Way Of The Devil Chapter 539

537 Preparation 2

Deep within the green fields and mountain range.

A huge patch of giant trees hung their black roots that appeared like willow branches. Dense growths of dark purplish and dark greenish vines and brambles covered the ground.

In a cluttered and messy village, a wolf-headed, human-bodied monsters slowly sauntered among the earthen houses.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

They were making deep, unintelligible guttural sounds with their mouths. Long black and yellow hairs grew on some parts of their bodies. Some parts of their bodies were covered in extremely simple leather armor. It did not appear to fit them, resembling trash that they picked up instead.

In a dark yellow earthen hut, a black werewolf with a balanced physique was half-leaning against the wall in a daze. Blood water was flowing down slowly from his head.

He was wearing a simple, tattered leather armor that was only large enough to cover his chest. His hands were sharp claws covered in fur, while his legs were human-like, but they were not fully evolved into legs just yet. They were still bent like an animal's.

The black werewolf had a tuft of white fur between his eyes. It was eye-catching.

"Black Bone, are you alright?" A yellow werewolf barged into the earthen hut. He had a long wolf snout. His upper limbs were longer, which slightly blew his body out of proportions.

"I'm alright… I'm fine… Can you stay outside, I want to rest for a bit. Rest." The black werewolf waved his arm in dismissal.

"Alright. Alright, man…" The yellow werewolf turned around helplessly and went out of the door. "If you really can't take it, you should go see the witch doctor. He'll heal you up!" he muttered before he left.

The black werewolf did not respond. He still sat limply against the wall.

Lu Sheng was currently having a huge headache.

If he Arrived in a normal human body, that was still alright. However, not only did he not have access to a human body this time, he had Arrived into a werewolf's body, which he had never experienced before.

This werewolf was nothing like the werewolves of the legends. The werewolves in this world were actual, wild wolves that evolved into werewolves. To put it more aptly, they were a wolf tribe that behaved like humans.

The fruits of their primitive evolution were language, medicine, shelter, simple shame and morals.

However, because they were still falling far behind, the Werewolf Tribe here was still in the primitive era. They were still reliant of their natural bodily qualities to kill, hunt, and battle.

In this extremely immense mountain range, the werewolf whose body Lu Sheng Arrived in was known as Black Bone. He was a member of a small tribe known as the Mangrove Forest.

The entire Mangrove Forest wolf tribe had 20 werewolves only. Out of the 20, only about 14 were strong and healthy. The remaining members were either old or frail.

"There's no cultivation system, no writing system, no inheritance, no special ability. The so-called witch doctor is only an old werewolf who knows where to look for some medicinal herbs. This bunch of beasts doesn't even have a clear understanding of their surroundings." Lu Sheng rubbed the part of his head where was supposed to be his temples. He was having a painful headache.

He felt as if he had been hit in the head. No, he actually was hit in the head. Ten minutes ago, when Lu Sheng Arrived in this body, a strong black werewolf, Giant Rock, had snatched some cured human flesh which he was searching for. He even hit him on the head.

With this, Lu Sheng easily took control of this body.

"Let me see what your wish is, Black Bone…" No matter what, since he was in this land, Lu Sheng immediately went into business mode. He checked the wishes of this black werewolf.

Black Bone's memories flashed past Lu Sheng's mind quickly. Two vague wishes gradually surfaced.

"To never be suppressed again."

"To become the leader of the tribe, and become the most powerful leader of the entire mountain range? Bite all those who oppose me!"

"Hmm… Simples and honest wishes." When Lu Sheng saw this, his mood immediately improved. These two wishes seemed extremely simple. As expected, although the starting point of this trip was slightly low, the difficulty of accomplishing the objectives was lower as well. He should be able to settle this quickly.

He routinely attempted to move his main body within the heart. As expected, he had to adapt to the natural law here, and he needed quite some time for that. It would be wise not to even think of relying on his main body for a few months.

"Let me see what kind of situation this Mangrove Forest tribe is in."

Lu Sheng reached out and rubbed his wound. Although his main body could not interfere with the outside world with its own strength, he was still able to apply his powers on his host to heal some minor wounds.

The wound on his head slowly closed up under the action of his supernatural power. The speed was shockingly slow.

'The rules are this different even for basic healing effects…' Lu Sheng was slightly speechless. In other words, the theory behind healing in this world and the Other Worlds was only distantly similar. That was why the effects were much weaker here.

He kept at it for more than an hour before the wound on his head healed. Lu Sheng managed to stand up.

'According to Black Bone's memories, the area around the Mangrove Forest tribe is filled with extremely ordinary minor tribes. They mainly subsisted on hunting wild hare, foxes, buffalos, deer, and other animals. They don't know how to store their food, rear livestock, or farm. Other than simple trade, they know nothing else… Hmm… There seems to be a high-class tribe. It's a tribe of poison dragons led by three two-winged poison dragon leaders… When there's trouble, he'll even be enlisted to join the vanguard…'

'Poison dragons? Such things exist here?' Lu Sheng immediately sensed that the situation might not be in his favor.

'The poison dragons live in the Poison Dragon Pool, located within a swamp in the east. There's also the Giant Alligator Lake in the west. Terrifying giant alligators with length of more than 10 meters live there. There are also ground dragons and rhinoceros tribes in the south… These huge beasts have a size that is 10 times that of a werewolf. Even the poison dragons dare not provoke them. In the north, there are four-winged iron eagles. These iron eagles have skin of bronze, bones of iron, and toxic feathers. They are the main reason why the Mangrove Forest tribe was dying off.'

After he organized all the new information, Lu Sheng immediately felt that the situation here seemed more dangerous than in the Great Yin. If he were not careful, he might even lose Black Bone's life.

He moved his body. The only comfort he had was that this body did not seem to be too weak.

'The structure of the meridians, vessels, and muscles is completely different from the human one. I can't just use the cultivation methods of the Other Worlds. What a nuisance. I'll have to start searching from scratch.'

Fortunately, he was already a Divine Intellect peak Divine Lord who was true to his name. Although his extremely immense Divine Lord's spirit could not distort nature through his body, it was not a problem for him to modify this body.

"White Ash! Come out here, White Ash!"


An immense creature suddenly pounced onto the empty ground outside the village.

A light-green two-winged dragon with a serpent's neck landed on the ground with its slender yet strong body. This winged dragon completely resembled the western dragons Lu Sheng had seen on Earth before. It had a long neck, fierce-looking fangs, horns, and ice-cold vertical pupils.

This winged dragon was almost eight meters in length. When it beat its wings, gusts were conjured up. The closer werewolves fell and rolled on the ground from the force. They were sprawled on the ground as they trembled with fear.

An old werewolf completely covered in white fur ran out from the village and crawled up to the winged dragon respectfully.

"Esteemed poison dragon emissary, White Ash is here. I am here." He raised his hands high and placed them on his own head.

"A single-horn shadow dragon is in the vicinity. Go and seek it out, then tell me where it is!" The poison dragon emissary roared. The language it spoke was the same one used by the werewolves.

"But, esteemed poison dragon emissary, that's a shadow dragon, we can't—"


The poison dragon flapped its wings suddenly, and the old werewolf was flipped over.

"White Ash!" A strong-looking yellow werewolf charged out furiously. However, he was still in midair when the poison dragon hooked clawed at his waist.


The yellow werewolf was torn to shreds on the spot, and his remains scattered all around the ground.

"I don't need resistance. It's either you do, or you die!" The poison dragon growled coldly.

All the other werewolves lowered their heads in fear, White Ash included.

The poison dragon beat its wings and slowly rose into the air. It flew away from them, leaving a bloodstained ground strewn with minced flesh. A few werewolves picked up the scattered remains of the werewolf and placed them in an earthen hut. Then, they buried it with soil.

Lu Sheng observed all this silently from the door of an earthen hut. He had a slight understanding of the poison dragon's strength.

With his current body, he stood no chance against such a gigantic monster.

'There's even a common language. It seems like this place isn't as simple as I've imagined.'

Lu Sheng returned to the earthen hut, and started to think of a way to swiftly improve his strength this time.

'Spiritual Power, Spiritual Essence, Life Spiritual Power. I have three paths to choose from.'

He started to simulate all three with his Yang Essence. He wanted to see which path was more compatible with the rules in this world. He found out soon enough that the Life Spiritual Power which originated from Ju Yan's world was least rejected by this world.

Lu Sheng simply cut away a large portion of the cultivation method, leaving only a few portions that were not rejected. He made them into a set of simple cultivation method.

He still had to inspect this body of his with his spirit and adjust it before he could convert the human cultivation formulas into a collection of werewolf cultivation methods.

Lu Sheng busied himself until it was dusk. It was only then that he completed the vitality cultivation method.

'There are only two simple processes of extracting vitality from food and kneading it into my body. There's no need to purify, transform, or use complicated measures such as aligning with the stars. It's a simple and crude way of accumulating intelligence and stimulating vitality to bring out the extreme potential of my body's bloodline power. Let's call it a day. I'll name this Vitality Prime Art for now.'

With this method as the foundation, he planned to derive it further with Deep Blue.

This Vitality Prime Art was his most basic seed in this world. After cutting away the portions that were not allowed by this world's rules, this small seed that was allowed by this world would, under Deep Blue's derivations, continuously grow, strengthen, and improve in a way that suited this world the most.

This was a plan Lu Sheng thought of to overcome the problem of Arriving in a world with no cultivation system.

Lu Sheng returned to the earthen hut and sat cross-legged with his back against the wall.

'If I want to fulfill Black Bone's wishes and settle his karma, I'll have to become the tribe's leader first. Then, I'll have to deal with the problem of the tribe's survival. I'll have to ensure a continuous supply of food, and remove the threats the tribe is facing. Looks like it'll be difficult to achieve in the short term… I need time.'

Lu Sheng's spirit scanned his body continuously. He started to mark out the bodily structures that were different from the human body's.

Due to the restrictions imposed by the world's rules, his Yang Essence managed to find a form that preserved its own existence to the greatest extent after transforming into various forms of energies, but its abilities were reduced to merely some weak healing abilities and an ability to increase his circulation.

Lu Sheng closed his eyes, and inwardly said, "Alright, let's get this started. Deep Blue." 


A light blue interface slowly surfaced.

The first frame displayed the Infinity Technique. What Lu Sheng did not expect to see was the second frame. The words "Mystic Water Divine Vein" were clearly displayed there.

He studied the frame carefully.

"Mystic Water Divine Vein. Eye of Gesangna, controls water."

Two simple abilities were listed down.

'Interesting… It seems that this Mystic Water Divine Vein also contains something abstruse that I'm not aware of.'

A hint of interest flashed past Lu Sheng's heart. However, now was not the time for him to delve into these matters. Instead, he should improve his Essence Prime Art.

He looked at his remaining Mental Energy. Currently, Deep Blue had already evolved, and possessed the ability to precisely calculate his remaining Mental Energy unit.

The numbers indicated that he had 97,306 units left.

'I'll have to scour this world to see if I can replenish my Mental Energy. This is nowhere near enough…' Lu Sheng sighed.