Way Of The Devil Chapter 526

524 Limit 1

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Lu Sheng sat cross-legged on the rooftop. The ice-cold wind roared past him. He wore a simple, thin, white shirt, and the contours of his strong muscles were revealed through its cuff.

He had been away from the town for half a year now.

During this time, he had followed Esseinro back to Chad Academy. It was a private research academy with rich funds, and a place where research talents were nurtured.

While he was there, he had cooperated with Esseinro in researching the secrets of his constitution. At the same time, he obtained all the archaic divine scripts Esseinro had in his possession.

'In truth, the archaic divine scripts are a collection of special symbols used during sacrificial rituals to the gods in ancient times. They don't contain any special meaning in and of themselves. A single symbol can represent many things, attributes, and meanings.'

Lu Sheng remembered the archaic divine scripts he had learned during his @@