Way Of The Devil Chapter 625

627 Murderer 2

In no time, Lu Sheng's Mixed Martial Art's rank rose under the continuous derivations. From the first limit dan, it rose to the second dan, third dan, fourth dan

Soon enough, his body could not endure the high speed strengthening and ranking up anymore. However, Lu Sheng immediately worked his Yang Essence and his spirit to heal his body at the micro level at the same time.

He combined that with Tu Style Healing Art's spirit-prompting threads, and he somehow managed to endure the strain. Currently, his medical skills were at their highest level. He could even pose as a grandmaster of the medical path.

As his limit dan rank rose, Lu Sheng's body enlarged as well. However, he quickly cultivated his familiar Yin Extreme Path to shrink his body.

His dan rank rose continuously, and more of his Mental Energy was consumed. From the single unit when he started out, his Mental Energy quickly dropped by two, three, and five units.

Lu Sheng sat cross-legged on the floor as he rose through the dan ranks. In the darkness of his room, his skin was starting to glow with a blurry metallic sheen.

15th dan.

The 15th limit dan. This was the limit his body could endure with the help of his Yang Essence and the regenerative power from his spirit and spirit-prompting threads.

If he ranked up any further, his body would crumble.

'I'll need a few days to get used to this' He opened his eyes slowly and scanned the current status of the frame.

Time passed and the sun was starting to rise outside the window. It was only now that Lu Sheng slowly pulled himself out of his meditative state.

"Mixed Martial Art. 15th limit dan. (Special trait. Limit-break body, stage seven. Inner Chain Qi, stage seven. Favor of Earth Mother.)"

"Earth Mother?" Lu Sheng was stunned. This term had suddenly appeared when he reached the 15th dan.

He could feel an extremely fierce force surging through his entire body.

After the derivations, his boxing skills had been improving at a steady rate. With every dan, he would obtain 200 kilograms of explosive strength and a balanced strengthening of his other aspects.

Currently, his explosive strength was 3,000 kilogramsin other words, three tons.

This had completely exceeded a human being's limit. According to the records of strength limits online, only certain maniacs had ever attained more than two tons of explosive strength.

He had now surpassed the human body's limits. Lu Sheng stood up. His height was still at 1.9 meters. However, his muscles were as tough as boulders. His body size was at least twice as wide as it had been before this.

He raised an arm. His forearm was currently as thick as Du Xiong's thigh before.

'Favor of Earth Mother? What is that?' Lu Sheng raised his arm with a frown. He inspected his right shoulder as he felt a pricking pain on it.

He walked up to his wardrobe mirror. He saw that a dark green mark which resembled a tattoo had appeared on his right shoulder without him realizing it.

He touched it with his hand. The mark was bone-chillingly ice-cold. However, he could not sense any temperature on his shoulder. The mark resembled an eight-spoked asterisk. However, the center vertical line was long and sharp. It had an edge of ice-coldness to it.

'I wonder if this is a natural phenomenon brought about by the Mixed Martial Art after raising its rank, or is this a natural occurrence in this world after a person's body was reasonably strengthened?' Lu Sheng had a slight question in his heart.

He had just surpassed human limits, and he was already baffled by this issue. Even with his current spirit, he could not sense anything from the mark. It seemed to be an ordinary tattoo.

'Forget it. I'll rest for today. I should adapt to this and continue tomorrow.' Lu Sheng was too lazy to think about this now.

Powerfulness could not be obtained overnight. He would need a long period of perseverance and accumulation. One would not become obese from a day's indulgence. He had to take it slow. He would naturally understand all this in the future.

Amidst crisp snapping sounds, Lu Sheng's body swiftly shrunk and compressed itself. Many of his joints even folded in on themselves. His muscles were in peculiarly contorted positions. The space between his internal organs was reduced by more than half.

His entire person shrunk by one size. He regained his former height. He had no way of hiding his muscles, but he could conceal them by wearing dark-colored clothes.

'Now, for some trick to conceal my aura' Lu Sheng smiled at the mirror. He immediately restored his aura to that of a serious high schooler.

Who would expect an ordinary high schooler to be a formidable maniac who could throw a three-ton punch, let alone being a person who possessed an extremely tough power such as Inner Chain Qi?

'Now, it's time for me to head to the boxing gym. Today's the starting date to apply for the professional dan examinations.' Lu Sheng looked at the time, wore a coat, and head out.

He did not sleep last night, but he was still in high spirits in the early hours of the morning. He reached the boxing gym and talked to the gym leader for a while.

The professional boxer who came to assess them arrived shortly after.

A professional boxer would also be extremely interested in a genius who managed to surpass the amateur dan ranks in only a few weeks.

He led Lu Sheng to a secluded underground boxing ring and assessed him through actual combat.

Half an hour later, Lu Sheng walked out of the boxing gym with the professional ninth dan certificate in his hands. It was the highest dan rank that the professional boxer could award. Lu Sheng headed to the second dojo.

For the entire day, Lu Sheng earned the highest rank that the dozen martial arts he dabbled in could offer, the ninth dan.

If he wanted to earn a higher dan rank, he would have to travel to the country of origin and take the international assessment.

If Lu Sheng did that, he would have become the only peak expert in the entire professional boxer field.

After easily crushing several most powerful self-proclaimed fist kings of the Flower Tree City, Lu Sheng was rewarded with the white birch badge jointly given to him by the fist technique associations, martial path organizations, professional departments, and governmental departments.

He became the fastest person in Flower Tree City's history to become a professional high-dan boxer.

The day passed quickly enough. At dusk, Lu Sheng slowly headed back to his house under the illumination of the streetlights.

He defeated many schools in a single day. None of them were his match. Regardless of how they defended themselves, everything ended with a single punch from him.

After verifying his own strength, Lu Sheng was actually slightly disappointed.

He did not manage to smoke out the rumored elite. Out of his opponents, other than the final few professional boxers, the others could not even withstand a hit from him.

With his three-ton explosive strength, he would never go wrong by throwing a punch to test his opponent from the get-go.

If one punch did not finish him, he would add another punch.

"Tap, tap, tap"

Crisp sounds of footsteps bounced off the empty pavement.

Lu Sheng proceeded along the faint yellow glow of the streetlights. He walked casually with a bored expression.

This was a shortcut which was nearest to his house. Hence, there were few who took this path, and it was dark.

Suddenly, he stopped in his tracks.

"Kid, it's dangerous to be loitering around this late" A man in white clothes and a red ghost mask had appeared before Lu Sheng out of nowhere.

The man was slim and tall. He was almost two meters in height. Hence, as he looked down at the current Lu Sheng, there was a certain pressure he was exerting.

Lu Sheng looked up and met his gaze.

"Who are you?" His voice was low. In the night, it sounded exceptionally calm and at ease.

Bai Chaoan smiled.

"Kid, I don't know whose nerves you've gotten on for them to send me here to take care of you personally, but it's unfortunate I rarely have someone as young as you on my hit list"

"You're here to kill me?" Lu Sheng was stunned. He did not seem to have registered the situation.

Currently, he was still wearing the fitting singlet from the boxing gym. The contours of his body's muscles were laid bare. Even from his outer appearance, the strength and power contained in his body could be felt.

"Yes" Bai Chaoan sighed. "You're the same age as my younger brother What a shame"

"" Lu Sheng frowned slightly. He looked at the man without saying anything.

Bai Chaoan was slightly surprised.

"I thought you'd be more frightened. I'd expected you to run away, call the police, or something."

"" Lu Sheng slowly removed the bandage around his arm.


A cold gleam flashed across his right side.

Lu Sheng tilted his head slightly to the side and narrowly avoided a sharp dagger which shot past him.

Bai Chaoan was standing more than a dozen meters away just now. Currently, he had already appeared within a meter from him.

Bai Chaoan was wielding the dagger. Without saying a thing, his wrist vanished and appeared behind Lu Sheng directly.


The tip of the dagger tore through the singlet, but Lu Sheng avoided it with several millimeters to spare.

Lu Sheng merely turned his body sideways.

The two of them were locked in close-range combat. In merely three seconds, Bai Chaoan had teleported five times and made up to 10 attempts.

Lu Sheng avoided every single one of his advances by a hair's breadth.

The two of them did not say anything. They fought in silence. The only difference was that Bai Chaoan had been acting casual before this. However, when his attacks missed, the shock and awe he felt within him grew.

His dagger reflected the illumination of the streetlights and gave off a cold, silvery-yellow glow. The cold gleam was sometimes glaring, but no sound was made.


After keeping this up for five seconds, Bai Chaoan suddenly retreated. His figure blurred and he appeared on a streetlight a dozen meters away. He squatted there.

"You" He stared at Lu Sheng below. The awe he felt was clearly written on his face.

He was a Star Chaser, a combat elite who had the ability to flicker. He was also a peak mortal elite who had received a Gesha's power!

With all this power, there was no way he could not overcome a mere mortal.

He could sense that his target did not have any Gesha Power which Star Chasers had. His target was merely fighting him with a mortal's strength.

It was precisely because of this that he felt shocked.

"What are you?!" Bai Chaoan said.

"I'll give you another chance." Lu Sheng loosened his fingers and moved his fists around slowly. "If you're still this weak, I'll kill you."


Bai Chaoan was infuriated. He flickered again and appeared behind Lu Sheng. He swiped his dagger toward the back of Lu Sheng's neck.


His dagger was parried. A punch!


His dagger broke and exploded. Blood splattered onto the ground. Bai Chaoan reeled like a cannonball and crashed heavily into the pile of rubbish bags in the corner.

"You're too weak" Lu Sheng walked up to him slowly. "I've given you 13 chances, 13 openings."

"Are you a new Star Chaser?" Suddenly, a cold male voice reached him from the side.


There was the sound of something sailing through the air. Lu Sheng quickly raised his right arm in defense.


A scarlet flame erupted on Lu Sheng's arm. The intense explosion blew the scattered objects around him away. However, Lu Sheng did not budge.

Lu Sheng flicked his arm nonchalantly to extinguish the lingering embers. He looked in Bai Chaoan's direction again with a calm expression. There was nobody there anymore.

Just now, he had figured out the character he would take on to blend into this world.

As for that assassin, he did not mind if he was rescued by someone else. He would be extremely lucky to survive with a broken neck.