Way Of The Devil Chapter 580

582 Resolving 1

"Wait up! Don't you think that this is strange?" Nightwalker suddenly stopped in his tracks in the dormitory.

The assassins from the Black Angel and the Iron Screen were indifferent. They broke the door lock and continued facing off. None of them dared to charge into the room ahead of another, for that would expose their backs to everyone else. This was a fatal situation for an assassin.

Even the mentor-level Black Angel would not commit such a low-level mistake.

Nightwalker took a few steps back. He was sending the message that he would not want to take part in this competition.

Although he felt that it was important to have a claim on Esha, he could not shake off the feeling that something else was hidden in the room.

The scene behind the door was too quiet. They had waited for a long while outside. No matter how sluggish a person was, there was no way that he or she would not make any sound by now.

When Nightwalker thought about this, he took a few more steps backward despite himself.

As he looked at the two parties facing each other, he decided to believe in his gut in the end. He turned around and got ready to descend the stairs.

All of a sudden, extremely faint footsteps could be heard from the stairs.

'Could it be?!' Nightwalker's heart was shaken. He slowly increased his pace.

He charged into the stairway and caught a vague glimpse of Esha's black dress below.

'So she's escaped long ago!' Nightwalker rejoiced in his heart. He hastily went after her.

He did his best to muffle his footsteps. With the illumination of the lamps, he could see Esha's flustered expression on her small face from afar.

He was closing in on her. Nightwalker was thinking that this mission might actually be simple, after all.

When he was but several meters away from her, he suddenly sensed that something was wrong. Although this girl before him had Esha's face, the other parts of her…

When he was close enough, he noticed with shock that this girl was laboriously dragging something across the floor.

Due to the dim lighting, he took some time to actually recognize it.

He was getting closer now. At this distance, it was already close enough for him to take the target's life. Nightwalker relaxed.


There was a swift movement across the girl's face. It was now a beautiful yet wildly ice-cold face of a mature woman.

As he got closer, Nightwalker suddenly saw with clarity that "Esha" was not dragging some object behind her.

It was half a corpse.

Nightwalker's heart skipped a beat, and his feet paused.

"Young man, were you looking for me?" "Esha" raised the corpse in her hands. She turned around and looked at Nightwalker.

The head of the corpse in her hands was tilted slightly toward him. It was Nightwalker's mentor who was supposed to be stationed outside!

"Men… tor… ?!" Nightwalker's mind was muddled. A surge of great sadness and bloodlust filled his heart.


There was the color of blood. A revving chainsaw dripping with blood was drawn over his body.


Platinum Academy's teaching block. The top floor.

The principal's office.

Quan Shihui leaned casually on the desk. She allowed the fat principal run his hands along her slender black hose-covered legs from behind.

The principal, Earl Pella, sat upright behind the desk with his slightly obese body. He kept a small moustache, and his skin was as fair as soaked pig's skin.

His hands rubbed constantly against the soft surface. However, whenever he was tempted to move his hands under her skirt, Quan Shihui would glare at him with her sharp gaze. He would then slowly stomp out this notion which he should not have in the first place.

"Uncle, are you ready?" Quan Shihui removed his hand from her thigh. She stood up and went to the bookshelf. She stroked the backs of the thick tomes that were neatly arranged on it.

"You've allowed those diabolical terrorists into the academy. Isn't it about time to take some action against them?"

"Hohohoho… The White Feather Army is already in position. The mentors are also where they should be." Earl Pella retracted his hands. He fixed a greedy gaze on this niece of his who showed no restraint in displaying her abilities. His desire to consume her had burned within him for many years. Unfortunately, she had been adopted by him when she was 11 years old. From the very beginning, she learned how to firmly protect herself.

"What are you waiting for, then?" Quan Shihui asked casually. "The federal garrison?"

"No… the garrison has completely left the matter to us. I'm waiting for the most powerful person from our academy," explained the principal, Earl Pella, gently and patiently.

"The most powerful person? You mean…" Quan Shihui suddenly remembered something. There was a slight change on her beautiful face.

"What about you and your friends? What do you plan to do?" Pella stared at his niece with gentle eyes. "What do you say? If you agree to join my beautiful lady dogs squad, I'll consider letting you guys off the hook this time."

"You're as vile as ever, Uncle," Quan Shihui said without changing her expression. Ever since she discovered her uncle's perverse nature when she was 12, she had lost all hope in familial relationships.

"Won't you give it some thought?" Pella was untouched by the comment.

"Even against that person, I believe that Big Brother won't lose that easily," Quan Shihui said with a smile.

"The Screen Master, Light of the Northern Hill, huh? I'll admit that he's very powerful, but what if I include the Bai Family's Moon Scar assassins?" The smile on Pella's face grew in intensity.

Quan Shihui's expression finally changed.

"The top three of the federation… I didn't expect all of them to be gathered here on his day…" Her tone grew colder.

"Don't even think about keeping me here, my beloved niece," Earl Pella said with a chuckle.

"Is that so?" Quan Shihui took a step back. "Since you're so confident in your victory, we will wait and see." She turned around and exited the office.


White armors surrounded the entire Platinum Academy in circles.

Every armor had a small exquisite cloak pinned to its right shoulder.

The leader was a big and tall armored man with a thick black cloak over his shoulders. His face could be seen through his metallic mask. He was a middle-aged man in his thirties with messy hair.

30 years was neither a long nor short period of time. If a person invested all his time into a single thing, the person would achieve a terrifying level of mastery in it.

That was the case for the Poison Dragon, Gar Kandi.

"Is everything ready?" he asked his deputy beside him.

"Everything's in place."

His deputy's answer made him feel secure.

The Poison Dragon raised his left hand. A row of sharp sawteeth shot out from under his left arm.

"Our target is the meeting room of the second teaching block. Everyone, get ready to move out." He raised his arm.


A section of the sawteeth shot out suddenly. They turned into white shards and flew in all directions at an angle.

As if it was a signal, the armor squadrons that surrounded the academy started moving. They marched toward the academy.

"Tonight will be the night when we rake up achievements." The Poison Dragon sat on a large white four-wheeled vehicle that resembled a motorbike. There was only a single seat on the vehicle. He appeared to be sitting on a throne with his body slightly angled upward and his hands resting on the armrests by his sides.

"Seven Emperor Armors. This combination is too dangerous. No matter the organization, such an immense power shouldn't be allowed to exist in the heartland of the federation." Somewhere in the darkness, a slightly old voice swiftly reacted to his words. "It's the same for our Bai Family."

"The fuse seems to be a second-year student," said the Poison Dragon all of a sudden.

"That's how it seems."

"This is interesting."

When he passed through the academy's entrance, the Poison Dragon Gar Kandi looked up at the starry night sky. Unfortunately, the stars were not gracing the skies with their presence tonight.

The armors surged toward the second teaching block like a swarm of bees. Among them, there were four white armors with faint golden cloaks. The armors were of varying sizes. They walked slowly in four directions, sealing off all possible escape routes.


"We're surrounded. It's the Poison Dragon Gar Kandi's White Feather Army…"

In the meeting room, Half-face stood by the window as he looked at the faraway white armors that surrounded the building.

"What're we waiting for? Wouldn't it be over once we break out of the encirclement and leave?" said Mondo without any intention of being polite. "Don't tell me we should wait for them to be in perfect formation and then exchange shots with each other."

Dr. Kyler gave it some thought before speaking up. "I have some toys with me. They're effective enough against ordinary Soldier Armors, but they're not of much use against the more powerful General Armor." 

"It's alright." Lu Sheng smiled. "Let's go out and meet them. The federation's most powerful Moon Scar Grandmaster, the Poison Dragon Gar Kandi. Let's see just how powerful he is. Who's willing?"

He scanned the faces of the people gathered there.

"I'll go." Half-face stood up. Although they were surrounded, none of them appeared worried.

"The Iron Screen's generals are here as well. There's four of them." The meeting room's door opened slowly. Madam Belle was covered in blood as she stood at the door with her chainsaw covered in blood and flesh.

"With the seven of us here, there's no enemy in the entire federation that we can't beat. We have nothing to fear! So what if he's the Poison Dragon? If we work together, we might just be able to let him taste defeat!" Mondo growled.

Lu Sheng took a mental note of all this. The Emperor Armors in this world were peak form-fitting armors with greater enhancements, defense, and agility. They were about five to ten times more powerful than Soldier Armors, and about twice as powerful as the General Armors.

Hence, it was not that they were undefeatable. As long as there were more than 30 Soldier Armors, they would be a formidable threat to them. As long as there were more than eight General Armors, with good cooperation, they could wear down and defeat an Emperor Armor.

Lu Sheng had come to this world to settle the karma. He had no intention to waste any more time.

He walked out of the meeting room and stood in the corridor. From afar, he could see the White Feather Army's armors encircling the building.

"There's at least 1,000 of them. It's much more compared to when we first met."

"They must be here for the Starlight Diagram," Dr. Kyler spoke slowly.

"Starlight Diagram?" This was Lu Sheng's first time hearing this.

"It's a blueprint for a kind of peak strategical armor. Legend has it that much taboo knowledge is included in it," Kyler explained in detail.

"The Iron Screen's master is here as well. The second most powerful person in the federation, the Light of the Northern Mountain." Madam Belled looked toward the top floor of the dormitory building next to their building. A unique grayish-white armor was squatting there.

The armor was slender and strong. A long tail protruded on top of its head with its tip drooping down.

"Go, show them your strength." Lu Sheng saw the grayish-white armor next door as well.

"Where the Light of the Northern Mountain is, Kyler, shall we go together?" Madam Belle suggested.

"Why not," Dr. Kyle said with a smile.

The two of them walked down the stairs. They quickly melted into the shadows.

"We should make our move as well. We're surrounded by the White Feather Army's and Iron Screen's Titled Armors on all sides. If we don't do something, we might not make it out of this," Half-face spoke in his hoarse voice.

Mondo snorted. He leapt out from a side window on his own.

Bach Henry and a big and tall figure covered in a black wind coat were the only ones left.