Way Of The Devil Chapter 535

533 Who Rules Over Mans Destiny In This Boundless Land 2

"Report!" Just when the others were feeling shocked, a scout came in, and shouted, "There's an urgent military message from the Prime Devil Sect!"

Chen Xun's expression changed, and he quickly barked an order. "Bring it in!" 

The scout immediately passed the document to the examiner. After confirming that it was not poisoned, it was immediately given to Chen Xun.

Chen Xun unsealed the envelope, and had barely read the few starting lines when his expression changed greatly.

"Devil Palace's Elder Shi is heavily wounded and in a precarious situation. The palace's protective formation is about to be activated!"


The others were immediately startled.


"Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!"

Groups of semi-transparent, mist-like illusory shadows scattered and shot in all directions in midair. Grayish-white mist slowly rose from the ground. The fertile land was visibly withering and eventually cracked.

Cracked veins slowly appeared. Around the Prime Devil Sect's Devil Palace, a layer of gray slowly covered the skies above. The trees withered and the grass turned into black ashes and scattered.

"Kill them!"

A squadron of heavily armored warriors with armors inscribed with glowing white runes brandished their huge swords as they attempted to break through the enemy ranks.

Gray figures immediately shot down from the skies and crashed into the armored warriors.

"Bam! Bam! Bam!"

Most of the armored warriors felt as if they were rammed by a truck. They reeled, spitting out blood, and were either heavily wounded or on the brink of death. Only a few of them unleashed their Spiritual Essence to fight against the impact. They swung their swords wildly and fought with the gray shadows.

Great formations surfaced around the Devil Palace like ripples. They resonated with the glow of the county city's formation. They were also repelling the charge of the gray shadows.

"Scatter!" A black shadow descended from the skies. Black Devil Qi rolled and surged around it as it instantly cleared away a dozen gray shadows.

The King of Shadows Xu Feila was ghastly pale. He kept swinging his arms as he unleashed his Devil Qi, and transported the injured Prime Devil Sect disciples back to the Devil Palace. At the same time, more disciples and elders charged out of the formation to continue the fight.

"What are these?!" Up until now, he did not know what these beings were.

The weakest of the gray shadows possessed a might of the Earth Prime tier. A simple tackle was enough to gravely injure the sect's elite disciples.

There was no way that they could fight these.

Even as a Devil King himself, he could only withstand the impacts of a dozen gray shadows.

"These are Evil Spirits!"

Two gray shadows shot out from behind and landed softly beside the King of Shadows. A Divine Weapon hovered on each side of him. They flipped their palms and unleashed black sword gleams and white airflows to repel the incoming gray shadows from the other directions. They were the Prime Devil Sect's other two Weapon Masters' Worshippers.

"Let's retreat for now."

The two of them pulled on the King of Shadows. They turned around and flew into the great formation.


A deep sucking sound suddenly came at them from afar. The sucking sound was extremely loud, and instantly attracted the attention of everyone present there.

"That's...?!" The three Weapon Grandmasters had barely stood still when they heard slow, rhythmic, and loud footsteps coming from the gray mist far away.




Far inside the mist, an extremely mammoth monster with a little mountain's height of a hundred meters slowly appeared. Countless gray shadows plunged into its body in a frenzy, which made it grow in size.

This monster was still a few kilometers away from the Devil Palace. However, they were already able to see its terrifying size from this distance. They could also feel its formidable aura shock wave.

This monster had a snout like a crocodile's, while its semi-transparent body was covered in golden hair and possessed thick limbs and bloated torso. Countless gray shadows swirled and danced within its body.

"What is that thing?!" Xu Feila was on the verge of a breakdown. Even his Devil King's Avatar did not have such an outrageous size. Also, from the looks of the amount of gray shadows within the monster's body, its strength was most probably above his.

"Evil Spirits… To think that they've broken out so soon…"

The Prime Devil Sect's Grand Elder Liu Shanzi slowly brought the inhabitants out of the Devil Palace. He looked at the gray illusory shadow from afar.

These shadows circled around the great formation's light screen and flew around as they tore at the formation. The entire light screen shook as if it would crumble at any moment.

"Little Sheng has told me about this before. I didn't think that I'd be able to see them here…" A heavy look flashed across Liu Shanzi's old eyes. "This monster has terrifying strength. It's not something that can be fought off by ordinary experts. We must inform Little Sheng as soon as possible!"

"It seems to be condensing its body?!" someone shouted.

"This is bad! It's heading toward the county city! The Lu Manor and the young master is there!" the King of Shadows exclaimed suddenly, startled.

"Stop it!"

Liu Shanzi's expression changed as he let out a growl. Countless tongues of black flames surged out magnificently from behind him. A black lion charged out with a loud crash. He rode the lion, and they leapt into the air. They charged out of the great formation's barrier at the huge monster!

The other Weapon Masters also made their moves. They flew out of the formation and brandished their Divine Weapons as they flew toward the giant monster.

Scorching flames that could melt gold and forge iron. Toxic white winds that could erode bones. Rolling Prime Devil Qi that was pungent and poisonous. All sorts of methods, secret Arts, and Divine Weapon special abilities landed on the giant monster's body and exploded.

However, these explosions were only like a light drizzle. The giant monster's skin was not even broken. Only a few of its outer golden hairs were blasted off, and its grayish-white, semi-transparent skin underneath was exposed.

"Foolish insects!" The giant monster laughed. Its voice was like the roar of thunder. The Devil Palace creaked as it shook.


It swept its palm and swatted Liu Shanzi mercilessly. Liu Shanzi immediately crashed toward the Devil Palace. He shot through a tower, which broke and crumbled.

"In the face of the mighty Andura, you're all fearless insets! Hahahaha!" The giant monster laughed maniacally.

The four Weapon Masters and the Devil King desperately tried to stop its advance, but their efforts were in vain. The giant Evil Spirit monster was still closing in on the Autumn Moon City.

Compared to the Prime Devil Sect Devil Palace's tough tortoise shell, the entire Autumn Moon City had much lower defenses, and the life aura within it was much stronger.

Strong enough for it to have a great meal.

"Mere human! There's no need for His Majesty to come personally. I, Andura, will crush you all! Hahahaha!" The giant monster roared. He spoke in the Language of E. There was no need for translation as any living creatures that communicated through sound could understand what it meant.

The huge barrier over the city glowed with a faint golden gleam. It resembled a great bowl which was turned over on the entire city.

The giant monster Andura quickly made its way toward the city's barrier, and slapped its palm onto the barrier without hesitation.


With a loud bang, the entire barrier was as fragile as wet paper as Andura's palm easily smashed through it. Hordes of Evil Spirits snickered and shot toward the ordinary humans in the city like gray raindrops.

"Hahahaha!" Andura laughed maniacally. He strode into the city.

The city's inhabitants were deathly still for a moment. Then, screams and cries erupted as white mist started to rise from the ground.

"What rich life aura…" Andura placed his foot on top of a house. He reveled as he drew in a breath. "Compared to the other worlds, this is practically paradise for the Evil Spirit Tribe!"

They devoured life, while various life forms that cultivated and improved Spiritual Essence were gathered here. They were the perfect source of food for them!

"Kill! Devour! Rampage! Scream! Hahahaha! Oh, fragile insects, tremble at the feet of the mighty Andura!" The giant monster seemed infatuated as he spread his arms wide and laughed at the skies.

The people cried as they fled, and there was blood everywhere. There were many who were killed in the chaotic stampede, run over by others.

The Yangming and Yinfu Armies were getting into formation to launch their formations. However, their Spiritual Essence Arts that they conjured up were only capable of destroying a handful of Evil Spirits.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The armies' formations were quickly broken through, and they quickly found themselves being slaughtered one-sidedly.

Only the Earth Prime elites of the Three Sects managed to stand their ground. They retreated to a corner and fought back the horde of Evil Spirits with the help of the terrain.


A little boy fell from his mother's embrace among the shoving crowd. He got up to his feet and started crying among all the shifting legs. He was holding onto a rattle drum which his mother had just bought him.

"Daddy!" The boy's cries were ignored by the masses. The Evil Spirits snickered. The crowd wailed in fear. Everyone was busy running for their own lives.

"Child… are you separated from your mother?" Among the bustling crowd, a woman with a gentle expression walked with light steps toward the boy. She had a melancholic look.

"…Mm-hm…" The little boy was affected by the woman's gentleness. He slowly stopped crying and started to nod.

"Poor child…" The woman bent her back and carried the boy into her arms. "Let's find your mother together…"

"Poor child…"

She hugged the little boy tight. Two streaks of glittering tears slowly flowed down from her face. Without making any noise, countless skin-toned insects swarmed out of her robes like bees. They plunged toward her embrace, toward the little boy.


The little boy started struggling, but to no avail. The woman hugged him tightly, and a pool of blood gradually formed under her feet.

"Mo… ther…" A weak cry came from her embrace.

A little white hand managed to reach out through the gap in her arms. It was covered in blood.


The little hand suddenly swayed to the side. It broke off and fell to the ground. Only a small section of the little arm was left wriggling on the ground.


A figure clad in a black cloak slowly knelt with a knee on the ground before the little hand. The figure stared at the hand silently.

He slowly reached out and touched the supple skin of the hand.

"You guys… have truly made me mad…"

With a flutter, the cloak was removed, and Lu Sheng's big, tall, powerful, and domineering body was revealed.

He was only slightly late, and the Evil Spirits had taken advantage of his absence to launch an attack. It had even resulted in the disaster before his eyes.

The entire city was destroyed overnight, and countless inhabitants died a cruel death. Evil Spirits ran rampant as they slaughtered any living soul they encountered.

The skies were gray, and the Spiritual Essence of the land was being devoured.

The Prime Devil Sect and the Three Sects could only manage to preserve themselves.

"I'll let you know what fear is!!"

Lu Sheng roared and smashed the woman's head with a palm strike. He shot into the skies and turned into a dark red light beam.


The light beam stabbed into the skies, and instantly opened up a crack between the countless gray Evil Spirits.


Countless blue ripples appeared behind him.

"Divine Vein!" Lu Sheng raised his right arm high. The Mystic Water Divine Vein on the back of his hand shone. A large purplish-gold metal ball rose behind him. Purplish-gold light waves rocked, spiraled, and surged.

He opened his eyes in an instant.

"Overturn the Sea!"


A huge volume of light blue water instantly covered the entire city.