Way Of The Devil Chapter 582

584 Huge Shadow 1


The huge mechanical hand suddenly grabbed the principal. The pressure from its huge fingers and thick joints was strong enough to crack the armor.

Blood, flesh, and fragments fell to the floor slowly from the space between the fingers.

"You… Impossible…" Earl Pella spat out a mouthful of blood. He struggled swiftly. From the looks of the huge hand, which was large enough to envelop his entire body, the armor's size must have been much bigger than his imagination.

At the side, Esha dropped to the ground. Her little face was ghastly pale. She sobbed and could not find any words to say.

"The reason why the skies are ever-changing is because the earth is eternally constant. Movement and stillness, Yin and Yang, heaven and earth, everything in the world reinforces and restrains each other."

Lu Sheng hovered slowly. Peculiar blackish-purple veins started appearing on his body.


The Radiant King outside the building seemed to have noticed the situation here. It roared furiously and extended its huge arm toward them.

Its huge arm that was a dozen meters long crossed over the field like a python, crashed through a corner of the teaching block, and advanced toward Lu Sheng.

Loud explosion sounds got closer to them alongside the tremors of the ground.

"I had wanted to play for a while. Alas… you've spoiled my mood." Lu Sheng looked at Earl Pella.

The purple armor which had been choking Esha had already been smashed into fragments and a pile of bloodied flesh by another, slightly smaller metallic hand the instant the huge arm appeared.

"Let's end this soon. It's time for the curtains to fall on this farce as well." Lu Sheng looked at the Radiant King which was running rampant and roaring outside.

"Feel the pain…" Lu Sheng raised his arm toward the skies and clenched his fist.

"Grief of All Living Things."


In an instant, a huge palm more than 20 meters wide suddenly rose from the empty land outside. With a loud crash, it grabbed the Radiant King's lower body.


The Radiant King lifted its head and roared. It broke free of the huge hand's grasp and shattered it into countless fragments in no time. Then, it continued bounding toward Lu Sheng.


However, a second huge hand shot up from the ground and bound it to the spot.

Then, there was a third hand, and a fourth, a fifth…

The huge black hands were made of the crudest mineral rocks. They were a far cry from the Radiant King's exquisite armor.

However, there were too many of them.

In a mere half a minute, the building crumbled, the ground cracked, and huge black hands shot out from the ground. They grabbed at the skies as if they were complaining to the heavens about how much pain they were in.

In a mere minute, countless huge black hands protruded from the entire Platinum Academy's ground.

The hands kept grabbing at the Radiant King. They layered on top of each other until there were more thick layers.


The Radiant King wailed in pain. Soon, only the armor on its face was visible.


In the end, even its face was covered by another huge hand.

Lu Sheng stared coldly at this pitiable new armor.

A huge shadow that was immense enough to cover half the academy slowly rose behind him.

Half of the building was easily removed. The night sky was now visible.

A terrifying humanoid figure than was 1000 meters tall towered behind Lu Sheng.


The huge figure extended an index finger and placed it before Lu Sheng.

"You coming?" Lu Sheng looked at Esha who was on the ground right now. He displayed a gentle smile.

Esha's mind went blank. The series of events had given her mind too much of a shock. She felt as if her life up to this point had been fabricated.

"Come on." Lu Sheng extended his hand.

Amid the rumbling sounds, A huge black mechanical hand lifted Esha from below. She was being held on the center of its palm and slowly lifted up.

Huge amounts of rubble crashed downward. At this moment, Quan Shihui snapped out from her stupor.

Lu Sheng and Esha gained altitude. They were being lifted by the huge hand into the huge black shadow in the skies.

Quan Shihui snapped back to the present. Up until now, she had been feeling numb all over. Her racing heart made her feel as if all her blood vessels were dilated.

"What a… terrifying power…"

In the end, she directed her gaze toward Earl Pella, who was being crushed by a huge black hand.

After being silent for a while, she unsheathed her knife and walked slowly toward the earl.

"It's over, Uncle…"


"What's… that?!"

Bach and the Thunder King were fighting with the Screen Master, the Light of the Northern Mountain. All of a sudden, the top of the building shook.


A huge black hand shot up from the ground beside them and reached for the skies.

"What have you guys done?!" The Light of the Northern Mountain's tone was anxious now. A huge portion of the Iron Screen's Army was stationed nearby. If they were accidentally crushed by the huge hands, the Iron Screen would be suffering great losses.

"We didn't do anything." Bach shrugged. "Why don't you go and ask the master here? For example, that vile, perverse white-skinned pig?"

"Could this be the academy's secret weapon as well?" said the Thunder King coldly. "However, it seems that the monster developed by the academy is surely going to lose."

"Why?" asked Bach, puzzled. "Even if it can't win, surely it can run away?"

"Because… that…" The Thunder King raised his arm and pointed behind Bach.

Bach seemed to have felt something as well. He turned around slowly.

"My… My daddy…"

"What the f*ck is that?!" Bach was dumbfounded.

He had seen large combined armors before, but he had never seen one with this size.

It was an armor 1000 meters tall! Was this a movie about alien invasion?

The body of the huge figure blocked the moonlight out. The shadow covered the three of them completely.

The Light of the Northern Mountain made no sound. He suddenly charged toward the lower floors.

"Don't even think of running away!" The Thunder King was just about to give chase.

"Forget about him." Bach stopped him. "Nobody here can run away from that."

The Thunder King looked in the direction which Back was looking at. Coincidentally, he saw the Radiant King being covered in densely packed layers of hands. Then, it slowly sunk into the ground.

The Radiant King's muffled, furious roars could still be heard, but it was meaningless. More and more huge hands covered it and pressed it ever lower. The faint sounds of metal being bent could be heard.

The Radiant King was reduced to a chunk of metal.

"Could it be that the academy's secret weapon has lost control?" The Thunder King could not help but ask in his deep voice.

"I had the same guess before this, but take a look at that." Bach pointed at giant figure's right shoulder and left chest area.

The Thunder King looked. He saw a huge hand propping Lu Sheng and Esha in midair.

Lu Sheng stood in the heart of the palm and looked down on the entire academy. The robes on his body flapped behind him from the wind.

The Thunder King could not help but be awed. He softly muttered, "Boss… What a grand show…" 


Madam Belle slowly extracted her chainsaw from an armor under her feet. She wiped away the blood on her face and looked at Lu Sheng and Esha, who were looking down on the entire situation from afar.

"What a huge surprise…" It had been a long time since Madam Belle felt her blood boil. It was now starting to boil from the explosion just now.

In the corner, Half-face slowly removed his fingers from between the eyes of the Soldier Armor before him.

"Looks like tomorrow's headlines will be about the destruction of the Platinum Academy. Compared to our bounty, the boss's bounty tomorrow will soar beyond the heavens."

"There's no need to wait until tomorrow… Maybe the bounty has been posted already…" A gentle and brilliant smile appeared on Madam Belle's face.

"Looks like we've sure made the right choice this time."

"A generation that's ours… I'm looking forward to it." Half-face licked his fingers and snickered.


Bai Shi growled. His lion-headed humanoid armor suddenly changed direction to dodge a huge hand that shot up from the ground. He charged sideways at high speed.

He leapt between the buildings with blinding speed. Huge hands kept popping up all around him, and they kept trying to grab him.

However, he was too quick.

The huge hands could not grasp him. Hence, they could only crush the other Soldier Armors on the ground.

The White Feather Army suffered great losses. The Iron Screen Army and some members of the academy were all covered up by countless black hands. They were victims of their attacks that didn't differentiate between friend and foe.

The white Soldier Armor troops shrieked and wailed. They kept getting smothered, smashed, and crushed.

Blood, severed limbs, and armor fragments were scattered everywhere.


A huge black hand was split into two by a silvery-white cold gleam which dropped to the ground with a loud crash.

"Bai Shi?"

The newcomer dropped lightly beside the lion-headed armor. It was the impressive looking Poison Dragon Gar Kandi who had just left.

The Poison Dragon was not able to react even now. He shouted furiously, "What are these things?!" 

On his side, a huge group of mechanical hands had popped out of the ground and scattered the White Feather Army's formations.

When he reacted, his surroundings were already in the current state.

"Won't we know if we take a look at that?"

Bai Shi looked at the huge black figure far away. Two individuals stood before the huge figure's chest. To his surprise, one of them was the ordinary girl Esha whom he had just captured in her hiding place.

The Poison Dragon looked in the same direction as well. The instant he saw Lu Sheng and Esha, the flames of fury he felt in his heart seemed to have been instantly extinguished by a splash of cold water. In its place was a sense of awe and shock just as strong.

"Looks like we should get away from this place quickly…" Bai Shi calmly looked at the black metallic arms that were emerging out from the ground in ever increasing numbers.

"No! My army! My White Feather Army is still here!" The Poison Dragon growled. "I'll kill that man! I'll end this!"

He charged toward the huge figure resolutely. With nimble movements, he dodged a large number of the huge hands.

Bai Shi was silent for a while. Then, he followed suit.

"For the federation! Such an armor shouldn't be in the hands of a mortal!"


"Are you… a god?" Esha could not refrain from asking the question softly.

High up in the skies, the cold wind blew against them, and their clothes flapped loudly.

Lu Sheng hugged Esha. A calm gentleness was displayed on his face.

"I'm Jorin. I'm not a god just because I'm powerful." He pinched Esha's cheek.

"But why do I feel as if all this is a dream?" Esha spoke in a dazed manner. "It's like… It's like you'll leave me at any time…" 

She reached out and wanted to touch Lu Sheng's face. However, her finger hovered in midair. She did not have the courage to go any closer.

"This is so unreal…" Esha mumbled. Her gaze was blurred.