Way Of The Devil Chapter 536

534 Who Rules Over Mans Destiny In This Boundless Land 3

The Lu Manor.

The Evil Spirits plunged into the bodies of the servants, who were instantly torn into countless shreds of flesh and blood.

Wails rose here and there, but even those quickly died down.

Chen Yunxi kept retreating under the protection of a few elite guards of the Prime Devil Sect. They barricaded themselves in a corner, and could not move. Lu Quanan, Jade Mother, and the others were also with them.

The Evil Spirits' semi-transparent bodies lunged at them swiftly amidst snickers. The elites were drenched in sweat from the effort. They could only manage to repel their advances.

"Uncle De, take Ningning and my parents and leave. There's too many of us here. None of us can make it out of here. I'll stay here. Brother Sheng will surely avenge me."

Chen Yunxi gave the order with a cold expression and stern tone. Although she did not possess powerful martial strength, she was brave enough to follow Lu Sheng here all the way from Great Song. This alone showed that her bravery and determination were extraordinary.

"No! If we die, we'll die together!" Lu Quanan supported Jade Mother and his few concubines whose legs grew limp as he spoke angrily, "Besides, there's also Qingqing and the others. If we left, regardless of what Sheng'er thinks, this old man will never be able to forgive himself! Don't worry, this'll be over soon! The reinforcements will come, I'm sure of it!"

A jade pendant on Lu Ning was currently releasing sparkling black gas. This black gas covered an area of dozens of meters. The flitting Evil Spirits were also wary of it, and dared not attack.

However, when the black gas thinned, the black color of the jade pendant started to fade as well. It grew more and more transparent.

"Mother…" Lu Ning gripped Chen Yunxi's hand tightly. As he looked at the Evil Spirits that covered the skies, an unexplainable silver glow suddenly flashed in his eyes.

"Uncle Wen, this way!" A slender figure suddenly leapt sideways toward them. With a swift slash of the sword, a dozen Evil Spirits were killed. The figure dropped nearby the group.

This figure was an impressive-looking middle-aged scholar with a pale face. He held Mu Jueqing in his arms and wielded a white sickle-shaped longsword.

"Let's go! Uncle Wen has a treasure than can transport five people!" Mu Jueqing started shouting the moment her feet touched the ground.

"Ningning, go follow your senior apprentice sister!" Lu Quanan immediately pulled Lu Ning and carried him. The middle-aged scholar shook his hand, and a purple light beam immediately flew out. The light wrapped itself around Lu Ning easily and pulled him to his side.

There seemed to be something around him that repelled the Evil Spirits. A small safe area was formed around him. It was more than enough to fit five people.

Mu Jueqing held Lu Ning as she shouted, "Mistress, Grandpa Quanan, come quick!" 

Chen Yunxi pulled on Lu Quanan. With a shift in footwork, she leapt into the air.

At this very moment, a series of snickers suddenly reached them from midair. Dozens of Evil Spirits had been awaiting this specific moment, and suddenly charged toward them from the sides.

The middle-aged scholar shot out his purple light beam, and repelled half of the Evil Spirits with a flurry. However, one of the Evil Spirits seemed different from the others. Its body was slightly whitish, and it surprisingly broke free of the purple light beam. It broke through the blockade and lunged at Chen Yunxi.



Everyone bulged their eyes so much that they almost popped. However, whether it was the middle-aged scholar or the two elites of Lu Manor, they could not make it in time. Everything had happened too suddenly.

Chen Yunxi's pupils contracted all of a sudden. Her mind went blank with a buzz. She could only look on as the Evil Spirit revealed a smiling face as it lunged at her.


Lu Ning's cries had only reached her ears at this moment.

However, everything was too late.

The Evil Spirit's large body rammed into Chen Yunxi's chest. Then, with a ripping sound, it slid past her body.

"Huh?!" Chen Yunxi had no time to think it through. She only felt as if the Evil Spirit had veered off course. It had missed, and merely brushed against the clothes on her chest.

When the others saw this, they sighed with relief as well. Lu Ning was the only one whose little face suddenly paled. The silver gleam at the bottom of his eyes quickly dimmed. It seemed to have taken a lot of energy out of him.

The Evil Spirits seemed to have sensed something. They did not dare to make any other advances. They merely kept flying around them.

The middle-aged scholar sighed with relief. He was feeling grateful that nothing untoward had happened, otherwise…

"Huh? Why did the sky suddenly turn blue?" All of a sudden, his expression registered shock as he looked up at the skies.

"That's?!" His pupils suddenly contracted.


"It's Brother Sheng!"


The others quickly saw the strange happening in the skies and the hovering domineering figure.


The Evil Spirits seemed to have heard some sort of order. Currently, they charged toward the skies, toward the azure patch. Countless Evil Spirits charged toward the heavens like a waterfall in reverse.


The Prime Devil Sect.

Liu Shanzi was being supported by another person, and there was blood trickling down the side of his lips. The other Weapon Masters were also injured, and the Prime Devil Sect's disciples also suffered heavy losses. However, it was fortunate that the Devil Palace had not been breached.

"How is it? Is the Grand Elder alright?" Elder Shi was completely covered in bandages. He sat on a wheelchair carved out of black jade as he was pushed toward them.

"This won't kill me," Liu Shanzi said with a bitter smile. "I thought that these old bones of mine still have some fight in them, but looks like I'm completely useless. I was sent flying from the get go."

"Now what do we do?" the King of Shadows Xu Feila asked in a low voice.

Currently, the sect master was absent, and the three of them were in charge of managing the sect. Liu Shanzi was Lu Sheng's teacher. If he made the decision, he would not be punished even if he made a mistake.

Liu Shanzi focused his spirits, and said, "We must think of a way to send someone to the city and rescue the young master!" He looked in the direction of the faraway city. Thick plumes of smoke rose from the great fires there. There seemed to be people trying to resist the Evil Spirit by lighting fires to stop their attacks.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

However, the Evil Spirits flitted in and out of the fires. They did not seem to mind them in the least. Instead, it was the civilians who were being devoured and burned by the fires. There were many casualties.

"This is a real disaster…" Liu Shanzi said with a sigh.

"This is much more terrifying than the Devil Disaster. At the very least, we of the Devil Tribe aren't as famished as they are. These monsters devour everything, they won't even spare the land's Spiritual Essence," Xu Feila said with a dark expression.

In truth, the conflict between the Devil Tribe and the humans were mainly to fight for resources. The conflict between Evil Spirits and humans was practically the Evil Spirits waging war on every living thing. They were not acting against humans, but all life, which included the Devil Tribe.

The Evil Spirits were crueler than the Devil Tribe. They were more formidable as well.

"Have the warnings been sent?" Duanmu Wan, who came here hurriedly, asked another disciple beside her in a low voice. "We should communicate with the others through formations!" 

"The warnings have been sent. However, the sect master hasn't replied yet." The disciple had lost an arm. Currently, his lips were cracked from dryness. It was clear that he had lost too much blood. He had a black membrane, yet he had lost too much blood, and so could not heal himself. It was apparent just how terrifying the Evil Spirits' destructive powers were.

"Huh? What's with these Evil Spirits?" Elder Shi suddenly exclaimed softly in surprise. He pointed at the throng of Evil Spirits in the air.

The others looked in the direction he pointed at. They could only see countless Evil Spirits flying and spiraling in dense masses as they shot toward the city at high speed.

"That can't be right! What's over there?!" Xu Feila had the most powerful eyesight. He could faintly see the blue radiance in the city's direction.

"That's…" Liu Shanzi was stunned as well.

"Overturn the Sea!"

A thunderous growl suddenly spread across the entire city.

The skies instantly turned blue.


County city.

The colossal Evil Spirit monster devoured countless Evil Spirits. Hordes of Evil Spirits tunneled into the monster from his belly, and some of the Evil Spirits even surged into his mouth, eyes, and nose. He grew larger and larger, and increased in immensity. He was already more than 200 meters tall, and was starting to reach a height of 300 meters.


He suddenly let out a furious howl toward Lu Sheng in the skies. The terrifying sound wave turned into a substantial grayish-white gale column, which blew so strongly that Lu Sheng's robes flapped loudly behind him.

Lu Sheng lifted one hand high, and the Mystic Water Divine Vein on the back of his hand flickered with deep blue radiance. The bluish-gold Sea-overturning Orb behind him swiveled rapidly and released a bluish-golden radiance.


Terrifying amounts of seawater crashed down loudly like a heavenly column. This was the hundreds of billion tons of seawater which Lu Sheng gathered from the East Sea. At the same time, the water vapor in the surrounding air was attracted by the seawater, and all this crashed downward at this moment.

The light blue water column seemed to have occupied all the space between heaven and earth in this instant. The surroundings of Lu Sheng and the giant monster suddenly turned into the bottom of a vast ocean.

The terrifyingly huge pressure pressed the giant monster down on the ground.


The giant monster struggled desperately to get back up on its feet. However, the seawater continued to ceaselessly crash onto him. He could not even lift his head.

His skin was being torn and shattered by the immense weight. The Evil Spirits within his body did not even have the time to react when they were crushed to bits.

"I, Andura Diakson, the mighty giant shark Evil Spirit, have never felt fear!" The giant monster struggled and howled furiously. He knelt with one knee on the ground. He attempted to grab onto the buildings around him and stand up, but the terrifying weight of the seawater bore down on him until his kneecap started complaining with creaks. He could not even straighten his body.

The all-covering seawater crushed many buildings. However, under Lu Sheng's terrifyingly immense Spiritual Power's control, the seawater precisely avoided places where huge patches of life aura aggregated. Only the insignificant areas were destroyed.

"For His Majesty! Hoargghh!" The giant monster roared. Countless wounds split open on his body. However, this did not stop his attempt to get back onto his feet.

Finally, the Sea-overturning Orb's greatest impact had washed past the area. The weight of hundreds of billion tons of seawater was the most powerful in the first instant, while the following force was weakened. The giant Evil Spirit monster was able to withstand it all.

"Meaningless struggle!" Veins popped around Lu Sheng's eyes. A dark red snake vein glowed between his brows.

Countless Devil Qi condensed into four long black blades behind him. Two arms protruded from his back and wielded the black blades.

Immense black Devil Qi spread out around him. At this moment, he had no intention of hiding his own strength anymore. His home had been attacked, so there was no way that he would f*cking conceal his strength. There was no longer any reason to do so.

"Infinite Spirit Slaughter!"

With a roar, Lu Sheng's body instantly turned into a black lightning bolt which shot past the giant monster's body from the top to the bottom.

The giant monster's body stiffened. He remained unmoving.

"Long live… His Majesty…" Andura wore a stunned expression.


A huge black mark in the shape of the character "rice"[1. Which looks like this: 米, so basically Andura got diced into several pieces.] slowly appeared in the middle of his colossal body that was close to 300 meters in height.

The black blade mark spread all over his body and completely cut his body into eight pieces.

Lu Sheng slowly dropped to the ground, and the black blades behind him dispersed. His four arms quickly returned to two, like an ordinary person.


The giant Evil Spirit monster Andura crumbled loudly. His immense physical body was split into eight portions and fell to the ground.