Way Of The Devil Chapter 487

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The fireworks continued for some time before slowly scattering and revealing Lu Sheng and his envoy.

Lu Sheng was still expressionless. The five black figures circled around him and blocked the impact from his opponent's self-destruction. Thus, not a single hair of his was harmed.

Lu Sheng did not even glance at the remains of the other person after the explosion. Instead, he directly cast his gaze onto the seas under them, where a wild battle was ongoing. His gaze finally rested on a bald fat man.

This fat man was more than two meters tall, but he was more than three meters in girth. He was so fat that he was impossible to describe. The excess flesh piled up on his body in layers as if he had put on several oversized shirts. His eyes, nose, and lips were pushed to the center of his face; they had only taken up a small area. His was a look that would leave a deep impression.

"You're not from the sea clans." Lu Sheng frowned slightly. The fatty did not have the slightest fishy smell that was characteristic of sea clansmen.

"Although I'm not from the sea clans, I can't sit back and look on as the sea clansmen are troubled with such a calamity. My name's Ta Huangong. My Taoist friends have given me a poetic name: they call me Landlord Dong Mi. I pay my respects to True Lord Fu Hai." The fat man chuckled. The tone of his voice was very peaceful.

"The Walrus Clan's chief is currently my adopted son. True Lord Fu Hai, you've slaughtered the clansmen of my adopted son. Without justification, you've turned the entire overseas region upside down. Even I, a cultivator from the mainland, can't stand this anymore. I have no choice but to make a move as well. Your sin of murder is so great that I can't even find words for it. If you turn back now, I might still spare you. Otherwise…" The fat man snickered.

"Otherwise, what?"

Landlord Dong Mi snickered. In a hostile tone, he said, "I'll have no choice but to take you down myself to appease the souls of countless sea clansmen who have died because of you!" 

"You? Take me down? You and that good-for-nothing beside you who's too scared to even show his face?!" Lu Sheng's gaze was fixed on the space beside Landlord Dong Mi.

Landlord Dong Mi's expression changed slightly, and he bellowed, "Do it!" 

All of a sudden, a white figure suddenly shot into the skies from the sea behind Lu Sheng. It silently drove straight into Lu Sheng's back like a spike.

Landlord Dong Mi and the invisible person beside him made their move as well. They spread out their Nascent Qi, and activated the hot sun's rays to form a golden sea of fire which threw itself at Lu Sheng while blotting out his field of vision.

"Three Godly Lords? There's one that even I couldn't detect? This world's system is really valuable." Lu Sheng was not surprised; he was happy instead.

He did not seem to be making any moves even with three opponents moving against him at once. Only bluish Nascent Qi could be seen spreading quickly from him.

However, the peculiar thing was that his Nascent Qi was being suppressed by some special force. It spread out at an extremely slow pace. It was not enough to activate the seawater around him.

"Do you really think that we've never studied your attacks before we jumped on you?" The white figure behind him mocked him.

"Supernatural power suppression?" Lu Sheng was surprised. "Do it again!"

He shook his body, and a huge amount of Nascent Qi surged out wildly again.

The Nascent Qi had barely surged out of his body when it was instantly suppressed and slowed down by some invisible force. The speed at which it spread was so slow it was laughable. It could not even attract the essence of the world to form a threatening force.

"Do you think that Nine Dragon had never thought of unifying the four Seas?" Landlord Dong Mi started laughing. "It wasn't that he never thought of it, it's that he couldn't!"


Lu Sheng was attacked by white light and golden flames from the front and back. They enveloped him between themselves and formed a huge mass of golden radiance in the shape of an eye.

The golden radiance had barely spread when countless new golden spots of light were attracted toward it from the surrounding air.

Three kinds of peculiar Nascent Qi formed an intriguing loop. The golden flames contained within the sun's rays around it were wildly pulled upon, and swiftly gathered where Lu Sheng was.

The greatest difference between a Nascent Soul True Lord and a Golden Core cultivator lay in the attacks of a True Lord's tier. A True Lord's attack would not weaken over time. Instead, it would automatically absorb energy from its surroundings to maintain and even strengthen its might.

If there was no control from a Nascent Soul True Lord, this power could even continue strengthening itself until the core Spirit Mark within the Nascent Qi was slowly eroded away by the flow of time.

However, if one waited for the Spirit Mark to fade, it would take at least thousands upon thousands of years.

Currently, the faint outline of dragons formed by three lines of golden flames could be seen within the golden flames' glow. They swam within the glow slowly as they circled around an oval space in the center. They occasionally swam over to spit golden dragon breath at it.

"All those years ago, Nine Dragon had lost against this skill of ours. He could only dive back into the deep seas to recuperate after being heavily wounded. If not for that, the few men which the Vital Energy Sect sent to kill him would only be able to do it in their dreams," said Landlord Dong Mi with a soft chuckle.

"You're good in predicting these things, Landlord. You've predicted that Mu Yun will come here of his own accord after showing up before the other great sea clans," the invisible man exclaimed in wonder.

"Unfortunately, Mu Yun has finally cultivated to become a Godly Lord just recently, and now that he's made a wrong move, his cultivation base of a few hundred years is being destroyed in a day. However, since the Wood Martial Abode's force is already consolidated, it saves us the trouble of going through the troublesome process of actually gathering the sea clans together. In that sense, the Wood Martial Abode's Master has done something good." The final white-robed figure slowly appeared. It was surprisingly a beautiful white-robed woman with a human upper body and a snake's tail for her lower body.

"By the way, why do I get the feeling that the Sun's True Fire is diminishing?" Landlord Dong Mi asked in puzzlement suddenly.

"Really?" The beautiful woman and the invisible person were also looking at the depths of the flame with puzzlement.

"Seems like something's moving inside!" The beautiful woman's expression changed slightly. "Could it be…?"

"Impossible! That's the Sun's True Fire, one of the most powerful flames that even we dare not touch! Even the Limit Nascent Soul Vital Energy Sect's sect master was harmed by this fire and forced to retreat to protect his sect, let alone an Early-stage Nascent Soul cultivator," said Landlord Dong Mi assertively.

"But… I can't shake the feeling that something's wrong… somewhere…" The beautiful woman's expression suddenly froze. When she felt that something was off, she quickly looked upward.

A huge shadow akin to black clouds had already covered the skies above their heads without them noticing.

"That's…" The beautiful woman's expression froze.


Landlord Dong Mi and the other person was startled. They looked up at the skies as well.

"The seawater… Why is it in the skies?" Landlord Dong Mi mumbled under his breath in shock.

"This is bad! Run!" the beautiful woman screamed. She did not even glance at the others when she turned into a beam of white light and shot into the distance.

The other two instantly paled. They turned around in an attempt to flee, but it was too late.

Tens of million tons of seawater crashed downward with a loud boom. For an instant, it seemed as if an extremely huge water column formed on the surface of the sea.

It was a light blue water column with a diameter of dozens of meters.


It resulted in a sound wave that was so powerful that it instantly deafened the ears of the nearby sea clansmen. A huge number of demon soldiers and generals was also caught within this attack. They were crushed by the powerful impact, and their bones were shattered.

The three Nascent Soul True Lords who were hit head on by the water column felt their vision go black. Every one of them was hit by at least millions of tons of Nascent Qi-infused seawater.

Their cultivation bases had only negated the effects of at most one-tenth of the Nascent Qi-infused seawater. The remaining portion was taken on by their physical bodies.

Two of the three instantly spat blood. Their protective Treasures were dim and lifeless, and they fainted. Only Landlord Dong Mi remained conscious, but his body was already a bloodied mess, for half of the excess flesh on his body had been carved away. From a fat man, his body had been trimmed, and he was now well-balanced.

In the middle of the water column, the Sun's True Fire was scattered by the powerful force and completely extinguished by the Yin Chill seawater infused with Nascent Qi. These flames that contained terrifying might were being impacted by a supernatural power that was thousands of times greater. The fire was gradually put out, and Lu Sheng was revealed in the center.

"The so-called Sun's True Fire that can't be extinguished by water... it seems that it's only because the volume of water is insufficient." He flexed his fingers on his right hand. There were clear signs of burnt skin on his five fingers.

That was the only mark the three True Lords had left on him. In truth, he was not supposed to be injured. He had loosened his supernatural power of his own accord, and attempted to touch the Sun's True Fire with his hand. This was the result.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

'However, this Sun's True Fire is really something. If it weren't for my shocking supernatural power, I would've lost my life just now. Also, I must interrogate them for the method to control the supernatural power's speed which they used against me just now. It seemed that I can get many benefits from these three.' Lu Sheng shifted his gaze toward the three Godly Lords who were being bounded by seawater.

They did not even have the time to utilize their skills before they were crushed by Lu Sheng through brute force. In the face of the towering seawater, none of their Arts were useful. They were defeated in a single exchange.

"So, another three of you have come to offer up your skill formulas. Coincidentally, I'm slightly lacking in actual combat experience with opponents of the Nascent Soul tier. By the looks of things, I'll be able to ascend another level in two days." Lu Sheng felt content.

Currently, the number of units of Mental Energy he had to expend to raise his cultivation base was already in the thousands. His Mental Energy was starting to show signs of not being enough for him.

Fortunately, the three Nascent Soul True Lords before him had lived long enough. He was certain that he could excavate many good things from their bodies. Maybe he could even receive some Mental Energy units to replenish his own.

'This world is truly wonderful. As long as I have enough Mental Energy, I can become stronger without limits! Nascent Soul? That can't even impede my advance!' Lu Sheng raised his head and looked toward the skies. He remembered the limits he was under in the Great Yin. He liked the cultivation system of this world better.

'In another month, I'll be practically invincible. After I understand the karma, I'll focus my energy to study the Death Blaze's properties,' he decided in his heart.

Under the derivations of his Mental Energy, his cultivation base was practically improving madly without restrictions. The only limit was that his body needed time to adapt to the changes. Under the nourishment of his Spirit Qi, this period of adaptation was greatly shortened.


Central plains.

"In another year, I'll have completely recovered!

"My strength... has increased again…"

Yun Ye hovered above the sea of clouds. He felt the immense Devil Qi which was growing wildly inside his body. He was as content as he could be.

'At this pace, in a year, I'll be able to become invincible and lord over the four corners of the world! Even the Vital Energy Sect's sect master will be defeated by me!

'When that time comes, I'll kill anyone who stands in my way, be it a person or a buddha! The Devil's might is finally manifested! The day has finally come when the Ancient Devil Clan makes a comeback! Hahahahaha!'

Yun Ye's eyes were bloodshot.