Way Of The Devil Chapter 576

578 Planning And Preparing 1

"See that?" Lu Sheng raised a hand to block out the light. A number of vehicles had already arrived at the police station. A dozen spotlights swept the vicinity. It was slightly glaring.

"The process isn't important. Only the result is key."

Shajay dared not say anything.

"Let's go. It's time for the next stop." In Lu Sheng's arrangements, he was not stopping after a single police station.

In the next two hours, he brought Shajay and Esha along as they went past the court, the prosecutor's office, the Federal Security Department, and several other major departments of the federation. In all of the places, the Iron Screen's Cain had showed himself while on the run. Cain was being "pursued" by some powerful and strong person as he crashed his way through the various departments. The indirect economic losses he caused were immeasurable.

When night came and they went back to Shajay's quarters, the entire Platinum City was filled with blaring sirens.

As they stood before the mansion, Lu Sheng looked on as Shajay produced the key to the door.

Two police cars with flashing lights sped past them.

Lu Sheng glanced at their lights with a smile, and said, "They'll be having their hands full tonight." 

Shajay did not dare to pick up the conversation.

The white mansion was comprised of three buildings. There was one main building and two side buildings. It was built to resemble the pavilions of the palace.

After they entered, a middle-aged woman with long hair tied neatly behind her and wearing a maid's outfit walked up to them, bowed slightly, and asked, "Young Master, you're back? You must be starving. How about ordering and having your meal now?"

"There's no hurry. Please prepare some change of clothes for my friends. We'll come down for the meal later," Shajay spoke with a normal expression.

"Yes, Young Master. Also, the Platinum Academy office has given us a call. It seems that they have something important to talk to you about," the maid reminded.

"Alright." Shajay knew it well. It must have been regarding the Iron Screen's lackey officer who died in his room. However, even though he was involved in the incident, it would not be difficult for him to suppress it.

He turned to look at Lu Sheng behind him. Lu Sheng was whispering something to Esha, but he seemed to notice his gaze.

"Let's get to your room first."

"Alright." Shajay nodded. He did not know what Jorin wanted to do. However, from the looks of the incidents today, it was clear that Jorin did not merely wield great power, but he was also wild without a care for any rule.

The three of them had a change of clothes. Lu Sheng came up with an excuse for the maid to lead Esha to another room in the manor while he and Shajay went into the bar.


The door to the bar was closed shut and locked from within.

"What are you planning to do, Jorin?" Shajay was expressionless, but his heart was racing. He was scared.

In a single day, so many things had happened. He was worried that if he got himself involved with this person any more, the name of the entire Sha Group might be tainted as well.

"Who knows?" Lu Sheng smiled. "You look like you're rich, Shajay."

"That's my father's money, not mine," Shajay explained.

"Let me meet your father," Lu Sheng continued.


"In that case, I'll give your father a call and let him know that you're in my hands now. How do you feel about that?" Lu Sheng said casually.

"He won't come either way. If I wasn't a top student of the Platinum Academy, he wouldn't even give me this house," Shajay replied coldly.

"It looks like you're not as well-off as I thought." Lu Sheng was slightly surprised at this.

"He's more interested in my elder brother. I'm just a disposable kid to him." There was a hint of sarcasm in his tone.

"Would you like to work with me?" Lu Sheng suddenly said. "You have the money, I have the strength. If we work together, with the help of the Sha Group's connections, making progress will be as easy as pie."

Shajay was immediately silenced. He was not dumb. If he could be fooled this easily, he would not have ended up as a class monitor in the Platinum Academy.

"What? You don't want to?" Lu Sheng sat on the bench at the bar. He swiveled on it. "Actually, you don't have much of a choice, do you? I've been dragging you along for so long while Cain has been showing himself all over the city. Do you take the Iron Screen's information network for fools?"

Shajay's expression immediately turned sour.

"I'm saying that the country might let you off the hook, but that won't be the same for the Iron Screen," Lu Sheng said with a smile.

"Can you guarantee my safety?" Shajay was slightly shaken.

"Right now, your only option is to believe in me." Lu Sheng shrugged without giving him an answer.

After a long while, Shajay made a glass of faint green cocktail for each of them.

"Alright. I'll take care of things back in the academy. What do you want to do next?" He had no doubt that it would be uncertain if he could walk out from this house in the morning if he rejected him.

Lu Sheng spread his arms, and seriously said, "I need money, a lot of money. I need armor materials, parts, and anything that's related to armors, and I need them quick."

Shajay's expression was slightly sour.

"I don't have much of a say in the Group."

"Then increase your power. Don't you want to become the sole heir to the Group?" Lu Sheng tempted.

Shajay fell silent. He gulped without saying a word.

"It must be legal," he said in a soft voice after a long while.


They had a good night's rest. Shajay applied for a leave for Lu Sheng. The two of them did not even care about the final examinations. They went straight toward the Sha Group's headquarters.

On the 15th floor of the city's largest skyscraper, the Golden Elephant Center.

As they stood inside the elevator, the two of them had nothing to say to each other.

Lu Sheng wore a set of more mature, casual clothes. He wore an ordinary striped T-shirt and a pair of grayish-white trousers. He looked completely different from Shajay's proper, mature outfit.


The elevator doors opened slowly. The 15th floor was filled with male and female staff who rushed here and there.

A thick black and white checkered carpet covered the corridor. It completely absorbed the sound of footsteps.

Shajay brought Lu Sheng all the way into the building. They passed through a corridor, turned past a meeting room that resembled a music hall, and soon found themselves before a great mahogany door.

A middle-aged man with a red, round cap guarded the door. A holster was on his waist. He wore a brown tight leather jacket. He was leaning back against the door and smoking lazily.

"Hello, Uncle Hua." Shajay walked up to the man and greeted him politely.

"Oh, it's Jay. Your father has just finished a meeting and is feeling slightly tired. Please mind your tone. Also, your friend may not enter." This middle-aged man glanced at Lu Sheng.

Shajay turned to look at Lu Sheng.

Lu Sheng smiled. "It's alright, I'll wait for you in the corridor."

"Alright, I'll head in, then. I'll be quick." Shajay nodded and pushed the door open.


Suddenly, there was a soft noise behind him. He turned to look. Uncle Hua was leaning on the wall with his cap pulled over his eyes. He did not move, and appeared to have fallen asleep.

"He must be too tired. I think he's resting his mind while standing."

If Shajay had not seen Lu Sheng extracting his hand from behind Uncle Hua's head, he would have thought the same thing.

"I didn't kill him. Let's go." Lu Sheng smiled at him.

Shajay nodded. He felt more wary of Lu Sheng now. He knew how powerful Uncle Hua was. He was a peak elite ranked 21st in the Federal Fighting Competition.

He did not expect him to be dealt with by Jorin before even reacting.

The two of them passed through the mahogany door in single file.

Behind the door was an office with French windows.

There was no one on the leather seat before the work desk. Instead, a stern-looking white-haired old man sat on the circular couch on the side.

When the old man heard the sound, he removed his fingers from his temples, which he had been gently massaging.

"Jay, is something the matter? Didn't I tell you to come to the headquarters after your final examinations?"

Shajay did not respond. Instead, he looked toward Lu Sheng.

"Sha Luona?" Lu Sheng walked up to him.

"Who are you?!" The old man suddenly stood up and turned to look at Lu Sheng. His gaze was as sharp as a hunting falcon's.

"You can call me... Sheng." Lu Sheng came up with a name.

"Young man, what motives do you have?" As expected of Sha Luona, an ambitious and ruthless person of the generation who was capable of climbing up the ranks through countless trade battles. He had analyzed the situation instantly. Since the young man was capable of bypassing his handy bodyguard, Uncle Hua, whom he took pride in, and walking through his door, he knew that he should not underestimate him.

"I need money, lots and lots of money. I need resources as well, resources for armors," Lu Sheng spoke honestly. "I was thinking of working with your son, but the instant I saw you, I thought that you're a more suitable partner for this." This statement caused Shajay's expression to suddenly turn into an excited one behind him.

Lu Sheng did not care about his expression. He wanted efficiency.

"What can you bring me?" As expected of the formidable Sha Luona. Even in this pinch, he did not retreat, and even asked for his own benefits.

"You should know that the Sha Family has its own security company and our own professional team. We even have various ties with the army. I've been careless this time, but that doesn't mean that the Sha Family is weak," Sha Luona spoke with a calm expression.

"Of course, I know about that. Otherwise, I wouldn't have come to seek a partnership with you, Mister Sha," Lu Sheng said with a smile. "As for what you'll gain, that depends on what you want."

"Oh?" Sha Luona's gaze grew sharper.

The two of them spoke at length inside the office. An hour later, Shajay was appointed as the link between the Sha Group and Lu Sheng. The official partnership was established orally between Lu Sheng and Sha Luona.

Initially, Sha Luona was tight-lipped about his own gains. However, after Lu Sheng suggesting a condition which he could not reject, he finally gave in and decided to enter into partnership with him.

Sha Luona was not the only one. Even Shajay felt moved when he heard the condition Lu Sheng suggested.

The two of them were initially coerced, but eventually they were discussing it passionately of their own accord. The change in their attitude was unimaginable.

It was 10:20 AM. Lu Sheng exited the Sha Group's headquarters and headed to another area in the Platinum City.

As the second largest city in the entire federation, most of the people had forgotten what Platinum City's actual name was. They referred to it with the name of the Platinum Academy, which was a trademark of the city. Hence, the city came to be known as Platinum City.

The city was divided into five wards. The ward which the Platinum Academy was in was the most flourishing ward. On the other side, the Cherry Ward was the most chaotic part of the Platinum City. Mafias ran rampant there. Brothels, gambling parlors, and drug syndicates did their business out in the open there. It was a dirty place.

Lu Sheng was alone as he crossed over the symbolic dividing line of the Cherry Ward. A huge sign was erected on the side. A string of huge bright red cherries was drawn on it. Under the sign was a huge collection of swear words and an equally diverse collage of vulgar hand signs and facial expressions.

Lu Sheng walked into the streets. He could see puddles of dirty water and dried spots of black blood all over the ground.

Wild dogs barked at each other near a rubbish bin.

Some of the dirty shops were open for business, but many of them appeared to have been vandalized at least once.

Lu Sheng's gaze did not veer off. According to Jorin's memories, the largest gang in the Platinum City was known as the Iron Fist.

The Iron Fist's influence was not restricted to the Platinum City. Its territory spanned the dozen cities around Platinum City. The other gangs could only drag out an ignoble existence under their pressure.

It was an easy task to seek out a member of the Iron Fist. Almost all of their main members were well-built and had a clenched fist tattooed on their arm.