What Do You Mean My Cute Disciples Are Yanderes? Chapter 133

Chapter 133: On The Ride Home

(Manami POV)

"So How did it taste?" I poked at my cute little sister.

"Elder sister Please stop poking at my cheek," Kiyomi grumbled, though she made no move to stop me from doing so.

After Master had finished his mouth watering performance, we set off that late afternoon with almost the entire town seeing us off.

We had contemplated castrating the infidels who had dared soaked our Master in water. But after finding out that Master himself didn't mind it and also how delicious it made him look We decided not to do it For now.

Kiyomi had her idol mates seeing her off as well, apparently she had already informed them of her decision to follow Master in leaving the town the night before. The other three chose to remain behind for the moment, stating something about 'upholding a contract'.

I heard from Master's little sister that all of them had signed a contract with the idol agency that was also under her jurisdiction.

They had to work in the town for a set number of years in exchange for the town sheltering them in their time of need. Kiyomi was only given a free pass because of the fact that Master had taken her under his wing.

There was no way a piece of signed paper could stand in the way of what our Master wants so Elaria had Kiyomi's contract burned that day.

She did mention that an unnamed patron had invested a hefty sum in that agency the very same day as well, but no one knows who it was. It was signed under an anonymous beneficiary with the earned interest accumulated over time until the person returns to collect it with a promissory note.

A weird investor that's for sure.

Once everything was packed and ready, we set off once more back to Heaven Sect.

Since there were more of us now, Master opted to use two carriages instead of one. Cai Hong, Eris and Diao Chan rode with him while Lian Li, Kiyomi and I shared the other one.

Originally Lian Li wanted to ride with Master, but she gave her space to Diao Chan since both Eris and her wanted to discuss with Master about his performance and how they could learn from him.

And I'm here mostly because Master told me to bully-- I mean catch up with my cute little sister.

"Ara ara? Is my little Kiyomi shy? How cute~ come on now, don't be shy~ How did Master taste?"

She turned her head away before muttering "Strawberries" under her breath.

"Ufufufu~ And this sister of yours knows how much you like strawberries~ Don't worry, Master won't mind it as long as you as we don't go too overboard~"

"That is not what I'm worried about, elder sister."

"Ufufufu~ Of course it isn't~"

Lian Li giggled, "You two seem to be really close."

I patted my cute little sister's head, "Of course we are, we used to share everything with each other! But Kiyomi was more interested in becoming stronger so she left the village."

Lian Li tilted her head, "What about your accident?"

I froze for a second before recovering, "Ara? Which accident are you talking about Lian Li? If you mean the little accident I did when I swore my devotion to Master, it is but a small matter no?"

Lian Li caught the look I sent her and knew I didn't want Kiyomi to know about my time of weakness. It wasn't a period that I was proud of and there's no way I'll let Kiyomi, who has always looked up to me as her elder sister, know how low I've fallen back then.

Call it an elder sister's pride if you will.

That's probably why she refuses to feel weak since most of her life she has me as the 'strong, big sister'.

Since it wasn't possible for her to mate with me, she left the village to look for a potential mate that could match me in terms of strength to escape from my shadow.

Mmm But it seems she has grown plenty strong herself. She had left the village when I had seven tails while she had four. Because of my stagnation due to the accident, she has already managed to catch up with me.

Ufufufu~ Nothing makes an elder sister prouder than watching her little sister grow!

"So we have the next two to three days to ourselves before we reach Master's Sect I wonder how they're doing?" Lian Li wondered aloud.

I turned back to Kiyomi, "I see you've accepted Master's real identity quite easily."

She brushed one of her tails absentmindedly, "I've seen what Master is capable of and he has already done things I can never dream of doing in my entire life. It isn't too much for me to believe that he is a god that has descended into the mortal realm."

I nodded at her with a smile, Kiyomi is a smart little sister after all, it's not surprising she figured it out so easily.

Unlike that pitiful duo that went against Master every step of the way, such a shame they actually managed to get away from us.

And for Master to see through our mistakes in letting them immediately It seems all of us still have a lot to learn.

"Just out of curiosity," Kiyomi interrupted my thoughts. "Could I know why Master is in a child's body?"

Both Lian Li and I smiled at her question.

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For the next half an hour, both of us regaled my cute little sister with the tale of how Master had used himself to shield everyone in the Sect from complete annihilation. It was only due to Master's godly disposition that he could still come back to us in one piece, at the cost of returning to his younger body.

She tapped her chin with a finger after knowing the full story, "But Master mentioned that he was actually forty years old and returned to his younger self. Is he really forty? The Master Lin I heard about is barely in his twenties."

Lian Li and I shared a look with each other.

Master was definitely in his twenties this year, there was no doubt about that. Being the youngest Master of Heaven Sect leaves quite an impression on everyone that is in the know about the Practitioner world.

Lian Li shook her head, "No, Master is definitely not that old. He should return to his normal self in a few weeks at most. But since he already has his strength back, I'm not exactly sure why Master has chosen to remain in that child form of his, though I am not complaining much."

Kiyomi frowned slightly, "Could Master have actually travelled back in time from the future?"

"Ara? Did Master suggest anything of that sort to you? Could he have been joking at that time?" I asked.

My little sister thought for a moment, "He did mention once that he has never lied to me during our conversations And I had been made a complete fool by not believing his claims of being a skilled Practitioner when he first joined the theatre."

"Does that mean... Master might really have returned from the future?" Lian Li gasped in amazement.

If that was true Master might be even more godly than we thought. To think there were still so many things we have yet to know about Master.

Kiyomi tilted her head slightly, "How curious Perhaps I will have to ask Master about it later. For now Could I trouble sister Lian Li and elder sister to enlighten me on Master's virtues? I would like to know what kind of Master I will be serving."

Ah, now that's a topic that both Lian Li and I are well-versed in.

The rest of the day was spent introducing my cute little Kiyomi on how wonderful and divine Master truly is.