Way Of The Devil Chapter 518

516 Rendezvous 1

"What should we do? How do we prevent ourselves from dying here?"

In a valley roughly three kilometers outside the town, a group of dispirited figures already gathered.

One of them, a bald muscular man, had his hands on his head as he spoke in a deep voice, "Those kind of monsters… can't be defeated by humans… I shouldn't have listened to you guys and come here… I might still have a chance of living if I run far away…"

Nobody responded to him.

The others were either white-haired elderly or green teenagers. There were even housewives and merchants in embroidered clothes. They were all here to face the final death scene.

Luo Di was also among them.

He looked at the people around him silently.

"Looks like I'm the one with the most experience here." He managed a smile. "I should lead this group, at least we'll have higher chances of survival."

In truth, everyone here understood that they were only making deathbed struggles.

Those who did not want to struggle did not even show up—they chose to wait for their deaths. Meanwhile, those who wanted to enjoy their last days chose to stay where they lived. The only ones who were actually searching for hope were those present here. They did not even amount to 20 people.

"According to the records in the texts, many have been invaded and tortured by that place. Humans have always been searching for a way to break free from it. However, up until this day, I have yet to see anyone capable of fighting it off," said a white-haired scholarly-looking old man. "The only successful case was the one who fled. So, we should be working in that direction, and not look on as General Urus and his men bombard that place."

"You're right to say that, but it might be because they didn't have enough firepower in those days. Things are different now, the times are improving." A blonde woman disagreed with the old man.

"I'm here because I want to see this legendary evil land from which nobody can run away with my own eyes." The woman slapped the two short swords tied to her thighs. Her expression was fierce.

Luo Di scanned the faces in the crowd. There were people from all walks of life. However, they were all gathered here for the same reason.

"We still have one day. Maybe we can go in and take a look," he suggested. "We've been afraid of it for our whole lives, but we don't even know what we're afraid of. Doesn't anyone think that it's funny?"

The others fell silent.

Luo Di was quite a famous veteran among those who were marked. When he had no suggestions about how they should deal with the town, the others…

After a long pause, the old scholar chimed in. "Luo Di's right. Even if we're to die, we have to know the truth."

"Those that are willing, follow me." Luo Di exhaled. He produced a cigarette from his pocket, lit it with a match, and placed it in his mouth. He turned around and walked toward the town.

His plans could not keep up with the changes in the situation. In the end, he did not have the time to return home. Fortunately, he'd been prepared beforehand. The stock back home was only a part of his preparations—the bulk of his preparations lay elsewhere. He had brought it along with him this time.

He was not afraid of death. He was afraid of dying a meaningless death, or leaving too many regrets.

However, he was thankful that he had his good friend take care of his son Luo Sang. At the very least, he would have hope for the future.

He looked up at the gloomy skies with the cigarette in his mouth. He could not help but smile.


There was a sudden wail from a faraway direction in the valley behind him.

"It's coming!"

"It's the Hunter! Are we too close?!"

"Don't panic!"

The group of people tensed up.

Some of them started to inspect their equipment. Compared to the Executioner, the Hunter was relatively easier to deal with.

Luo Di took out a short crossbow from behind him. Then, he tugged on his cloak, revealing a quiver of arrows on his back.


A sudden soft giggle drifted across the winds. There was also a sweet scent in the air.

"This is bad! It's not the Hunter alone! The Garrotter is also here!" Luo Di's expression changed. He quickly stuck his ear to the ground.

"There are two Hunters, and for the Garrotters, there's… three… no, five!"

His expression quickly paled.

Two Hunters alone would be as difficult to handle as an Executioner, let alone having five Garrotters on top of that!

"Run! Scatter!" He growled. Then, he stood up and ran away from the town.

The others started sprinting wildly like a swarm of bees.

Although they were frightened, this was not their first time experiencing such a situation. The marked people here had experience fleeing from these monsters. They had their own way of dealing with things.

Hence, although they were flustered, they were not in a mess.


At dusk.

Lu Sheng and Solomon boarded the train, switched to a horse carriage, and then traveled a part of the road on an ox carriage. They were finally stepping on the soil on the outskirts of the town.

"We've only spent two days. Not bad." Solomon gave a few coughs. "I can only escort you as far as this. If you continue walking for about two kilometers, you'll reach that place. I'll leave the decision up to you."

He stood there and did not take another step.

Lu Sheng turned around and looked at him.

"Then, you can go back now."

Solomon nodded. He turned around and walked away without showing any reluctance.

"By the way." He suddenly stopped. "Luo Di is a member of the White Eagle. They've sent out an invitation to gather here under the White Eagle's name. I'm not sure about the exact location, but Mera and the others are here as well. You can head to the White Eagle's rendezvous point and look for Mera. Maybe she'll be able to give you some clues. She's the leader of the White Eagle."

"Where's the White Eagle's rendezvous point?"

"In the north, beyond the town. There's the largest white oak tree at five hundred meters."

"Understood." Lu Sheng did not ask why this Mera would choose to come here at this point in time. Solomon had already done more than he ought to by escorting him here.

He looked at Solomon's gradually receding back. Then, he turned around and looked in the direction of the town.

In truth, he did not tell Solomon that he could locate the town based on Luo Sang's memories. The town kept appearing in his dreams all the time. It was mysterious, dark, and deathly still.

"Let's see what you are exactly…" His gaze steadied, and he strode toward the town.


Within the thousand-year-old oak tree house.

Mera crossed her arms and stared at the faraway town. She had seen Urus's flashy movement, but she did not expect much out of it. There had been others who attempted the same thing before. 

She was worried about Luo Di.

"It's Luo Di's turn… Next, it should be mine…" Mera's gaze was one of helplessness mixed with pain. After all these years, after dragging out an ignoble existence for all these years, she was not able to find any hope of fighting off that place.

"I heard that Solomon has gone to meet Luo Di's son," said an emaciated man covered in a black wind coat.

"However, Solomon has written in and said that he told Luo Di's son the truth. The son is looking for his father now."

"I don't think that's how Luo Di arranged things to be." Mera frowned. "So what if he found his father? It'll just be another life on the mortality list. I remember that Luo Di's son is not a complete marked person. However, if he gets too close to the town, he'll become a complete marked person as well, and end up with the same fate as us."

"So what? A half-marked person will still be hunted. Even if he lives, without Luo Di, how long do you think he can survive?" the man retorted.

"Let him search." Another tall woman was trimming her nails with a sickle. "I remember that kid. When I wanted to bed Luo Di, he was screaming at me. He's not cute at all. I've even bought all those candies for him."

"Forget it. I'll take care of him when I get back," Mera said calmly. "I remember that Luo Sang's body isn't the healthiest kind. He's slightly timid as well. I'll have him marry and have children when I get back. If it's possible, I want him to give Luo Di grandchildren. Living out a peaceful existence isn't a bad thing at all."

"You're so kind, Big Sister." Everyone had experienced situations like this once too many. The person died, and their family members came knocking. However, what could be done in the end?

Whether it was anger or pain, they could only despair and give up fighting against that place.

"…Perhaps." Mera smiled.

Suddenly, one of their members called out to them from outside the treehouse.

"Big Sister, a man called Luo Sang is here. Says he's here for master Luo Di!" A slightly hesitant female voice reached the room.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Mera was stunned. Then, she quickly snapped back to her senses.

"Let him in," she said calmly.


"Speak of the devil. What a coincidence." The tall woman laughed. "It's not completely dark out, it's also time for us to go back. We should bring him with us."

She walked to the door of the treehouse and gently placed a hand on the handle.

"Between him and his father, I wonder who's more handsome. Who knows, I might be able to have a taste of the little…" The tall woman had already opened the door by this time. She looked up at the man who was so muscular that it made her hair stand on ends.

"…chick…" The woman finished her sentence.

"Excuse me, do any of you know where Luo Di is?" Lu Sheng's expression was calm. He scanned the three people in the room.

His gaze was strongly invasive. He appeared as if he was thinking of three dishes when he looked at the three of them.

Nico Fran blinked. From this man's face, she could faintly make out the remnants of the snot-nosed kid she had known all those years ago.

"You're… Luo Sang?"

She was not the only one. Inside the treehouse, Mera and another emaciated man were stunned when they saw Lu Sheng.

"Mon… monster?!" The man could hardly close his mouth. This was his first time seeing a terrifying man whose physique was comparable to those monsters.

"It's you? Fran? I'm here to bring Luo Di home," Lu Sheng said with a grin.

Nico Fran looked up at Lu Sheng's strong, big, and tall body. She could not help but blush.

"Tsk, tsk… So strong… I wonder how will you taste."

"Alright, Sister Fran, I'll have to ask you to step aside. I'm looking for Mera. Which one of you is Mera?" Lu Sheng grabbed Fran's shoulders and placed her down to the side like a toy.

Mera snapped back to the present, and sized Lu Sheng up carefully.

Luo Sang's strength had completely exceeded her expectations. The sturdy feeling of strength and balanced, streamlined form, and the monster-like massive bulk...

She knew that these were not flashy muscles which were the product of fitness training. These were formidable structures that actually had strength and agility.

From the outer appearance, it seemed as if he had a higher chance of winning compared to her own strength which she gained through hard work.

"It's me. I'm Mera, the leader of the White Eagle." She walked up to him with a straight face, and said, "If you're looking for Luo Di, he's already at the gathering point in the valley. I reckon that he's already rendezvoused with the others."

Lu Sheng had a slight frown on his face. "Can you tell me the exact location?"

"It's useless even if you went there." Mera shook her head. "Besides, you shouldn't have come. From the looks of your hands, I can tell that you've trained in your father's Gelailo Sword Skill, right? However, even Luo Di himself isn't confident of coming back alive. If you go there, you'll just be throwing your life away meaninglessly."

"You just have to tell me the location." Lu Sheng raised one finger and spelled his words out carefully.

Mera fell silent. Eventually, she told him the location. Once Lu Sheng asked for detailed directions, he turned around and left.

After he left, the treehouse seemed to remain silent for a long time.

The emaciated man could not help but emotionally muse, "So that's Luo Sang… Since when did Luo Di have a son as strong as that?" 

"Alright, it's time for us to leave. It'll be difficult to move once it's dark," said Mera softly.

Her gut told her that the arrival of this monstrous Luo Sang would perhaps bring about some unexpected change. Although she was still doubtful about Luo Di being able to survive, she was of the opinion that Luo Sang might just be able to make it.