Way Of The Devil Chapter 503

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"That will be all." Lu Sheng closed his eyes slowly.

It was already commendable of him to make arrangements up to that point. In the end, he decided not to leave the Four Seas Sect in the hands of Luo Cheng. The right to govern such authority, resources, and countless experts would not be a blessing to the Luo Family's descendants, but a disaster instead.

Hence, he granted generations of prosperity to the Luo Family. As long as the five Godly Lords and nine great sea clans were with the Four Seas Sect, they would have to act according to the contract on the key and provide rich resources as required by the Luo Family. This was what the countless extremely powerful formation runes forcibly required of them.

While he cultivated in seclusion, the Four Seas Sect would at least maintain its respect for the Luo Family for a few hundred years. Nothing was sure after that.

Lu Sheng could not guarantee that the Luo Family could continue to enjoy such prosperity as well.

Nothing in the world lasted forever, and it was impossible for him to protect the Luo Family forever. Nobody could blame him for his arrangements which would last a few hundred years.

Lu Sheng gave another set of detailed instructions to the old man. He wanted the old man to deliver his decrees at different designated times.

Then, he slowly rose to his feet and descended the white jade platform. He went all the way into the deepest parts of the palace.

Before the pitch black hall, the heavy stone doors swung open slowly. Rows of densely packed blue torches could be seen there.

There was a total of a hundred rows of white candles arranged in concentric circles. At the center of the rings was a huge candle.

The surrounding candles were lit with dark blue flames. Only the candle in the middle which was as thick as an arm remained unlit.

Lu Sheng walked slowly and stood before the largest white candle. He made a series of hand signs with lightning speed. Now that he had obtained a thousand skill formulas from the Vital Energy Sect and combined them with the countless original skill formulas passed down in the overseas region, he used Deep Blue's derive function and spent a thousand units of Mental Energy to practically master thousands of skills. Nobody could surpass him in his knowledge and understanding under the heavens.

After gathering the essences of the skill formulas under the heavens, Lu Sheng had obtained a clear understanding of this world's cultivation system already.


He made the final hand sign with greater force and tapped precisely on the candle's wick.

In an instant, a deep blue flame burned brightly on the candle.

This was a ghost candle. It was made from an extremely unique deep sea mineral rock. One candle could burn for a thousand years, so one would only need to replace the candle every millennium. This way, it could continue to burn indefinitely.

The ghost candle's light represented the vitality of the Taoist who lit it. It showed if the person's spirit was still in the world.

As long as the person was still alive and had not reincarnated, the ghost candle would continue to burn brightly. This was the soul lamp cultivators always talked about.

"If I compare the thousands of Taoist Arts with the Great Yin and the Spirit Path, they share some similarities, be it in cultivating one's interior or exterior Qi."

After he lit a soul lamp, Lu Sheng sat down and closed his eyes slowly.


The instant he sat down, the doors of the palace shut themselves tight. The entire white jade palace was locked down, and the surrounding mountain quickly lit up with and covered in beams of tri-color radiance—green, blue, and white. Faint blue patterns started emerging on the ground's surface, and crawled everywhere like vines. In no time, they started to release bone-chilling cold air, and the entire mountain of immortals was enveloped in a cold atmosphere.

The bald old man who had just left the mountain of immortals suddenly felt something within his heart. He turned back to look hastily, and saw the mountain of immortals slowly disappearing behind layers of fog.

His expression showed shock, and he hastily tried to enter the mountain's formation. However, the skill formulas that were still functioning well moments ago were no longer accessible. Only the protective formation of the Ten Thousand Soul Hall was functioning, and he could only observe it. He could not get in, nor could anything get out.

In other words, other than looking at the soul lamps inside the Ten Thousand Soul Hall from afar, one would not have the opportunity to enter the mountain of immortals anymore.

"Sect Master… I think he'll spend a long time with his seclusion…" His mind went into overdrive. The old man gritted his teeth, turned around, and quickly flew away. He had to tell one of the Godly Lord with whom he was close with.


The Four Seas Sect had unified the four seas, and its might awed the realm under the heavens. The central plains, the lands beyond the great wall, and the four corners were all awed. When everyone expected True Lord Fu Hai to further expand his territory, Muyun had suddenly announced that he would cultivate in seclusion for a long time, and personally forged a Sea God Key for his descendants. The Four Seas Sect would be collectively governed by the five Godly Lords.

A disturbance had just occurred in the world. It was now gradually returning to peace.

In the central plains, the Vital Energy Sect and the Devil Path's Earth King Hall's battle to the death was reaching a climax. Even outsiders could see that there were pawns from the Higher Realm and Devil World placed within the entire affair.

The Four Seas Sect had coincidentally pulled out and freed itself from this whirlpool. The Righteous and Devil Paths had no free time on their hands, and none of them wished to provoke this colossal force that had just been established.

Hence, Luo Cheng's life remained calm and peaceful.



Deep within the Devil Palace, inside the Seclusion Hall.

Lu Sheng suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes, nostrils, and mouth flickered with dazzling blue flames. A terrifyingly vast amount of Nascent Qi was swiftly merging with his main body.

After merging with Muyun's great cultivation base and settling the karmas, his Heavenly Devil's natural spirit underwent a substantial change. His cultivation base and spirit were improved at the same time. Hence, Lu Sheng's current supernatural power was slightly out of control, and a peculiar phenomenon of his supernatural power vaporizing occurred.

His blue Nascent Qi ignited into Nascent Fire, which continuously burned the organs of Lu Sheng's main body.

He felt his body boil. Even with his main body's tenacity, he was starting to feel the swelling and pain from the extremely immense Nascent Fire.

However, under such intense pain, Lu Sheng's eyes were fixed on the Deep Blue's frame which appeared before him.

On the record of his Infinity Technique's tier, the content was starting to change into something new.

"Infinity Technique, fifth tier, Collection tier, sixth level." What followed was a long, dense list of special qualities and special effects which he could not read.

'Collection tier. That should be equivalent to the third tier of a Divine Lord. I should've been at the fourth level at most, but I'm now at the sixth level in one go. In other words, I'm currently at the peak of the Divine Intellect level.' The fire within Lu Sheng's orifices gradually shrunk back, and the temperature of his body was slowly lowered.

'If I had honestly cultivated back in Great Yin… it'd have been impossible for me to reach this tier without spending at least a thousand years. However, I've easily achieved that breakthrough by taking a short trip to another world. No wonder it's a rare sight to see the Weapon Grandmasters in action in Great Yin. I reckon that they're making frequent trips to other worlds to improve their cultivation bases. However, they don't have Deep Blue, and I'd expect that they need a very long time to reap the benefits from one Arrival. I'm far more efficient than them.' Lu Sheng sighed inwardly with feeling.

Currently, his spirit was still wildly improving. His spirit's overall volume had already reached the Divine Intellect tier to begin with, but with this trip, he had broken through the Jade Star tier and stepped into the Divine Intellect tier.

All this while, the Death Blaze and Yin Flames had been his greatest reliance. The instant he returned, with his breakthrough in tier, they had also achieved breakthroughs to the Origin Power stage.

"Origin Power… So, this is Origin Power?" Lu Sheng extended an index finger. With a sizzle, a ball of light green flames burned at its tip.

At first glance, it was no different from the Yin Flames from before. However, upon closer inspection, he discovered that this ball of flames seemed like fire, but actually consisted of countless particles of green ash.

It was as if countless green ash clumped together in the shape of flames, and was also able to release heat and devour living beings.

'So, this is the Yin Flame's root Origin Power? Or, Yin Flames originated from this thing?'

At his current tier, Lu Sheng understood everything about the Yin Flames already. With one look, he understood the Yin Flame's Origin Power.

It originated from these tiny greenish particles of ash.

"Origin Power is the highest-grade energy. It has the ability to suppress every lower-grade Primordial Power. Let's give it a try," Lu Sheng muttered to himself. He stretched out his hand, and a circle of dark red runes lit up on the wall to his side.

The runes ignited with dark red flames with a poof. This was the Toxic Flame which he had placed into it before this. Its might was equivalent to half his strength when he'd just entered Muyun's world. This was a technique he used merely for defensive purposes.

The dark red flames danced in the air as they flew. They hovered before Lu Sheng.

Lu Sheng tapped the Yin Flames before him lightly. The Yin Flames which had turned into Origin Power swayed as they flew toward the dark red Toxic Flame.

Lu Sheng observed them collide.

He knew that the supernatural power used to construct the Yin Flame was much less than that used to construct the Toxic Flame. He wanted to see which one would emerge victorious after such a collision.

In no time, the two balls of flames collided.


The dark red Toxic Flame suddenly erupted. The Toxic Flame practically scattered the instant they collided. There was no doubt about the outcome.

The Yin Flame which was transformed by Origin Power dispersed as a mass of green ashes, turned a circle in midair, and recollected in the shape of green flames.

"Wow!" Lu Sheng's heart shook. He saw that the Yin Flames which were transformed by Origin Power had only used up less than ten percent of his supernatural power.

'This is equivalent to my supernatural power increasing dramatically by ten times. My supernatural power's overall volume had also increased dramatically by more than ten times.'

Lu Sheng finally understood why the Divine Intellect tier was so different from the other tiers.

'So, the path of cultivation the Great Yin's Weapon Grandmasters tread is this. Once a person breaks through to the Divine Intellect tier, it's really as if the skies are high and the seas are wide. My sight isn't confined to this small Great Yin anymore. There is a multitude of worlds, countless worlds out there. There might even be dimensions more powerful than Great Yin. Perhaps the so-called prolonged seclusion of the Weapon Grandmasters is actually a time when they're actually travelling to the Other Worlds.' Lu Sheng sighed inwardly with emotion.

Once he achieved an accomplishment in his cultivation, he seemed to have a deeper understanding as to how great the difference between a Weapon Grandmaster and a Divine Lord was.

Even within the ranks of Weapon Grandmasters, he reckoned that the difference would be as great as between the skies and the earth if they really fought it out.

'Currently, the Great Yin Imperial Court is at a stalemate with the Devil World, and the Weapon Grandmasters are heavily injured. Rather than staying in this dangerous place, I should consider moving the entire Lu Family to another safer and stabler place.'

Now that Lu Sheng was at the Divine Intellect tier, his thoughts loosened. It was not as if he'd never thought about leaving Great Yin and moving into an Other World. However, there was one condition that needed to be fulfilled, and that was that they had to find a way to bypass tribulations. After all, in the Other Worlds, Great Yin's properties would naturally make them be regarded as the typical Heavenly Devils.

If a huge group of Heavenly Devils wanted to move to the Other Worlds, the first thing they had to do was to guarantee that this world definitely pose no threat to the Lu Family.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

'It's not as if everyone will be able to adapt to the conflict of rules of a different world… I should put more thought into this and plan for the long term.' Lu Sheng made a mental note.

The Heavenly Devil's world was truly deep waters.

He had not wrapped his mind around the fact that he could not die. Then, there was the body of a Heavenly Devil. There was also the World of Pain, Devil World, Three Sacred Gates, Evil Spirits, and others. There was a series of dangers and complications which forced the humans of this world to work hard in their cultivation. Otherwise, they'd end up dying with their souls destroyed.