Way Of The Devil Chapter 577

579 Planning And Preparing 2

Lu Sheng strolled around the streets for a while. He quickly found two Iron Fist members who were drinking and having a good time. He wandered around with them and quickly found the Iron Fist branch in this area.

Compared to working with the Sha Family, convincing the Iron Fist branch was easy. Lu Sheng consecutively killed three capable members who challenged him, snapped a dozen rifles, cannons, and other small weapons, and "subdued" the leader of the branch, Red Fist Andy.

Then, he killed a few members with spiky hair who were disobedient, and showcased his relationship with the Sha Group.

He was powerful and had the money. Lu Sheng was immediately promoted as the leader of this gang of strong men.

After that, he spared no time. He sent for Esha and attempted to look for a shop in the entire city that sold and modified armors.

However, the sad thing was that the regulations were too tight. Ordinary gangs like the Iron Fist had no way of getting their hands on too many armors, which were regulated weapons.

The meager number of armors available was an utterly inadequate amount for Lu Sheng.

Although every student was equipped with an armor in the Platinum Academy, that was a place where the country nurtured its talents. It was a starkly different situation in the outside world.

The organizations in the outside world surely had their own stash of armors. However, they had no way of actually competing with the country itself.

That was the reason why Lu Sheng was able to get that much money when he offered his student armor as collateral.

A large part of the reason was that the country had a lockdown on technology.

Since he could not find any other way, Lu Sheng had no choice but to rely on the Sha Group to gather the materials and accessories for him.

The Sha Group was indeed a peak conglomerate. In two days' time, it managed to gather enough parts and resources for 100 fully equipped armors.

Lu Sheng started the second round of strengthening on his Authenticated Armor.

Although the student Authenticated Armor was a mechanical tabula rasa as it was equipped with nothing, it was the best basic armor among the Soldier Armors.

Since he was short on time anyway, Lu Sheng felt that it was too much of a hassle to switch armors. He ordered the Iron Fist members to protect Esha while he focused whole-heartedly in modifying his armor.


Sha Group Modification Workshop.

A massive object that was a dozen meters tall towered silently in the deepest part of the workshop.

Lu Sheng and Shajay looked at this massive armor from afar. They stood inside the control room without saying anything to each other.

"The 1022th set of external bulletproof armor was successfully installed. Number 12, please be in position. Begin installing the next layer of armor."

The electronic voice kept resounding within the workshop.

Shajay retracted his puzzled expression. He glanced at Lu Sheng beside him.

"What's the meaning behind making an armor like this? Nobody in the world can wear this. Also, although the import of ordinary external bulletproof armor isn't limited in any way, we'll still attract attention if we import too much." Shajay could no longer refrain himself from questioning Lu Sheng.

"We don't have a choice. At this stage, the materials needed to make a bulletproof armor are already 10 times the original price. Hence, I have nobody else to turn to for this amount other than the Sha Group." Lu Sheng did not even answer his question.

"The Iron Fist has a simple armor workshop too," Shajay reminded him.

"It's too small, even smaller than the academy's. It won't be near enough." Lu Sheng shook his head. "By the way, have you received the money for the next step yet?"

"Father has transferred the money," Shajay said with a nod. When he recalled Lu Sheng's miraculous effects, he could not help but grew fervent about this as well.

Nobody would reject longevity, and Shajay was no exception. Hence, when Lu Sheng turned his father Sha Luona's white hair black, his heart was like Sha Luona's disappearing wrinkles—it tightened.

"I'll have to go somewhere a few days from now," Lu Sheng suddenly said.

"Somewhere far away?"

"I've recently received some information. There are some places that I'm interested in. I'm planning on heading over to have a look myself."

Lu Sheng did a statistical survey in the dozen cities around Platinum City. He listed out all those who could be of some help to him.

His objective for this upcoming trip was to "persuade" them to serve him.

Among the selected individuals, there were those who had special identities, and he would have to personally go and invite them.

"If you're gone, what am I supposed to do with this armor?" Shajay was immediately stunned.

"Pile all the armor materials that can be installed onto it, then fix them together under high temperature. After that, wait for my return," Lu Sheng gave the simple instructions.

"Very well." Shajay nodded.

Lu Sheng took a final look at the immense armor that was still growing in height. It was a dozen meters tall, and was resembling the armor in his imagination more and more.

However, for Lu Sheng's Harmonizing Power that spanned a kilometer, controlling this armor was just the equivalent of placing a dozen pieces of paper on himself.

After performing some simple tests on the length and strength of this armor, Lu Sheng pointed out in the end that the armor should be tossed to the bottom of the lake in the outskirts after all modifications were done.

Then, they should send men to continue working on it underwater. With the armor's current size, they were to continue adding more layers of armor onto it.

The smiths who heard the order all thought that he was out of his mind. They thought it was crazy to add more layers when it was this heavy already. However, Lu Sheng's request was the Sha Group's request. Nobody dared to go against it. Hence, the staff worked overtime.

"Keep up the good work. I have high hopes for you." Lu Sheng patted Shajay's shoulder, turned around, and left.

Shajay was expressionless. It was unknown what kind of thoughts he was entertaining as he stared at the immense armor in the workshop.

Lu Sheng exited the workshop and returned to the Cherry Ward. As he made his way to the Iron Fist branch, he accidentally passed by a bookstore.

Various books were displayed behind the bookstore's transparent display window.

Lu Sheng gave it a cursory glance. A thick, yellow volume suddenly caught his eye.

"On the Origin and Schools of Psychological Guidance Healing Art."

'Psychological Guidance Healing Art… Isn't that hypnotic therapy?' Lu Sheng was suddenly moved.

He turned toward the bookstore, pushed the door open, and went in.

When he came back out, the thick tome was already in his hands.

As he walked back, Lu Sheng flipped through the pages. He skipped over the fillers like the introduction and preface, and went straight for the contents which taught the reader how to guide the patient into the psychological therapy (hypnotized) condition.

The book was very thick. A plethora of ways were outlined within it. Psychological vibrations could be created through sounds, colors, symbols, movements, or postures.

The instant the psychological vibration was destabilized, the practitioner could easily induce the condition in the patient if he seized the opportunity…

The various methods, theories, and their applications in different environments and conditions had widened Lu Sheng's horizons as well.

In Great Yin, his Snake of Jealousy included, the hypnotizing methods they used targeted a person's spirit directly. Meanwhile, the methods outlined in this book were used to guide the target into the hypnotized condition through external stimulus without leaving any traces.

Although it was a far cry from the efficiency and domineeringness of Great Yin's secret art, its advantage was that it did not leave any trace.

"A wonderful skill. Deep Blue."

Lu Sheng summoned his modifier.

With a thought, a new frame slowly appeared on the interface.

"Psychological Guidance Healing Art, Uninitiated."

'Based on the book, there are four realms. Each realm can be attained through much practice and early preparations. At the final and fourth realm, it's even possible to employ different methods within a short time frame to make the patient stay immersed in a certain surrounding for a long period of time. This is more beneficial as it works in tandem with recovery training.'

Lu Sheng continued flipping through the book.

'Even the greatest psychological guidance master had to use more than two methods at the same time to hypnotize a person quickly. The master would have to use sound, movement, symbol, colors, touch, smell, and the other senses. Also, the success rate isn't high. Sometimes, there will be a need to carry out several attempts of hypnotization.'

Lu Sheng mused to himself. He decided to try improving this skill.

"Improve Psychological Guidance Healing Art to the highest level." He simply modified it with Deep Blue.

Two units of Mental Energy quickly disappeared. In return, Lu Sheng obtained various hypnotizing skills that he had never imagined before.

He flicked his fingers nimbly. He was surprised to find that he could naturally make dull noises that made one's head feel heavy.

'So, is this the valve wave band that can most easily influence a person's heart? What an interesting system… Even at this peak rank, it's still impossible to hypnotize a person who's guarding his heart against it… It's already difficult to make it work on a person with a greater resistance.' Lu Sheng looked at the Psychological Guidance Healing Art's frame which instantly blurred and clarified.

'There's still a need to improve this.'

Lu Sheng quickly looked behind the frame. As expected, he saw the derivation button.

He pushed it without hesitation.


The frame instantly blurred.

A unit of Mental Energy disappeared. The derivation process needed at least one unit of Mental Energy.

A few seconds later, everything became clear again. A new and completely different content appeared in the frame.

"Psychological Guidance Healing Art, Level Five. (Special trait. Hypnotic strengthening, level five. Guiding power strengthening, level one.)"

'Not bad, not bad at all. There's the addition of this level one guiding power strengthening. It feels completely different. I think the speed of hypnotization has gone up and the success rate has increased.' Lu Sheng carefully experienced the newly obtained skill and grew more satisfied with it.

"Next, derive Psychological Guidance Healing Art 99 times."


Two days later.

Haske City. Underground Dripping Prison. Heavy Prison Number 103.

In the dark underground prison, layers of thick and heavy metal walls parted slowly. A bright flashlight beam penetrated the darkness from outside.

In Prison Number 103, the steel bars as thick as a child's arm were coated with electric wires that released high voltage upon contact. Any living organism that dared to venture nearby would be burned to cinders.

A tall, sturdy, and immense figure squatted in a corner of the prison. The figure did not move. He had fetters and handcuffs on his body. The thick and heavy restraints were also tied up on the wall.

A small lamp on the prison's ceiling shone with its meager light. The person's strong muscles and many gunshot scars could be faintly seen.

"Bach Henry. Killed 35 men with a blade in Beeswax City in '76. Killed 16 special forces' policemen at gunpoint in Cadilla City in '81. The government was forced to dispatch the special tactics team. Three special elites were sacrificed, while 16 were heavily wounded before you were successfully captured. You've broken out of prison in '84 and committed heinous crimes in Gaze City. While you were out at large, you've taken on a fake identity. In two days, you've killed and ate the livers of more than 70 people." A young man with a balanced build and handsome face, albeit with a slightly gloomy appearance, slowly walked up to the prison while chaperoned by two old prison officers. The man was recounting the glorious deeds of Bach when he was young.

This man was none other than Lu Sheng, who had just left Platinum City.