Way Of The Devil Chapter 531

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"Extreme Yin Weapon Grandmaster?" Lu Sheng swatted Lu Fengchou away with a fist. With a swift movement, he tapped Hu Jin's right fist which was hurled toward him.

"Bam! Bam!" Two white shock waves erupted. The two of them were sent flying at the same time.

"Naturally, I've heard about the Yin Capital's Extreme Yin Weapon Grandmaster. However, as I'm a Divine Lord of the Thousand Sun Sect, yet you're attempting to threaten me with Extreme Yin, whom do you take my sect master, Weapon Grandmaster Aurora Polaris, for?" Lu Sheng said with a faint smile.

"Your Core Laws are capable of controlling blood, force, and divine fire, respectively. The Divine Weapons which you've assimilated with are only at the Jade Star tier. There's no hope of you attaining the Divine Intellect tier in the future. What a waste. I almost feel sorry for you…" Lu Sheng suddenly changed his stance, and said, "How can you live with being restricted by your Divine Weapons when you're cultivators?"

"How can you say that, Sect Master Lu? Individuals who are able to assimilate divine Intellect Divine Weapons are all extremely talented people with huge luck and dependable backgrounds. I don't suppose, with Sect Master Lu's qualities, that you were limited by the choice of Divine Weapons you could assimilate with back then, and that's why you're feeling bitter?" Hu Jin dropped to the ground and stabilized himself. "Why don't you join us in the Yin Capital? Although the Thousand Sun Sect is powerful, it's still a far cry compared to the Yin Capital's royal family. There are two Divine Intellect Divine Lords in the Yin Capital and numerous Divine Intellect Divine Weapons. At your age, Sect Master, you're still considered young. You can very well discard your current Divine Weapon and cultivate another one at the Divine Intellect tier."

"There are Divine Intellect Divine Weapons in the Yin Capital? And from what you've said, there's a lot of them too?" Lu Sheng's eyes beamed. He seemed to be giving it some thought.

"This is only natural. The Extreme Yin Weapon Grandmaster roams the heavens and possesses supernatural strength. It's only natural that he's much more powerful than the Three Sects. Moreover, the Three Sects only have two Weapon Grandmasters. The Divine Intellect Divine Weapons they collected had to be divided amongst the three sects as well. It's a given that they're not as powerful as the royal family." When Hu Jin saw that Lu Sheng's tone was softening, he immediately felt reinvigorated, and wanted to strike the iron while it was hot.

When the three of them kept fighting until this point of time, their hearts were actually filled with fear. The longer they fought, the colder their hearts became.

Lu Sheng was able to hold the three of them back single-handedly. They had been going at it for so long, yet Lu Sheng seemed to be able to take it all in his stride. His expression was extremely relaxed. It was clear that he had energy to spare.

If they told anybody else that this was the strength of a person at the Divine Intellect tier, nobody would have doubted them.

If they could persuade Lu Sheng to join the royal family, it would definitely be a great boon to the current chaotic Yin Capital and the war of unification launched by that person.

For a time, the three of them slowed down their attacks.

Lu Sheng stood in the middle of those attacks, and immediately sensed that something had changed. However, he thought nothing of it. Instead, his lips curved upward in a faint smile.

Ha had basically understood the methods and tricks the three of them had. It was time for him to end this farce.

"I'll go to the Yin Capital, but not now. Alright, game over."

Delin instinctively felt that something was off. He took a step back, and his voice quickly went cold. "What do you mean?" 

He was not the only one. Hu Jin called his Cutting Jade Ring back to his side.

Meanwhile, Lu Fengchou's blade shook and a circle of golden flames danced around him.

"What I mean is… you guys are useless now." Lu Sheng tossed the fragment of the longsword in his hands away. He turned around and left.

The three of them exchanged looks. They were at a complete loss as to what had just transpired.

However, Delin quickly understood what Lu Sheng meant.

With a clangor, the sword in his hand quickly dropped to the ground despite himself. An extreme sense of exhaustion and tiredness crept onto him. A searing and terrifying pain came from the depths of his spirit. However, that was insufficient to do away with the intense feeling of sleepiness he was feeling right now.

Before he fell asleep, he saw that Hu Jin and Lu Fengchou were also losing consciousness as they fell to the ground.

Without him noticing, his field of vision was tinted with a faint green hue.

It seemed as if a greenish gas had filled the air. A puff of light green wind blew past him.

"Green?" All of a sudden, Hu Jin seemed to have understood something.

There was no way that the wind would be green…

He finally understood why he'd been so frightened that he wanted to flee in the beginning.

As it turned out, the scales of the battle had been tipped from the very beginning. The Origin Power hidden within the wind was difficult to pick up.

"This is… embarrassing…" Perhaps dying in the hands of a Divine Intellect Divine Lord who had mastered Origin Power was not something to be ashamed of too much.

Lu Sheng walked out of the forest. The huge patch of green powder behind him condensed into a ball of colossal Yin Flame, supported three Jade Star Divine Weapons, and flew out from behind.

The Yin Flames placed the Divine Weapons down and dispersed into powder again. Then, it merged into Lu Sheng's back and disappeared.

'This is my Origin Power Core Law.' Lu Sheng picked up the Cutting Jade Ring and scrutinized it. Then, he brought it to his mouth and took a soft bite.

The extremely hard Divine Weapon was like a crispy cracker under his sharp teeth. He easily took a bite out of the ring.

He could not leave the three Divine Weapons here. As the Natal Divine Weapons of the royal family's Divine Lords, they certainly had a reputation in the outside world.

The current Prime Devil Sect was still no match for the royal family.

The loss of three Divine Lords was also a great blow to the royal family.

'Funny. 13 years from now, there'll be a great Tribulation, yet a group of people is only thinking about gaining more power.' Lu Sheng wore a scornful expression on his face.

If the Weapon Grandmaster did not make a move, the Divine Intellect tier was the most powerful person under the heavens. He would not have to fear anyone trying to find trouble with him.

The deaths of the three Divine Lords at the same time here would also serve as a stern warning to some forces. Their claws were already on his head. Since they were not afraid of dying, they would have to pay the price with their lives.

Currently, in the chaotic world, merely giving way would not earn respect from the others. It was only by revealing one's fangs that one would be able to strike fear into the hearts of others and subsequently earn their respect.


Lu Ran and her attendant were running away at high speed.

Tall trees and short shrubs shot past them.

All of a sudden, Lu Ran stopped in her tracks. Her body's movements changed from extremely fast to extremely slow in an instant. She stopped where she was.

"What wrong, My Lady?" Ding Wusheng hastily asked.

"So, I owe you one this time…" Lu Ran's expression was ice-cold. However, the anxiousness that had been hidden in her eyes all this while finally dispersed at this moment.

She already knew what had happened behind her.

"My Lady, you're saying…" Ding Wusheng was not a dumb person. He naturally understood why she had stopped moving. He started displaying an excited expression.

"Let's go, the journey is far from over. The Autumn Moon County's Prime Devil Sect… I've underestimated them." Lu Ran turned around and continued forward, but her steps were lighter and more cheerful than before.

When Ding Wusheng saw this, he was also filled with joy. He quickly followed behind her.


Three Divine Lords of the royal family had mysteriously disappeared in the lands of the Thousand Sun Sect. The Great Yin was shocked.

The spot where the Divine Lords fought showed signs of fighting over a huge area. It was as if beings of the Divine Lord tier had been fighting against each other.

The series of phenomena meant that the fates of these three Worshippers of the Divine Lord tier were most likely inauspicious.

However, the royal family was not content to accept this. The great tribes behind them were also dissatisfied. They sent their own men to investigate the place. However, they could not even find any trace of their bodies.

Weapon Grandmaster Aurora Polaris had written a letter to inquire Lu Sheng about this matter. Lu Sheng offered his excuses. After all, he was still tending to his wounds right now. With his apparent newfound strength, it should not be possible for him to accomplish the great feat of fighting against three such opponents at once.

Hence, after discovering remnants of what seemed like Devil Qi, the royal family classified this as an attack by the Devil Tribe's Devil Lords.

Lu Sheng was immediately pushed into the spotlight for this matter. The royal family's Divine Intellect Divine Lords personally pressured the Prime Devil Sect secretly in an attempt to look for clues. However, the Thousand Sun Sect did not intend to show any weakness, either. Weapon Grandmaster Aurora Polaris sent the Divine Intellect-tier Divine Lord Tong Yi to them again to oversee the area and suppress the other forces.


"Please." Lu Sheng stretched out his hand and pointed at the white jade teacup before him. Emerald green tea was slightly boiling within it. This tea was extremely special. When it was left there undisturbed, it would form a miniature whirlpool all on its own, and spiraled clockwise.

"Comrade Lu Sheng, long time no see. You look better than before." Old Taoist Tong Yi chuckled as he brought the tea cup to his lips to have a sip. He enjoyed the faint aroma of the tea leaves in his mouth.

"Comrade Tong Yi, seems like you've found your future directions?" Lu Sheng said with raised eyebrows.

The two of them were sitting upright in the Prime Devil Sect's Devil Palace. The entire Prime Devil Sect perfectly welcomed the arrival of the Divine Lord Tong Yi who had greatly helped Lu Sheng before this.

Lu Sheng even served him with his prized Nine Mystics Tea.

"It's difficult…" Tong Yi shook his head. "At our level, what we strive for is the ability to improve and control the affinity with Origin Power. There are countless Origin Powers in the world, and the conditions required by them are different as well… Discovering the condition alone will take up a lot of time." He lifted his head and looked at Lu Sheng. He suddenly smiled. "Seems like you've found the path which you want to tread upon already, Comrade Lu Sheng?"

"Maybe. It's still too early to talk about that." Lu Sheng smiled, and changed the topic.

The two of them brought each other up to speed, and Lu Sheng asked for guidance on some common-sense questions. After getting satisfactory answers from Tong Yi, he settled him down in the accommodations prepared for him beforehand.

After all, Tong Yi had come with great fanfare with the purpose of putting up an appearance for him. He would have to do everything through both official and personal means to make sure he had a pleasant stay.

After sending Tong Yi off, Lu Sheng quickly welcomed his second important guest.

He stood in his study and picked up a platinum-colored greeting card on the table.

A row of letters was written vertically: Esteemed Three Prime Nine Pagodas Land Divine Universe turned Hidden Evil Spirit King, the third Divine King's divine son, His Majesty Li Shunxi, sends his greetings.

On this greeting card, the waves of the inscribed runes alone were enough to move Lu Sheng. This greeting card alone was already equivalent to half a Golden Leaf Divine Weapon. As expected, the Three Sacred Gates was mysteriously formidable.

Come to think of it, he had had some dirty little conflicts with the Three Sacred Gates before this. The reason why Li Shunxi sent this greeting in the name of the Three Sacred Gates was clearly in support of him using his background.

He tidied his robes. Li Shunxi was coming to visit, but the first thing he had to do was to put his personal matters aside and officially welcome the envoy from the Three Sacred Gates.

That was etiquette.

He walked past long segments of the palace's corridors. The doors to the main hall were wide open. Li Shunxi wore extravagant white clothes and a white jade golden crown on his head, while the front of his clothes was ornamented with various pearls and jewels. Beautiful servant girls, personal guards, scholars, and eunuchs followed behind him, and two formidable old men whose appearance alone suggested that they were not ordinary people flanked him.

The moment Lu Sheng entered the main hall, he picked up a faint smell of incense. It was clearly brought here by Li Shunxi's envoy.

He swept his gaze over the two old men. They were peak elites of the Weapon Master tier, and would have been overlords if they were stationed in some small town. However, they were only fit to be Li Shunxi's retinue.

When he saw Lu Sheng walk in, Li Shunxi's originally bitter and helpless expression was quickly replaced by one of surprise. He quickly stood up.

"Big Brother Lu! Big Brother Lu!" He hastily waved toward Lu Sheng.

Lu Sheng walked over. When he got closer, he smelled a stronger aroma from this kid. He seemed to have also applied powder to his neck and face, giving him the effect as if he had put on makeup. He looked more like a pretty boy right now.

"Long time no see. I hope you've been doing well, Big Brother." Li Shunxi was being exceptionally restrained. He clearly wanted to greet him casually, but the huge group of people around him made him feel as if he was sitting on a mat of needles. Every action of his had to reflect his status as the Divine Son.

"Everything is fine." Lu Sheng nodded. Li Shunxi was willing to step forward and clearly pledge his support for him at this point of time. This alone made Lu Sheng feel that he had not saved him in vain.

Li Shunxi wore a bitter expression. "To tell you the truth, Big Brother Lu, the reason for my current visit is—"

Coughs could immediately be heard from the sides.

He quickly paused mid-sentence, and helplessly continued, "The reason for the Divine Son's visit… was specifically to pass this invitation to Big Brother Lu."

He took a delicate invitation from the hands of one of the girls.

It was made of the same material as the greeting card before this. The aura's fluctuation was also extraordinary.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Lu Sheng flipped it open casually. His expression turned peculiar immediately.

"You're getting engaged? You even have a daughter already?"