Way Of The Devil Chapter 85

Chapter 85: Secret (1)

Jade Lotus supported Lu Sheng into the common room to rest before swiftly summoning the physician appointed by Crimson Whale Sect.

"External Head Lus injuries" the physician got a fright of his life as he examined Lu Shengs injuries.

He looked up at Lu Sheng who, all things considered, was in rather good spirits. His hair stood on ends. To be able to survive such serious injuries and live to sit here before him for a physical examination it simply defied all the medicinal principles he had learnt.

"Pardon my frankness. External Head Lu is mainly suffering from excessive bleeding right now. As long as we put an end to the excessive bleeding, he will be fine. This old physician doesn't know how the External Head is stopping the bleeding right now, but from the looks of it, hes doing a good job," the physician hesitated before continuing, "these two deep wounds seem the result of someones hands piercing into his inner organs"


A chill ran down Jade Lotus back as he heard those words. What sort of person could have used their hands to pierce into External Head Lus body?

Ever since External Head Lu had openly bashed Deputy Sect Master Gongsun to death, he had been widely regarded as the Number Two expert in the Sect.

Who would have the guts or the capability to hurt such a top expert?

"Cut the nonsense. Ive stopped the bleeding, just cut away the rotten flesh, quick," Lu Sheng hurried.

"Yes yes yes" the old physician anxiously responded. He retrieved a sharp knife, which he began to use to cut away at the poisoned, rotten flesh between Lu Shengs chest and abdomen, as well as at his waist.

Jade Lotus, who stood at the side, glared intently at the old physicians hands. These were vital parts; naturally, he couldn't let down his guard as this outsider proceeded.

Conversely, Lu Sheng didn't worry in the least. Even though his hard body skills had been defeated, his body was very sturdy, and his bones unyieldingly tough to begin with. Within him, Ultimate Crimson Mantra Qi circulated boundlessly. Any threatening move by the other party would be immediately detected by him and dealt with.

Moreover, the reaction speed by a Spirit Focus expert was something beyond the imagination of the old physician. He could even respond to that female lantern ghosts teleportation-like movement, what more this?

The silver blade sliced through Lu Shengs charred rotten flesh little by little, which was then deposited onto a silver dish which had been prepared in advance. Lu Shengs robes were opened wide, revealing the deep green veins bulging on his neck. His hand grasped onto the saber that had been stuck into the ground, his whole body unmoving.

Jade Lotus didn't make a sound as he stood to the side, paying careful attention to every inch of the physicians movements.

After the entire length of time it takes for a joss stick to burn, the physician finally removed the blade from Lu Shengs torso. Heavy beads of perspiration could be seen on his forehead.

"Luckily, its not life-threatening," he seemed like a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

"Many thanks, doctor," Lu Sheng nodded. Next to him, Jade Lotus attentively dabbed away the perspiration that was on his forehead, somewhat effeminate in his manner.

Lu Sheng didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. On the other hand, it was Jade Lotus himself who seemed to suddenly realize that something was amiss and immediately withdrew his hand.

"This is the Crimson Snake powder, which this old physician personally concocted. It is able to target most poisons of the Yin-nature; take some orally and apply the rest externally. Also, theres this prescription. External Head, take three doses each day, and do not leave it overnight," the physician advised repeatedly before finally preparing to take his leave. "This old man will take his leave now. External Head, do rest early, that will aid in the recuperation from your injuries."

"Many thanks," waving his hand, Lu Sheng signaled for someone at the side to see him out.

The room door shut tight, leaving behind just him and Jade Lotus.

"External Head, how did it get this perilous this time?" Jade Lotus was grim as he asked gravely.

"Heh, an old foe came knocking, and even used my family to threaten me. Its lucky I survived," a fierce glint shone in Lu Shengs eyes.

"Is it that?" Jade Lotus voice hushed to a whisper.

Lu Sheng looked at him, "You know about that?"

"I heard the old Sect Master mention it previously," Jade Lotus nodded slightly. "Otherwise, given your prowess, the only people capable of injuring you to this state in the whole of Mountain-Edge City, and the region beyond, are but peak experts like Old Sect Master."

"We need to strengthen our defenses. Theyve come right to my doorstep. Ill need you to look after the forbidden zones, and arrange the men to guard them closely. No human being is allowed in or out in the next ten days, understood?" Lu Sheng asked grimly.

"No problem. External Head, just focus on your recovery. Ill handle the miscellaneous duties," Wang Lianzi nodded.

"Focus on recovery? I fear I have too many things on my mind" shaking his head, Lu Sheng did not elaborate.

The two of them chatted some more on the matters that had recently cropped up. Most of the time, it was Jade Lotus reporting, with Lu Sheng just listening.

After giving a rough overview of the situation, Jade Lotus exited the room and shut the doors, at the same time instructing the servants to serve the food.

Lu Sheng wolfed down a full three catties worth of stewed rabbit meat, two deer legs, four catties of vegetables and tofu, as well as an entire tub of rice. Only then was he satisfied and dismissed the servants.

After his meal, he rested for a bit more before rising to head out.

It was already dark outside.

Lu Sheng instructed someone to bring his horse over, which he flipped onto. Yin-Yang Jade Crane Skill had already been exhausted by more than half, leaving behind a mere third of it that was still pouring into his wounds unceasingly. It helped his injuries to recover, such that he didn't have much trouble moving around.

"Ning San!"

"Yes! Big Bro!" Ning San dashed out from the side. He had been waiting there all this time for instructions.

"Hows the situation with my family? Do you know?" Lu Sheng asked as he rode.

"Old Master Lu has already settled down in the Eastern Lake district of the city. He bought a house there with sufficiently large grounds. All of them have arrived there safely by now," Ning San answered promptly. "Your subordinate went earlier to secretly protect them for a stretch of the journey. Presently, Duan Mengan has led a team to covertly watch over them."

"Not bad, you knew to arrange covert protection," satisfied, Lu Sheng nodded. "Pick a few men to inform Qiaoer that Im well. Im going to that Eastern Lake district youre talking about."

"Yes, sir."

Ning San responded loudly.

Lu Sheng headed straight for Mountain-Edge City by horse.

The night was gloomy as moonlight shone through like gauze. The nighttime scene in Mountain-Edge City was a picture of activity as various barbecue and snack stalls of all shapes and sizes were set up near the city entrance.

Adults with children in town, veiled ladies, scholarly Young Masters and their servant maidspeople from all walks of life and of all shapes and sizes formed a bustling throng.

Lu Sheng slowed his horse to a trot. Seeing a few Crimson Whale Sect members standing guard by the city gates, Lu Sheng sought directions to Eastern Lake district from them. After that, he picked up his speed.

After less than half the time it takes for a joss stick to burn, Lu Sheng found Lu Manor, which was currently setting off firecrackers to celebrate the relocation.

Booming sounds rang out as the firecrackers exploded, causing all sorts of red and yellow confetti to swirl around in the sky. A group of little children had gathered around to soak in the atmosphere.

Lu Quanan stood at the main entrance, looking on as someone hoisted up the Lu Manor plaque onto the beams. His face was shrouded in worry. To the side, Third Mother Wang Yanyu sniffed away with a handkerchief in her hands, which she used to dab at her eyes.

Two local officials of Mountain-Edge City stood next to Lu Quanan, rambling on and on.

Lu Sheng alighted from the horse and bound it with a rope to a nearby tree. Only after the firecrackers had ceased did he stride over.

"Brother Sheng!" Someone from the Lu Manor saw him and exclaimed in surprise.

"Brother Sheng is here!"

"Eldest Young Master is here!"

"Its Eldest Young Master!"

Smiles of joy broke out on the faces of all present. They all regarded him as their backbone. Evidently, his present status in the Lu Manor was unrivaled.

"Aiyo! Such serious injuries!" One of the martial arts masters in the family could immediately see that Lu Sheng had been bandaged up in many places.

His chest, abdomen, waist, shoulders and arms his entire body was covered in injuries.

Uncle Zhao approached to take a look, his face grave.

"Brother Sheng, who hurt you?"

"Its nothing. Uncle Zhao, I know what Im doing, Im able to take care of it," smiling, Lu Sheng patted Uncle Zhaos shoulders. Then, he walked in front of Lu Quanan.

"Dad, is everyone alright?

Lu Quanan looked at his battered state and knew that it was caused by that person from before. His eyes grew moist.

He had already lost one son. If the Eldest Young Master Lu Sheng was also gone, then the entire Lu Family would have lost all hope.

Presently, Lu Sheng was the cornerstone of the Lu Family.

Lu Quanan extended his hands in an attempt to touch Lu Shengs wounds.

"Its nothing," Lu Sheng blocked his hand. "Ill handle Chenxins matter. Dead or alive, Ill bring him back. Rest assured."

"Sorry to trouble you. A pity that your dads useless and cant help you much and has even become your burden," Lu Quanan sighed as he heard those words. He was unable to hold in his tears any longer and quickly used his hands to cover them.

"No worries. Once this matter is settled, our Lu Family will only continue to get stronger," Lu Sheng consoled.

"Mm! Definitely."

Lu Sheng finally felt some peace after visiting his family. He didn't return to his lodging, but instead got someone to fetch Qiaoer to the new Lu Manor. As for himself, he returned to the greenhouse and continued staying there.

The recent several big battles had clearly shown him that he was still not powerful enough.

Previously, my strength was considered to be at the apex for the ordinary human beings. However, when I'm up against these supernatural ghosts, its still far too weak, after Lu Sheng returned to the greenhouse, he washed up and rested.

His heart grew more and more anxious as he lay on the mattress.

Then, how exactly can I deal with these supernatural beings effectively, without injuring myself? He began to ponder.

From what I know of the ghosts that Ive encountered, no matter how powerful, or how strange they are, at the end of the day, they must materialize to inflict any harm on humans. Some employ poison, some use weapons, others their sharp claws. Their might is comparable to that of a Spirit Focus expert, but they are far superior in terms of speed.

Of course, those that Ive encountered are merely their foot soldiers. If I were up against someone like Zhen Yi, a Nobleman Lu Sheng recalled the scene from earlier. Zhen Yis head had almost been completely slashed into two, and yet it had been able to merge back rapidly. A chill crept into his heart.

Such recuperative powers meant that he was almost impossible to kill.

If such terrifying recuperative powers were available to all Noblemen and supernatural beings of that level then I have to consider massively strengthening my hard body skills. My first priority is to preserve my life. If I cant deliver a killing blow, then I can only stretch out the battle to exhaust their strength. I need to first be able to stand my ground.

Lu Sheng once again thought back to the nature-defying speed displayed by the female lantern ghost, as well as how Zhen Yi suddenly appeared behind him without warning.

How do I deal with such speed?

Even after thinking it through for a long time, Lu Sheng still could not come up with any viable solutions to the problem. He could only put the matter to rest for the time being.

No matter what, one thing was certainhe had to continually upgrade himself.

He lay back on the bed, taking out the silver hairpin left behind by the female lantern ghost and holding it in his hand. By now, there was no longer any Yin Qi inside it to absorb.

I remember that the body doesn't expend any essence or Qi when I use Yin Qi to extrapolate martial arts. In fact, the skill is upgraded to a whole new level after extrapolation.

This means that I can consume Yin Qi as a replacement, and continue to upgrade martial arts skills! That thought suddenly surfaced into Lu Shengs mind, causing both his eyes to sparkle brightly.

If what he speculated was indeed the case, then it meant that Yin Qi was useful not just for extrapolating martial arts skills, but can also be used directly to upgrade the level of his skills.

Deep Blue! He promptly called out the Modifier in his mind.

Instantly, the pale blue square frame surfaced before his eyes with a swish.

Lu Shengs gaze quickly zoomed in on Ultimate Crimson Mantra.

Ultimate Crimson Mantra: Level Five. Special Effect(s): Intensified Fire Poison, Double Tremor, Intensified Incendiary.