Way Of The Devil Chapter 532

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"Uh… That's… an accident, an accident…" Li Shunxi was feeling quite helpless. He made an awkward attempt at explaining, but he could not conjure up anything convincing even after a long while.

Lu Sheng closed the invitation, and helplessly said, "You're quite the guy, celebrating your wedding and your daughter's first birthday at the same time…" 

"I didn't know that she gave birth to the child, either. She was keeping that a secret from me…" Li Shunxi shook his head, and said, "However, since she's already born, she's a descendant of my Li Family. I have an obligation to take care of her." When he said that, he wore a serious expression.

Lu Sheng patted his shoulder and did not say anything.

The two of them sat down, and Lu Shunxi dismissed his guards and maidservants with a wave. After persuading them for a long time, he finally pulled the two old men out of the hall. He wanted some privacy for him and Lu Sheng to talk.

In the main hall, Lu Sheng dismissed the people from the Prime Devil Sect as well. He sat opposite Li Shunxi.

"Big Brother Lu, you should be more careful these days." When Li Shunxi saw that everyone else had left them, he waved his right arm, and the two of them were immediately covered by a white opaque curtain of moonlight.

Lu Sheng's expression twitched, and he asked, "Oh? Why do you say that?" 

He knew that Li Shunxi would not let an arrow loose without a cause. He knew that he had to have thought about many things before coming here with much grandeur.

After all, he was no longer the lone wanderer of the pugilistic world he'd been many years ago.

Li Shunxi wore a solemn expression. With lightning speed, he made a few hand signs.


A semicircular glass-like screen immediately appeared between the two of them. A series of colored images appeared on the screen.

On the screen, the image of was an impressive-looking huge gray area. The names of the locations in the Great Yin was labeled on them. The northernmost part also had a label—it was the Yin Capital.

"Big Brother, please look." Li Shunxi pointed at the image. "This is the current territory of the Great Yin. "He tapped the screen softly. About a fifth of the area on the screen slowly turned black.

"These black areas are areas where it's no longer possible to suppress it. There's a chance that the World of Pain may pass through the dimensions and arrive here."

He tapped the screen softly again. Very quickly, a huge patch of glaring red areas surfaced in the eastern part of the Great Yin's map.

"This area might've been tainted by Evil Spirits. These monsters from the Other Worlds would devour anything and everything. In addition, they have a plethora of ways to infiltrate other beings. They're extremely difficult to clear away."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

With this, Lu Sheng understood. The Autumn Moon County, where he was, was located at the boundary where these two great areas met. On the left was the possibility of the World of Pain arriving at any time. On the right was the possibility of an outbreak of Evil Spirit and monsters.

"This is the reason for my current visit. Big Brother Lu, truth be told, you're not the only one. The lands controlled by the Youyin and Thousand Sun Sects are also on the boundary between these two areas. It was also because of this that Weapon Grandmaster Aurora Polaris personally went to the Gate of Illusion to suppress the Evil Spirits. Otherwise, there would be no need for him to be with the vanguard," Li Shunxi said with a straight face.

Lu Sheng had found it peculiar at the beginning as well. It was only when Li Shunxi pointed it out that he understood the entire situation.

The current situation was that the Thousand Sun and Youyin Sects were in a precarious situation where they might be completely overwhelmed by the two great threats.

Weapon Grandmaster Aurora Polaris himself was heavily injured to begin with. Even so, he had to suppress the internal conflicts on his own, fight back the Evil Spirits, and stop the arrival of pain. The immensity of the pressure he was feeling would have been unimaginable.

"Also, your teacher's, the Divine Lord Shifting Moth's main body has also been suppressing an Evil Spirit-leaking spot. If she didn't do that, the trouble the Thousand Sun Sect is in would be greater," Li Shunxi said solemnly.

Lu Sheng muttered something to himself. He placed his hand lightly on the teacup and kept silent for a long time.

This was not a problem that could be simply settled by a couple of Divine Lords. This concerned beings of the Weapon Grandmaster tier. Also, with the Thousand Sun Sect's current condition, even if the Weapon Grandmasters of the entire Great Yin were at their best condition and gathered there to face the threat, there was no certainty that they would be able to succeed.

They sat there for a long time.

"So, what the Three Sacred Gates is trying to say?" Lu Sheng asked in a deep voice.

Li Shunxi smiled wryly. "My teacher, the Three Prime Nine Pagodas Land Saint, is one of the Divine Kings of the Three Sacred Gates. He's been keeping an eye on the World of Pain. I've made this trip to visit Weapon Grandmaster Aurora Polaris on behalf of my teacher. However, since your place is on the way, I came here to give you a heads-up."

Lu Sheng immediately understood.

Li Shunxi had a different status right now. He was the equivalent of the Three Sacred Gate's ambassador this time. His main mission was to get in touch with Weapon Grandmaster Aurora Polaris. In truth, he had no obligation to come here. However, he still made this trip, as a friend, just to warn Lu Sheng.

"Then… you're saying…" Lu Sheng's expression was grim.

"If it's possible, then it's better for you to relocate, Big Brother Lu," Li Shunxi said with a straight face.

"I'll think about this." Lu Sheng nodded. Currently, the Prime Devil Sect had already established its roots here. Rashly switching their location was not an easy thing to do.

"Alright, since we're done with official matters, do you want to see my daughter, Big Brother Lu?" When Li Shunxi talked about this, his expression changed as well. "When I heard that your son Lu Ning was born back then, it's my fault for not being able to congratulate you at the first opportunity. How about this, we should arrange a marriage for our children, between our families. Big Brother, you've saved me many a time, and I am deeply grateful for that. Rather than risking growing estranged in the future, isn't it better to strengthen our relationship like this?"

When Lu Sheng heard this, he was slightly moved as well. Li Shunxi had always been a person with great luck. He was able to escape death for a few times now. Currently, his life had finally settled down somewhat. In the face of the immense Three Sacred Gates, the enemies and troubles he was facing back then were like the arms of a mantis against a carriage—not even able to withstand a single blow.

The Three Sacred Gates had been around for generations. They had a rich history and stable standing in the world. If he strengthened his ties with him, it was also a form of insurance for the Lu Family.

After giving it some thought, Lu Sheng nodded his head as well.

"That's fine as well. It's alright to set a time for this discussion as well."

When Li Shunxi heard this, he was immediately delighted. "That's settled, then."

In truth, he did not even mention to Lu Sheng that his teacher had meant to engage his daughter to another Weapon Grandmaster's son.

Although there was a considerable gap in their age, their statuses were similar. However, Li Shunxi had insisted that he would make his own decisions for his own family. That was why he rushed to Lu Sheng's place and settled this matter.

His teacher was more interested in the equality of status and investment, but Li Shunxi had always remembered the favor he owed Lu Sheng for saving his life. If he could secure their ties in this way, he was confident that he would have the right to utilize the Three Sacred Gate's resources when he rose to power and aid Lu Sheng in his time of need.

His teacher's focus was on the disciples of the other peak forces. Li Shunxi did not mind the expansion of his strength and influence after this. Compared to the expansion of influence, he valued friendship more.

After they made the decision, Lu Sheng immediately brought Li Shunxi to see his son Lu Ning. Li Shunxi gifted Lu Ning with a treasured jade. Lu Sheng returned the favor by gifting Li Shunxi's daughter, Li Hanzhu, a purple jade.

With Divine Lord Tong Yi as their witness, they formally became in-laws.

News of this matter spread quickly throughout the Autumn Moon County. At the same time, it spread far and wide. The various great forces had received news of this at the first moment.

Unlike the Prime Devil Sect, the Three Sacred Gates was an immense organization that lived up to its reputation. It was much more powerful compared to any of the Three Sects and Three Families. Although this colossal force that had been hiding in the shadows all this while had been slowly revealing its powers lately, it had never appeared openly under the eyes of the public—not even once.

For a time, many powers behind the scenes were eager to make a move. However, in the few days from Li Shunxi's arrival at the Prime Devil Sect, the land around the Autumn Moon County shook occasionally. The ill-meaning tendrils that had been sent out were killed off by mysterious experts in a few days.

This included the scouts sent out by the six prestigious families. After the initial shock, they completely experienced the imposing air and domineeringness of the Three Sacred Gates.

The Three Sacred Gates was not technically a force of the Great Yin. It was a colossal force that spanned the entire continent and who knew how much further. They might have even been around for a much longer time compared to the entire Great Yin Empire.

After settling a series of matters, Lu Sheng sent Li Shunxi's hurrying group away. The threat had been dealt with, and Tong Yi took his leave. The Moon Autumn County returned to its peaceful days.

Lu Sheng had also compiled the findings of the Three Sacred Gates in these few years. He compared it with the situation he learned from Li Shunxi during his stay, and verified them against each other.

The aroma of incense rose straight up into the air, and only spread out naturally at the height of one meter.

Lu Sheng sat with his legs folded under him within his study. An assortment of books and scrolls varying in size was spread out before him.

'From what Li Shunxi said, the Three Sacred Gates was above all worldly desires. It would not officially come into contact with the Other Worlds under normal circumstances. At most, they would just guide the flow of events from the shadows. When the Three Sacred Gates actually showed itself, it would be the day where the Great Tribulation would be upon us.

'However, the Great Yin's Weapon Grandmaster is now heavily wounded. The Devil World clearly has a few Devil Emperors, but they chose to stay their hand and have Vera leap here and there. This situation is really strange.

'And now, the Three Sacred Gates has decided to join the show.' The Three Sacred Gates was an organization of great mystery. Since it was able to maintain its aloof position in the Great Yin, it surely had a few Weapon Grandmasters. However, from Li Shunxi's tone, it seemed as if the Three Sacred Gates' Weapon Grandmasters would not completely pledge themselves to the cause of either the Human World or the Devil World.

'Looks like this organization is formed with the sole purpose of fighting against the World of Pain.' Lu Sheng seemed to have come to an understanding in his heart.

Currently, his other identity was a member of the World of Pain's parish. If the World of Pain truly manifested in this world, he would have two choices.

The first one was to side with the World of Pain.

The other was to side with the Human World.

However, no matter what he chose, the risks would be great. His status in the World of Pain was too low, while the overall strength of the Human World was too weak. If he wanted to protect his family and the Prime Devil Sect, he did not possess enough strength yet.

'Looks like I'll have to become a Weapon Grandmaster as soon as possible and open the door inside my heart.' Although he was already advancing at a fast pace, when the true pressure came upon him, Lu Sheng still felt that he was too weak.

'In any case, I'll go meet Sect Master Aurora Polaris and start moving as quickly as possible. After all that's done, I'll start my next Arrival.'

Lu Sheng decided on his next course of action.

If he went by Shizi Xing's classification, he would be a true expert of the Origin tier right now. He would not be considered weak even in the World of Pain. However, because he did not have a teacher to mentor him, he could only rely on himself for his future directions and paths. It was difficult.

Lu Sheng decided that he had better follow his heart. He got up to his feet quickly.


An elite disciple of the Prime Devil Sect came to him in an instant. "Here."

"Contact the main branch. I'll head to the East Sea in a few days' time to meet Sect Master Aurora Polaris."


Lu Sheng waved his sleeve and rolled up the information about the Three Sacred Gates on the table. The scrolls and books flew away automatically and returned to their original locations on the bookshelves.

Then, he summoned Deep Blue and took a look again. His Mental Energy had increased by more than 80,000 units after he consumed three Jade Star Divine Weapons since the last time. Currently, he had more than 90,000 units, and the total value was close to 100,000 units.