What Do You Mean My Cute Disciples Are Yanderes? Chapter 107

Chapter 107: Building Castles In The Sky


I brought them back to the mansion grounds after our little dinner, intent on resuming my lessons with my disciples.

It's not good to leave them idling after all.

When my disciples had learnt of my intent, they gave me a look of incredulity.

"Ara? Has Master's Cultivation Point returned?" Manami asked.

Odriana looked at me with a disappointed face, "Does that mean little brother will become big again?"

I nodded, "Yes and no. The little trip I took actually gave me some benefits and the reformation of my Cultivation Point was one of them. Unfortunately, I will still be stuck in this form for a while longer."

Lian Li clapped her hands, "Congratulations Master!"

"Ehehe~ So Onii-sama will still remain as Otouto-sama for now~"

I ignored her and continued, "So let's resume lessons tonight. Delaying your lessons negatively impacts your learning after all."

Eris tilted her head, "Would Master spar with me in that form?"

I chuckled at her question, "Well, fighting enemies that are smaller than you can also be a form of training. Elaria, I'll be using the mansion's backyard."

"Umm Could we come watch, Onii-sama?" Elaria pleaded.

I looked towards my disciples who all shrugged to show that they didn't mind.

"Alright, I'll be inscribing a protection Technique anyway so there shouldn't be any problems."

With that decided, I led them to the mansion's backyard, passing by the half destroyed kitchen in the process.

Apparently they were already in the midst of repairing the damages done this late afternoon, really efficient I must say.

"Should we help them?" I asked, pointing to the workers.

Odriana patted my head, "Oh don't need to worry yourself over it, my dear little brother. This is what they are paid for after all."

I shrugged, "If you're sure."

Elaria pumped her fists, "Yes! They'll have the whole place repaired by tomorrow!"

That's way too fast for a group of non-Practitioners. Must be a really efficient team of builders.

I brought them to the back of the mansion where I remembered seeing a rather large garden that would be a great location for lessons. They even had a pavillion of their own sitting in a corner, perfect for me to sit and drink my tea.

What? That's the most important factor ok? Can't teach well without my tea.

I gathered my girls around me, deciding it was high time for me to teach them how to defend themselves against mental attacks that undead fox seemed to be really proficient with.

Though that reminds me, what happened to her? I asked the girls if they knew.

"Oh, Onii-sama does not need to worry about her anymore, my cannon got rid of her!" My little sister announced proudly.

Right Just casually announce that you've already invented gunpowder artillery here. No wonder those busybodies were onto you It wouldn't surprise me if the world actually ended because she set off a chain of nukes to piss them off or something in the future.

Oh well, I guess it would be a good idea to keep a closer eye on her for now, just in case those busybodies come back.

"Alright, now I can finally teach you girls how to counter illusions and any other mental attacks. Deception is one of the keys to victory in a battle, after all."

The girls nodded at my words.

"Now, I'll just do a quick demonstration on illusions. I will cast an illusion Technique that will show you what your heart desires the most, try to break out of it on your own. Since I've already told you that these are illusions, it shouldn't be that hard."

"Could I join in too? Onii-sama?" Elaria pleaded.

I raised an eyebrow at her, "Umm That's not really a problem, but why?"

"Ehehe I I want to see what my heart desires the most too?"

Why is it a question? Oh well, no harm to let her try I guess.

"In that case, could dearest brother include me as well? This big sister is quite curious on what she would see."

"Try not to spend too much time in your fantasy ok? I will cast it now."

I snapped my fingers.

(Diao Chan POV)

I waited for something to happen after Master's snap.

But other than the dying echoes of his snap, nothing else happened.

"Master?" Lian Li asked, looking around her to see if anything changed.

Master smiled at her, "Well it's already in effect. You just haven't realised it yet."

I narrowed my eyes slightly at Master.


His figure just flickered for a moment?

Ah! The one that is sitting in front of us is the illusion! Then that means

A light breeze blew behind me.

I tried to look behind me, but a pair or arms wrapped around my waist, stopping me from doing so.

"Not bad," Master whispered in my ear. "But don't tell them yet, let them figure it out."

I gasped "But Master"

A hard slap impacted my bottom, my yelp muffled by his hand that had shot up to cover it just in time.

"Bad Diao Chan, aren't you listening to me? Do you want me to punish you?"

I gasped, "Diao Diao Chan has been bad Master needs to punish me!"

Master spanked me again, this time not even bothering to cover my mouth as I yelped out my pain.

"Bad Diao Chan, I'll punish you good!" Master growled in that deep baritone voice of his.

"Yes! Yes! Punish me Master!"

Ahhh~~ This is so wonderful!

(Cai Hong POV)

Papa snapped his fingers, but nothing happened.

"Hmmm? That's weird?" Papa looked down at his hand.

Cai Hong tilts her head at Papa.

Papa noticed Cai Hong and patted Cai Hong's head.

Ehehehe~ Cai Hong likes Papa's head pats.

Muuu? Papa is picking up Cai Hong to sit on his lap.

"Oh well I think I still need some time to get used to the newly reformed Cultivation Point. In the meantime, let me pat Cai Hong for awhile."

Muuu~ Papa should focus on Ehehe Focus on teaching Mmmm~

Papa's headpats feel so nice

Cai Hong likes Papa's hugs...

Uuuu Cai Hong feels sleepy now

So warm...


(Odriana POV)

I made sure my eyes were locked on my little brother's cute figure even after he snapped his fingers.

If I was expecting something to happen, I would have been disappointed.

Only when I looked around did I realise that everyone else had fallen asleep.

My dearest, cutest brother turned to look straight at me.

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"Oh? It seems you're unaffected Odri-sis?"


How long has it been since he last called me by that nickname?

He stood up from his seat and hopped over to me, that action so adorably cute my heart almost melted from that alone.

Before I could even ask what he wanted, he had sat down on my lap without hesitation.

"Well Since it didn't affect you and the others are going to be out for awhile Why don't we play for a bit, Odri-sis?"

Eh?! Is this real life?! Or is this just fantasy?!


I watched on with pursed lips at all of the girls sleeping in front of me.

The Technique I used should not be that hard to break out from, the more perceptive ones should have realised that something isn't right by now.

But as the seconds trickled into minutes, I started to get a little worried.

Unfortunately, this Technique only makes them dream of what they secretly want which I have no idea what they are.

If I had to guess, Cai Hong is probably dreaming about cotton candy, Diao Chan might be dreaming of her hometown like Eris probably is and Odriana should be dreaming of our childhood or something.

Manami could be seeing her time back as her village's Guardian, Lian Li should be seeing her time as a noblewoman and Elaria is most probably dreaming about her 'An Ney May' stuff.

Oh well, nothing to do but wait for now.

I guess I should also take this time to check my Cultivation Point, no idea how the larger Cultivation Point would affect my Techniques now.

It can't be that big of a deal right?

I closed my eyes and focused my consciousness back into my body, searching for the familiar feeling of my Cultivation Point.

The moment I found it, my vision shifted and I was greeted by the sight of stars.

Billions upon Billions of stars filled my vision, all of them blinking in unison as though to welcome me.

You know the feeling of going on a really long trip and finally coming back home to lie down on your own bed? That's the feeling that I'm getting right now.

What is this?