made this trip is to go through some of the details with you. According to the progress of the arrangement, it's time for you to make your move, Abode Master," said Die Shazi with a smile.

Lu Sheng knew what he meant.

"When are the two of them coming here? Wasn't I supposed to follow your arrangements?"

"You must be careful and not let there be any accidents," Die Shazi reminded him again. Then, he started to discuss the details of the arrangements with Lu Sheng.

Lu Sheng went over every scenario with the Taoist as well. He confirmed the kinds of measures he would have to take in the various scenarios and arranged all kinds of steps and methods.

However, every countermeasure would end with Lu Sheng sending his Abstruse Orb away. The part where he had to make it less obvious was the part which needed his skill.

The Taoist Die Shazi stayed there for four hours before leaving.

After he left, Lu Sheng immediately received a report from the little demons. He heard that the two Vital Energy Sect disciples had injured the black bear demon which guarded Third Island and were on their way here on a boat.

"The black bear is hurt?" When the white bear demon Iron Hammer heard this, he was instantly infuriated. The black bear was a great general under him. He should have been more than enough to guard an island. It was not easy to find such honest demons these days.

"Who injured him?! Did he or she leave a name?!"

The little demon knelt in the abode reverently, and in a loud voice replied, "No… but according to the news from the sea clansmen that passed by, they were the two Righteous Path disciples who came from the central plains." 

"How dare they?! I, Iron Hammer, will go and meet these two people!" The white bear demon was filled with rage and stood up on the spot. He was ready to go and give the two people a lesson.

"Stop!" Lu Sheng, who sat in the center of the abode, shouted to stop the white bear demon.

"Esteemed Teacher?" Iron Hammer's expression was one of puzzlement.

"As your teacher, I know what I'm doing with this matter. There's no need for you or the others to interfere," said Lu Sheng calmly. Die Shazi had just recently warned him. He had to still be around those two disciples right now.

Die Shazi aside, there was no telling that there would not be any other old men from the Righteous Path around the two.

"How long before they reach this place?" Lu Sheng asked casually.

The little demon was startled by the white bear demon, and had been trembling with fear. He had almost lost his footing. When he heard the question, he quickly replied, "Re… replying to Abode Master, their boat is facing a headwind. They'll need at least four more hours…"

"Four hours… That'll be enough." Lu Sheng's expression was calm. He had thought that he would at least have a fortnight. He did not expect the Fated Child to come up to his doorstep this quickly.

The Fated Child and his companion had met many cultivators and demons of the Devil Path and Wicked Path. However, these demons and cultivators of the Devil Path either came to their senses immediately and joined the Vital Energy Sect under the two disciples' influence or were killed by the two disciples, with their entire clans wiped out. Not even a blade of grass was left alive.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

On the surface, it appeared as if the Fated Child was magnanimous and just, but his intent to kill was actually a rarity to behold.

'Four hours, I can try to achieve another breakthrough.'

Lu Sheng calmed his mind. "You're dismissed." He gestured for the little demon to leave.

"Esteemed Teacher…" The white bear demon swallowed his words.

"You're dismissed as well. Remember, find a pretext to go out on patrol later, but don't bump into those two," Lu Sheng instructed him. "I'll handle this."

"But…" The white bear demon wanted to argue further, but he was stopped by Lu Sheng's gaze.

"Understood…" Iron Hammer retreated reluctantly.

Lu Sheng sent him off with his gaze. From the beginning until the end, there was not much fluctuation in his facial expression.

"Servants, has the Mist Clam Clan sent their Black Cloud Pearls over?"

A goat-headed little demon came running in.

"Replying to Abode Master, some Cloud Water Pearls and ordinary gold, silver, and bronze are here. The Black Cloud Pearls are still on the way. The sea demon said that harvesting them will require some time, that's why it's delayed."

"Mm. You may go." Lu Sheng nodded. Since they were not here yet, he decided to directly attempt breaking through to the other tiers.

He closed his eyes slowly. Other than the Complete stage, the other complications of the other tiers after Core Formation were none other than tempering his supernatural power and surviving the tribulation.

He substituted supernatural power with Mental Energy. If he did not have the need to allow his body to adapt, he could have directly stepped into the next stage, Middle-stage Core Formation.

Tribulations posed no trouble to him. The special qualities of Heavenly Demons' spirits allowed Lu Sheng to easily fool this world's natural detection. He had tricked the tribulations into thinking that the cultivator they targeted had already been reduced to ashes. Naturally, no other tribulations followed.

This was also a crucial factor why he dared to break through to Nascent Soul in one go.

Since the Black Cloud Pearls were not here yet, Lu Sheng could only sit idly and temper his supernatural powers as he awaited the arrival of the Fated Child.

The time he spent in cultivation passed by quickly. In the blink of an eye, nearly four hours had passed. Lu Sheng was circulating his Core Qi within his body to make it get used to his Core Qi.


He suddenly heard the faint sound of an explosion from outside the cave.

Shortly afterwards, the entire cavern shook slightly.

Lu Sheng's face twitched. He stood up slowly and walked out of the cave.

He was not completely out of the cave yet when he heard the cries for slaughter coming from outside the cave. A large group of demon clansmen and Wicked Path disciples led the little demons as they surrounded two young people with an upright and just air about them.

The little demons were not too rational. They charged up to their opponents rashly, and attempted to kill the two with their instinctive skills gifted by nature. However, their attacks were easily parried by the two young people, who stabbed back with their swords. Soon, spots of blood dotted the ground, making for a gory sight.

The leading garrison general was not the white bear demon, but two rat demons with steel pitchforks in their hands. These two rat demons had mixed Demonic Power, but were still formidable warriors under the Wood Martial Abode who actually managed to cultivate Demonic Power. They were equivalent to human cultivators at Foundation Building.

They brandished the steep pitchforks with vigorous hostility and exchanged blows with the two young people. With the support of the various little demons around them, they somehow managed not to be overwhelmed.

Lu Sheng noticed that although the young duo wielded treasured swords as they fought off the group of demons, an arcing long sword with a sheath adorned with black spots was slung on the back of the young man.

The long sword was giving off a faint domineering aura. However, this aura was extremely concealed. If Lu Sheng did not possess a Divine Lord-level spirit, he would not be able to detect it.

'If I hadn't come into this world of my own accord and possess this body, this Wood Martial Abode's master, Taoist Mu Yun, would've been destined to become one of the wicked beings cut down by these two young people. The so-called elites of the Wicked Path are nothing but pawns for these two to brag about their accomplishments and raise their popularity.' Lu Sheng snorted in his heart.

Originally, Mu Yun had already been branded as a Wicked Path elite who'd serve as a tool for these two disciples to gain accomplishments and fame. This plot had been set the moment Mu Yun was intentionally set free.

A Taoist Master with a Core could not even find a place to call home on the mainland. He was helplessly forced to go overseas. The term "forced" was a sign of the plot devised by the Vital Energy Sect all those years ago.

'But that's alright. I've come here to help you out of this mess in the first place!' Lu Sheng snorted in his heart. He felt two formidable yet concealed gazes on him. They were even filled with a hint of warning. His expression grew calmer.

"Who goes there?" he spoke loudly to the two disciples who were actively locked in a fight in the middle of the surrounding demons.

Du Guangchi saw the young and handsome Taoist who emerged from the cave as well. The person had gloomy and cold eyes. Wicked Qi seemed to linger faintly about him. He wore a set of dark blue robes whose large sleeves flapped in the wind. With a casual glance, one could not even pick up any Wicked Qi from him. There was only sternness and coldness.

"Are you Wood Martial Abode's master, Mu Yun?" Du Guangchi stabbed forward with his sword, and a circle of faint golden radiance erupted beside him. The little demons that were touched by the radiance all shrieked as they reeled back. Golden light erupted on their chests, and they were knocked out cold instantly.

The two rat demons were the only ones who were able to guard themselves somewhat. They managed to maintain their consciousness with their Demonic Power as they lay there on the ground. However, they were unable to move a single muscle.

"Not bad," Lu Sheng commented calmly. "Who are you? How dare you come and make a scene at my Wood Martial Abode!"

"We're nobodies. However, Taoist Mu Yun, you have allowed your underlings to trample on people, and permitted demon clansmen to devour humans' Spiritual Essence and harm the living souls. Today, I, Du Guangchi, am here to get an explanation from you." Du Guangchi smiled. The tip of the treasured sword in his hand was pulsing with wisps of white sword aura.

"Explanation?" Lu Sheng smiled. "With just the two of you? You're just a bunch of Foundation Building cultivators, yet you're bold enough to run amok on the land under the Wood Martial Abode? You two have a death wish!"

"You're right. If we aren't powerful, how would we be bold enough to look for trouble here?" With his other hand, Du Guangchi unsheathed the long sword on his back.

He drew the blade out slowly. It had just left its sheath when a clear and resounding keen of the blade was heard.

As Du Guangchi wielded it in his hands, the blade slowly lit up with a purplish glow, and gradually shone brightly.

At this moment, Lu Sheng saw that the character for "earth" was clearly carved in the center of the blade.

According to the script, he should display shock on his face right now, it turning into a grim expression soon afterwards—his memories should have been triggered by the Earth Lake Sword, and he should lose his cool.

Then, he would be gravely injured by Du Guangchi with a stab. After he was defeated, he would suddenly come to his senses and beg for mercy. After that, he would join the Vital Energy Sect.

This sword was skilled in seeking out the flaws and openings of one's opponents. Whether it was the opponent's body or spirit, as long as there was a slight opening, it would be triggered by the blade's power, and the latter would invade and destroy the opponent's morale.

For the original Taoist Mu Yun, with his Triad Brilliant Nether Collection's Inner Core that was fraught with openings, he would be completely powerless against this sword.