Way Of The Devil Chapter 628

630 God Clock 1

Du Xia's white sneakers stepped on the hard grass. She wore a simple black T-shirt and faded skin-tight jeans. The shape of her pretty legs was completely shown.

The graceful legs and buttocks of a young girl's developing body formed tight, healthy and tantalizing contours under the sun's rays. There was not a single ounce of excess flesh from her buttocks to her calves. Her legs were straight and slender.

"Sister, you've come." Beside the small hill, which was the rendezvous point, the girl with curled golden hair chewed nonchalantly on her bubble gum as she stood up. She was different from Du Xia. She merely wore a set of black skin-tight leatherthe battle robes which her favorite heroin wore in the movies.

"Where's that fellow, Ah Le?" The girl frowned as she gazed past Du Xia. Other than a heavy black motorcycle, she could not see anyone else.

"He's not coming. He was sneaked up on by the men from the Earth Star Pillar. He's heavily injured and is still recuperating." Du Xia flipped her smooth, long olive-colored hair. She produced a ruby and a sapphire ear stud from her pocket.

The blue one was a gift from her late little brother. The red one was a gift from her elder brother Du Xiong. Although they were not real gemstones and were merely manmade substitutes, they were the gifts Du Xia treasured the most.

She carefully wore them on her ears. Then, she took out a mirror and checked her appearance.

"How do I look?" she asked with a smile.

The golden-haired girl was stunned.

"You're the most beautiful person under the heavens, Big Sister!" she immediately replied with finality.

"What a sweet mouth you have." Du Xia smiled. Then, she suddenly struck out with a hand chop.


Her hand chop produced dark golden flames in midair.


The golden-haired girl did not defend the back of her neck. After she was hit with this heavy strike, her eyes rolled back in their sockets, and she immediately fainted.

Du Xia caught her.

"Yue Er."

"Here." A beautiful girl with short silver hair instantly appeared before Du Xia.

"Bring her back. She has her own family and parents. This isn't somewhere she should be," Du Xia said drily. "Also, you should head back as well. It's not the time to make a grand move yet."

Yue Er hesitated. She opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something. However, after moving her lips for a while, she did not say anything.

With the golden-haired girl in her arms, she vanished on the spot in the blink of an eye.

Du Xia was left alone in the plains.

She stretched her limbs and looked toward the plains in the distance. She could clearly see the towering extremely huge round rock disc at the end.

"God Clock, huh" Du Xia tapped the ground with her foot and she immediately vanished from the spot. She was charging toward the huge rock disc with a speed that was difficult to describe.

At the same time, two silver curved blades appeared in her hands, while a faint green crescent mark appeared on the side of her neck. It resembled an emerald young leaf.

This was her Hunting Witch mode. It was also her battle mode which she was famous for.

In this mode, she possessed unimaginable speed and explosive strength. At the same time, any target that were hit thrice by her would be eroded by her Hunting Power. The fourth strike would deal twice the amount of damage.

When this ability was coupled with her terrifying high speed, the damaging power she could erupt with would be hard to imagine.

The criteria of her landing a hit was just for her to touch the target's body. She did not have to injure the target. That was much simpler.

After speeding toward the God Clock for several minutes, Du Xia suddenly halted. She did a somersault and landed softly on a patch of moist and soft grass.

"I'm here. Come on out." Du Xia gripped her blades. Her expression remained calm.

"I've been getting impatient." A fatso with his mouth stuffed with popcorn appeared from behind a nearby small hill.

Another golden-haired girl with double ponytails and heavy eye shadows appeared abruptly to Du Xia's left in her pure white dress.

"Hundred Flower Immortal, Chen Youjun. Frost Moon Tyrant, Nan Xian'er. You guys are really giving it your all for the God Clock." Du Xia's expression turned colder.

The fat boy chuckled coldly. "This is the first time that I, the Hundred Flower Immortal, Chen Youjun, meet a witch who dares to face off against two same-ranked opponents. You really are unafraid of death."

"Don't talk! I find listening to you f*cking disgusting!" Frost Moon Tyrant Nan Xian'er glared at the fatso with disdain.

"Do you know why I'm called the Hundred Flower Immortal?" The fat boy chuckled sinisterly. "Soon Soon you'll both understand" Beautiful and sylphlike female bodies slowly materialized behind him.

Their ages ranged from seven to 29 years old. There were all kinds of females.

These females shared some same characteristics. They were all beautiful and had dull looks in their eyes.

Their pupils were blank and hollow, and they wore various kinds of sexy and seductive clothes.

They were like adult toys and dolls that were collected.

"It just so happens that I'm growing tired of my current toy collection. I haven't played with a witch-ranked doll before" The fatso scanned Du Xia's body with gluttonous eyes. He made no effort to conceal his malicious character in his scorching gaze.

"What a vile fellow" Du Xia's eyes registered loathing.

"Just give up, Little Xia." A voice that made Du Xia's heart shake came slowly from behind her.

She turned to look. The girl in her field of vision was walking toward her with a calm pace.

"Zhou Quanwu" Du Xia's voice was dry. Her grip on her curved blades grew tighter.

She could barely hold her own against the two previous witch Geshas alone. Now, there was the addition of Zhou Quanwu, who knew her well

This was beside the fact that their strengths were on similar levels.

"Just as well. I've been wanting to fight you for a long time now" Du Xia tried hard to calm her nerves. She swung the curved blades in her hands.

The more strength she used, the more she could feel that her body was being corroded by that powerful force.

"Hunting Power. Activate, stage one." A ring of dark golden flames appeared beside Du Xia. Her eyes slowly turned dark golden as well. Countless spots of light flickered and swirled within them.

Zhou Quanwu looked at her silently. The first and second cores were already prepared by the people from the Earth Star Pillar.

The only thing she lacked now was the third core.

"Just give up, Little Xia. I know your ability very well. It's impossible for me to easily defeat you in a short time, but there are three of us here.

"If I have the chance, I'll try my best to spare you" She produced a silver pocket watch and dangled it before herself.

The second hand ticked loudly.


The skies gradually turned dark red.


A huge black pocket watch descended from the skies and hung above the three of them.

Next, there was a second watch, a third, a fourth The black pocket watches increased in number. They eventually filled the skies as far as the eye could see.

"Yellow springs of time Withering of age" Zhou Quanwu raised her arm and aimed her palm to Du Xia.

At the same time, corpses of girls started floating around Du Xia. They were sometimes close and sometimes far away as they floated with differing speeds.


A resounding and bereaved mellow female voice rocked in the surrounding skies.

The Frost Moon Tyrant Nan Xian'er closed her eyes slightly. A faint reddish seductive figure stood behind her. That was the source of the voice.

"Hunting Night Sky!" Du Xia's expression remained unchanged. She released a ring of faint greenish radiance around herself.

The radiance quickly spread outward. However, it barely spread for a dozen meters when it seemed to be suppressed by something as it slowed.


The green radiance suddenly exploded. Du Xia could not stop herself from falling to one knee. A trail of blood flowed down from the edge of her lips.

"Give it up, Little Xia." Zhou Quanwu's expression was slightly cold and empty. "As long as you follow my orders, I can guarantee that I'll never touch your family"

"Do you think that I'll believe you at this point?" Du Xia smiled. She did not even bother swallowing the blood that surged out through her throat.

Zhou Quanwu's expression fell somewhat. She stared at Du Xia for a long time.

"You do know that you don't have a choice"

"Kill me, then." Du Xia smiled bitterly. She could not even unleash her Divine Energy Embellishment. With three witch Geshas working together against her, she could not even muster an attack

Zhou Quanwu spoke no more. A black sphere of light swirled and grew on her palm.

"Do it. Cripple her!" she ordered.

The Hundred Flower Immortal and Frost Moon Tyrant glowed at the same time. The former shone white, while the latter shone blue. The grass under their feet started changing into something else.

Under the feet of the Frost Moon Tyrant, bluish-black hard rock started spreading out. Under the feet of the Hundred Flower Immortal, it was a pure white aromatic world filled with countless petals.

The two colors devoured the plains speedily as they proceeded toward Du Xia.

When they were about a dozen meters from reaching Du Xia, the blue and white patch converged, and a white spot shone between them.


In the blink of an eye, the sound of tearing cloth and silk filled the air.

Du Xia was stunned.

Zhou Quanwu was also stunned.

The Hundred Flower Immortal held in a smile, while the Frost Moon Tyrant smiled coldly. They each held a black and white spike in their hands, respectively.

The tips of the spikes were currently embedded deep into Zhou Quanwu's singlet.

"Pooh!" Zhou Quanwu could not help but spit out blood.

The two spikes were abruptly withdrawn, and the duo vanished from the spot with lightning speed. They reappeared at a careful distance of a dozen meters.

"You guys" Zhou Quanwu's eyes bulged. She'd never expected that these two witch Geshas would suddenly move against herself.

Even though they had their grudges, the attack just now seemed well-rehearsed.

"Initially, we wanted to work together with you Alas" The Hundred Flower Immortal shook his head slightly.

"Alas, you've crossed someone who shouldn't be crossed," said the Frost Moon Tyrant with a cold smile.

Du Xia looked on at the unfolding scene before her in dumbstruck silence. She had thought that she was done for. However, she did not expect there to be a sudden change in the situation. There had been a great reversal of events.

"Who is it?" Zhou Quanwu's expression was ice-cold. She pressed on the gaping wounds on her chest with her hands. Even though she tried hard to close her wounds, they were too huge. The great amount of blood lost made her pale swiftly.

"Who made you do this?" Zhou Quanwu would not believe that these two could be this crafty and work against her on a whim.

The two of them opened their mouths to answer.

"It's me." Suddenly, an unfamiliar male voice came from afar.

Zhou Quanwu swiftly looked up and gazed in the distance. Du Xia shook as well. She also turned around to look in the direction of the voice.

When they saw the man, the two of them were stunned.