Way Of The Devil Chapter 486

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"This sensation… Feels like some familiar thing has resonated with it…" Lu Sheng frowned slightly. He quickly retracted the contorted waves around himself.

Only a short time had passed between the leakage of his Devil Qi and his retraction of it. The other injured cultivators had also noticed this instantaneous change.

At this moment, the cleanup of the Xuan Turtle Clan's island was swiftly conducted. The secret treasury was quickly emptied. The areas that were under the formation's protection had also protected some surviving Xuan Turtle Clan experts that had relied on the formation for survival.

The demon soldiers and demon generals took away whatever they could. They tied up the heavily wounded Xuan Turtle Clansmen and started retreating.

From a high vantage point, the densely packed demon soldiers were like black locusts. They gathered everything of value on the island and carried it away.

The entire Xuan Turtle Clan's island was quickly turned into an empty land. Even some slightly valuable rock wall paintings were removed along with the rock.

Lu Sheng left Fu Jin in charge of the demon generals and soldiers who were transporting the loot. Then, he brought some of his men and interrogated the surviving Xuan Turtle Clansmen about their cultivation method.

Then, he brought Taoist Master Wind Serpent and the others to the next location. They went to the South Sea, where the Water Sprite Clan was.

As a large clan, the Water Sprite Clan was also the planner and supporter of this mission. For this reason, Lu Sheng mercilessly gave the order for all Core Formation elites to be taken captive.

When the Water Sprite Clan put up a tough resistance, Lu Sheng personally made a move again. His towering supernatural power guided a huge volume of seawater and crushed downward. With a single wave, the protective formation which the Water Sprite Clan took pride in was destroyed. The Water Sprite civilians suffered great losses. Almost the entire clan was crippled.

Shortly afterwards, Lu Sheng went to the Purple Coral Clan and Sea Snake Clan.

The great clans were consecutively subdued by the Wood Martial Abode. It was not as if all of them were afraid to fight back, but they were mercilessly slaughtered by Lu Sheng. They were pushed onto the brink of their entire clan being wiped out.

After the overseas cultivators' realm in the North Sea was unified, the South Sea, East Sea, and West Sea… were all devoured under Wood Martial Abode's spreading force.

Initially, some tough opponents required Lu Sheng to deal with. As things progressed further, they had more Core Formation elites who were forcibly drafted. A few of them went against a single person. Lu Sheng did not even have to do anything, and they were able to subdue the other clans swiftly.

Currently, the number of Core Formation cultivators under the Wood Martial Abode's flag had a substantial increase. The numbers went into the double digits. Although they were forced to join by Lu Sheng since their clan would be wiped out otherwise, the important thing was that they served their purpose.

Lu Sheng did not plan on controlling his subordinates with pressure alone.

He started to combine the Snake of Jealousy's deluding property to interrogate the various clans for their inherited skill formulas. Those who did not relent were immediately killed. Then, they would be replaced by another of their clansmen, and the interrogation would continue.

With this, all the inherited skill formulas of the thirty or so subdued clans and the twenty or so sea clans of the Wood Martial Abode were quickly gathered.

Lu Sheng even established the Ten Thousand Seas Cave to reward the people who had contributed to the Abode. Those who were rewarded could enter and pick a suitable cultivation method of their choice.

With this, the various clans that were initially extremely reluctant instantly changed their attitude. This was especially true for the sea clans whose inherited skill formulas were incomplete or weak. They quickly sided with Lu Sheng.

Only a small number of great sea clans was extremely dissatisfied. They had no wish to obtain the cultivation methods of small clans, but they could not prevent their own cultivation methods from being leaked.

However, their clansmen who entered the cave quickly realized another problem. The Ten Thousand Seas Cave had some much more powerful skill formulas compared to their own clan's.

They even found the complete versions of some of their incomplete skill formulas here.

With this, all the sea clans ran wild.

In truth, Lu Sheng had used his own Mental Energy to derive and complete these inherited cultivation methods.

He made many attempts to refer to the original text of the various clans' collections. Some of them were written on shells, some of them on coral reefs, and some of them on fossils. Some of them were Instruments or Treasures.

Everything they had invariably shared a similarity—all of them contained Mental Energy to varying degrees.

Lu Sheng did not even spend much of his Mental Energy to complete the setting of the Wood Martial Abode. On the contrary, his Mental Energy's volume was even restored to 25,000 units. He regained some of his Mental Energy which he'd expended while attempting the break through to the Nascent Soul tier.

Then, he gathered the sea clans' resources in one place and sacrificially refined his Sea-overturning Orb. At the same time, he increased the overall volume of seawater devoured by the Sea-overturning Orb.

With his ceaseless campaigns in all directions, Lu Sheng progressed smoothly in the sacrificial refining of his Treasure. His body was also adapting to the various changes he was experiencing after reaching the Nascent Soul tier.

Two months flew past in the blink of an eye.

Lu Sheng had made his preparations, but the Vital Energy Sect did not come. Instead, the Wood Martial Abode completely enjoyed the greatest status in the overseas region.

The sacrificial refining of his Sea-overturning Orb was also completed. The amount of seawater it devoured was already at a level where he was unsure of its exact value.

At the same time, he set up a massive display of his strength around the Wood Martial Abode by controlling the seawater with his Nascent Qi.

The seemingly peaceful seaside was actually within the range of his control over the seawater.

As for other matters, the Wood Martial Abode was the leader, the four great sea clans were clustered around it, and dozens of minor sea clans gathered around them in an alliance. Lu Sheng had already made the first steps in forming an extremely massive force, the greatest organization overseas.

Lu Sheng also renamed the Wood Martial Abode as the Four Seas Sect. He kept his own title, but because of his awe-inspiring might which he displayed every time, the others regarded him as True Lord Fu Hai. He was given the title of the most powerful overlord of the overseas region, and his fame surpassed even Nine Dragon True Lord's.

Currently, the few top sea clans which proved the most difficult to subdue had finally surfaced, and formed an alliance to fight against the Four Seas Sect's pressure.

Among the members of the alliance were the Clam Shark Clan which had appeared before Lu Sheng before. Other than that, there were also the Whale Clan, Clam Clan, and the Whiskers Clan which collectively formed the three greatest force.

Lu Sheng had acted immediately by sending out his demon army to overwhelm them and pin these four clans down. However, due to the huge difference in their strength, his demon army suffered great losses, and could barely manage to impede the four sea clans.

The Core Formation cultivators under Lu Sheng were not the opponent of these great sea clans. The difference in numbers was too great. Under such circumstances, he personally made a move and went to check out the Clam Shark Clan's main land.


Central plains.

The streets of a flourishing city were filled with people and traffic. In a tang yuan shop on the side sat a young man with a yellow bamboo hat on his head.

The man lowered his head as he slowly enjoyed the tang yuan soup in front of him. Currently, three groups of old people and muscular men who did not look anything like ordinary men sat at the three wooden tables around him.

The three groups of people all fixed their gaze on the bamboo hat man.


The man placed the bowl softly on the wooden table, and suddenly heaved a long sigh.

"Grandmaster Qing Ni, why aren't you cultivating your Heartless Sutra on the Ten Thousand Snow Mountain? Instead, here you are, looking for trouble.

"Abode Master Shen, your Mingding Abode is currently in unrest. Your children are in a power struggle, yet you're free enough to care about me?

"And you, Taoist Master Qu Shan, is Taoist Master Zhang of the Illusion Sect doing well? I remember that the last time we met was 80 years ago."

The bamboo hat man acted as if he was counting his family's pearls; he clearly identified the three men around him.

Grandmaster Qing Ni was a votarist who cultivated while keeping his hair. He wore grayish-blue woolen clothes and white cloth shoes with leg wrappings. He held a chain of red sandalwood buddhist beads in his hands. He looked like a sage-like old Taoist who had gone to cultivate Buddhism. This struck the others as slightly weird. When he heard Yun Ye's words, he could not help but reply, "Devil Taoist Yun Ye, since you know who we are, you should know the reason why we're here." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"You want to know where the four holy monks are right now, am I correct?" Yun Ye slowly removed the bamboo hat and stood up with a smile.

"The four holy monks are of noble character and high prestige. It's true that they deserve to be respected. Alas, they're too stubborn to listen to advice, and are ignorant of the current state of affairs. They insisted on capturing me and imprisoning me under the Buddhist Exorcism Tower. So, I fought back. The results… I'm sure all of you know about it," Yun Ye answered his question slowly with a smile.

A muscular man who stood at the side could not help but ask, "What about the Divine Sword Sect's sect master? He had no grudges with you!"

"I need the Balanced Jade Sword; it can't be helped. When the Divine Sword Sect's sect master knew about this, he had intended to kill me as well. Motivated by self-defense, there was nothing I could do but fight back," Yun Ye replied with a smile.

"Preposterous! The four holy monks and the Divine Sword Sect's sect master make up five Nascent Soul True Lords in total. Do you think that we'd believe that they were killed by you alone? Even their Nascent Souls weren't able to escape!" The third person was Taoist Master Qu Shan. He resembled an old Taoist that did divinations on the streets. One of his eyes was half-closed, and he occasionally gave the horsetail whisk in his hand a shake.

"Yun Ye, you're not too deep into the Devil Path for now. You still have a chance if you come back with us. If you're stubborn, don't blame us for being merciless."

"Even the four holy monks can't do anything to me, do you think I'm afraid of you ragtag bunch of ascent Soul True Lords?"

Yun Ye suddenly put his bamboo hat down and smiled, then shot toward the skies under the frightful gazes of the people around him with a loud boom.

"Give chase! He's gravely injured. The four holy monks and the Divine Sword Sect's sect master dealt him a heavy wound that can't be erased. We can't let him flee from this area, otherwise the world will be in danger!" Taoist Master Qu Shan chased after Yun Ye as he turned into a beam of green light and shot into the skies. The remaining two leapt into the air at the same time as well as they gave chase.

However, the three who had just shot into the skies were surprised to find that Yun Ye had no intention of running away.

"Four more True Lords. Tsk, tsk. If I digest the lot of you, my main body will surely improve!"

Yun Ye smiled savagely. Then, black Qi emanated from behind him. In an instant, the area of a few hundred miles around him was dyed pitch-black.


"Dragon-shaped Heavenly Rod! Die!"

Above the East Sea, seawater suddenly parted, and a strong-looking figure wrapped in white light shot out from it.

This person was wielding a long light golden rod in the shape of a curled dragon. His body burned with deep blue Core Qi that appeared like flames. He circulated all his Core Qi within his Golden Core, and charged toward Lu Sheng in the air without any care for the consequences like a meteor.

"Boring." Lu Sheng did not move. Beside him, a Taoist Master from the Sea Shark Clan stepped forward, and spread his right hand wide as he smacked downward at the incoming opponent.


Amid the loud bang, the Curled Dragon Rod collided with his palm and erupted with an expansive bluish-white radiance. The Sea Shark Clan's Taoist Master grunted, and took a few steps backward.

The person who charged out from the seas was also slightly stunned. His momentum was canceled.

"Hahahaha! Mu Yun, did you think that we didn't expect you to attack the Clam Shark Clan? Today, this place will be your burial ground!" The person laughed maniacally, and the Curled Dragon Rod in his hand suddenly exploded with its wielder. He drew an explosive force out from his Golden Core and paid the price with his life as he turned into a mass of bluish fireworks in midair.