What Do You Mean My Cute Disciples Are Yanderes? Chapter 154

Chapter 154: A Middle-Aged Man Posing As A Teenager Going To School


"Ahem Well then, allow me to welcome the six of you to Heaven Sect. I am Elder Hong and I shall be your temporary mentor for this period of time to gauge your abilities before you are inducted into the Sect officially."

I could tell that Elder Hong was rather nervous despite how calm he's trying to act.

Seriously man, just relax, it's only me. What the hell were you expecting me to do? Fire you?

I would rather you just take this easy so I can slack too you know?

Ah wait, actually don't do that since it wouldn't be good for the new students.

The group this year consisted of two twin brothers that probably came from the same Minor Sect, a girl with blue hair that looked rather familiar to me, a scruffy looking young man with patched clothing that seemed to be marvelling at everything around him and a rather well-dressed young man who was just looking straight at the Elder without paying attention to anyone else.

Now, I know what you're thinking, it's probably already obvious who the arrogant young master is right? Honestly, I am quite curious on how this would turn out so I'm not doing anything yet.

What? I want my face slapping moment ok?!

The feeling of having someone screw around with you and watching the expression they will make when you tear off the mask and say, "It was me, Master Lin!" is not a chance I get everyday alright?

Except that I wasn't wearing a mask but that's just details.

Elder Kong motioned towards us, "Alright, why don't we have the six of you do some self introductions first? How about starting from the two twins?"

I glanced at the two of them, both of them looked completely identical, even their hairstyles were similar.

The two brothers gave each other an impish smile before doing a full bow towards us.

"Greetings to all, I am Kris," The one on the left greeted, his hand running through his short, amber coloured hair.

"And I am Chris," The other one continued, mirroring his brother's movements.

"It's easy to,"

"Tell us apart,"

"Because our eye,"

"Colours are different!"

The two of them sang, pointing to each of their eyes with their fingers.

True enough, one of them has cyan eyes while the other had brown eyes. The only issue is

"'Chris' and 'Chris'? Isn't that the same name?" The scruffy kid asked the question that had been in my head.

The two brothers tutted at him.

"Tut tut, I am Chris!" The one with cyan eyes said proudly.

"And I am Kris with a K!" The other one with brown eyes boasted.

""And together, we have come from the Soaring Sky Minor Sect!"" Both of them sang proudly as they finished their introduction with a pose.

I guess these two were sent here because they were natural comedians.

"Ok Let's move on from Chris and 'Chris with a K'..." The scruffy boy remarked. "I am Tekiteh, a student from the Under Bridge Minor Sect. I was regarded as the most talented student in my Sect."

The well-dressed man nodded to us, "Mmm I am Brendan from Century Minor Sect. Looking forward to everyone's guidance."

The girl bowed low, "Good day, I am Sylphy from Ascension Minor Sect. I had failed the initial entrance test earlier this year but I managed to improve myself to come back again. Please take care of me."

Ah, no wonder she looked familiar. She was the one that those geezers thought possessed the 'Primordial Divine Goddess Meridians' during our test selections.

I'm quite surprised to hear that she failed though. From what I can sense, she does possess a rather unique make up of Elemental Quarks but it's stable enough. That shouldn't impede her in her cultivation progress so how did she fail the test?

I was too focused on Lian Li at that time so I didn't actually see what happened to everyone else, but she must have reacted quite badly to my Elemental Pressure for the geezers to deem that she was a failure.

Well, props to her for not giving up and rising back up to return here.

Realising all eyes were now on me, I decided to put that thought aside first.

"Hi, I'm Mark. Came here from Er Chui Niu Minor Sect. Hope we can get along," I said simply.

"Chui Niu Sect?" Tekiteh repeated with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes, Chui Niu Sect," I repeated, daring him to challenge me.

"I see Interesting. You wouldn't know any virgin girls from there, would you?" He asked with a weird smile.

Why the hell is he asking me this?

Deciding to humour him, I just shook my head, "Nope, all the girls there are taken."

His face immediately scrunched up in disgust, "Ugh. I hate used products. Damn whores."

Woah woah. What the hell?

Sylphy was looking at him with disgust and even the twins were surprised by his words.

Brendan frowned at him, "That's really shallow, don't you think? Girls are more than just objects for sexual gratification."

"ThAt'S ReALly sHalLoW," Tekiteh repeated his words mockingly. "Shut up incel. You probably never got laid in your life have you?"

Woah woah woah! Seriously? This scruffy looking kid is the bully?

And what the hell is wrong with him? Why is he so aggro?

Brendan furrowed his brows, "What is your problem? Are you like this to everyone you just met?"

"Hahaha! What an incel. You got a problem with me huh? What's your best Elemental tier? Bet you're not even a Basic tier in any of them yet."

"I am proficient in Water Quarks to a Basic level actually."

To prove his point, Brendan lifted his palm to summon an orb of water into existence.

That's not bad, he'll probably be admitted into the Outer Core disciples without much problem then.

"Hahaha! What a nerd! Spent your entire time in closed door cultivation have you? What an incel."

Wow, this guy is literally cancer.

Wuxiaworld for visiting.

I looked towards Elder Hong, jerking my head slightly towards the scruffy boy.

He nodded and stepped forward, intending to put a stop to his actions.

But what I hadn't expected was for the Brendan fellow to step forward, stare him right in the eye and say, "Call me an incel One more time."

Tekiteh grinned, "In--"

Brendan's fist shot forward into the scruffy kid's gut with a loud thud, leaving the boy gasping and wheezing for air on the ground.

Ok, this day is just one surprise after the other. I thought the Brendan fellow would start saying things like "Don't you know who I am?!" or even "You will rue this day commoner!" instead of just outright punching him in the gut.

I like this guy already!

Man, this class is gonna be fun!