Way Of The Devil Chapter 598

600 Three Limits 3

"Let's not talk about him. Did you find any better way of losing weight lately? I can't help but notice that I've gotten slightly fatter lately" Chenchen changed the topic with her question.

"Slightly fatter?" Lu Sheng looked at the fat flesh on Chenchen's thighs, which were 1.5 times his own. He could not help but feel speechless.

However, even though he felt speechless, he had to carry on with his plan. He had to get his hands on the Three Limits as quickly as possible, and then make a fortune for himself. Ranking up his spirit was the most urgent matter at hand. He had dallied for so long. He also had a general understanding of Libra City's rules already.

"I do have a way, but" He hesitated on purpose.

"But what?" Chenchen's eyes lit up slightly.

"But, I'm not quite confident to do it yet, not with my current skills. If you can help me ask your father to teach me the Three Limits as well, there'll be no problem." Lu Sheng had no intention of tricking or cheating Chenchen. Instead, he proposed to have a trade, like a business deal.

In truth, Tu Jin was the only person who treated the Tu Style Healing Art as something important. Other people would not even bat an eyelid at it. In the main city, you could get any high-grade secret art skill formulas as long as you had the money. Nobody would hole themselves up here to learn a medical art which had no offensive capabilities.

It should be noted that in the current era, more than half of the major cultivation methods on the market had healing effects. The high-ranked experts even possessed terrifying Constitutions that enabled them to regenerate their lost limbs.

On top of that, there were the Pill Masters, Formation Master, various heavenly pills, and regenerative formations with extremely formidable effects. As a result, medical art truly did not matter much here.

"You actually specialized in this?" Chenchen held Lu Sheng with a shocked gaze.

"I'm a pacifist. After understanding that the Tu Style Healing Art is a skill that has no offensive properties, I find that I like this medical art very much," Lu Sheng exclaimed with emotion. "From birth to its wane, a life will eventually progress toward death. Since all of us share the same fate, why would we insist on hurting each other?"

Chenchen was speechless.

"Can you not talk in such a fake manner?" She felt that her hair was about to stand on ends.

"What should I say, then?" Lu Sheng shrugged. "Alright. I'm actually very curious about the so-called Three Limits which Teacher mentioned. Also, I realize that I seem to be gifted in the medical arts. Hence, I'd like to spend more time understanding this, and then think of a way to rake in a fortune."

"That's a good reason. Alright, I'll help you. After all, the old man has no other, or better, choice than you. His is a lousy skill formula that nobody wants even if you threw it on the ground, yet he's hiding and coveting it. I don't understand him at all." Chenchen waved her hand as she spoke gallantly.

"Three Limits, huh? I know where he keeps it. I've taken it out to read many times when I was a child. It's a bunch of hocus pocus materials. The old man has cultivated it for so many years, and couldn't even grasp at the fringes. I'll fetch it for you soon."

Chenchen snorted. "That old man is dumb. He thinks that he's hidden it well, but he has no idea that I'd taken it out many times and read it."

Lu Sheng did not expect that he could obtain this object this easily. He immediately forthrightly responded, "Okay. You bring me that, and I'll help you lose weight."

"No problem!" Chenchen nodded. "The old man will go to a nearby village for outpatient treatment. I'll get it for you then."

"Alright!" Lu Sheng nodded. "I'll start you off with the first step of losing weight."

The two of them were happy.

Lu Sheng brought Chenchen into his room. Then, he prepared a scalpel, Black Cloud Fragrance, and a bottle of fat-melting liquid.

The fat-melting liquid was a solution which he'd developed himself. It was designed to treat excess fat. A drop of this solution on a person's fat tissue could remove and dehydrate it at the quickest speed possible.

However, because of its potency, Lu Sheng's insane micro-controlling abilities were needed to control it.

"Take off all your clothes first." Lu Sheng found a piece of black cloth to blindfold himself. "Don't worry, I won't peek."

Chenchen was bug-eyed.

"I'll have to be naked? What if someone else sees this?" Although she had a rough character, and did not see herself as a woman, she was still embarrassed to be naked in front of a man.

"That won't happen. I'll be careful. The door is locked as well," Lu Sheng replied calmly.

"Alright." Chenchen understood as well that Lu Sheng would not want her body even if she offered it up to him. He would think that she was too ugly and fat.

When she thought back to the time she drank Lu Sheng's medicine before this, she had actually slimmed down by a dozen catties. She gradually found courage[1. So we finally get a likely answer. LS did cure her and let her slim down, but she gained weight again].

Chenchen sat on the side of the bed for some time. After a long while, she awkwardly removed her outer jacket.

Then, she slowly removed her inner garments. Her wrinkled layers of fat white flesh were exposed.

Although Lu Sheng blindfolded himself, a layer of black cloth alone was naturally insufficient to actually block his sight. However, just as Chenchen had thought, only a maniac would still feel that urge in the face of a fat pig.

The process of losing weight was simple. Lu Sheng would infuse the fat-melting liquid slowly and carefully into Chenchen's fat tissue layer with the spirit-prompting threads. He would use them to precisely melt away the fat over the different parts of her body.

"I'll melt away the fat on your back to start. You should take care while walking later. You might need some time to get used to your body after melting away that much fat in one go," Lu Sheng reminded her.


The treatment did not last more than half an hour.

When they emerged, Lu Sheng appeared calm, while Chenchen was drenched in sweat. There was a clear dent on her back.

Overall, she appeared slightly slimmer than before.

"Let's call it a day. After this, we'll carry this out on a daily basis. You should replenish yourself with food and drink, otherwise your body will be harmed after all that dehydration," Lu Sheng instructed.

"Mm-hm. Alright." Chenchen nodded. She looked at Lu Sheng's receding back as he left the room.

Lu Sheng had barely made it out of the room when he heard Chenchen's low, excited growl that she could not suppress.

Early next morning, Tu Jin carried his medical kit and went out. He told them that he would only be back after three days.

Chenchen did as she'd promised. At night, she brought the book of the Three Limits to Lu Sheng's room.

Lu Sheng carried out another round of weight loss treatment again.

This time, Chenchen had obviously slimmed down. After removing much of the fat on her face, chin, and neck, she now appeared more appealing. At the very least, she did not look like the terrifying fat lady like before. Now, she was a fat lady with beauty.

After obtaining the Three Limits, Lu Sheng did not know if he should laugh or cry.

The Three Limits were mysterious. The book contained the various inferences and imaginations the Tu predecessors had on the healing art. They were not content for the healing art to be all about healing and nothing about attacking. Hence, in order to have a certain capacity to protect themselves, they developed this peculiar product known as the Three Limits.

The Three Limits referred to three secret skills.

The three secret skills relied on the spirit-prompting threads for their activation. Each skill had much potential for development.

Lu Sheng memorized the Three Limits before having Chenchen return the book to its original spot.

Now, everything was ready. It was also time for him to start his money-earning plan.


One week later

"Who's Tu Jin?"

A group of men in black fighting attire were carrying a ghastly pale white-haired old man as they dashed into the Tu Family's medical hall.

"Quick! Have him look at the old man. If anything happens to him, even the lives of your entire family won't be enough for repayment!"

Tu Jin had gone to the village. His initial plan was to return after three days. However, an unexpected epidemic broke out there. He had no choice but to collect herbs from the area and brew a special medicine to repel the epidemic.

Tu Jin was not here. De Yun and Lu Sheng were on duty to treat the ailments of the people who lived nearby.

All of a sudden, this bunch of men barged in with the old man. De Yun was about to walk up to them when Lu Sheng beat him to it.

"Pale complexion, short breath, yellow foam at the mouth. Does he have a black hook-shaped mark on his earlobe?" Lu Sheng quickly inquired.

The old man was shocked at first, but he quickly rejoiced. He quickly responded to Lu Sheng's question. "Yes Yes!"

Lu Sheng recognized this old man. He had been here twice before. He seemed to have been poisoned, although the identity of the poison was unknown. It was apparent that this old man had been using his profound Spiritual Essence to suppress the toxin within his body. When he was here during his previous visits, he did not look so bad.

However, this time

Lu Sheng helped the old man onto a chair.

Then, he placed his index finger lightly on the old man's temple.


Transparent spirit-prompting threads instantly plunged into his temple. The spirit-prompting threads' effects were immediate.

"Hiss" The old man's ghastly pale appearance was instantly colorized by some reddish hue. "It's working! Quick! Continue the treatment!"

"Be patient. Recovering the dead and helping the wounded is the calling of doctors like us. I will heal you," Lu Sheng said solemnly.

The toxin inside the old man's body was not complicated. His body had merely been injected with venom from a red spotted-belly snake. Any doctor with good medical skills could treat this.

"Be patient. The toxin within your body is difficult to handle. I have to be careful," Lu Sheng said in a serious tone. He infused hybrid toxins from his own body into the old man's body through his spirit-prompting threads.

To make the toxin more difficult to treat, he mixed it up with his spirit-prompting threads. He mixed the several toxins together to make it more difficult to treat.

"This poison of yours difficult, difficult, difficult!" Lu Sheng's brows were tightly knitted together. He gave it some thought; then, he infused another compound poison which he'd absorbed into his own body back when he was in the Prime Devil Sect. This way, he would be the only one who could understand it.

The act was done. The mixing of the three toxins was slowly becoming another, unknown toxin. It became difficult to split them up.

"What? I was just bitten by a red snake, that's it!" The old man was slightly puzzled. He had been accidentally bitten in the forestit was just one bite. However, this young doctor made it seem like it was very serious.

"No it's not just snake venom" Lu Sheng shook his head. "Forgive me for being blunt, this poison I'm only 60% confident that I can treat this. Sir, if you have reservations, you should go to the nearest city to have yourself looked at. The doctors there might be more capable," Lu Sheng said in a low voice.



The old man clearly felt terrified. The odds were too low.

"Little doctor, are you sure that it's only 60%?!" the old man asked in a low voice.

"I'm sure."

"Alright, alright" The old man did not make the decision to treat his illness there. Instead, he had his men bring him away.

Lu Sheng did not stop him. However, when they left, he circulated the unique toxins within the old man's body again.

With his cultivation base, even without direct contact, he could easily trigger the toxin within the old man's body.

His objective was to make it so that he was the only one who could treat the poison in the old man's body. At the very least, he wanted to make it so that he was the only person who could treat it in the radius of a few thousand kilometers.

If he wanted to earn money with his current identity, practicing medicine was naturally the fastest way.

The treatment of illnesses would bring him money, but which illness would bring him the most income in the shortest amount of time?

The natural answer was chronic diseases.

Chronic diseases would require the patient to come for frequent checkups, and they would have to buy special medicine to stabilize their condition.

The patient would have to pay for checkups and the medicine. When there were more patients, they would become a good and constant source of income.

Naturally, Lu Sheng was not an evil person who would earn his income by going against moral values. Hence, he decided to carry out this chronic disease plan of his on the bad people with terrible attitude.