Way Of The Devil Chapter 631

633 Inside Information 2

Lu Sheng kept quiet. It was not that he did not want to explain, but in his surging memories, there truly was such an incident. Du Xiong's love toward his younger siblings bordered on perversion.

He even personally showered his younger siblings until they were 10 years old. When Du Xia exposed him like this, the situation quickly became awkward.

However, after fooling around like this, the tense atmosphere in the group lessened.

Du Xia clearly did this on purpose. She did not want Lu Sheng to feel anxious.

"Alright! You! Go and try!" Lu Sheng pointed at the Frost Moon Tyrant. She had laughed despite herself before this.


The Frost Moon Tyrant was also stunned. However, Lu Sheng did not seem to be joking. Feeling helpless, she had no choice but to step up.


A layer of bluish-black color swiftly emanated from under her feet.

"It's up to you, Ice Princess!" she commanded in a low voice.

A bluish-black shadow suddenly shot out from her side. With a bone-chilling cold air, it charged toward the black-haired woman on the throne.

As the shadow passed, frost spread along the floor and the walls. All fleshy substances were frozen.

The most peculiar phenomenon was that countless small white worms started growing out of the frozen layers of the flesh.

These worms started devouring the fleshy substances under the layer of ice.

'Let's see what effects a witch Gesha's head-on attack can have.' Lu Sheng focused his gaze on the woman on the throne.


However, before the shadow even got close to the woman, it crumbled and vanished in midair of its own accord.

"Hm?" The Frost Moon Tyrant was stunned. She was about to launch another attack."

"I'm not your opponent," the woman said slowly. "I'm only the person being sealed here. The person you should be fighting is him."

Then, a sound of tearing flesh reached them.

A figure clad in pitch-black clothes with white hair extending to his heels emerged from the wall behind him.

"Allow me!" The Hundred Flower Immortal took a step forward. With a swing of his hand, a large number of Gesha corpses appeared. These corpses danced in the air before charging toward the figure.


In an instant, countless black blood vessels shot out from the white-haired figure. The blood vessels precisely penetrated every Gesha the Hundred Flower Immortal had released.


The Geshas were immediately sucked dry by the blood vessels, turning into dried corpses.

"My collection!" The Hundred Flower Immortal was anxious. He hastily withdrew his corpses. However, the female corpses he recovered could no longer be used. They crumbled into black powder.

"Gesha?" The white-haired man chuckled. His body seemed to be filled from feeding on the female corpses.

The lines of his muscles grew more pronounced. Countless blood vessels retracted into his body.

A gender-neutral face which made its owner's sex difficult to determine gradually emerged on his head.

"So, here comes new nourishment" The white-haired man's healthy physique was completely revealed. White, mottled leather armor appeared on the surface of his skin which covered his body.

"What Impossible My collection" The Hundred Flower Immortal's expression was clearly contorted in rage and pain.

"I've worked three long years to establish my collection Ahh! I'll kill you!"

He leapt with his fat body. A pair of huge pink wings like those of a devil emerged from his back. Two great hands grew on the end of the wings, and they grabbed at the white-haired man simultaneously from both sides.

The white-haired man struck out with his palm with lightning speed. His normal-sized palms swiftly enlarged, and he unleashed a blurry shadow of his palm.


The pair of wings were immediately grabbed by the palm print shadows.


The Hundred Flower Immortal's eyes bulged. He wanted to react, but it was already too late.


His fat body slammed heavily into the wall on the side. He spat out a mouthful of blood on the spot.

"Cold Note." The Frost Moon Tyrant charged forward. Her long hair immediately turned icy blue. Her hair strands quickly grew longer and stabbed at the man as they covered the skies and the ground.

"Pchht! Pchht! Pchht! Pchht!"

The white-haired man did not even dodge. He stood on the spot and allowed the countless hair strands to stab him.

"Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!"

The sound the blue hair spikes made when they struck the man's skin was as if they hit metal.

Before anyone noticed, the white-haired man was already covered in a thin, metallic pitch-black layer which blocked the spikes' advancement.

"You're trying to use arts and Capacities before me?"

The white-haired man spat out blinding white light from his mouth.


White radiance circled and easily severed the hair around him before charging toward the Frost Moon Tyrant.

"Absolute Zero!" The Frost Moon Tyrant snorted. She took a few steps backward and pointed a finger. A cluster of blue light suddenly erupted into dark blue cold air, which collided with the white radiance.


Both forces exploded immediately.

Before the Frost Moon Tyrant even reacted, another cluster of blinding white radiance was already swirling in the white-haired man's hand far away.

"Storm of Blades." The white-haired man flung the white radiance out. The countless beams of light were like flying swords, and they pierced through the Frost Moon Tyrant's cold air. In no time, the cold air was negated and became so scattered that it no longer held any potency to harm.

"Hundred Flower Heavenly Shadows!" The fatso got back up on his feet, now covered in blood. He seized the opportunity to launch an attack.

Pink mist spewed out from his face. The mist condensed into a cluster of huge flower petals which floated toward the white-haired man.

"Fools! The powers of Geshas originate from me, yet you dare fight against me with arts and Capacities?" The white-haired man spread his fingers. Colorful runic shadows appeared on each of his fingers.

"Go. Scarlet Flame Devil Ring!" He flicked his index finger. The red spark enlarged and instantly vanished before him.


A ring of golden flames erupted from within the petals the fatso had unleashed. It then easily vanished together with the petals.

The white-haired man smiled maniacally. He slowly walked toward Lu Sheng and Du Xia.

"I can easily use the endless array of Gesha Capacities and arts. I'm not limited by the types or frequencies. Poor children, give it up Resistance is futile!"

Lu Sheng looked at the woman on the throne. He slowly removed the black shirt he was wearing and passed it to Du Xia beside him. He then stepped forward.

"Tell me the relationship between you and that woman. I can give you a quick death." His expression was calm. His attention was still on that woman.

"Death?" The white-haired man's movements suddenly stopped.

He stared at Lu Sheng rigidly. Then, he slowly touched his own face.

"Hahahahaha!" He lowered his head and broke into laughter. His voice was hoarse with a hint of madness and unwillingness to relent.

"You said that you'll give me a quick death?!

"To think To think that there's actually someone who has the audacity to speak to me like this?!"

"Big Sister, see this? See this?! Someone dares to claim that he can kill me, Mi Shenglong, in my very presence!

"I'm scared! I'm afraid! I'm terrified! Hahahaha!"

The white-haired man covered his face and laughed maniacally. He even started tearing up.

Colorful radiance kept appearing on his fingertips. It grew brighter and brighter.

"Kill me? Even my big sister couldn't kill me, and you think that you can?! Hahahaha! Red Lotus of Hell! Just do me a favor and die!"


In the blink of an eye, a spot of red light erupted on his fingertip.

Shortly after, a series of densely packed light spots swarmed out of his hand like bees, after which they exploded.

The white-haired man unleashed various witch Gesha Capacities in a frenzy.

"Extreme Night Black Dragon Wave! Cold Frost Dragon Breath! Destructive Aeolian Erosion! Nine-Headed Eagle! Hand of the Land! Woody Corrosion! Golden Sun Curse!"

Various Capacities and arts shot out from his hand. They merged into a huge colorful semi-transparent humanoid figure that resembled a genie.

"Come and kill me now! Hahaha! Come on, what're you waiting for?!" The white-haired man stood atop the giant's shoulder and laughed maniacally.

The giant had three horns and colorful hair. It was tens of meters tall and its body shone with destructive, scorching aura.

Lu Sheng flexed his right arm. Black threads spread out from under his feet at first. Then, a layer of semi-transparent white radiance covered his entire arm. It condensed into a huge and tough armor.

The armor was half his size and was up to a meter thick. It was even one size larger compared to his person as he donned it on his right arm.

"Arts and Capacities are merely extensions of one's main body. You don't even understand the truth behind powers." Lu Sheng made a fist. Up until now, this world's fist techniques were gradually merged into his main body's Eight-Headed Devil Art.

The powers of the two worlds had high compatibilities. This helped Lu Sheng greatly reduce the time needed for his main body to acclimate to this world.

If Lu Sheng did not have to guard against the so-called Earth Mother Power invading his body, he could have merged his main body with his host's body a long time ago.

However, it was precisely the Earth Mother Power that reminded him about the option to selectively merge his main body's powers into this body. He could raise his own strength as much as possible since they had great compatibilities.

"Power? You're just an aboriginal, and you dare talk about power to me?! Hahaha. You can't even deal with a single finger of mine. You can't even move under my main body's might!

"How do you feel right now? You can't move, right? Are you feeling numb all over? Groggy? This mist contains a cocktail of more than 900 toxins. Even a devil dragon will be corroded and reduced to blood and water!"


The end of Lu Sheng's armored arm slowly glowed with white light. The radiance grew brighter and denser.

"Instant Destruction Fist Art" Lu Sheng arced his back slightly and placed his arm at his side. Air waves began rolling out with him as the center.

Pressure started building up and expanded in all directions with him as the center.

"Do you know why I'm still keeping you alive? It's because I like to savor the sorry look on the faces of people when they make their final struggles! Hahahaha! I've always toyed with the Geshas who stumbled in here until I'm bored before I eat them! Are you feeling despair, anger, and fear?" The white-haired man, Mi Shenglong, was laughing maniacally.

The white radiance grew brighter and more glaring.

"It's alright. I'll take my time to enjoy all of you Even though the numbers are quite low, there are still many outside Many

"I'll crush your bones slowly and extract your souls. Then, I'll burn them with hell flames and watch as you wail, grovel, cry"


A huge hand suddenly reached out from behind and grabbed Mi Shenglong's chin. It made him swallow his next words.

From deep within the cave, a terrifying four-armed specter up to 100 meters tall slowly walked up to the colorful figure's back. One hand was fastened on its neck.

The other arms held the colorful figures limbs in place.

"You...?!" Mi Shenglong's expression quickly turned from madness to terror.

"Don't move! I'm not too used to this skill." Lu Sheng took aim and suddenly lifted his arm.


A glaring white radiant cannonball shot out from the armor on his right arm.

The huge cannonball was just fired when it instantly expanded. Golden light could be faintly seen swirling in the center. It landed on the edge of the colorful figure's chest

"I missed." Lu Sheng withdrew his hand. He looked at the small dent he created in the colorful figure's body.

"That didn't count. Let's do this again. This time, I'll have you understand the true meaning of power!" He arced his back again and started to charge his power.

"You!!" Mi Shenglong controlled the colorful figure and attempted to break free.


The four-armed specter behind him gave the colorful figure a slap on the cheek. Colorful sparks flew.

"Don't f*cking move! I'll smother you if you do!"

Mi Shenglong immediately stayed put.

"True power can never be obtained by merging various impurities." Lu Sheng charged his power again. His expression was calm. "One can only reach the zenith of strength by focusing on one kind of pure strength like I'm doing. What you're doing is mixing various rubbish together. Some of them are in conflict, some of them are in harmony, some of them will even explode or negate each other. All these powers, if you add them up, they're just"

"Brother you're already killing him" Du Xia could not help but tap Lu Sheng.

It was only now that Lu Sheng noticed with shock that his main body's four arms were exerting too much force. The colorful figure started dimming. It started losing strength in its limbs and appeared as if it could not hold on any longer.

He touched one of the countless black threads under his feet. Immediately, the arms of the specter loosened slightly. It no longer exerted as much force as it once had.

"Forget it. You won't understand even if I explain it to you." Lu Sheng withdrew his hand and looked at the woman on the throne.