Way Of The Devil Chapter 612

614 Departure 1

Lu Sheng tapped his fingers lightly on the hard ground, making crisp sounds.

He was thinking if he should be coming into contact with the humans of this world.

From the recent tests he conducted, the power rules here had extremely low restrictions on pure vigor. However, they restricted other power systems a great deal.

Now that the rabbit's karma was almost settled, he had to consider if he would gain or lose more by spending time and energy to come into contact with the humans.

After muttering to himself for a short while, Lu Sheng decided to return right away.

This world seemed strange to him. It was not about the power system. The difference between intelligent and wild breeds confounded him.

The records of the rabbit tribe also mentioned the appearance of a sage who stood with two straight legs. Hence, the first sage was most probably another Heavenly Devil that Arrived here.

There seemed to be much more going on behind the scenes here. Lu Sheng had no intention of leaving the forest and delving deep into these matters.

'Let's leave it at that…' Currently, the order in the forest was already established. He managed to cultivate several versions of fat grass and ordinary grass.

There were grasses that absorbed metals, there were grasses that absorbed soil, and there were also grasses that could live with water alone. There were also parasitic grasses and grasses that preyed on little insects and feces.

There were even grasses that decomposed corpses and bones.

Various kinds of grass had made up for the shortcomings of the ecosystem.

The result was that there were grasses as far as the eye could see.

These grasses reproduced with shocking speed. Every single blade was fat and thick. The members of the Divine Grass Church could just find somewhere that they were comfortable with, lie down, and start eating.

There was nothing inedible among the grass around them.

After finishing off the grass around themselves, all they had to do was get up, take two steps in any direction, lie down again, and they could resume eating.

When the carnivores had their special stock of food coupled with the Divine Grass Church's suppression, they gradually became facultative herbivores.

Once they got used to this easy life of having something to eat everywhere, the fierce carnivorous beasts before this gradually grew lazy.

If they could fill their bellies when lying down, why would they get up, create grudges, and tire themselves out?

In addition to that, some of the extremists were also taken out by the Divine Grass Church. The entire forest flourished.

"So, what do you think? Which tastes better? Grass or meat?" Lu Sheng snapped back to his senses. He focused his gaze on the black bear king and the tiger king.

"Of course meat tastes better!" The black bear king drew a deep breath. He seemed to have wanted to break free from Lu Sheng's powerful suppression as he loudly said, "Although there are many flavors of the fat grass, they're easy to eat, they're abundant, and they're growing fast, meat is the true source of nutrition for us fierce beasts. We won't grow any meat if we don't consume meat! If we don't grow, we'll become skinnier and weaker."

The tiger king nodded in agreement on the side.

"But I eat grass as well. Look at me, you think I'm skinny?" Lu Sheng shook his head slightly and asked. "As the representative of the carnivores in the forest, you should know better if the carnivores or herbivores are stronger."

When he said this, the black bear king and the tiger king were speechless.

The tiger king wanted to retort, but the words left him at his mouth. The elephants and giraffes aside, even the wild ox was much more powerful than they were in terms of strength alone.

The two of them could be regarded as exceptions, and most of the wild oxen were much stronger than tigers.

There was no need to further compare them with elephants.

"So… give it a try…" Lu Sheng displayed a gentle smile toward the two kings of ferocious beasts.


A few days later.

Lu Sheng moved his immense body slowly to the depths of the ruins.

The upper echelons of the Divine Grass Church followed behind him.

Beside the pope—Shire—and other than the herbivore upper echelons, there were also the black bear king and the tiger king, two kings of fierce beasts with pious expressions.

Compared to the previous days, their bodies were clearly enlarged. The two of them were more than four meters tall now.

After being infused with spirit-prompting threads, the two of them were now completely converted to loyal defenders of the fat grasses.

This was because hunting could no longer satisfy their appetites anymore.

Lu Sheng did nothing else. Other than inserting his spirit-prompting threads into their bodies, he showed the two intelligent breed beasts some calculations.

With the current appetites of the carnivores, if they ate meat alone, a year was all that was needed before the entire forest was out of food for them to eat.

After having their vigor enhanced by the spirit-prompting threads, their appetites were raised to a terrifying level at the moment.

It was more than 10 times their original appetites.

Then, they were also convinced by the upper echelons through their words and examples. There were also groups of fierce beasts that used themselves as examples, such as the leopard tribe.

The squirrel king knocked the tiger king out with a smack for the third time. The black bear king was also sent flying by the wild ox king with a tail whip. He had broken bones all over his body.

Under such circumstances, the two of them suddenly and completely realized that if they continued to refuse eating grass, they would really fall to the bottom of the food chain.

With their current strength, they might not even be a match for the rat king.

Hence, after trying out a dozen other tribes, the two of time realized with fright that with the passage of time, they'd drop to the lower levels of the food chain.

After pondering their painful experiences, the two beast kings finally understood.

Then, after the terrifying changes they experienced due to the spirit-prompting threads, the two of them became the most pious members of the Divine Grass Church.

"Where is the sage going? Is he going to the world of the humans?" The stag king wanted to follow them, but he had received other orders from Lu Sheng.

He dared not go against Lu Sheng. He kept clawing away irritably at the ground subconsciously with his hoof that was more than half a meter in diameter.

"Maybe. The great sage did ask about the world of the humans before this," the black bear king said softly.

"Will the great sage… be back?" one of the animals asked with a soft voice.

The pope Shire made no answer. He merely stared at the leaving Lu Sheng who was as enormous as a mountain.

"The spirit of the Divine Grass will keep burning as long as there's grass… This is the great sage's will…"

A pious voice came from his side.

It was the tiger king.

A cloak weaved from long leaves was draped over his shoulders. His five-meter-tall body was completely covered by it. His face was covered by a thick shadow. Nobody could see his current expression.

"Yes… the Divine Grass's will… We'll continue to pass it on." Shire nodded slowly.


Libra City. Fourth Ward. Underground cavern.

On the formation formed by black lines, a gray rift opened up slowly and silently.


A beam of black light shot out and dropped firmly outside the formation. It morphed into a young man covered with black Devil Qi.

A dash of green light flashed past the man's back. A huge gray rabbit that was as huge as a buddha appeared.

"I've had enough! Although that world was simple, to think that I've Arrived as a rabbit. The variables contained within this thing are too unpredictable." Lu Sheng frowned. He felt his spirit, which was a notch more powerful now, and felt slightly better.

Nobody would like to be a rabbit. He was no exception.

After swiftly settling the wishes and karmas, he immediately brought his main body out and made the word reject him to help him break free of that world quickly.

Unify the forest, establish peace in the forest, and have everyone eat grass. He had accomplished all of them. The Divine Grass Church was the core he established.

Among the fanatic church which listened to him completely, there were also strong and formidable individuals who had great potential.

For example, there was the black bear king, tiger king, and the crocodile king.

The crocodile king was an especially suitable example. After becoming a pious believer, he assimilated with the spirit-prompting threads. The other animals would normally take one thread, while he assimilated three threads.

His body size was the largest among the animals who converted to herbivory. He was more than 20 meters long and more than five meters tall. If he could just apply some black membrane technique on him, he could swiftly obtain the combat strength akin to a Weapon Master, at least.

'I can mark this world first. Perhaps it'll come in handy next time.'

Lu Sheng sighed slowly. He started checking the fruits of his recent Arrival.

'My spirit has grown by about 30%. Some of the things I found in the ruins were completely destroyed by the space-time whirlpool. Only my host body's blood sample has been cultivated there.'

The body of the rabbit was more than 80 meters tall. Because he had no power to shrink objects, he could not bring the body with him. In a bout of helplessness, Lu Sheng could only extract all the essence and blood of the rabbit and cultivate it into a blood bead which he kept on him.

Then, he burned the remains of the rabbit.

Lu Sheng opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue. He unrolled his tongue and quickly exposed the dark red blood bead which he hid there.

This blood bead was dark red in color, with emerald green patterns on the surface. It had a thick scent of grass.

'I should just use this to replenish my vigor.' Lu Sheng returned the bead to his mouth and swallowed.

In no time, his immense vigor started to surge wildly within himself. The gray rabbit's vigor was already at the limit of that world's capacity.

After Lu Sheng swallowed it, he started feeling hot immediately. His skin's temperature slowly rose.

Countless new spirit-prompting threads started growing swiftly, replacing the ones he'd given away to the animals in the forest before this.

The deficit was quickly made up for, yet only a small portion of the immense vigor was consumed. The rest was swiftly being assimilated into spirit-prompting threads. Then, under Lu Sheng's control, the spirit-prompting threads surged into the second black hole of the Three Limits.

The first black hole harbored Blood Heart which was an amazing Treasure that could temporarily raise his strength by one level.

Lu Sheng was greatly looking forward to what the second black hole would produce.

Countless spirit-prompting threads surged into the black hole. It did not seem to be filling up any time soon, as if the threads were rivers that emptied into the sea which was the black hole.

Lu Sheng stood inside the cavern. He was not flustered at all, for he had plenty of vigor left. He walked slowly toward the detention room.

He walked along the corridor which slanted downward. He passed by several empty rooms and the great hall. In no time, Lu Sheng found the mutant black tiger hidden at the deepest level.

One of the black tiger's wings was torn. It was covered in wounds and one of its eyes was poked blind. Its hind legs were broken, and the bloodstain on the ground from the dragging of its feet was already dried. It was clear that it had been waiting here for quite some time after it got injured.

"What happened?" Lu Sheng spread his spirit around to sense his surroundings.

The moths he deployed before this were gone as well.

"Someone… root out… discovered…" the black tiger replied.

"Root out?" Lu Sheng's gaze grew cold.

When he disguised himself as a bandit and injured some rich passerby, he was already mentally prepared for this. However, he did not expect his enemies to come so soon.

Also, they had come right when he left for his Arrival.