Way Of The Devil Chapter 489

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The old man snorted. He promptly closed his eyes, and said nothing else.

Lu Sheng removed his gaze from him, and shifted it onto two young and handsome boys at the side.

"These two are the crown princes of the Snake King Clan, am I right? They're so green, and they haven't even properly enjoyed life. Now, they're forced to accompany their entire clan into the yellow springs. Even I feel sorry for them…"

"Sect Master, have… have mercy!" One of the crown princes could not bear the pressure. He suddenly started kowtowing loudly. As he banged his forehead on the hard crystal floor of the palace, blood started to flow. Pale silver blood slowly spread out with the water's flow.

"You…" The old man started to shout furiously.


He had barely begun his roar when his head exploded instantly like a watermelon. The headless corpse stood in place for a long while before it slowly slumped sideways to the ground.

A huge amount of dirty contents flowed with the water and spread in all directions. Lu Sheng retracted his supernatural power. His expression was calm.

Some of the dirty contents gradually floated to his side, but when the Mount Qi's chief pointed at them, the dirty contents scattered. It was as if they had never even appeared in the first place.

The King Snake Clansmen started screaming. Two young girls even fainted on the spot.

One of the crown princes shook and sobbed, while the other was ghastly pale and his lips trembled.

When Lu Sheng saw that his intimidation had its intended effects, he smilingly said, "Alright, so tell me, where is the Snake King Clan's most complete inheritance of Dragon Transformation, which is also called the most ancient inheritance of the overseas clans?"

"Anyone who gives me a clue will have my guarantee that they can be free from captivity immediately and regain their freedom. My Four Seas Sect will also provide you with protection," added the Sea Shark Clan's chief Kong Fei in a cold tone.

The group of king snakes felt fear and pain intertwine in their hearts. Under such fear and high pressure, some of them could finally take it no more, and stepped forward.


After leaving the Lishui Palace, Lu Sheng boarded a carriage pulled by four massive seahorses said to have the legendary Dragon Clan's bloodline. The carriage was an extravagant object built with black crystals, purple pearl powder, and a hundred kinds of jewels and gems.

The Sea Snake Clan's Dragon Transformation Formula which was regarded as the most ancient formula in the overseas region was finally in his hands.

Currently, Lu Sheng had already gathered all the skill formulas of value from the hundred clans of the overseas region. He was now very familiar with the skill formulas of the sea clans, demon clans, Wicked, and Righteous Path cultivators.

The black carriage broke the surface and trod across the waves. The three Godly Lords accompanied it with a hundred Sea Shark Clan demon generals behind them as guards.

The spectacle was said to be on par with that of a few legendary elites of the sea clans.

In the carriage, Lu Sheng carefully read the Heavenly Snake Crossing Dust Formula. The gist of the jade slip's content was a method to refine one's own bloodline.

This skill formula was extremely complicated. It could be regarded as the most complicated skill formula Lu Sheng had ever encountered. He had not even seen such a complicated skill formula in the Great Yin before.

The skill formula would take the cultivator 9999 years to complete. The king snake that cultivated this Heavenly Snake Crossing Dust Formula would have to refine and purify the ancient bloodline within his own veins. Then, he would have to nurture and strengthen it up to the 500th stage of the skill formula.

Then, the king snake would have to attach his own spirit completely onto this bloodline and merge as one with it. After activating his bloodline's power, the Yin and Yang Energy outside his body would be balanced and replenished, and finally, he would erupt from his own body into the Dragon God's main body.

'This skill formula… Many of the processes are actually quite similar to my Eight-Headed Devil Art. If I follow the records here, my current Full-mastery cultivation base of the Eight-Headed Devil Art should be at the 320-350th stage.'

Lu Sheng could roughly guess at some of the knowledge already.

'I think I've accumulated enough resources for now. With this Heavenly Snake Crossing Dust Formula, I'm much more confident in the path I have to take after this.' Lu Sheng put the jade slip away and adjusted his body's condition.

'Coincidentally, my body's almost gotten used to this. I can achieve another breakthrough.'

He summoned Deep Blue, now a familiar action for him, and pressed on the modify button. When the modifier vibrated slightly, he quickly focused his gaze on the unknown skill formula. Then, he pressed on the derive button with familiar movements.

When his body had already gotten used to the change, his Mental Energy was wildly converted into new Nascent Qi and surged into his Nascent Soul. He did not even have the need to absorb the Spirit Qi of the heavens and the earth. Everything was simple. 

Lu Sheng's body shook slightly. He proceeded past Early-stage Nascent Soul, and easily stepped into the Middle-stage Nascent Soul tier.

'Nether Collection tier, Middle-stage Nascent Soul. Special property, eight thousand times Nascent Qi, ocean affinity.'

'There's not much enhancement, but that's normal. Anyone who has reached the Nascent Soul tier will be capable of reaching the Middle-stage Nascent Soul tier with the natural accumulation of his cultivation base. It's only a matter of time. The really difficult part lies in getting to the Late stage.'

Lu Sheng did not feel any substantial change within his body. The only difference was that his supernatural power's total volume had increased by half, and that his body was slightly sluggish—his movements were not as smooth as before.

'Hmm… I think that's it for today. I'll break through to the Late stage tomorrow. The foundations are the most important. I can't rush things.' He was actually a person who valued foundations very much. It had to be known that a foundation was like a firm foundation under a skyscraper. If the foundations were not firm, no matter how tall the skyscraper was built, it would eventually crumble and fall to the ground.

'If I force myself to achieve the breakthrough due to my impatience, it'll only result in an unstable foundation; it'll prove troublesome in the future.'

He had been cultivating with haste and focusing his energy on nothing else. Lu Sheng decided to give himself some time to relax for now.

The affairs of the overseas region were already seen to. It was now time for him to head to the central plains and settle Taoist Mu Yun's other karma.

He could also take this opportunity to rest during the journey.

When he thought about this, he moved his lips slightly and sent his voice out.

The Sea Shark honor guard which followed the carriage went up the carriage reverently.

"Do you have any orders, Sect Master?" The muscular, shark-headed man knelt reverently and kowtowed. His respectful attitude was akin to that of a believer toward a god.

"Pass on the order for the Merpeople Clan's chief to see me," said Lu Sheng casually. He was currently at the Middle-stage Nascent Soul tier. Water vapor lingered around him naturally, while the sea unleashed its own aura with great affinity and surrounded him with it. There was not even a trace of supernatural power wave in this peculiar phenomenon. This was a natural occurrence produced by the sea itself.

This made the honor guard even more respectful of him.

"As you wish, Sect Master." The honor guard retreated.

Lu Sheng sent his voice out again. In no time, Mount Qi's chief of the three great Godly Lords entered the carriage slowly.

"Your orders, Sect Master?"

Mount Qi's chief had also understood the reason behind the scene of the water vapor around Lu Sheng. However, she was a learned person, and was not overly awed by this. Many clans with ancient bloodlines could manifest such peculiar sights.

Lu Sheng bade her to have a seat, and started the conversation with a question. "Do you know the central plains well, mountain chief?" 

"Sect Master, please just call me Liu'er. It's my actual name, which I've used before," replied the Mount Qi's chief gently.

Currently, she had transformed her snake tail into clean and white legs. Her long black hair hung neatly behind her, and she wore an exquisite form-fitting long black dress which accentuated her hot body.

Currently, she sat upright before Lu Sheng. Under her hanging lotus leaf skirt were her supple, fair, and slender legs, slanting to the left as she kept them together.

"If it's the central plains we're talking about, I've lived there for a hundred years myself. I remember that it was an era of the ten warring states—those were turbulent times. I'm afraid that the passage of time has changed things there, and the situation won't be as it once was. Sect Master, do you plan on heading toward the central plains?" The Mount Qi's chief ventured a question carefully.

Lu Sheng nodded. He had noticed her adjusting her posture subtly, and the carriage was also filled with a faint floral scent. The contours of Liu'er's breasts stood out even more now, while her legs were slightly parted teasingly. The hem of her form-fitting dress swayed as she adjusted her posture, and a faint sight of a mysterious and beautiful scene could be seen underneath.

Lu Sheng fixed his eyes on Liu'er in wonder. For a time, he seemed to have seen his ideal woman in Liu'er.

Beautiful girls could be found anywhere, but beauty alone was not the crucial factor. When a beautiful girl who fitted your definition of beauty perfectly sat before you, for some unknown reason, you would have found yourself falling deeply in love with her already. No matter what you wanted to do to her, she would be half-rejecting, half-consenting.

That was the real crucial moment.

"You have great mesmerizing skills." Lu Sheng drew a deep breath. The dense floral scent which filled the carriage was instantly swept away by his lungs' capacity.

At this moment, he was not breathing with his physical body. Instead, his main body had sucked away the floral scent spread by her mesmerizing skill.

The Mount Qi's chief paled. She had worked hard to release her mesmerizing scent the moment she stepped into the carriage. This was a powerful scent that could make a hundred men hopelessly fall in love. However, at this moment, it was completely sucked away by the sect master of the Four Seas Sect without any trace left behind.

"Thank you for your praise, Sect Master…" She managed a smile. She felt that she had wasted her lifetime cultivating this mesmerizing skill. It was completely useless on this True Lord Fu Hai.

"I called you here purely because you're easy on the eyes. You'll follow me to the central plains this time. You can help me deal with the trivial matters as well," said Lu Sheng directly.

Liu'er adjusted her state of mind. She retracted her mesmerizing skill and spoke with a straight face. "Which part of the central plains are you aiming for, Sect Master? The central plains is a vast place. Although it's nothing compared to the four seas, it still is vast. There are many famous mountains and great rivers that are worth your attention." 

"I want to go to Zhao Nation's Wushan County. You're to make the necessary arrangements," said Lu Sheng directly.

Wushan County had once been Taoist Mu Yun's hometown. It was the land on which he spent more than two decades during his third life.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

That land once housed his family, friends, brothers, lover…

He was supposed to have a wonderful family in his third life, alongside some true brothers and a couple of lovers.

Unfortunately, the Vital Energy Sect's setup had ruined everything. He could only choose to go missing, leave his hometown, and flee overseas so that his dear ones would not be affected.

"Zhao Nation… That's a remote location, and the nation's not too strong. However, they're producers of iron and bronze, so they're not weak, either. That place is out of my grasp. It belongs to the Vital Energy Sect's Ice Rainbow School, which ranks third among the schools under the Vital Energy Sect. I've met the school master, True Lord Chi Ning, once, but I can't say that we're close," Liu'er explained in detail.

"I think the Merpeople Clan has more marital relations in the central plains. Maybe there is someone among them who's suitable to head over as well."

"Mm-hm." Lu Sheng nodded. "I've already summoned the Merpeople Clan."

He was calculating in his mind. If this journey went smoothly, and he was able to settle the karma with Mu Yun's hometown, he would go straight toward the Vital Energy Sect.

This journey would at least take him ten days to a fortnight.

By that time, he estimated that he would at least possess a stable Late-stage Nascent Soul cultivation base. He also had an idea of doing further derivations for future breakthroughs. If everything went smoothly and he put in more effort, maybe he could even enter the Primordial Spirit tier. It was said that nobody was able to attain this tier for a few thousand years.