Way Of The Devil Chapter 485

483 Devils Shadow 2

The faint silhouette of a being could be seen inside the ball of electricity. It was a great blue dragon with a muscular body, six horns, and four wings, and it was slowly awakening.

The ball of electricity shone brighter with blue radiance. A golden spot lit up in its center, and emitted golden radiance. In the blink of an eye, the entire ball of electricity was dyed golden.

The dazzling golden radiance grew stronger, and shone on the invading demon soldiers. Like high temperature radiation, the demon soldiers were burned by the light and smoke rose from their bodies. They shrieked and screamed in pain on the ground.

Fu Jin was fighting with the Merpeople Clan's patriarch. When he saw this, he paled.

"This is… the legendary Sea Dragon Light of the Rising Sun Formation! It's a forbidden Nascent Soul-tier formation!"

When he heard the term "Nascent Soul tier", Taoist Master Wind Serpent also paled mid-fight. He quickly decided to flee the scene, but his way was barred by Bing Shenzi.

The golden radiance grew in intensity and sharpness.

The sword-like light beams shone on the invading demon soldiers. Some of the demon soldiers were already melting and getting burnt to a crisp. On the other hand, the Xuan Turtle Clan's demon soldiers stood nearby, but were completely unaffected.

Some of the golden light was even starting to give Wind Serpent and Fu Jin some trouble, and they were in the Core Formation tier! The scales of victory were swiftly tipping in the Xuan Turtle Clan's favor.

The formation's golden radiance shone brighter and brighter, and was slowly approaching the peak of its might. However, Lu Sheng did not make any moves in this period of time. He did not run away, nor did he employ any countermeasures. It was as if he was silently waiting for the formation to actually reach its peak.

"Not running away? You'll pay the price for your arrogance. Die, Wood Martial Abode Master!" The Clam Shark Clan's demon general laughed, and pointed at Lu Sheng.


The golden ball of electricity above the island suddenly shot toward the skies and erupted with a show of golden radiance. With contorted, hot golden flames, it charged toward Lu Sheng, who was hovering in midair.

The golden radiance got closer and closer. Taoist Master Wind Serpent and Fu Jin had already turned tail and ran. They moved at high speed in an attempt to leave the golden ball's range.

However, Lu Sheng stayed calmly where he was in midair. The air a few hundred meters around him was already dyed golden, and the terrifyingly high temperature grew in intensity as the golden ball got closer. It felt hotter and hotter.

Just when the golden ball was about to ram into Lu Sheng's chest, blue radiance shone behind him.

Shortly after, the spot of blue light suddenly spread out and dispersed into countless spots of bluish light. In an instant, it was as if innumerable spots of light rocked and emanated from behind him.

The golden ball was being forcibly suppressed by some immensely terrifying pressure. It flew slower and slower until it finally stopped less than one meter before Lu Sheng.

"Sea-overturning Orb."

Lu Sheng slowly stretched out his index finger and tapped the golden ball.


The countless spots of blue light joined together behind him, and transformed into a wall of deep blue seawater from the deep sea charging toward his opponents.

That was not all. With him as the center, the blue light spread wildly across ten thousand meters, and covered the entire stretch of sky above the island.

The surroundings darkened, but sparkling seawater appeared above the island. It blotted out the sun and blocked out most of the formation's golden radiance.


Boundless seawater poured down onto the island as if the rivers of the heavens overflowed.

For a time, it seemed like the heaven and the earth had all turned blue.

Whether it was Bing Shenzi, the Clam Shark Clan's demon general, or the other Core Formation cultivators, all of them paled in fright. They were instantly drowned by this sea.

The seawater was combined with Lu Sheng's powerful Nascent Qi, it was no longer ordinary seawater. Instead, it was equipped with a force that could even threaten a Nascent Soul True Lord. It was an existence akin to half a Treasure that contained special supernatural power.

In truth, Lu Sheng did not even activate his Sea-overturning Orb. He had merely utilized his own supernatural power to forcibly guide the seawater around him and threw it downward to crush his opponents. That was all he did.

However, the effect it had was this terrifying.

The entire island was instantly submerged by the sky-covering seawater. The golden light, buildings, demon soldiers, demon generals, and everything else was destroyed by the Nascent Qi-infused seawater.

Since Lu Sheng's Nascent Soul was born from the assimilation of seawater, its affinity with seawater had completely surpassed the imaginations of the other Nascent Soul True Lords, especially in this boundless sea.

Although his Nascent Qi was not as powerful as the other Godly Lords', in terms of the ability of moving seawater, if an ordinary Godly Lord could move ten tons of seawater with one unit of Nascent Qi, then Lu Sheng was able to move a hundred tons of seawater with one unit of Nascent Qi.

In addition to that, his Nascent Qi's volume was 5000 times more than an ordinary Godly Lord's.

Hence, at this current moment, he had only released a small portion of his Nascent Qi to fuse with the seawater. He was already able to create this terrifying effect that was akin to a large-scale tsunami.

The huge volume of seawater even ignored gravity, and was pulled up into the skies before pouring downward. Even the sea clan's demon soldiers and generals could not withstand the impact. In the blink of an eye, the number of casualties soared.

The Xuan Turtle Clansmen were better off due to their tough and heavy turtle shells. Many clansmen with profound supernatural power survived. However, the weaker demon soldiers did not stand a chance. When the sky-covering seawater crashed down upon them, they were practically reduced to a fleshy mess in an instant.

At most, Lu Sheng could only control about ten million tons of seawater. However, the seawater that was brought along by the seawater he controlled weighed a hundred million tons!

It should be known that on Earth, Hangzhou's West Lake only had a capacity of fourteen million tons.

In other words, the seawater he brought up was equivalent to ten West Lakes' worth of water that crashed onto his opponents.

Much of it was also special seawater infused with a True Lord's Nascent Qi.

Wails were contained within the rumbling sounds and the tremors of the waves. However, the wails were quickly drowned out under the water.

After the time it took to drink a cup of tea, the seawater on the island slowly receded under Lu Sheng's control. The ground's original surface was exposed.

The buildings were reduced to tattered remains on the wave-stricken island. Some surviving patterns were all that was left of the formation.

The trees and boulders were completely crushed and washed away, and the surface of the entire island seemed to have been shaved. It was smooth and barren.

Some surviving Xuan Turtle Clansmen were bawling as they searched for their kin among the rubble.

The small hill was flattened by the seawater's impact, the deep valley was filled, and the streams were now gone. The landscape had been changed completely.

Bing Shenzi and the others lay on the rocky shore on the southern part of the island. They were specifically targeted by Lu Sheng and had received "special treatment" as they were attacked on all sides by the Nascent Qi-infused seawater. Currently, all of them suffered from internal injuries and could not move. They were already on the brink of death.

They were not the only ones. Even Taoist Master Wind Serpent and Fu Jin were affected—they had suffered minor wounds. This was a small warning given to them by Lu Sheng.

The other small fries of the Wood Martial Abode were only minimally affected. Lu Sheng's terrifying control ability was evident from this.

His Divine Lord's spirit was much powerful than a Godly Lord's. This was also the reason why he was able to control the seawater with such precision.

The Clam Shark Clan's demon general was also ghastly pale at the moment. He lay among a few of his men, and his Core Qi was already cleanly wasted away. Even if he went back and recuperated, he reckoned that he would not be able to return to the Core Formation tier. Moreover, his organs were gravely injured, and he could barely stay alive.

"You… To think that… Nascent Soul…" He looked at Lu Sheng with despair. He gulped down his final breath. His pupils dilated, and he breathed no more.

The others remained silent. They did not even dare to breathe loudly.

Taoist Master Wind Serpent and Fu Jin silently went back to their positions. They followed Lu Sheng and landed on the island.

The huge group of demon soldiers and generals broke out in laughter as they charged toward the remnants of the Xuan Turtle Clan elites on the island.

"From this day on, there will no longer be a Xuan Turtle Clan on this world…" Fu Jin looked at the scene before him with a complicated expression.

Meanwhile, Taoist Master Wind Serpent had a wild expression with his turning eyeballs. He suddenly erupted in a loud cheer. "The Abode Master's divine might is unparalleled, may you be lord of the four seas!" 

"Sea-overturning Orb!" Lu Sheng projected his voice with his Core Qi, and it reached the faraway corners of the island.

With the island as the center, there were many clam demon and fish demon soldiers that had not got onto the island in the surrounding waters. When they heard his voice, they lifted their weapons high and started roaring.

"Sea-overturning Orb! Sea-overturning Orb! Sea-overturning Orb!"

The multitude of demon soldiers and generals was subdued by Lu Sheng's terrifying supernatural powers. A single name appeared in the minds of the demon clansmen and wicked cultivators at this moment.

"Sea-overturning Orb!"

"Sea-overturning Orb!"

"Sea-overturning Orb!"

"Sea-overturning Orb!"




True Lord Yun Ye unsheathed his sword and started crossing a few hundred blows with the black-robed Taoist before him.

Lightning flames, clouds and wind blades, and countless semi-illusory natural phenomena triggered by their supernatural powers erupted around the two and disappeared as quickly as they appeared.

Under the golden sun, above the endless sea of clouds.


The black-robed Taoist suddenly shuddered and reeled. He returned his long sword to its scabbard, and looked at the thin line of blood on his wrist. The absolute confidence he had had for a few hundred years finally flew out the window at this moment.

"You win."

True Lord Yun Ye returned his sword to its scabbard as well. His eyes were like knives, and clouds circled around him. It was difficult to confirm if he was an immortal or a buddha.

"Thank you for the lesson, Sect Master."

Nobody would have guessed that the Vital Energy Sect's True Lord Yun Ye had not headed overseas first. Instead, he had gone to the Divine Sword Sect to challenge the sect master in secret.

"However, although you've won, I'm afraid this won't be enough for you to leave with the Divine Sword Jun Yao." The Divine Sword Sect Master smiled bitterly and shook his head.

When Yun Ye heard this, he squinted his eyes slightly. "Why do you say so, Sect Master?"

"Amitabha. It's been a long time since I last saw you, and I must say that you've grown in splendor. This is a cause for celebration." Suddenly, beams of golden light appeared around Yun Ye.

Four old monks in golden kasayas with zen staves in their hands surrounded Yun Ye with stern expressions.

"A hundred years ago, I've predicted that your tendency to kill is too strong, and you'll bring calamity to the world one day. Unfortunately, I was stopped by the Vital Energy Sect's Godly Lord." The old monk in the middle had a solemn and respectful expression. He lowered his head and joined his palms together as he said, "Now, you're accomplished in your cultivation methods, and finally showed signs of the Devil's Shadow. It's lamentable and regrettable that I wasn't able to follow through with my belief back then. However, it's too late to repair the pen now that the sheep is lost. But even if I have to shed my own skin, I have to fight for a chance... for the sake of all life in the world!"

"Ridiculous!" When the Divine Sword Sect Master heard this, he instantly frowned. "There's no way Godly Lord Yun Ye would have some Devil's Shadow or devil skill. You Buddhists are really crossing the line here!"

Four holy monks were here. They were Buddhism's most powerful Godly Lords. Now that they all had made a move, it was the same as the Vital Energy Sect's four Peak Lords making a move. They intended to kill Godly Lord Yun Ye no matter the price.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"I know Godly Lord Yun Ye's strength. Although he's powerful, he's only slightly more powerful than I am. He's still too far away from bringing calamity to the world. You lot have pointed at a stag and insist that it's a horse, and you…" When he said this, the Divine Sword Sect Master suddenly could not say anything else.

This was because the old monk had produced another object from his pocket. It was an oval sarira which shone with dazzling golden light.

Buddhist rune scripts circled among the golden light around the sarirah. The runes held the meaning to exorcize demons and protect the Path. This was a condition stimulated by nature…

"Exorcism Sarirah… You guys…" The Divine Sword Sect Master's eyes bulged. A bomb seemed to have detonated in his head.

He quickly turned to look at Godly Lord Yun Ye.

However, he saw that Yun Ye was no longer wearing his cold appearance. Instead, his smile was becoming cruel by the second.

"I didn't expect to be stopped by the likes of you here… Such a shame…" Yun Ye's lips did not move, but a deep and peculiar voice came from behind him.


The sky around them was initially azure blue. However, it was abruptly dyed inky black.

The golden sun swiftly dimmed, and the cloud sea underneath quickly turned pitch-black. An immense and dark red Devil's Shadow slowly spread out from behind Yun Ye.

"It's… Ancient Devil!" the Divine Sword Sect Master exclaimed with fright. He subconsciously retreated a few hundred meters swiftly.

"My dear Junior Apprentice Brothers. As the saying goes, who will descend into hell if not myself?!" The old monk wielded the Exorcism Sarirah with a sad expression. He suddenly shone with golden light and charged forward without a care for his own safety.

The other three monks started chanting sutras as they shone with golden light, and charged at the Devil's Shadow as well.



Far away, Lu Sheng's eyes narrowed all of a sudden. His main body in his heart slowly opened his eyes and licked his lips. He seemed to have sensed something awakening and unleashing its power. A terrifying and contorted aura started spreading from his main body. The space around him was also affected as it started to contort.