Way Of The Devil Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Options (1)

"Its an incomplete skill called Black Fury Skill," Lu Sheng did not attempt to conceal it. After all, it was a skill that he had acquired from an auction. Though it might have been mysterious to the average person, it shouldnt be considered any sort of secret to those in the know.

Indeed, upon hearing the name of this skill, Li Shunxis brows scrunched up.

"Isnt Black Fury Skill a body tempering skill? Ive heard that it indeed has fire poison effects. But just that fire poison itself should merely be enough to burn boils out of a persons skin. How much inner force would it take to have power like Brother Lu--enough to slay a Soul of the Dead?"

As the words left his mouth, Lu Sheng instantly recalled the difference between himself and other inner force experts.

Hesitant, he asked softly, "May I know how many strikes Brother Li can execute at full strength?"

"At full strength? One strike of course, isnt it?" Li Shunxi cast Lu Sheng a weird look. "Mustering inner force from the entire body and putting it all into one strike of course that would consume the entire bodys inner force. Any strike after that will have to wait till Qi recovers. Isnt that basic common sense?"

Lu Sheng was stunned.

"Then how long does it take for your Qi to recover, Brother Li?"

"Probably about an hour of meditation. Why? Isnt it like that for everyone?" Li Shunxi replied casually.

It dawned on Lu Sheng how different he was from others.

Ever since he achieved full-mastery of several inner force skills at the same time, inner force had flowed ceaselessly within him, cycling without end. Even at full strength, he could strike over ten times continuously before needing to recover Qi. And he even had Yin Yang Attraction to replenish inner Qi too.

As a result, the depth and thickness of his inner Qi was several times that of other experts in the same level.

Moreover, after Black Fury Skill had evolved into Blood Fury Skill, his inner Qi became even denser, by more than a fold.

As a result, his strikes were accompanied by a sweeping force that was unimaginable by the average cultivators standards.

"Id like to ask a question," Lu Sheng ventured after his realization. "If one was powerful enough to resist an Anomalys assault, is there a chance that one can thoroughly eliminate it?"

Li Shunxi stared at him with a peculiar expression, dumbfounded.

By the time he slowly replied, Lu Sheng was even getting slightly impatient.

"Anomalies cannot die. No matter how many times you kill it, it will easily reappear again. Perhaps Noble Families have methods to deal with them, but not us.

Besides, as time passes, Anomalies will grow stronger and stronger. We should count ourselves lucky to have met a recently formed Anomaly. If we were trapped in those Anomalies that have been formed decades, even centuries ago, we probably wouldnt be sitting here talking now."

A recollection seemed to come upon Li Shunxi all of a sudden. His face turned dark and ugly once again.

Lu Sheng guessed that he had recalled the Anomaly his master had encountered previously and so fell into silence as well.

The two of them sat in silence for a moment before Lu Sheng spoke again. "Brother Li, do you mind explaining about all the supernatural beings that youve encountered before for me? So that I can understand the danger involved."

He had just saved Li Shunxis skin. Naturally, Li Shunxi readily agreed to such a small request.

He chuckled, "Earlier, I misunderstood Brother Lu. So of course, this is not a problem."

Immediately, he explained more than ten different types of ghosts he had encountered to Lu Sheng in detail. According to him, he had not seen the same type of ghost twice. Ghosts came in different shapes and forms; their abilities differed from each other as well.

The demonic ghosts that Lu Sheng had seen, for instance, were something he had never heard of.

After the exchange, both of them were rather satisfied with what they had learned.

From Li Shunxi, Lu Sheng had obtained plenty of data on other ghosts. Li Shunxi, too, had some gaps in his understanding of ghosts filled by Lu Sheng. Furthermore, he was very glad to be of help to Lu Sheng in a small repayment of Lu Shengs grace.

The two of them sat till dusk before returning to Mountain-Edge City together.

Li Shunxi bade Lu Sheng farewell and left his apartment. Lu Sheng gave instructions to all the men under him to start building a path towards the iron mine that bypassed Song Manor.

After several days effort, a new route was established from scratch. Lu Sheng guaranteed that they would be safe as long as they avoided Song Manor.

As a result, work in the iron mine resumed. Massive numbers of miners were recruited and dispatched into the mine. Lu Sheng also posted his men to guard and supervise the mining work.

Everything fell into order.

After two days of mining operations continuing without any mishap, Lu Sheng headed to Crimson Whale Sect headquarters once again and presented a conclusive report on the present situation.

He was still awaiting being granted full legitimacy in his position so that he could enter Martial Proclamation Library.


In Crimson Whale Sect headquarters.

It was still the same titanic ship. But, many of the upper echelons of the sect were out on missions this time round.

Only the Sect Master and two Deputy Sect Masters--Gongsun Zhanglan and Chen Ying--as well as two Internal Affairs Emissaries were present.

Old Sect Masters face looked pale, as if he had gotten weaker again.

"So does that mean that the supernatural being was behind the Song Manor incident?" He coughed as he looked at Lu Sheng, seated beneath the podium.

"Indeed," Lu Sheng replied calmly. "When I investigated further, I met the legendary indestructible Soul of the Dead. After exchanging a few blows with it, I was just barely able to get out of the fight unscathed. This Song Manor has indeed turned into a haunted zone. Even a blazing fire couldnt raze it down."

The old Sect Master coughed again, then shut his eyes and remained quiet.

Deputy Sect Master Chen Ying cleared his throat and was about to speak.

"In other words, this matters still left unresolved? Right?" Abruptly, Gongsun Zhanglan asked.

"If Deputy Sect Master Gongsun is confident, you may go try it yourself," Lu Shengs face was unflinching.

"Just answer my question: has this matter been resolved?" Gongsun Zhanglan smiled, then asked gravely.

Lu Sheng turned his gaze towards him and stared at him for a few seconds, before replying,

"Indeed, as Deputy Sect Master said, its unresolved. However"

"There is no however. If its done, then its done. If its not, then its not," Gongsun Zhanglan smiled. "Since it isn't, then Wu Sans estate should not be inherited by you. Am I right?"

Lu Sheng was speechless.

Even Chen Ying had no idea how to speak up for him, except to simmer in rage.

The old Sect Master fell into thought silently. The ambience in the hall turned heavy and tense.


Suddenly, a guard rushed into the hall, interrupting the tense silence. He knelt on one knee before the old Sect Master.

"Sect Master, External Affairs Emissary Zhang has returned from Jie Long City!"

"Hes returned?! Quick, admit him!" The old Sect Masters countenance lifted visibly as he rose and shouted.

Lu Sheng had also heard about this External Affairs Emissary Zhang from those around him in the past few days. He was considered the strongest expert among the present External Affairs Emissaries.

Before long, a muscular man, who was covered in blood all over and whose face looked drained of color, walked into the hall at a slow pace, a guard trailing behind him.

"Greetings to Sect Master, Deputy Sect Masters," he clasped his hands together. As he spoke, it was clear that he was suffering from over-exhaustion of blood and Qi. He looked no different from a weather-beaten old man.

"Thankfully, Ive not failed in my mission. This time, were finally clear about the movement patterns of that powerful ghost blocking our path."

"Its been hard on you, External Affairs Emissary Zhang," the old Sect Master went over to support him.

"This ghost is no joke. Its not something that the average man can touch. Its already no mean feat for External Affairs Emissary Zhang to be able to come out of it safely."

"Sect Master!"

"You, on the other hand, External Affairs Emissary Lu, returned with no results to show. External Affairs Emissary Zhang came back with a body of wounds, blood-soaked robes, and a clear understanding of the ghosts movement patterns. How about you? What right or merit do you have to lay claim on the position of an External Affairs Emissary?" Gongsun Zhanglan exclaimed.

"Zhanglan, you talk too much crap! Brother Lu was able to go in and come out of Song Manor unscathed. That just goes to demonstrate his outstanding strength. Dont tell me that all our men have got to return with wounds for them to be considered brave?" Chen Ying replied coldly, unable to hold his peace anymore.

"Thats not what I said," Gongsun Zhanglan smiled and looked at Lu Sheng. Had it not been for the sudden emergence of this brat, this position ought to have gone to his niece. It was a pity that because of this man, the opportunity that his niece had been longing for had once again passed her by.

"Enough. Although Brother Lu did not fully succeed in his case, the Manor is extremely dangerous. From today onwards, it shall be listed as a forbidden zone. Put up the signs, lest people enter it and come to be harmed," the old Sect Master commanded. "This case is closed. Brother Lu has proven his strength. So many of our men have witnessed the eccentricity and terror of that Manor. Brother Lu rightfully deserves the position of External Affairs Emissary.

With that settled, lets discuss the situation in Jie Long City. White Sands Sect and Green Star Sect have struck an alliance. Establishing a route this time is not so easy. Moreover, theres that ghost intercepting along the route"

With old Sect Masters word, the dust had settled on Lu Shengs matter.

More than a hundred sect disciples had personally witnessed Lu Sheng sending the girl-ghost flying backwards with a single strike of his saber. They had also seen how he led Duan Mengan and Ning San out unharmed.

While those jealous of him may still be trying to find faults with him, most of the sect was convinced of his abilities.

The topic presently shifted to the conflict between Crimson Whale Sect and the two other sects in the direction of the Central Plains--White Sands Sect and Green Star Sect.

Lu Sheng was clueless about this matter and so could only play the role of a listener.

Although Crimson Whale Sect lorded over the Northern lands and had innumerable connections with the authorities, its influence had not extended to the factions in the Central Plains.

Furthermore, the distance was considerable. Even someone from the top ranks like External Affairs Emissary Zhang was barely able to come back alive. That went to show how prickly the issue was.

The meeting lasted all the way till noon before dispersing.

Lu Sheng was asked to stay by the old Sect Master for a lunch together.

After lunch, he took Lu Sheng on a stroll in the garden at the back of the headquarters. A large number of flora and fauna was kept on the deck in the rear of the massive Crimson Whale.

The two strolled along in the garden leisurely. Through the foliage, the noon sun rays fell on the ground in blotches. The ground was damp and covered in a layer of soft lawn.

The old Sect Master walked in front, hands behind his back, sighing without a turn of his head.

"Brother Lu. Do you know why Deputy Sect Master Gongsun is so against you?"

Trailing behind him, Lu Sheng nodded in reply, "Ive heard rumors. Probably because his niece wanted my position. Neither of them expected that Id show up and take it all of a sudden."

"Youre an honest one to speak your mind," the old Sect Master paused, turned his head and laughed.

"Whats there to hide? I entered Crimson Whale Sect precisely to find stronger experts to learn through exchange. If Gongsun Zhanglan ever picks a fight with me, itd make my day," Lu Sheng said without a care.

"Youre different from the others indeed" old Sect Master Hong Mingzi chuckled. "Ive heard about Brother Lus extraordinary strength from Elder Ouyang and the rest. But were all members of the same sect after all, and were bound to run into each other one way or another. Theres no need to make things difficult."

"Since old Sect Master has spoken, if that Gongsun Zhanglan ever makes a move on me, Ill save him some face," Lu Sheng replied nonchalantly.