Way Of The Devil Chapter 500

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Without anyone noticing, the Vital Energy Sect's sect master had recovered his original calm and serene condition. Even though he was covered in blood, the amazing thing was that his current condition was exactly the same as how the other True Lords saw him. He was composed and natural, just as if the wounds on his body were not his.

"Every drink and peck in the world and nature has their own meaning. I see that your mind is already set, Sect Master…" The sect master spoke slowly.

Lu Sheng chuckled. The amazing thing was that he had felt that the hatred in his heart which belonged to Muyun was slowly fading away. However, when the Vital Energy Sect's sect master struggled against him on purpose while he was on the brink of death and provoked him again, he was enraged at the fact that the sect master thought that he could spare himself the compensation of paying with resources and treasures by playing the victim.

"Forget it. You're almost dead anyway, old man. If you can fulfill some of my conditions this time, I can let this matter slide."

"Conditions? Alright, then I'll offer my thanks to you, dear Sect Master." The Vital Energy Sect's sect master cupped his fists toward Lu Sheng in salute from afar. He did not even ask about the conditions which Lu Sheng was about to lay out.

Lu Sheng wasted no more words. The Vital Energy Sect's actual appearance was forced out into the open by him. Their sect master's wounds were not fully recovered. Their flourishing scene of prosperity was but an outer appearance.

If word of this went out, the effects it would bring would surely be devastating.

This was also the reason why the Vital Energy Sect's sect master sought Lu Sheng's forgiveness of his own accord. It was the most fundamental reason.

This was because once the current Vital Energy Sect lost his support, it would not be able to fight off a peak powerful being such as the Four Seas Sect's sect master, let alone the Devil Path's Earth King Hall, which hated them with a passion.

The two of them quickly made arrangements for the future, and discussed Lu Sheng's conditions while the force of the aftermath was still in effect and isolated them from their surroundings. Lu Sheng wanted large amounts of resources, treasures, and skill formulas. Even though the Vital Energy Sect's sect master was open-minded at the moment, he could not help but display a change in his expression on hearing Lu Sheng's demands. However, no matter what, the situation was finally and completely under control right now.

After the time it took to burn an incense, the force field which isolated them slowly faded away. The Vital Energy Sect's True Lords quickly rushed up and surrounded their sect master.

Liu'er went quickly to Lu Sheng's side as well. She was about to help him up, but Lu Sheng stretched out a hand to stop her.

"Can you still move?" The Vital Energy Sect's sect master looked at him from afar. He scanned the wounds on Lu Sheng's body.

"Like hell I can." Lu Sheng guffawed, but his wounds split open from the movement. He started to cough violently.

If the Vital Energy Sect's sect master did not go easy on him at the final moment while they hacked away at each other, his wounds would not have been this shallow. He reckoned that this body of his would have surely been driven onto the brink of death.

This was also a key reason why Lu Sheng was willing to settle matters peacefully with the Vital Energy Sect in the end.

The Vital Energy Sect's sect master had the ability to drag him to his death as well, but he chose to pull back at the final moment.

Several True Lords wanted to seize this opportunity and attack Lu Sheng and Liu'er, but they were stopped by the Vital Energy Sect's sect master's words. The two of them were having a peculiarly tacit agreement at the moment.

Liu'er started to scrutinize Lu Sheng's injuries. She produced a precious ointment from her sack, and started applying it onto his wounds.

On the other side, the Vital Energy Sect's sect master was also fed pills by the True Lords, and his wounds were being bandaged.

"Hahahaha!" At this very moment, an even more savage laugh reached them from far away.

In the faraway skies, a huge cluster of black clouds swarmed like bees. The black clouds surrounded a big and tall man clad in pitch-black armor. It was an impressive-looking Yun Ye!

"I didn't expect this! I didn't expect this at all! Hahahaha!" Yun Ye flew toward them swiftly with an arrogant and wild air. "Sect Master of the Vital Energy Sect, even with your strength, there's still someone who could injure you and render you powerless to fight again. In the end, all this is to my advantage!"

"Yun Ye!" Liu Sicheng and the others' faces registered shock. Currently, even by his mighty air alone, Yun Ye had already surpassed ordinary great cultivators.

There was no need to mention that he had the bloody record of killing the four holy monks and the Divine Sword Sect's sect master.

"It's alright, let me deal with him. The current he is still not powerful enough to rampage over the whole world."

As a fellow great cultivator, Liu Sicheng slowly rose to his feet. He then leapt and flew toward Yun Ye.

"I didn't expect you to return at this moment. Your timing is truly impeccable." He casually produced a white jade peacock sculpture the size of his palm.

"I was unable to butt in during the fight between the sect masters before this, but now is the time when I should make a move."


Instantly, a gentle white radiance spread out in the skies with him as the center. A blurry and semi-transparent white jade peacock slowly flew out of his body. Then, there was a second peacock, a third, a fourth, and so on.

The white peacocks danced in the air, unbridled. The gentle white radiance also increased in coverage and density.

"Luofu Ten Thousand Watchtowers!" Liu Sicheng suddenly shouted.

The white peacocks instantly flapped their wings and charged into Yun Ye's black clouds. The two of them started their intense battle.

Lu Sheng lifted his head and observed the fight in the air. He did not know the newcomer, but the black cloud gave him a familiar feeling. It seemed like Devil Qi, but was not exactly the same as Great Yin's Devil Qi.

"Forget it. Let's settle for this. My negotiations with the Vital Energy Sect is done. We're leaving." He slowly rose to his feet. The wounds on his upper body were visibly healing.

His main body supplied ceaseless Yang Essence to him, and was healing the wounds of this body at a terrifying speed.

Liu'er was about to bandage his wounds for him, but she was shocked by this terrifying rate of recovery.

"Sect… Sect Master…" She covered her mouth slightly. Her expression was one of shock.

"It's alright." Lu Sheng tore the ragged jacket from his body. He quickly covered his surroundings with deep bluish Nascent Qi and began to levitate.

"Divine Energy Sect's Sect Master, don't forget the promise between us." He glanced at the sect master who was on the brink of falling into a coma opposite him.

"Don't worry." The sect master wore a genial smile. "I'll make the arrangements." His greatest wish was fulfilled. Although he would lose many precious items, it was nothing compared to the possible outcome he would enjoy in the future.

When the other True Lords saw that Lu Sheng's wounds had completely healed, they looked as if they had seen a ghost.

Those were terrifying wounds dealt by a person more powerful than great cultivators. They were fatal injuries inflicted by peak Nascent Qi!

Even their own sect master, the greatest elite under the heavens, was paralyzed on the ground. However, this Four Seas Sect's sect master was able to stand back on his feet in such a short time and appear lively. They seemed to understand why their sect master chose to resolve the matter peacefully now.

Ignoring the wide-eyed stares of the other True Lords, Lu Sheng controlled the seawater and lifted himself up. A great and invisible guiding force was conjured up around him, and the Sea-overturning Orb's main body appeared behind him.


The boundless seawater was instantly sucked into the Sea-overturning Orb. It was as if the thing that it sucked was not seawater, but a bluish mist.

In no time, the entire sky above the Swaying Gold Mountain was emptied. The rays of sunset reached the ground again, and this site full of rubble was once again included in the folds of sunlight.

Amid the devil cloud in the air, Yun Ye was still fighting intensely with Liu Sicheng.

Liu Sicheng was a great cultivator, after all. He also had a Divine Vein on him. Although his strength was much weaker than the Vital Energy Sect's sect master's, he was not at too much of a disadvantage while facing the Ancient Demon Yun Ye who had yet to grow to his full potential. The two of them fought brilliantly.

When Yun Ye saw that the combat strength of his opponent's side was not greatly damaged, he immediately considered retreating.

Then, he saw Lu Sheng and Liu'er leaping into the air as they prepared to leave. He instantly understood that he could not do this. His plan of beating the dog while it was lying down had gone down the drain. Thus, he immediately decided to retreat.

"Very well. Consider yourselves lucky today. I coincidentally have something to attend to today. I'll let you live for another day. I'll exact my vengeance some other day!" Yun Ye shouted. With a great roar, he turned around and fled. The devil cloud rolled and quickly barred Liu Sicheng's white peacocks while he ran away at speed. In no time, he vanished in the air, and could no longer be seen.

Lu Sheng did not even spare him a thought. His destination was in the opposite direction than the one the devil clouds took when they came. After he retracted the seawater, he controlled the bluish water flow, and flew away from the Swaying Gold Mountain.

His karmas were mostly settled. Next, he would make arrangements for the future events in this world, and then he could choose to leave.

He was looking forward to the possible fruits of this journey. He had successfully settled Muyun's two greatest karmas. He reckoned that the spirit enhancement he could receive this time would be far greater than what he'd received last time.

In the twilight, Lu Sheng and Liu'er sat cross-legged on a blue mist. The blue mist was like a meteor as it dragged a long tail behind it. They flew swiftly toward the overseas region.

"Sect Master… Are you really alright?" Liu'er's eyes glinted. She voiced her question with a worrisome look on her face.

Lu Sheng glanced at her with half a smile. These True Lords were subordinates whom he had forcibly subdued by placing Restrictions on them. It was alright when he was unharmed, but when he was gravely injured, especially in this current situation, he truly had to defend himself lest she suddenly turned on him.

"My physical wounds are healed, but I've spent much of my Nascent Soul. Although the Vital Energy Sect will give us recompense, the water from a distant place is of little use in putting out a fire nearby. I can't use my Nascent Soul now, and I only have my Core Formation cultivation base at best. I need time to recuperate." He told her about his current condition honestly.

It was not his main body's terrifying physical body; just guaranteeing this physical body's survival was the best he could do for now. For this to be the result after experiencing a fight to the death with an old monster that was equally matched with him, it was already a great fortune among misfortunes.

Lu Sheng did not lie. Currently, the range of his spirit's senses was only a few dozen meters around him. He had expended most of his spirit just now to forcibly suppress the Earth Lake Sword and control the boundless seawater to destroy the Vital Energy Sect's formation. His spirit needed time to recover as well.

Hence, his current condition was truly at the Core Formation tier.

When Liu'er heard this, she immediately fell silent. Her eyes gleamed brighter.

"What? You want to kill me?" Lu Sheng eyed her coldly.

Liu'er smiled. "I think you despise me too much, Sect Master."

"Now's your best chance," said Lu Sheng after he shook his head. "I never despise anyone." Since Liu'er had no intention of finishing him off, he said no more.

"I need some time to recuperate. You take over the mist. We'll return to the Four Seas Sect at once," he ordered.

"Understood!" Liu'er quickly nodded. She gave up on some unrealistic thoughts. A spiritual glow burst forth from her hands, and she took over the reins of the mist.

The bluish mist instantly turned pure white.

"Dear comrade, please wait." Liu'er had just taken over the reins when the two of them heard a gentle and deep male voice catching up to them from behind.

Liu'er's expression changed slightly. She turned to look, and saw an emaciated Taoist who seemed to be an immortal.

He had surprisingly caught up to them from behind without them noticing. This person wore white Taoist robes, his complexion was as clear as jade, he carried a pine crane sword on his back, and was in all appearance an immortal. He moved with incredible speed.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

However, deep within his eyes flickered avarice.