Way Of The Devil Chapter 528

526 Intervention 1

The Devil Palace was a scene of dark red. A thick carpet was laid over the floor, and blazing fire could be seen burning underneath through its edges.

Heavy charcoal was kept going under the main hall to maintain a suitable temperature.

Lu Sheng sat on the highest black throne and swept the upper echelons of the Prime Devil Sect who had started to gather here with his gaze.

Elder Shi, a Devil Clan Devil King who had been sealed within a rock and dug out had already become the Prime Devil Sect's key figure who was true to his name. He was standing at the side, looking submissive. He was sporting a new look now—his back was no longer hunched. From his outer appearance, he looked no different from a white-haired old storyteller in a tavern.

Rumor had it that he actually went to do storytelling in taverns recently with this disguise.

Lu Sheng found it difficult to believe. This person was known for his fiery temper, so he could not imagine him suppressing his pride to tell stories to other people.

Opposite Elder Shi sat the King of Shadows. This person was blonde with blue eyes, and looked similar to a Westerner on Earth. When he noticed Lu Sheng's stare, he—Xu Feila—smiled at him.

Lu Sheng returned the smile with a nod. The King of Shadows had contributed greatly to the Prime Devil Sect, especially during the period when it was expanding its influence through conquest. This individual had raked up many achievements.

Then, there was Duanmu Wan and the other Weapon Masters who joined the sect later on. However, Lu Sheng's attention was only on these three. The other Weapon Masters were not among his confidants. These three were the only ones whose bodies were constantly under his control. He was able to allow them to settle many personal affairs because he had cast his secret art on them.

"Alright, since everyone is here, we can begin our regular meeting." Lu Sheng paused. "The other guidelines remain unchanged. How are things in the Yin Capital?"

In the current Great Yin, everyone's attention was focused on two locations. One was the Yin Capital, and the other was the largest Gate of Flesh and Blood which was opened in the Devil World.

These two places were the key locations that could influence the entire big picture.

"I'm in charge of the matters regarding the Yin Capital. Recently, the Yuanguang Family's Yuanguang Yuan had sent a request. She hopes that we can support them again by sending her some guards. Miss Ying Ying alone isn't enough. The feud of the Yuanguang Family is looking serious," the King of Shadows Xu Feila spoke up.

"More support? What's she offering in exchange?" Elder Shi asked.

"She's about to become the Other World deputy attendant of the Yuanguang Family based in the Yin Capital. If her position is stable, she'll at least be able to influence one-third of the Yuanguang Family's various Other World resources. Yuanguang Yuan promises that after she's sworn in, she'll allow the Prime Devil Sect free access and accommodation in all the Other Worlds which the Yuanguang Family is in charge of. Also, she will share half of all the resources under her jurisdiction with us, and the Prime Devil Sect will be allowed to mine them," Xu Feila explained.

The mining rights to the resources were truly a generous offer. How many Other Worlds would the Yuanguang Family discover every year? The mining rights they were offering were worth much more than a normal piece of land in the Great Yin.

"The powers around Yuanguang Yuan right now are supplied by us. There's no fear of her going back on her word… However, we can't place all our resources on her alone," Elder Shi added.

"About this, Duanmu Wan, you'll be in charge. Xu Feila, you have to keep an eye on the Devil Army on the side. Also, how's it going with the information gathering on the Divine Weapons?" Lu Sheng continued to ask.

"We've made some headway. The Divine Weapons that showed up recently in the vicinity of our sect and territory number four in total. We've already assigned our men. Once they reveal themselves, I'll go out myself. We'll surely remove all obstacles and take them," Xu Feila answered.

Lu Sheng mused for a while. Then, he asked about the situation of the three sects. After all, the Prime Devil Sect was only a sideline force. Compared to the established Three Sects and Three Great Families, their own force was much weaker. Every single action taken by any one of the Three Sects would surely impact the Prime Devil Sect.

While they discussed other matters in the main hall, the staff who went to Lu Manor had returned.

Lu Sheng emphasized the defensive plan he had set before this. He also asked about the updates on the other missions. The meeting was only adjourned after two hours. After the meeting ended, Duanmu Wan stayed behind of her own accord.

Duanmu Wan moved closer, and reported softly, "Sect Master, Lu Ran is here." 

Lu Sheng nodded slightly. "Bring her in."

Xu Feila and Elder Shi had just recently gone outside the door. Naturally, they heard the conversation behind them. However, this was a domestic affair of the Lu Manor, and they were in no place to inquire about it. However, they were both keenly interested in this girl Lu Ran. A person whose background they could not ascertain would definitely not be a simple person.

The two of them exchanged a look, but they did not stop. They conjured up black clouds and flew away.

Within the empty main hall, three Prime Devil Sect disciples brought a beautiful girl with delicate features who seemed at a loss along the carpet.

Lu Sheng focused his mind and sized up the girl. It was just as Duanmu Wan had said—he could not feel anything from her. Her Spiritual Essence was completely a normal person's, and she had the constitution and spirit of a normal person as well.

"You're Lu Ran?" he said softly.

The girl crossed her arms defensively. She lowered her head and did not look at Lu Sheng. When she heard his voice, she waited for half a beat before she nodded.

"…I am."

Among all the girls Lu Sheng had met before, Lu Ran was not the most beautiful. However, she was definitely the one who appeared the weakest.

"Why did you appear in the pastures where her ladyship was walking on?" he asked directly.

Lu Ran was silent for some time.

"…I don't remember." Her expression was calm. She did not seem to be faking it—she truly appeared to have forgotten about it.

Lu Sheng's brows were furrowed together slightly. He could not sense anything wrong with this girl, but that, in itself, was the greatest problem of all.

His current appearance was that of a rising Divine Lord within the Thousand Sun Sect. The Prime Devil Sect was only an extremely young Divine Lord force. There were not many groups who had such a force in Great Yin, but there was no lack of them as well. Every Divine Lord would somehow have such a force behind them.

Lu Sheng was of the opinion that under the condition that his true strength was not exposed, outsiders would see him as a Divine Lord with Rogue Divine Weapon, just like the others in the Thousand Sun Sect.

With such an appearance, nobody would want to plan anything against them.

"Forget it. You're dismissed. Go be a good girl and accompany her ladyship. Since you've entered the Lu Manor, you'll be a member of the family. You must abide by our family's rules." Since Lu Sheng could not find any issues with her, he had no choice but to dismiss her.

Lu Ran was still at a loss as she was brought out of the main hall by the others. She was given an exquisite and beautiful black crystal ring as a compensation for having been summoned here.

Then, she was led into the flying ship which brought them back to the Autumn Moon County.


The three-layered sails whistled and sung in the wind.

Lu Ran stood at the side of the ship and looked down at the vast and barren peripheral forests of the Prime Devil Sect. A cold glint flashed across her pink eyes. It was completely different from the dazed look she had before.

"My cultivation base has been temporarily sealed, but I didn't expect to accidentally fall into the Thousand Sun Sect's territory. This Divine Lord Lu Sheng seems to be a careful fellow." A voice that was completely different from Lu Ran's sounded within her mind.

"This area is rarely noticed by the Three Sects and Three Great Families. Strange phenomena keep popping up in the Other Worlds, and the disturbance within the Yin Capital is heating up. However, a place such as this is calm and stable. However, with your identity, my lady, you shouldn't let your guard down. You should tread carefully." Another old man's voice sounded in her head.

"Of course, I know that. Alas, if Third Uncle had supported me… Jia Jun and I wouldn't have been reduced to this." The girl closed her eyes to conceal the emotional turmoil that was currently raging within her.

"At this point in time, there's no need to put too much thought into it. You should locate His Highness the prince as soon as possible to see if it's possible to salvage the situation. Otherwise, if they catch up to us…" The man's voice sighed.

The royal family members were the cruelest and most heartless of all. However, this person whom he was loyal to was a person who valued relationships, and was bold to love and hate.

"I know." Lu Ran's expression was slightly cold. "Is the Spiritual Essence purified already? Let's set a deadline. I want to leave this place in five days."

"You shouldn't! My lady, your current condition doesn't allow you to use Teleport consecutively. If you do that, it'd deal irreparable damage to your foundation!" The man's voice was immediately shocked.

"Have I asked for your opinion?" The girl's voice grew cold.


"Do it." The girl cut him short.

The man was immediately silenced. It seemed as if he did not dare to say another word.

Lu Ran opened her eyes coldly and fixed her gaze on the fleeting scenery of the land under the ship. She was of noble origins. Now that she was reduced to this state, she felt extremely sullen.

Currently, she was forced to disguise herself and seek asylum in the Lu Manor. She pretended to have lost her memories completely. With an extremely unique secret treasure Divine Weapon, she concealed her own aura and spirit. Such an action was already a huge insult to her.

Although the lady of Lu Manor had rescued her by chance, she was still indebted to her, coincidence or not.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

If she had to trouble them further, that would be the same as repaying their kindness with evil. Even she would hold such an act in contempt.

Hence, when she heard that there were soldiers coming after her, she decided to fix a deadline, and wanted to leave this place immediately.

The flying ship flew all the way back to the Autumn Moon County, and landed in the empty grassland outside Lu Manor. Lu Ran returned to her weak outer appearance.

Beyond the grassland, the two little fellows who had been waiting for her hastily ran toward her.

"Sister Ranran!" Lu Ning leapt toward her and dove into Lu Ran's embrace.

Mu Jueqing looked at this scene with slight helplessness. Ever since Lu Ran came to the Lu Manor, she became very close with Lu Ning. The reason for this eluded her.

Perhaps it would be more apt to say that Lu Ning especially liked Lu Ran, though the feeling might not have been necessarily reciprocated.

When his mother Chen Yunxi knew just how much he liked her, even she felt slightly jealous.

Lu Ran was skilled in lute-playing, chess, calligraphy, and painting. Her verses, ditties, odes, and songs were outstanding. Lu Ning disliked learning at first. However, with her company and supervision, he was willing to restrain his own temperament and sat quietly to learn about history and poems. When the people of the Lu Manor saw this, they clicked their tongues in amazement.

"Little Ning, I've only gone to meet your father. It's not as if I'm not coming back. What're you worried about?" Lu Rang said gently.

"My father… It's because you went to meet my father that I'm worried." Lu Ning could not help but pout.

Lu Ran was slightly puzzled, but she did not inquire further. She started to ask Lu Ning about his progress in today's homework.

It had been a month since she came to the Lu Manor. Every time she saw the trouble-making Lu Ning who walked around with an arrogant air, she would be reminded of her poor child, Jia Ye.

Jia Ye was also this plump when he was little. He was also as unruly as Lu Ning was. The two of them were surprisingly similar in temperament.

Every time Lu Ran saw Lu Ning, she would think of her child who had died young. Especially when she was alone, her old feelings would be stirred up again.

"Homework and whatnot, that's child's play." Lu Ning waved his arm. His expression suddenly tensed up as he spoke softly, "However, sister Ranran, can you not go and meet my father anymore…? Even if you want to, you should reduce the times you visit him…" 

"Why?" Lu Ran was puzzled.

Lu Ning's small face grew sad all of a sudden. "I don't want anything to happen to you…" He seemed to have remembered something all of a sudden as he was suddenly filled with emotion.

Lu Ran was slightly stunned. Then, she immediately put on a gentle smile. She reached out and pinched Lu Ning's ears.

"Don't worry, I'll be alright." Who was she?! Even though she had fallen to this current state, she was not so weak as to be easily suppressed by some ordinary Divine Lords!

The confidence she conveyed with that statement made Lu Ning feel more at ease.

The two of them spoke softly. The wind was also blowing strongly around them. Even Mu Jueqing, who stood a dozen meters away from them, could only hear a small portion of their conversation.

"That's right… Do you still remember the breathing technique I taught you?" Lu Ran suddenly asked softly.

"Mhm!" Lu Ning quickly nodded his head. "I do. Every time I practice it, I feel my body go warm. It's so comfortable."

Lu Ran smiled.

"Keep up the good work, Ningning. Don't let anyone else find out about this. Even if your father asks about this, you will tell him nothing. Alright? This is our little secret."

"Don't worry, I, Lu Ning, am a true man. If I give my word, no horse under the heavens will be able to take it back!" Lu Ning smacked his own fleshy chest.

As she looked at the honest and cute Lu Ning, Lu Ran's expression appeared slightly stunned. She reached out and patted Lu Ning's forehead.

'They look so much alike…'

Her gaze started to drift slightly. 'If Jia Ye was still alive, maybe…'

Lu Ning looked at her with a slightly puzzled look. When he saw that Lu Ran did not react and seemed to be spacing out, he buried his head into her embrace and rubbed his face against her looming breasts. His piglet-like face wore an expression of satisfaction.

"You're much more bouncy than my mother!" He sighed with emotion as he rubbed his face.


Lu Ran could not help but laugh. She flicked his forehead hard.