Way Of The Devil Chapter 546

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The huge bodies started falling to the ground, which reverberated from the impact. Jasmine and the wind dragons were all taken out by this high legendary art.

A great fairy was a being that was only supposed to exist in legends. The bloodline art that great fairies used was capable of producing apocalyptic catastrophes. That was how terrifying an expert they were.

Lu Sheng, who had derived himself into a monster with a form that suited him the most by solely evolving according to the atlases, was even more formidable.

He possessed a Divine Intellect Divine Lord spirit, and this gave him an advantage that the other high legendary monsters could not even hope to compare to. Throughout every stage of his progress, he had the aid of his vigorous spirit. In addition to that, his Deep Blue modifier was supplied with Mental Energy every time. He kept improving at every stage until it was no longer possible for him to improve before he ranked up.

The advantage of such an improvement pathway was apparent in Lu Sheng's nine heads.

Other aspects aside, none of the high legendary monsters in the legends had waited until they were accomplished at the level-nine legendary rank before ranking up. Most of the time, they would have had to improve due to the restrictions set by their lifespan.

If they could not rank up by then, they would still be limited by their lives and eventually die.

According to logic, it was possible for the legendary rank to be polished until there was no longer room for improvement.

However, this required a long period of cultivation. Unless the creature was able to live for 10,000 years, this was not tangible. Of the nine levels of the legendary rank, each level would at least need 1,000 years to absorb the natural elements to enrich oneself according to the environmental conditions. Level nine, on the other hand, required 9,000 years.

Any creature that could live 10,000 years would have to absorb the elemental power with 100% of their attention at all times.

There was practically nobody who could do this.

A creature that could actually live up to 10,000 years could not possibly spend all its energy on this.

Hence, without him noticing it, Lu Sheng had already reached the peak of a high legendary creature.

"That's it?" Lu Sheng looked in the direction from which the sound came. He had only unleashed one of his arts which could only be used once per day. His stamina had been reduced by 20%.

However, that did not concern him. Even without the Winter Night Roar, he had other arts as well. If those did not work, he could still use his jaws and bite his opponents. That alone would deal eight times more damage than an ordinary Winter Night Wolf's attacks.

'Are they playing dead, or trying to set up a trap?' Lu Sheng felt that no matter what, the peak experts in this world should not have been this powerless.

He waited where he stood for a while. When he saw that they did not make any movements, he slowly walked closer to the spot where they fell.

The dense cluster of falling bodies made it easy for him to judge where they had fallen.

After walking forward for some kilometers, Lu Sheng quickly saw a huge pit created amid the snow-covered forest.

The entire forest was covered in a layer of thick frost. Craters of varying sizes scattered all around the forest. Rigid bodies lay within the craters—they were all huge green dragons that could not move.

In the center of the bodies was a giant light blue dragon that was a dozen meters long. It had instantly attracted Lu Sheng's attention.

The scales that covered the body of this dragon were as azure as the skies, pure and flawless. It was covered in the uniform color from head to toe, which included her wings and dragon horns.

With her dozen meters long body sprawled across the ground, five to six huge trees had broken under her weight and fell on the ground.

Her dragon eyes were wide open. Some scattered blue patterns could even be seen in her blue pupils.

Lu Sheng got closer and swept his gaze across the lifeless green dragons all around him. These green dragons that were only half his size did not interest him. Instead, it was the blue dragon in the center that intrigued him more.

It was not for any other reason. His spirit clearly sensed that this blue dragon was still alive.

'Could this be the holy dragon White Ash mentioned?' Lu Sheng sensed that this dragon's resistance was mind-bogglingly high. The might of his Winter Night Roar had even exceeded his own expectations. Even then, this dragon managed to stay alive.

From this alone, it was apparent just how stubborn her life force and how powerful her resistance was.

Lu Sheng stared with all his wolf heads and circled the holy dragon. His original Essential Essence Art was coincidentally lacking in Essential Essence storage. These dragon corpses were perfect resources for settling that problem.

'I'll eat the green dragons first.' Lu Sheng thought about it, and picked up a green dragon with his claws. He was considering which part of it should be eaten first.

His Essential Essence Art required him to store energy he obtained from his food. Hence, he had to first convert all these bodies into his food.

He had eaten strange creatures such as Devils before. The dragon corpses were only cold, large chunks of meat to him. If he closed his eyes, everything would be over in a few bites.

Lu Sheng decided to sit cross-legged beside the dragon's corpse. He broke the corpse into chunks with his claws, and started feasting on them.

A frozen green dragon tasted like a salty ice pop. It was not the most delicious of food, but it was very crispy from being frozen. Lu Sheng devoured the entire dragon with his nine mouths in no time.

His Essential Essence Art started flowing. His digestion proceeded at an extremely fast rate. He had practically just swallowed when the chunks were immediately digested by his Essential Essence Art and converted into energy.

Time passed by slowly. Lu Sheng squatted among the dragons' corpses as he continued to devour them. The stored Essential Essence of his Essential Essence Art increased as well.

The dozen green dragons were quickly digested by him. A portion of them was converted into energy in his stomach. He left another huge portion for later.

Other than that, the armors and small items attached to the green dragons' bodies were also collected by Lu Sheng. Some of the items even contained a rich amount of Mental Energy. This replenished the amount he'd spent getting to this rank. They gave him about 1,000 units of Mental Energy.

Lu Sheng settled the green dragon corpses before finally looking toward the blue dragon in the center.

This blue dragon still had faint signs of breathing and heartbeat.

Lu Sheng gave it some thought, and did not devour her directly. Instead, he divided the green dragons into many portions and buried them underground. With his Cold Spirit Light as the coexisting spirits looking after them, even feudal lords would think twice before coming close.

After settling the green dragons, Lu Sheng dragged the blue dragon and walked back to the village.

At his level, Lu Sheng felt that he was almost at the peak. The amount of available Mental Energy was no longer an issue. The key point was that after the great fairy rank, it seemed pointless to continue deriving according to the atlases.

He seemed to be lacking some crucial condition which was hindering him from improving to a higher rank.

For the time being, he was unsure what he lacked. Hence, all he could do was continue to devour the chunks of meat and store them as Essential Essence for future use.

When he dragged the holy dragon Jasmine and gotten close to the village, the entire village was roused. White Ash was not the only one. Every werewolf could feel a deep sense of fear from this immense creature.

This blue dragon that was a dozen meters in length was even giving off an aura of a dignified existence which it was born with, looking down on the other creatures even though it was lying there with its dying breath.

Lu Sheng's nine heads also inspired awe in the other werewolves. They were all shocked and frightened.

Fortunately, White Ash managed to calm the pack down. After a detailed discussion with Lu Sheng, the two of them decided to open up a land outside the village for Lu Sheng to live in.

As for the blue dragon, Lu Sheng wanted to study it for now. Hence, he did not consume it right away.

He dragged the blue dragon to the spot in the forest where he cultivated.

The range of the winter's night even included the village just now. However, under his precise control, the ordinary werewolves were unaffected.

However, his Winter Night Roar which covered a broad range had shocked the various tribes in the vicinity.

The land dragon rhinoceros herd looked in their direction from afar. They quickly left under the leadership of their king. It seemed that they did that to avoid trouble.

No matter what, Lu Sheng had risen to prominence too quickly, and it was unexplainable as well. Many other tribes avoided them just as the land dragon rhinoceros herd did. In the Poison Dragon Pool, there were also a dozen poison dragons that were frightened by the loud and magnificent Winter Night Roar, and they fled from their location.

Lu Sheng tossed the holy dragon into the village and started patrolling the vicinity on his own. He quickly saw a cluster of well-kept black buildings hidden by cliffs in the south. They seemed to be historical remains.

After discussing with White Ash and the other werewolves, Lu Sheng ordered everyone to move into the cluster of buildings.

The wind dragon tribe led by Jasmine was completely wiped out. This shocking news spread like a tornado across the entire mountain range.


 "Jasmine…" Within the Holy Dragon Temple, the three-eyed holy dragon was slightly stunned as she felt her subordinate's aura disappear. She felt a sense of despair which could not very well be put into words.

"I've been too careless…" The three-eyed holy dragon sighed. "I wasn't able to predict the actual strength of that aura and caused the death of my tribesmen. It's my fault."

Below the great hall, seven holy dragons were sprawled on the ground. Every one of them gave off a slightly saddened aura.

The holy dragons had very low numbers. There were only eight holy dragons, the dragon queen included. Those were the total numbers across the entire mountain range.

At this moment, they had lost a companion. This not only made the three-eyed holy dragon shake with fury and lament, the other holy dragons were also forlorn.

They were dragons that had lived for at least 1,000 years. The sudden departure of their companion with whom they had forged a bond over a millennium left them all in limbo. None of them could accept this.

The three-eyed holy dragon swept her gaze across the crouching tribesmen within the clean and blue holy temple.

"This is war!" Her voice quickly took on an edge.

"An expert that had somehow found his way into the mountains had killed Jasmine while he concealed his own strength. He has killed one of my most trusted helpers!" The holy dragon queen raised her voice.

She did feel sad, but after having lived for this long, she would not indulge in the sadness for too long.

"I have to guard the Eternal Cold Spring, and can't make move as I wish. Hence, I'll have to trouble the rest of you with this burden. Who is willing to shoulder it?" She swept her huge dragon eyes across the others.

The group of holy dragons exchanged glances. The strongest-looking, big, and tall holy dragon stood up slowly. "I, Gray Star, am willing to go and apprehend the murderer and restore peace in the holy land."

This holy dragon was different from the others as he had a faint triangular pattern on his chest. These patterns appeared to be wounds, yet they resembled natural veins as well. The triangular patterns layered on top of each other as they decreased in size. In the center was a small black patch, which was as if a black crystal had been wedged into his chest.

"Gray Star, I can rest easy entrusting this to you. Feel free to request for any help you need from the tribe," said the three-eyed holy dragon solemnly.

"I won't need any help. I will lead the fairy dragons under my charge and completely get rid of the murderer. Please await the good news, Your Majesty," exclaimed Gray Star in a loud and solemn voice.

As leaders, the holy dragon tribe was also divided into a few powers. These powers had their own attachment of different tribes. The tribe which attached themselves to Gray Star was the fairy dragon tribe which possessed formidable arts.

"Very well. I shall await the good news from you," said the three-eyed holy dragon in a deep voice.

She believed that he would not let her down.