Way Of The Devil Chapter 562

564 Close Quarter Combat 1

His wolf heads lit up one after another. Frosty air swirled and gathered around him.

Lu Sheng's hundreds of pairs of eyes shone with the same grayish-white winged-serpent symbol.

"Die! Winter Night Roar!"


A blinding white light instantly shone in the skies. Hundreds of white rays transformed into light columns that shot into the air. They went past the horizon and shot into the space.

The sky was split into two by the patch of white light. Then, it quickly darkened.

A strong wind blew, and the temperature plummeted. The skies turned from morning to night in the blink of an eye.

The clouds gathered and blotted out all light. White frost started spreading slowly across the ground.

Rumbling sounds could be heard among the clouds. The Winter Night was here.

A blue shadow slowly extracted itself from the blue-eyed man's body. His body was gradually covered in a thin layer of ice. His vitality was being sucked out of him by the cold air into the surrounding air.

"This method… It's a fine Art." A huge blue eye surfaced on the silhouette's face. His pupils contained layers of fleshy folds as if it was a telescope covered in tree bark which could be extended and shortened at will.

"However, you still don't understand the difference in our realms." The frost instantly stopped spreading on the illusory shadow. The pupil on its face suddenly moved.

"Time Freeze."


In an instant, everything in the world froze over. The ability of a Divine Intellect Divine Lord was unleashed by the silhouette.

"Let me show you the difference in our strengths…" The silhouette extended his arm again toward Lu Sheng, who was far away.

Blue shadows swarmed out of his arm. The countless blue shadows charged toward Lu Sheng along the ground.

"Meaningless." The Ox of Pain moved its colossal body and blocked the blue shadows.


The blue shadows were blocked and devoured by the colossal black ox's body in the blink of an eye.

"You're capable of breaking free from my Time Freeze…" The blue shadow was slightly surprised. "Well then, how about this?"


A white shadow instantly tackled him down from the skies.

The silhouette spat a mouthful of blue blood, shook his head, and got to his feet. His body scattered slightly and grew more transparent from the tackle. However, his body was quickly pulled back together by the unique core within it.

"After breaking through a Divine Intellect-ranked Time Freeze, you're also capable of breaking through my defenses. You're quite powerful, aren't you?"

When the Time Freeze was broken, everything resumed. The Cold Winter Roar's powerful might manifested itself at this moment.

Huge patches of white frost covered the blue shadow; it swiftly covered the blue-eyed man behind it at the same time.

"Run!" The shadow waved an arm and lifted the blue-eyed man and the two others. They flew for five kilometers.


The blue-eyed man, with the ball of ice sand which contained Lu Ning, crashed heavily onto the parched ground. He rolled and crashed along the ground for a long time before finally regaining his balance and standing back up.

"Keh… Keh…" The black-winged man vomited soil. He supported his body with his hands and looked in the other direction.

Under the great force, the ice sand which covered Lu Ning had also broken apart from the impact. The Star Soul's core that had been put away before this was now hovering in the air. It was being held softly between the jaws of a pitch-black dog with no other colors in its coat of fur.

"Can you move?" asked the blue-eyed man in a deep voice. He had gotten back up on his feet, and immediately saw the dozens of black dogs before him.

"It's difficult." The black-winged man was covered in white frost. Although the terrifying death frost was cleared away in the nick of time, it'd still managed to devour most of his body's vitality.

"There's no need to worry. With His Majesty here, everything will be fine." The blue-eyed man's emotions seemed to have calmed down.

"I'll hold them here. Prepare to take the Star Soul and leave! There'll be an army coming as our reinforcements."

"Understood!" The black-winged man nodded strongly. He hastily ran up to Lu Ning and grabbed the surface of the ice sand ball. He was just about to bring it away.

All of a sudden, three points of cold, silver light shot out from the white ice sand ball and penetrated the man's body.

"Explode!" An old voice sounded in the air.

The man let out a pained cry and fell to the ground.

Lu Ning rolled out from the layers of ice sand. He lay limply on the ground as he panted heavily. A semi-transparent colorful shadow of an old man hovered beside him. The shadow placed a hand on him and seemed to be infusing him with colorful radiance.

"Fortunately, I have many aces up my sleeve. If that weren't the case, the incident back then would've been troublesome."

At this moment, Chang Qingzi was still feeling the shock from the previous incident.

"What's the situation now? Why're they in such a sorry state?" Chang Qingzi had been isolated within the seal, and had no way of knowing what was happening in the outside world. When he saw the duo who was unbelievably domineering before beaten up and even unable to withstand a sneak attack from him, he felt utterly shocked.

"Master…" At this moment, Lu Ning slowly came to. He gritted his teeth and got up to his feet.

"Forget the others, seize this opportunity, let's run!" While the blue-eyed man and his partner were still shocked from the sneak attack, Chang Qingzi grabbed Lu Ning's shoulder and readied himself to flee far away in the skies.

"Reversal, Lightning Nation!" Suddenly, they heard a long chant.

"This is bad! What's this?!" Chang Qingzi's expression changed drastically. He wanted to ignite his spirit again. He grabbed Lu Ning and wanted to run.

However, he was too late.

"Stay here, Star Soul from an alien world." A blue silhouette abruptly appeared beside them. He extended a hand toward Chang Qingzi.


In an instant, white sparks flew from under the silhouette's hand.

"First Sacred King, you've traveled far. However, you haven't allowed me to offer you my hospitality and are already thinking of leaving in a hurry. I don't think this is the way a guest should behave, no?"

From afar, a big and tall man clad in black robes with a gray winged-serpent shining between his brows was walking toward them through the air.

"What's that?!" Chang Qingzi bulged his eyes. With shock, he recognized the man.

Lu Ning's mind was blank, but worry instantly crept into his heart. "Dad, run, quick!" he shouted all of a sudden.

"Lu Sheng, it seems that you're set on seeking a quick death, no?" The single blue-eyed silhouette slowly shifted his gaze toward Lu Sheng.

The others had only noticed at this moment that the skies and ground all around them had turned into a charred pitch-black plain without them noticing. Arcs of purple lightning flashed constantly across the skies. Wisps of white and black smoke crept up from the ground. A sharp, burnt smell filled the air.

"Dad, run!" Lu Ning shouted at the top of his lungs.

"Ningning, I didn't plan to let you know everything at this point in time, but since it's come to this, there's no point in hiding it anymore."

Lu Sheng looked at his own son with a comforted look in his eyes.

"I'll show you your dad's real strength…"


With a loud bang, huge swathes of black smoke and Devil Qi exploded. It instantly covered dozens of meters around Lu Sheng.

In the blink of an eye, the black gas dispersed, and Lu Sheng walked slowly out of them. His skin and muscles were already distorted and swollen. His height increased swiftly, and his overall physique enlarged.

In the blink of an eye, he grew to more than 30 meters in height from his original height of more than one meter.


Two new arms protruded from his back. Lu Sheng's jaw split open and enlarged. Three dense rows of sharp teeth grew within his mouth.

A large tail as thick as a batter ram grew behind him. Lu Sheng's feet grew thicker as well until they appeared as strong as an elephant's.

"Devil World bloodline, huh?" said the single blue-eyed silhouette. "A wonderful combination. Mm-hm… I can pick up the scent of an Ancient Devil… Not bad… It's been a long time since I've come across an individual with as much potential as you…"

"Dad…" Lu Ning, who was watching from the side, was also dumbfounded. He had always seen Lu Sheng's friendly humanoid form. This was his first time witnessing his own father's morphing process, and it dealt a great blow to his worldview.

"Your dad… is powerful!" At this moment, Chang Qingzi could not help but exclaim with awe. "He's already surpassed the Star tier… This is Void Underworld… This is definitely the Void Underworld realm! However, even if that's the case, he's not that person's match. He's the legendary—"


A loud bang followed a white shock wave, interrupting Chang Qingzi's speech.

The blue silhouette was hit by a great force on the face. He reeled and crashed heavily onto the ground.

Charred soil flew into the air as if an explosion had just occurred. Mashed blood and flesh were also mixed with the scattered earth.

"What good would that do? In two hours, if you can't find a way out of here, you, your son, and that Star Soul will only end up being one with the charred earth here." The single blue-eyed silhouette's figure slowly dispersed in the huge crater, only to reform behind Lu Sheng.

"Is that so?" Black air surfaced around Lu Sheng. "I wanted to say the same thing. Within two hours, if you can't find a way out of here, you'll stay here and become a part of me forever…"

A savage smile slowly appeared on his face.

The single blue-eyed silhouette was slightly stunned. He was just about to say something when his vision blurred. He was surprised to see that he was no longer standing on the charred soil of the Lightning Nation, but among rock ruins.

The skies were pitch-black. The ground was covered in rubble and ruins of grayish-white buildings. Black air kept rising from the cracks. Sometimes, green flames could be seen among them as well.

In this place, the only light source was a peculiar street lamp far away.

"This is…" The single-eyed silhouette's expression suddenly changed. "Weapon World?!

"I've miscalculated… I didn't think that you're already at this tier…"

This was going to be troublesome…


Among the charred soil of the Lightning Nation.

Lu Sheng crushed a rod of purple lightning off-handedly. Devil Qi wrapped around Lu Ning and Chang Qingzi.

They started flying through this Lightning Nation quickly.

Purple lightning formed light columns and struck down at them from the heavens. It was as if the three of them were the only living beings in the world that attracted the lightning here like magnets.

"This must be the Weapon World of the First Sacred King. We must find a way to break out and leave." Lu Sheng could feel that there was something in the air here that kept invading his body with a scorching sensation.

'This is the fundamental rule here! So that's how it is! A Weapon Grandmaster obtains a Weapon World—a small world born from his own experience for his fundamentals. Every rule here is completely compatible with the Weapon Grandmaster. Once an individual that's incompatible with the Weapon Grandmaster enters this world, he would be naturally suppressed and slowly crushed by the immense power of the rules and laws. This is a conflict with the fundamental rules. It's actually the same as when I Arrive in certain Worlds. The only thing is that the effect is amplified countless times here. It's much worse!'

Using rules to suppress and kill an opponent that was conflicting with himself. Lu Sheng currently understood the true domineering aspect of a Weapon Grandmaster.

He could feel that the rules regarding Devil Qi in this environment were extremely scarce. This resulted in his powers being greatly suppressed here.