Way Of The Devil Chapter 613

615 Departure 2

This was Libra City's Fourth Ward. His stable identity was that of a doctor. Lu Sheng did not want to give up such a convenient identity.

'Fortunately, there are enough connected blood transfusion tubes. There are roughly 30 buyers getting their goods from me. For the time being, ice money can meet the needs of my Arrivals. Now, I should learn how to swiftly rank up and enter the Confusion Realm.'

Lu Sheng did not have any secret tomes or any passed down knowledge about his subsequent cultivation. Hence, he decided to try obtaining knowledge about the Confusion Realm by joining an official organization in Libra City.

After that, he tidied up his underground cavern. The rabbit blood bead had compensated for all the loss in his spirit-prompting threads. He even had a surplus of a million spirit-prompting threads.

The process of his Arrival was also smooth. When he accounted for the difference in time flow, he merely spent three days and had completed his latest Arrival.

He would have to wait for his next Arrival.

While he waited for his resources to be accumulated, Lu Sheng went over to Tu Jin's place. Everything was calm there. There were no changes.

Then, he went to the main city.

The main city looked no different from ordinary cities, if one ignored the mix of tribes on the streets.

After a few days of aimless strolling and paid enquiries, Lu Sheng quickly understood the greatest difference between Libra City's main city and the ordinary cities.

The greatest trademarks of Libra City were the Ode Towers.

There were 365 Ode Towers in the main city. On top of that, there was a total of 3650 towers in the other worlds managed by Libra City.

These distributed Ode Towers were Libra City's absolute symbols of true justice and fairness.

There were no restrictions to every Ode Tower. All intelligent life that reached the required heights in their lives could enter.

Every tower had the function of appraising the creature's will. However, every creature only had one chance. A creature could only enter the tower once in the creature's life.

Libra City promoted equality for all life. Everyone had equal chances, and this was a manifestation of that belief.

The Ode Towers were also the reason why Libra City became famous.

At the same time, those who were able to pass the Ode Tower's appraisal and test were outstanding experts who could join Libra City's true core. This was the main method Libra City strengthened its own forces.

Lu Sheng planned to give it a try. It would be best if he could pass the Ode Tower's appraisal on his own.

Before that, he had to deal with the Fourth Ward's patrol which kept patrolling around his cavern.

That was the patrol team which reduced his collection of experimental subjects to a crippled black tiger.


Near Net Dragon Horn. Under the shade of trees.

A team of men and women wearing green and brown leather jackets stood among the dense gray and green forest. They were carrying various kinds of weapons and defensive equipment. They patrolled the forest slowly.

The oldest among these men and women looked to be in their forties, while their youngest members were teenagers. Fluorescent symbols could be seen on their armors and weapons.

Lu Sheng stood on a big, old tree silently. He was looking at the patrol team on the ground slowly getting nearer.

'The Fourth Ward is a filter ward. No matter how frequently fights break out here, the main city won't care. The main people in charge of each ward are responsible for the enforcement of law in their respective wards. In that sense, the four wards aren't exactly regarded as Libra City. They're just areas attached to Libra City.' Lu Sheng had understood the basic structure of Libra City recently.

Libra City's justice and fairness manifested in every aspect. However, this did not mean that there were no killings, crimes, or conflicts in Libra City.

These incidents existed.

However, as long as it did not affect the main city's influence, nobody would bat an eyelid.

In other words, Libra City only ensured justice and fairness to the residents of the main city. They could not care less about the four wards. The wards were supervised by their respective executives.

'That's alright. It's impossible to establish absolute fairness and justice in the first place.' Lu Sheng slowly stood on the branch.

Black wolves walked out slowly from the shadow of his tree. Their cold stares were silently fixed on the patrolling team nearby.

These wolves were twice the size of ordinary wolves. Their height alone was more than two meters. They were also up to five meters in length.

The black wolves kept walking out of the depths of the forest. They stared in the direction of the patrol team with gleaming eyes.

"Go." Lu Sheng gave the order with his spirit.

The mutant black wolves under his control immediately charged toward the patrol team in a frenzy.

Currently, his spirit-prompting threads could be used to trigger mutations in living creatures to a certain extent.

If he combined that with little tricks like psychological guidance, it was not difficult for him to control these wild animals.

The patrol team was not a bunch of weaklings. They immediately reacted and shouted to alert the other members. "On your guard! We're under attack!" 

The patrollers glowed with radiance of various colors. The fluorescent symbols on their arms and bodies unleashed all kinds of mysterious power.


One of the black wolves was hit on the waist mid-pounce. However, this could not deter the other wolves.

The patrol team shouted furiously as they killed the mutant black wolves.

As time passed by, the patrollers gradually grew weary.


Eventually, one of the patrollers lost his balance slightly with a black wolf's tackle. He stumbled out of the defensive circle and was immediately ganged up on by a dozen black wolves.

After letting out a wail, this person was instantly torn to shreds. The other patrollers felt a mixture of anger and grief, but it was already too late.

With the fall of the first member, the other patrollers were being picked off one by one.

Lu Sheng stood far away and kept quiet. He looked at the humans who had come to patrol his territory. He also noticed that these people had black tails trailing behind their buttocks—like a lizard.

'Are they demons? I don't care who you are, just don't get in my way.' Lu Sheng's expression remained unchanged. He turned around and slowly walked toward the deeper parts of the forest.



Tu Style Courtyard.

"You're going to the Ling Family in Loop Mountain City?" Lu Sheng heard about Tu Jin's plans right after he returned.

"Mm-hm. The Ling Family has sent someone over to invite us. They'll cover all expenses. They want us to go and treat their second elder," Tu Jin said with a nod.

"Besides, our fame is rising with every passing day. It's all thanks to you, Little Yue." He patted Lu Sheng's shoulder with a comforted smile.

"It's what I should do. Besides, if the Tu Style Healing Art wasn't outstanding to begin with, I wouldn't show any great results, either," Lu Sheng said humbly with a smile.

"The Ling Family's second elder, Ling Chengche, is my old friend. The illnesses he has aren't anything new to him. I've treated him for a dozen years, and I know his condition like the back of my hand. I'll carry out the treatment personally this time. You two should come with me and see the world," Tu Jin instructed with a smile.

Ever since Lu Sheng joined the Tu Style, he started smiling more frequently with each passing day. Currently, he could even be seen smiling several times in a day. It was clear that he was in a good mood.

Lu Sheng and De Yun hastily nodded in agreement.

"We'll depart in two days. Elder Ling Chengche is a benevolent man. There shouldn't be any issue for the two of you to observe while I carry out the procedure." Tu Jin stroked his chin, and slowly said, "It'll be a good opportunity to show the two of you that other than the main function of healing, the Tu Style Healing Art also has other methods of treating ailments. You should take note on this."

"Yes, Master," Lu Sheng and De Yun hastily responded.

Although Lu Sheng's current skills almost surpassed Tu Jin's, and Tu Jin knew about this as well, as his teacher, Tu Jin was still unwilling to accept this fact. How could his skillset which he had honed for a dozen years be mastered so easily by anyone?

He intended to show Lu Sheng with this trip that he was still a teacher. As his disciple, no matter how skilled he was, he would never catch up to his experience even if he tried.

Lu Sheng could tell that Tu Jin was slapping his face to make it swell and look imposing, but he did not expose him.

Recently, he was busy with killing off the patrollers who came to the Fourth Ward. After killing a dozen teams, they finally stopped sending men over.

Before they could transfer more powerful personnel here, Lu Sheng reckoned that the person in charge of the Fourth Ward would not come recklessly looking for a death.

Net Dragon Horn was Lu Sheng's territory. He had been operating here for a few months now. If anyone dared to destroy the fruits of his labor, he would ensure that the person was in so much suffering that he would wish he was dead.

However, now that he had to leave for some other place, he could only pause his operations in the underground cavern and his formation.

Lu Sheng sat at his desk. While he prescribed medications according to the patients' medical records, he was thinking of a way to prevent the underground cavern from being discovered.

"This time, we'll go there by Transport Formation. It's fast, and the fees are paid for. We'll arrive in two days. Make the preparations. We'll also be attending a social gathering of doctors in Loop Mountain City. I'll introduce the two of you to the people there." Tu Jin gave his instructions with a wave of his hand as he wore a generous expression.

Currently, the Tu Style was rich and imposing, and he had Lu Sheng as a disciple he took pride in. This was a great opportunity for him to rub this in the face of the old farts who looked down on him before this.

"Alright, Master."

After being dismissed in the afternoon, Lu Sheng removed some fat from Chenchen as usual. Currently, Chenchen's appearance seemed to change with every passing day. The differences in her body size were quite obvious.

However, as this went on, the rate at which her fat burned got slower.

This was because it was possible for her nerves or internal organs to be burned if they were not careful. Also, they had to leave some fat in some parts of her body lest she was left with bare bones.

Then, he set up a formation in his underground cavern. After that, he brewed the medicine for the chronic patients beforehand and delivered them via the formation in the nearby city.

After settling everything, on the morning of the third day, Lu Sheng followed Tu Jin and De Yun as they departed for the Transport Formation that would bring them to Loop Mountain City.

They departed from the nearby Net Dragon City. They had to go through short-distance Transport Formations five times before they were able to enter the zone of Loop Mountain City.

Throughout the journey, they were required to walk short distances. They passed by many lands with shocking customs. It truly widened De Yun's horizons.

Although Lu Sheng was knowledgeable, he treated this trip as a tour and an opportunity to relax.

The three of them departed early and had fun along the way. They made various stops to eat and drink. The supposedly two-day trip was dragged out to five days by the trio.

In the end, it was Lu Sheng who kept urging them on before Tu Jin finally relented. They went straight to their final destination, Loop Mountain City.

Loop Mountain City was surrounded by mountains. However, the city itself soared higher than the peaks.

As one of the five major cities of the Third Ward, Loop Mountain City also had the glamorous name of the Floating Garden.

In this city, the Ling Family ranked as the sixth most powerful force.