Way Of The Devil Chapter 559

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"Something's not right. Be careful, Ningning!" said the old man's voice in his head. "This seems to be a trick of that group of people who were onto us! I didn't expect them to be capable of making a move near the Lu Manor!"

Although Lu Ning was just a little child, he was highly gifted with natural talents. His mind matured early, and these few months of wandering have further facilitated it. His mental age was already of someone more than 10 years old.

When Lu Ning heard this, he quickly adjusted his own condition. He let his mind go blank and relaxed his body as he allowed his teacher to take over.

"If they're capable of making a move this close to Lu Manor, this bunch of people is… very powerful!" The old man did not sound too happy.

"Are they more powerful than my dad?" Lu Ning could not suppress his question.

"Of course. They have an extremely immense organization behind their backs. Compared to your Lu Family or the Prime Devil Sect, they're far too powerful," the old man replied quickly.

Lu Ning bit his lip. "Do you have any way of shaking them off, Teacher? I don't want to trouble my family."

"Look here, look here quick, my cute little Lu Ning." All of a sudden, a person started calling his name with a warm tone in the dilapidated courtyard.

Lu Ning's body was being controlled by his teacher. He turned around slowly and saw a smiling man in white clothes. The man was staring at him from afar. A hint of greed could be seen in his gaze.

"Who are you?" Lu Ning was currently in his ordinary form, and did not put on any disguise. He had the appearance of a little fatso.

"Me? I'm here to help you," the man replied with a smile. "You can call me Zi Hengzi. I'm here to help you by ridding your body of some unusual condition."


Lu Ning heard another sound from the front. He turned to look there, and saw a woman in white slowly descending from the skies. She blocked his way.

"You guys…" An anxious look crept up on Lu Ning's chubby face. "Stay away. Otherwise, I'll start screaming."

Zi Hengzi's expression remained unchanged. He continued to move forward. He stepped closer to Lu Ning.


A spiraling scarlet short sword shot out from his hand. The blade was adorned with the pattern of two black snakes that twirled around it.

"I didn't expect your body to harbor a treasure of that level. Will you give it up of your own accord, or do we have to extract it ourselves?" Zi Hengzi calmly moved closer.

"Uh, I don't understand what you're talking about."

Lu Ning turned around to face the other direction. He planned to walked out of the door.


"Swimming Dragon Blade!"

The blade's gleam was like a flowing blood-red thread that instantly thrust toward him.

Lu Ning retreated reflexively. He flicked his finger which precisely hit the middle of the blade's gleam.


Zi Hengzi's blade switched directions. He made 13 consecutive angle adjustments in an instant, but they all were completely parried by Lu Ning's finger.

"Run!" The old man's voice erupted in Lu Ning's ear.

"But, Master!" Lu Ning had no time to react when he felt his leg muscles contract, just in time to dodge the attack from the woman's twin blades from behind.

The old man controlled Lu Ning's body and shot past between the two of them like a sparrow. He shot far into the distance.

"Running away?" Zi Hengzi made a hand sign with his right hand with lightning speed. A mass of faint purplish radiance immediately shone on Lu Ning's chest's left side.

"As expected, it's on you. After him!"

Zi Hengzi and his partner charged toward Lu Ning. Gleams of blades danced in the air. They were not in the least worried that they might kill Lu Ning by accident. The thrusts of their blades were aimed at his vital points.


Just when Lu Ning prepared to dodge, a formless force suddenly fell on him with a loud crash. He reeled and crashed heavily into the nearby wall. His body sunk deep into it.

"Star tier…" The old man's tone was extremely grim as it resounded in Lu Ning's ear.

"Dad…" Lu Ning's tear surged out from his eyes despite himself.

"Lu Ning, listen closely. The enemies you're facing now are unimaginably powerful. I'll create an opening for you, and you should flee in the direction which we've discussed before. Don't hesitate. Use the Lake Sparrow Art. Don't doubt, don't look back."

The old man spelled each word out in his deep voice.

"I miss my dad! Mother!" Lu Ning sobbed as he spoke.

"Enough! Do you want to kill your family members as well?! Get ready!" the old man reprimanded him.

"Tap… Tap… Tap…"

Crisp footsteps slowly reached their ears from beyond the door.

A big and tall man who covered his face and wore a white scarf slowly descended from the skies. A grayish white broadsword, a product of crude craftsmanship, hung on his waist.

Lu Ning stopped crying after being reprimanded. He managed to push himself up from within the wall.

"Who… who are you?!" he asked, terrified.

The man's deep blue eyes could be seen through his scarf. He looked at him silently.

"A Star Soul? What a nice material. Extract it." He slowly reached out a hand toward Lu Ning.

"Master… His biological father is…" From the side, Zi Hengzi hastily walked up to offer his report respectfully.

"It's alright. If we're found out, we'll just clear the entire Prime Devil Sect as well," said the blue-eyed man calmly.

"But… His Majesty…" Zi Hengzi frowned.

"I'm acting on His Majesty's latest decree." The blue-eyed man's expression remained unchanged. "Retrieve the Star Soul as quickly as possible and make full combat preparations. If the Prime Devil Sect stands in the way, kill them."

"This?!" Zi Hengzi's and Hong Meizi's expression changed slightly. The two of them had found a substitute to pose as Lu Ning for a short while to fool Lu Sheng and the others. They intended to send Lu Ning back to where he was after they extracted the soul.

However, now…

The atmosphere grew slightly heavier.


Suddenly, Lu Ning moved with lightning speed as he crashed through the wall on the right. He sprinted far away.

In this instant, the speed he erupted with far exceeded everyone's expectations. The blue-eyed man's expression changed slightly, and his entire body suddenly exploded into countless white silk ribbons which vanished on the spot.


In the wilderness.

Lu Ning ran wildly. Gray wilderness surrounded him on all sides. It was completely different from the nearby areas of the Autumn Moon County which he was used to seeing.

"This is not the Autumn Moon County. We've been teleported away without us noticing! The only issue is that we don't know where we've been transported to."

The old man's voice was anxious, carrying with it a hint of weariness.

They were moving so quickly that a white tail of air trailed behind them. Also, they had broken the sonic barrier long ago, and they were making deafening rumbles as they moved.

"Where are you going?"

Suddenly, countless silk ribbons whipped Lu Ning's face precisely.


A circle of seven-colored radiance erupted around Lu Ning which blocked the ribbons. The old man grunted and brought Lu Ning sideways to avoid the follow-up attacks from the silk ribbons.

"Thousand Birds in Flight!" a deep voice came from afar.

"Hiss! Hiss! Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!"

Countless white silk ribbons suddenly appeared beside Lu Ning and wrapped themselves around him.

"Art Prime Breaker!" the old man bellowed. The seven-colored radiance condensed and exploded. A hole was immediately created, and Lu Ning launched himself through it. He rode on the momentum and continued moving away from the scene.

"Run!" A seven-colored radiant humanoid figure split from Lu Ning's body and charged at the blue-eyed man.

"Don't look back!"

Lu Ning's tears broke out without him noticing. He sobbed and sobbed, but dared not look back. He hurried along his way.


Suddenly, a series of shrill and furious shouts could be heard from far behind him.

Lu Ning could not help but look back. He saw the old man being held by the neck and lifted in the air by the blue-eyed man. The blue-eyed man released a huge number of white ribbons.

"Master!" Lu Ning shouted hysterically, and quickly closed his eyes.

He'd never had a stronger desire for more power than now.

His master had always instructed him assiduously. Although he nagged a lot and did not allow him to do many things, Lu Ning understood that his master had his best interests in mind.

"Don't look back! You're my final hope! There's always a time for life and death. I, Chang Qingzi, have no regrets having you as a disciple!" The old man unleashed a blinding radiance as he struggled to fight back the envelopment of the white ribbons.

"Oh? What a rare sight. Star Brand Constitution… No wonder you're so protective of him." The blue-eyed man looked at Lu Ning. He seemed to have suddenly thought of something.

"You're only at the Pseudo-star tier!" Chang Qingzi gritted his teeth and raised his right palm. A contorted mass of pitch-black radiance could be seen in his hands. He infused a large amount of Spiritual Power into the black radiance. The Destruction Wave created grew more powerful and more terrifying.

"Ugh… What's this?!" The blue-eyed man's ice-cold eyes finally registered a change.

"Let's die together!"


The black radiance exploded.

"Teacher!" Lu Ning shouted and closed his eyes, a throbbing pain in his heart. This was the first person who actually treated him well. This person was currently dying in front of his eyes, and yet he was powerless to prevent it.

"Where do you think you're going?"

Suddenly, a deep and solemn voice of a man came from the front.

A big and tall man with fleshy pitch-black wings on his back was standing silently before Lu Ning, barring his way.

Lu Ning hastily stopped in his tracks with haste. He was just about to turn in another direction when a formless power forcibly bounced him back.

"You dare run away from Kong Lie?" The man flapped his wings, and made to move forward. "The Star Soul's secret cannot be leaked. We must remove the roots while cutting away the grass. Die!"

He reached out for Lu Ning with a claw. A formless force compressed the air, forming a transparent sharp claw. The claw advanced toward Lu Ning who could do nothing but look.

"Dad…" As Lu Ning looked at his own impending death, he seemed to have remembered many things.


The formless huge claw collided with Lu Ning's chest.

His petite figure was launched into the air, and rolled far away. At the same time, a ball of green flames suddenly appeared beside him and spread outward.



Within Devil Palace.

Lu Sheng crushed the teacup in his grip. Black Devil Qi burned about him.

"Who triggered the seal…" He slowly rose to his feet. He went out of the palace and looked up to the skies.

There was a gathering of black clouds in the skies. Thunder rumbled. A huge, deep blue eye opened among the layer of clouds and stared at him.

"You guys. You dare break our agreement…" Lu Sheng's dark gaze seemed to be harboring fury.

"Lu Sheng, you want to fight back?" The huge voice immediately filled the Devil Palace. The vibration shook countless decorative objects.

"Fight back?" Lu Sheng grinned devilishly. "You have guts to touch my son. Looks like you've lived for too long…"



The blue eye had not finished speaking when it exploded with a loud bang and turned into black clouds.

Lu Sheng retracted his index finger. The Devil Qi around him spread out wildly in all directions like the tide.

His terrifyingly immense Devil Qi instantly covered every building around him. It went past the Devil Palace, the hills, the plains, and the mountain forests.

In an area of hundreds of kilometers, everything was covered in the surging black Devil Qi.

"Find Zi Hengzi. Kill everyone from the First Sacred Gate!"