Way Of The Devil Chapter 496

494 Under The Heavens 3

Inside the Swaying Gold Mountain.

An arch bridge wrapped in mist. Red-crowned cranes flew in the air. Agile deer raced across the grasslands. Disciples gathered on the fields and discussed Taoist teachings. Old men sat under roofs while drinking wine. Muscular smiths hit metal seriously beside the furnace.

They were old monsters who had lived in seclusion in the Swaying Gold Mountain for a long time, the disciples from various sects who were here for a temporary stay as they worked hard on their cultivation, and other guests from other sects.

There were also people from the Vital Energy Sect's main branch, the actual members of council, stewards, and the members of the Seven Peaks and their respective Halls.

There were around 1000 individuals on the Swaying Gold Mountain. The formation had simulated the weather, which was a calm scene. Suddenly, there was a rumble.

A corner of the sky cracked open instantly.

Initially, a brilliant sun hung in the faint white skies. This was a unique scenery simulated by the great formation—there was an eternal day on the Swaying Gold Mountain. It had never seen night.

"What's this?!" On the Bridge of Reflection on the Fifth Peak, Ouyang Bing had come on Frozen Pine Sect's behalf to pay an official visit to the greatest sect of the Righteous Path. He suddenly raised his head and his refined, cultured, and gentle smile slowly faded away. It eventually vanished, and in its place was a rarely seen solemn and dignified expression.

"This is serious…" Ouyang Bing clicked his tongue and exclaimed in admiration.

Beside him, the other representative from the Frozen Pine Sect, Fu Lingxiong, displayed a puzzled expression.

"What's the matter? Is there an enemy? This is the Vital Energy Sect, right?" said Fu Lingxiong, baffled.

"That's right, we're at the right place. However, our timing needs some working on." Ouyang Bing smiled.

The exchange between the two of them was not done out loud. They were purely conversing via telepathy.

Before them, the two inner disciples of the Vital Energy Sect who were responsible for showing them around were staring up at the sky with their mouth agape.

One of the inner disciples could not help but mutter, "Good heavens…" 

Ouyang Bing curled the edge of his lips upward slightly, and threw a glance at Fu Lingxiong. The Frozen Pine Sect which the two of them represented was of the Righteous Path in all appearance, but it was actually the second greatest sect of the Devil Path after the Earth King Hall, the Moon Demon Palace.

The Moon Demon Palace was a mysterious organization with very few elites. It was a far cry compared to the Earth King Hall. However, since it was able to survive under the terrible pressure of the Vital Energy Sect which was like the sun in high noon, it naturally had its own way of survival.

Initially, the two of them had taken on fake identities, and infiltrated the Vital Energy Sect to attempt an ordinary business trade with some forces in the shadows. At the same time, they also intended to learn about part of the Vital Energy Sect's strength. In the current turbulent times, the Vital Energy Sect was under increasing pressure as they were buffeted by wind and rain. The two of them disguised themselves unbeknownst to anyone and infiltrated the Vital Energy Sect.

"Wow… I can sense that there's a powerful person outside the great formation shaking the entire Swaying Gold Mountain with his skill," Ouyang Bing exclaimed as he shook his head. His eyes held a complicated and calculative gaze.

"I sensed it too… The ground veins here… are wailing…" Fu Lingxiong's expression changed as well.

"Is it Yun Ye?"

"No… Although he's powerful, he shouldn't be at this level yet." Ouyang Bing shook his head without a change in his expression.

"So, shall we retreat immediately?" Fu Lingxiong asked again.

"There's no hurry… The Swaying Gold Mountain won't fall this easily. This battle of skills has just begun." Ouyang Bing shook his head again. He raised his head to look past the crack in the formation, right at the terrifying blue seawater which blotted out the skies.

Even though he himself was a great demon who controlled water, the only thing he could feel from the seawater was depth, suffocation, and despair.

"This being… is too powerful… Is there anyone in the world who can defeat him?" Ouyang Bing scanned his experience of a thousand years. He tried to search for a scene that was on par with the terrifying yet majestic one they were witnessing right before their eyes at this moment.

However, every single scene he managed to recall was a far cry from this one.

There were instances where the heavens and the earth were about to be annihilated before, but the targets were different.

Those instances had only aimed to destroy the ordinary heavens and earth, but this sky-covering seawater was aimed at the most powerful sect of the Righteous Path in all history, the greatest sect of the Righteous Path, the Vital Energy Sect!

This was not some small fry. The current Vital Energy Sect was capable enough to suppress the entire Devil and Wicked Path with its strength alone. It was a leviathan by all means.

There were already two great cultivators among the seven Peaks alone. Who knew how many more old monsters with terrifying cultivation bases were hiding in the shadows?

"Things are starting to get interesting…" Ouyang Bing did not think that this powerful person could actually destroy the Vital Energy Sect. The aura of the supernatural power this person gave off was not too brutal. It was more of a calm domineeringness.

This feeling was not too extreme. If they could counter it well, this situation could still be salvaged.

It all came down to how the higher management of the Vital Energy Sect chose to deal with this.

Ouyang Bing gazed ponderingly toward the highest peak of the Swaying Gold Mountain, the Seventh Peak.

"Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!"

At this moment, the old bell tolled heavily. The members and disciples of the halls and palaces of the seven Peaks took up their positions. They stood at the key points of the formations within the Twelve Goldwater Laws.

The disciples channeled their supernatural power into the great formation.

The crack that was expanding in the sky was finally impeded, and its progress came to a stop.

However, that was all they were able to do. Although the Twelve Goldwater Laws were powerful, if it were not for the Cyclone Nine Tripod Cauldrons Formation bearing the brunt of the torrent's impacts at the beginning, it would have been shattered.

Whether it was a mountain torrent or a tsunami, the greatest impact came from the initial crash. After that, although the might of the waters was peerless, they were not as powerful as during the initial impact.

Lu Sheng's current attack had completely destroyed the protective formation of the Swaying Gold Mountain which was given to them by the Higher Realms, the Cyclone Nine Tripod Cauldrons Formation.

"Thirteenth Squadron, head to the left Heaven Bing point!"

"The Ninth Squadron's point is compromised. Lan Yu, take 20 men with you and reinforce them!"

"Is anyone from the Water Fate Hall here? Water Fate Hall!"

The head of the members of council hastily directed the operations while drenched in sweat. A huge number of disciples and sect members, the members of council included, joined in the Twelve Goldwater Laws Formation under his directions. They combined their strength to fight against the towering torrent from the outside world.

The disciples ran, flew, and leapt.

The entire Swaying Gold Mountain had not seen such a dangerous moment for far too long.

Dozens of elders who were garrisoned here to keep the formation running and protect the mountain had been gravely injured the instant the seawater poured down and destroyed the Cyclone Nine Tripod Cauldrons Formation. They were all seniors of the Core Formation tier.

If the Twelve Goldwater Laws were broken as well, what the Swaying Gold Mountain had to face would be the greatest humiliation they had ever experienced for thousands of years.

The seven peaks were exposed to the outside air.

This usually meant that the Vital Energy Sect were at the end of their wits. The seven peaks were their final trump card.

"I didn't think that I could still witness such an exciting scene in my living years… I'm so lucky…"

The lead council member lifted his head to look at the crack in the formation in the sky. He was slightly worried.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"What a… grand spectacle…" He wondered how the men in the Name Hall would deal with this.

For a time, the lead council member was lost in his thoughts.


The Seventh Peak. In the illusory Name Hall.

The Vital Energy Sect's master and the other Peak Masters had been intently discussing official matters. Now, they had stopped talking altogether, and their eyes were directed at the crack in the skies visible from the hall's windows.

A light blue opening was created in the initially white skies. Like a giant patch, it stuck on the opening silently.

"What a… great welcoming gift… Four Seas Sect's sect master…" The Vital Energy Sect's master's smile had vanished without anyone noticing.

A hint of worry flashed across Sima Zhun's eyes. "It's impossible for this Four Seas Sect's sect master to obtain such might in a few decades. He… can't possibly be Taoist Muyun!"

"What does that got to do with anything at this very moment?" The Vital Energy Sect's sect master shook his head. "His action is a protest. I admit that I was wrong to have underestimated him. This person… the profoundness of his cultivation base and the strength of his supernatural power truly strikes fear into anyone who hears of it."

Liu Sicheng had a calm expression as he took a step forward.

"The Twelve Goldwater Laws can't hold him back. Let me go and take command myself."

"There's no need." The Vital Energy Sect's sect master shook his head slightly. "The sect master of the four seas is intending to establish his might by using us. However, the Swaying Gold Mountain won't fall easily." He did not look worried in the least.

Currently, the remaining seven Peak Masters gathered in the hall again. They had just adjourned their meeting, but they returned to the hall because of Lu Sheng.

Other than the two newly elected Peak Masters, the others had experienced great battles before. They were not at all shaken by the phenomenon in the skies.

"Since the master of the four seas intends to establish his prestige by using the Vital Energy Sect, let's fulfil his wish. We can activate the Yuling Lake. If he wants to drown the Swaying Gold Mountain, we'll see if he has enough supernatural power," said one of the Peak Masters with a snort. He had been in seclusion as he sacrificially refined his Treasure, and was at the most crucial moment when the wave of supernatural power shook the mountain. His efforts had almost gone to waste while he was so very close to achieving completion. He exited his seclusion in full fury. Currently, he was speaking without any intent of being polite.

"This person's cultivation base far exceeds our expectations. Brothers, which one of us would like to go and meet him?" The Vita Energy Sect's sect master swept his gaze across the faces of the Peak Masters.

"Although this person has strong supernatural powers, the nature of his Nascent Qi is nothing to be amazed by. We can easily best him by clashing with him head on with our pure Nascent Qi. The Wicked Path must be lacking in secret Arts to refine and purify their Nascent Qi. Hence, although his supernatural power is great, it's nothing to be afraid of in a face-to-face battle," said Liu Sicheng with a calm expression.

"This person is arrogant. He dares to lay siege to the Swaying Gold Mountain alone. If the surrounding 500 kilometers' area is submerged in water, who knows how many living souls will perish?" said another Peak Master with a frown. "It's not difficult to defeat this man, but to prevent the name of the Vital Energy Sect from being tarnished, I propose to capture this person alive and imprison him in the Star-destroying Prison. He'll serve as a warning to the Devil and Wicked Paths."

"Capture him alive…" Liu Sicheng was not confident as well. The skills which he cultivated were all meant to kill. There was no such thing as showing mercy. The sole outcome for losing to him was death.

There was only a single individual among the Peak Masters who was most suitable for this task.

Currently, the gazes of the others feel onto the silent Sima Zhun despite themselves.

Among them, his skills were the most appropriate.

Sima Zhun smiled wryly. He could only cup his fists at the Vital Energy Sect's sect master. "Well then, I will not let you down."

The Vital Energy Sect's sect master smiled and nodded. "Make it quick."

"Understood," Sima Zhun responded. White clouds gathered under his feet, and a pure white red-crowned crane emerged. It carried him on its back and flew swiftly out of the hall toward the platform on the First Peak.



The blue seawater bore down on the formation's transparent protective barrier again.

The seawater was infused with Lu Sheng' Nascent Qi.

The seawater then attracted a huge volume of water vapor from the surrounding area of 500 kilometers, and eventually formed the terrifying phenomenon of the heaven's rivers pouring down.

The entire Swaying Gold Mountain turned into an ocean immediately. A few hundred million tons of seawater attracted billion, ten billion, a hundred billion, and a trillion tons of water vapor. Although the flow of water did not possess too great of a destructive power, and was a far cry compared to the terrifying might of the core hundred million tons of seawater, it could not stand up to Lu Sheng's vast supernatural power.

The heavens and the earth was a scene of light blue. The mountain forest and skies were gone. Whether it was above or below, everything was covered in a constantly surging blue flow of water.

It was as if one would see the sea's surface if one looked up. If one looked down, one would still see the sea's surface.